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STAR WARS EP3 Revenge of the Sith (The Fan Cut) (Completed)

There are a lot of great edits of Revenge of the sith, but I thought it was best to make my own edit of the movie so it could be my own definitive version.I used Pilamagnus’s extended version of revenge of the sith as my base to edit the film. I actually really like Revenge of the sith,but there are some scenes that take you out of the moment and I thought the deleted scenes should have stayed. This edit is more for people who enjoy revenge of the sith but have some issues with it.

-Heres are the main things I changed/cut
-Color graded the film so the film wouldn’t be too bright like how it was in the movie and more darker, to make the tone dark.
-Deleted scenes are back in from Pilamagnus cut
-some cheesy dialogue
-the Elevator scene
-Cut grevious arrival to the Utapua system as well as him talking to sidious
-Balcony scene
-Analin Telling Padme about his dream
-Palpatine fight is not as silly
-Removed Anakin killing younglings as well as references
-Added some shots of the dream sequence into the story of darth plagueis the wise/the opera scene
-Cut anakin and padme scene discussing about the Jedi council/Anakin telling padme that she won’t die in child birth
-Line about Padme losing the will to live
-Vaders NOOOOOOO is now a scream

There are minor things I’ve cut but these are mainly the main things that are gone from the film.

PM me for a link

  • Runtime:134 minutes including 5 minutes of deleted scenes

JEDIT: Edit is not available for time being

Mel Gibson's The Passion - The Editors Cut (Released)

This edit takes out the most violent parts of the film, although it is still a hard film to watch even when those scenes are taken out. I know Mel Gibson did something like this with The Passion Recut, but there is much more taken out instead of just frames and shots. If anyone is interested just PM me a link.

-Jesus being thrown of a cliff when he was arrested
-The first part of the flogging scene with the sticks as well as the whipping on Jesus stomach, so there is no flashback of Jesus washing his desciples feet.
-crowns of thorns scene is trimmed
-Cut about 5 min of the road to golgotha(just to fix pacing) as well as some bloody close ups of Jesus’s face
-The girl who wipes Jesus face is trimmed significantly just only to show her giving him the cloth and drink instead of keeping her introduction just to keep things moving a bit faster
-The crucifixion scene is somewhat faster and not as violent in the theatrical cut
-The soldiers don’t flip the cross while Jesus is on it anymore
-The crow does not peck out the thief’s eye out anymore

original film-126 min
Edit-112 min

JEDIT: the edit is not available for the time being

Enter the Dragon(1973) The Fan Cut (Released)

I’ve always loved Enter the Dragon, but there were some things that were a little silly or unnecessary. This is a more streamlined edit of Enter the Dragon. I tried my best to take out the relationship between Roper and Tania, so the film is more focused on the main plot. After the flashback sequence of Lee’s sisters death I cut straight to Bruce at her grave with the voice over of the old man who was just telling him the story, saying to pay respects to his sister and mother. I also made the Williams and Han fight flow more faster with cuts in between some of the slower parts of the fight. The scene where Han takes Roper to his daughters is also cut. The rest of the edit is just cutting out some silly moments/lines. If you want to watch just Pm me for a link.
Original Runtime-102 min
Fanedit Runtime-96 min

Here’s the poster

Trailer I made for the original version:

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

bromeo said:

He has a YouTube live stream going on right now and I asked him when he’s planning to drop by, talk about his progress and read some (good) ideas + opinions in this thread. I also asked about if he is really planning to go with the 2.0 stereo audio.

His response: “I don’t know. I really don’t have the time, you know? I am just one person.”

I believe his response to the 2.0 stereo was that he is working with someone on it and that he wants to get it fixed