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Episode 1 edit with Jar Jar painted out

SparkySywer said:

I also remember it, but I can’t find it either. I’m pretty sure it was never finished and the guy who was working on it never plans to any more, but it’s weird to me that I can’t even find the old promotional videos for it. I remember one vimeo video where he’d show various Jar Jar scenes and would wipe mid-scene to show Jar Jar removed.

Yup! That’s the one! I know I had the WIP saved somewhere but I can’t find it.

A New Hope - Reimagined

This edit was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed seeing Scene 38 incorporated into the whole movie and the other additions fit in just fine. The Rogue One intro was great too. One thing I would’ve liked to see would be a new Alderaan explosion, but I know that is really being nit-picky. As far as rogue one edits go, I actually really liked forceghost’s Spark of Rebellion edit a bit more, as we get to see more of the ground action! I guess each edit serves it’s purpose! Overall, great edit - cheers

I know there's edits of Luke using his green saber in TLJ, but...

FreezingTNT2 said:

JSteven said:

Very cool concept but it sounds almost impossible. CGI would nearly impossible to pull off as realistic. BUT maybe someone could possibly deepfake Luke’s older appearance onto Luke in that scene. Anyone know how to do that?

Here’s a deepfake tutorial I found on YouTube.

Wow, that’s a LOT of work! lol I hope somebody has enough time on their hands because I’d love to see it happen! 😃

Return of the Jedi Edit

Can we please re-insert Luke building his saber and Vader calling to him? There are restored versions, with replaced mattes and all and they look pretty good!

The rebels storming the shield generator would be a great addition too.

Ewoks shooting blasters would be pretty great as well - I saw someone insert scenes from the old Ewoks movies and it worked pretty well. The hardest part will be making the image quality consistent throughout the film.

Vader fading away after he dies would be pretty cool too. I’ve seen this done in a few fanedits before.

Another great idea,
which I’ve also seen done before, is to put Luke on Dagobah in the very beginning of the movie. This really tightens up the timeline imo (this would require a crawl change as well)

Anyway, these are just a few ideas. Good luck, looks interesting!

Combining the trilogies edit?

ThePhxRises said:

LordZerome1080 said:

There was a edit called Lord Vader or something which did this exact thing. Not sure if I still have it though.

What you’re referring to seems to condense the prequel trilogy into one film. I’m looking for three films that simultaneously tell Luke and Anakin’s story in a way that doesn’t spoil the Vader reveal and reveals every detail in the prequels at the right time to fit the original trilogy. Obviously it’d require substantial cuts to both trilogies, favoring the original ones.

Ideally it’d be something like film 1:ANH+TPM/AOTC, film 2:ESB+AOTC/ROTS film 3: ROTJ+ROTS

EDIT: A project called Renascent also planned to do this but I think only ANH/TPM+AOTC was ever finished, and it seems to be unavailable now

Have you heard of that edit called ‘The Mentor’ ? It’s basically A New Hope with injected Prequel scenes. It’s a fun watch - might be worth looking into.