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Help: looking for / has anyone done... a 'Combining the trilogies' edit?

ThePhxRises said:

LordZerome1080 said:

There was a edit called Lord Vader or something which did this exact thing. Not sure if I still have it though.

What you’re referring to seems to condense the prequel trilogy into one film. I’m looking for three films that simultaneously tell Luke and Anakin’s story in a way that doesn’t spoil the Vader reveal and reveals every detail in the prequels at the right time to fit the original trilogy. Obviously it’d require substantial cuts to both trilogies, favoring the original ones.

Ideally it’d be something like film 1:ANH+TPM/AOTC, film 2:ESB+AOTC/ROTS film 3: ROTJ+ROTS

EDIT: A project called Renascent also planned to do this but I think only ANH/TPM+AOTC was ever finished, and it seems to be unavailable now

Have you heard of that edit called ‘The Mentor’ ? It’s basically A New Hope with injected Prequel scenes. It’s a fun watch - might be worth looking into.