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Star Wars 1977 70mm sound mix recreation [stereo and 5.1 versions now available] (Released)

skyjedi2005 said:

The effects on the 1997 mix were astounding in theaters you actually felt a rumble during the death star trench run, or during the initial star destroyer fly over.  Not sure if this was DSS sound or DOLBY Digital stereo.

I saw the SE in DSS.  TESB and ROTJ were overall pretty impressive, but Star Wars was terrible.  The soundfield was too loud, and a couple surrounds actually were blown in a showing after the one I attended.  The added "Dirty Harry .44 Magnum" sound to the blasters in the Death Star chasm were completely unnecessary, among other things.

Indiana Jones in 3D.... Rumor or not? More are saying it's true....

More comments at ScreenRant:

"This story is true. I work for a conversion house in Hollywood and my boss had meetings with a high up Lucasfilm executive earlier in the month. And for those that think this was just about Star Wars, it wasn’t. They’re converting the films to 3D. They may not announce it next month though, The goal was to make it a surprise an d Blue Sky Disney spoiled that for them. They may wait for a while to announce it, but that Lucas spokesperson denying it is total PR."

"I too want to add a little bit to the validation of this. I work in LA and know quite a few people in the industry. When I went over to a friends house last week, he mentioned that some Lucasfilm big wigs were at his work to check out the 3D they have for conversion of some films. I said the Star Wars films and he smiled and said Nope. His wife asked a question and we changed the subject and didn’t get back to it. But this makes total sense."

Childhood Misconceptions (aka The Trap Thread, but misconceptions still welcome)

I'm sure there were more, but one I remember at the moment is not actually a misconception I had, but a childhood friend that went with me on at least one of my multiple viewings of ROTJ at the cinema.  He actually believed that what he saw was the remains of the original Death Star, and that half of it was blown away.  I set him straight of course, and reminded him of what the crawl said about it being a new station, but for a moment, that kid's mind had already assembled that thought.

Info Wanted: Some questions about converting vinyl records to digital....

Well, I'm guessing that there is no longer any interest here.  Which is fine, since I cancelled my first run.  I'll go ahead and close up shop here, but I'll keep the files at MegaUpload just in case anyone wants them.  Next time, I think I will complete the project before telling anyone about it.  Thanks to those that replied and offered input.