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EXORCIST II THE HERETIC (Blu Ray Version 2.0) (Released)

Dark, Flexi, I did exactly that, I swear, and the log showed "encoding video" or "recoding video" or something similar.

The estimated time to perform the task (to delete one audio stream) was 3+ hours, and that's close to what TripleHBK told me this same process took for him.

Too much time for a demuxing/remuxing process of one video, don't you think?

The other soft I mentioned takes around... I don't know (didn't check it)... but around 10 minutes to demux/remux the selected video and maybe another 10 to copy the rest of the structure to the selected location.

Anyway, you are more experienced on this for sure. Just pointing what I noticed.

Dark, I love your projects and those of Doc. I don't think an authoring issue (it really is a size issue and apparently doesn't happen to all of us) is something to criticise anybody about.

I mean, you do an amazing effort to create this great preservations and you are kind enough to share them with us, so I can only be grateful. It's better to have this issues (they are not that common, anyway) than not having the preservation in the first place.

By the way, you should download this one. Doc's logo doesn't bother at all. When you start the movie, you see a modern WB logo, then Doc's, and then the movie starts with the old flat WB logo. So Doc's is completely out of the movie. Yes, you have to go through it to watch the movie, but it's just 2 seconds.

Thanks! :)

EXORCIST II THE HERETIC (Blu Ray Version 2.0) (Released)

OK, so I'm gonna tell you my experience while trying to burn this disc.

I had the same problem as TripleHBK. The project was way over the disc size (46,6 GB, around bytes). I have a 2013 Pioneer burner ready for BDXL, and the media was TDK.

Anyway, I asked him about how to remove the french track, as that was the solution he had tried.

He recommended BD Rebuilder. It's a nice soft, but it has a problem. It recompresses the video. No matter what you do. It allows you to leave audio tracks intact, but there's recompression with the video ones.

So I googled a little and found DBFix. It's not a free soft, but the trial version let's you do some things... and deleting audio/video tracks is one of them.

It doesn't perform any kind of reencode. It just demuxes the selected video and remuxes it without the audio/video you want.

I deleted the french track from the second cut, but it still didn't fit. Since the trial version doesn't tell you the size of the final project (you have to pay for that), I just kept on deleting things and building the project until the size was right.

After a lot of time (and I mean A LOT), I finally managed to make it fit. It took 99% of my BD-R space (46,4 GB).

I didn't want to lose any video feature, so I had to sacrifice audio streams.

This is what had to go in order to fit it without recompression:

* Theatrical Cut's french track.

* Photo gallery audio track.

* Essay audio track.

* Different versions audio track.

* All menus audio tracks.

It's really a pity, but I thought it was better to lose some music than a whole feature.

I burned it and it plays perfectly fine.

Doc, you did a great work with this one. Every little bit is very nicelly done.


Conan The Barbarian 1982 US Theatrical Edition & BONUS! *RELEASED*

OK, since I won't be able to watch this 2 BDs fully (I have a newborn and I don't have time for much really) and I didn't want to just hit & run, I will tell my impressions for what I saw.

The menus on the theatrical look great. The image quality of both versions is superb, and it's a real pleasure to have the chance to hear 2 different versions of the soundtrack while watching the movie.

THANKS for your hard work!

Our Night Of The Living Dead 1990 project (Released)

Wow! I'll remember that in the future, Griff! :D

I wanted to check the bluray in my PC. I tried VLC and it didn't work, then DAPlayer and no luck. Finally I installed the latest version of PowerDVD and it managed to play it.

Menus look nice, and there are plenty of bonus features. The video quality of the main movie is GREAT!!!!

I didn't check much more. The rest when I get the discs. ;)

Limited Edition DVDs not coming from LD masters?
Hi, sorry if this has been posted before. If so, feel free to delete it.

So, anyway, my point is:

Lucasfilm tried to justify the quality of the OOT (non anamorphic and all that) by telling that the used the Laserdisc master to do this DVDs, and that the quality of the source was that.

But then we watch A New Hope and... hey... wait a second... it is NOT A New Hope. Is just STAR WARS. It has the opening crawl... that was NOT released on Laserdisc. Hmmm... there's something strange here.

Maybe this version comes from the original negatives (Lucas destroyed them? LOL!!) and was "downgraded" on purpose, just to keep the people still wanting a decent version.
A word to the Myspleeners.
Oh, and about the main subject, I want to clear something.

Of course uploaders can do whatever they want. WHATEVER. They do it for free and then we don't have the right to force them to do it our way; we would have that right if we paid por it... and we don't.

So my asking was just that. Asking. It was an "It would be better for me (and a few others) if you don't use ISOs; can you do it?", not a "Hey, change your way to upload because it doesn't fit my needs".

By the way, I didn't say it for Rik's uploads. It was just that I saw the new Metallaxis upload and I remember (or remembered? I'm not english, sorry) that when he released Moth3r's A New Hope I wasn't able yo download it. The latest ISOs are small and can be downloaded, but I was worried for future releases.

Anyway, thanks again to all the uploaders for their work. And, hey, if ISO becomes an standard I always can ask the discs by regular mail.
A word to the Myspleeners.
Running any OS online without a firewall and anti-virus checker for e-mail at least is like walking down a dark alley with a packet of cash hanging out you top pocket. You won't always get rolled, but you are asking for it...

I must be a very lucky guy, then. Hehe.

As somebody said, it has been a lot of years without a firewall or an antivirus. And the only problem I had was some spyware or something that made my Explorer go to a certain web page when started, even if I used the "about:blank" option.

I installed anti spyware software and no problem.

I use XP in the PC I use for video editing and DVD recording, but still 98 in the internet connected (a machine much less powerful than the other).
A word to the Myspleeners.
Win98 is far more susceptible to viruses than 200 or XP, its security is almost non-existent, and there aren't a great deal of viruses that won't infect a 98 machine but will infect a 2000 machine.

Yeah, W98 is more susceptible to viruses, but... no new viruses are created for it. And old viruses are long gone. Just try and connect to the internet with W98 (no firewall, no antivirus) and see what happens; noting (I've tried). Then do the same with WXP (turn off the firewall and the antivirus). That's what I meant.

I do know that WXP is more stable than 98, I never tried to say 98 is better, but for some things like using less memory resources, I think 98 is still a good O.S.

Although Win98 users would be able to download the volumes, they would still need a NTFS partition to extract the image to!

I didn't mean to compress the .ISO file in .RAR volumes. I meant to compress the DVD into 2 .RAR volumes (no need of 95) instead of into an .ISO file. In both cases the data contained cannot be altered.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that points; I understand your reasons and I see that most of the people here has no problems with large .ISO files, so that's it. No problem. It was just an idea to make DVDs more shareable (and to be able to download them in first place, of course).

Thanks for your time.
A word to the Myspleeners.
I never thought it that way. It's a good point; it must be hard to see your work used by other people and not even getting the credit for it.

The main reason I'm staying on W98 is because is less vulnerable to viruses. I mean, people who program viruses do it for WXP or W200, not for oldies like W98.

A pleasant solution for everyone would be to store the DVDs in splitted .RAR or .ZIP files instread of a single .ISO image. I mean, a 4.35 GB DVD could be shared in two 2.17,5 GB .RAR files (Maybe DVD.part1.rar and DVD.part2.rar).

Anyway, this is just an idea, nothing else. Thanks for reading and sharing!