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Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Restructured to match the Rough cut/Script.

I have been intending for a while to create a fan edit of the trilogy that re-structured the film to the original chronology corresponding to the script and the rough cuts, filling in the deleted content with stills/subtitles and whatever material can be found in the behind the scenes footage. This is not intended to be an improvement or even a restoration of Jackson’s intentions (the released versions are his preferred ones, after all) merely a curiosity of sorts ala “The Lost Cut” of Star Wars. For some it might be a fun alternative to the extended versions if they intend to watch the entire trilogy in a row.
Since the shooting script is nowhere to be found, I compiled a list of the numbered scenes based on photos of the call sheets, clapboards as seen in the behind the scenes, photos from the storyboards, animatics, etc):

  • SCENE 3-7C Gandalf and Frodo arrive at Hobbiton
  • SCENE 10 Bilbo’s Party “Today is my 111th Birthday!”
  • SCENE 19 Nazguls in the Shire.
  • SCENE 28 Sam on the cornfield.
  • SCENE 32 Gandalf and Saruman “The Palantir is a dangerous weapon”.
  • SCENE 33 Hobbits hide from Nazgul under tree.
  • SCENE 44 Nazguls enter Bree.
  • SCENE 68 Frodo stabbed on Weathertop.
  • SCENE 76 Arwen takes Frodo with her (“I do not fear them”).
  • SCENE 89 Aragorn’s dream with Arwen (“You must go to Frodo”).
  • SCENE 133 Gandalf vs. Balrog.
  • SCENE 139 Goblins chase Fellowship at Lorien (Deleted scene).
  • SCENE 147 Sam’s poem about Gandalf in Lorien.
  • SCENE 150 Mirror of Galadriel.
  • SCENE 153 Farewell to Lorien.
  • SCENE 169 Aragorn battles Lurtz.
  • SCENE 207 Banishment of Eomer.
  • SCENE 217 Heroes meet Rohirrim (“Look for your friends…”).
  • SCENE 239 Smeagol attacks Frodo and Sam (“It’s ours and we want it!”).
  • SCENE 264 Gandalf leaves Edoras (“The defenses have to hold”).
  • SCENE 313 Arwen and Galadriel at Lorien (Deleted scene).
  • SCENE 314 Frodo and Sam captured at Ithilien.
  • SCENE 320 The Forbidden Pool.
  • SCENE 337 Aragorn informs Theoden of the approaching army.
  • SCENE 349 Legolas and Arwen at Helm’s Deep (Deleted scene).
  • SCENE 402 The Chalice Passed “He’s an honorable man”.
  • SCENE 408 Legolas and Aragorn converse at balcony (“He’s here!”).
  • SCENE 409 Gandalf questions Pippin about what he saw in the Palantir.
  • SCENE 420 Osgiliath invaded (“We ride for Minas Tirith”).
  • SCENE 433 Gandalf and Pippin arrive at the citadel and see the White Tree.
  • SCENE 434 Gandalf and Pippin meet Denethor at Minas Tirith.
  • SCENE 447 Aragorn informs Theoden of the Beacons.
  • SCENE 470 Pippin and Denethor (“Can you sing, Master Hobbit?”).
  • SCENE 474 Vision of Arwen at Dunharrow (Deleted scene?).
  • SCENE 492 Trio at Paths of the Dead (“I see shapes of men).
  • SCENE 500 Denethor leads Faramir to pyre.
  • SCENE 504 Trio at Paths of the Dead attacked by silhouettes.
  • SCENE 505 Trio at Paths of the Dead (“That line was broken!).
  • SCENE 508 Grond opens the door (“You’re soldiers of Gondor”).
  • SCENE 514 Battle of the Pelennor Fields (???).
  • SCENE 517 Battle of the Pelennor Fields, Charge of the Rohirrim.
  • SCENE 521 Battle of the Pelennor Fields, Harad firing an arrow (?).
  • SCENE 538 Fight at Cirith Ungol (“This scum tried to knife me!”).
  • SCENE 578 Coronation scene, everyone bows at the Hobbits.

Some notes on the early cuts as indicated by the audio commentaries and liner notes from the Complete Recordings:

  • Many of the scenes featuring Isengard preparing for battle at the beginning of The Two Towers are outtakes from The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • The Uruks setting camp originally took place in two different sequences. They were combined in post-production.
  • The flashback to Gollum’s origins was to take place in The Two Towers during the Dead Marshes sequence.
  • Saruman’s death was to take place at the end of The Two Towers. Following this there would be a deleted conversation between Legolas and Treebeard. The next scene would be Arwen at the forest having a vision.
    The Return of the King was to open at Edoras with Aragorn awakening from a nightmare.
  • The conversation about the Palantir (“He told nothing to Sauron about Frodo or the Ring”) was to be interrupted by the Journey to the Crossroads.
  • The arrival of Gandalf and Pippin to Minas Tirith was to occur simultaneously with Osgiliath being invaded.
  • The scene where Denethor berates Faramir for letting Frodo go was to take place before the lightning of the Beacons.
  • Faramir’s sacrifice was to occur immediately after his argument with Denethor.
    The project is still on the research stage, so there’s still no telling what the finished edit will be like, but it will likely resemble the films as conceived in the principal photography.
your thoughts: Did Disney kill star wars because it sounds like they did with the last jedi solo and resistance.

Ryan-SWI said:

You didn’t see George talking about how god awful the OT was while promoting the PT.

I did see it! Good old George kept refering to the Original Trilogy as “unfinished films” and kept talking about how much happier he was in the cold and controlled enviroment of the prequels.

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

I don’t know about reading minds, but he certainly he certainly can interpret feelings well enough to know Leia is Luke’s sister, to sense fear, hatred, etc. It’s not so much of a stretch to believe he might have sensed whatever that rebel was holding in his hands was of great importance. Adding to that, the man frantically shouting “Take it!” before his demise, and the lenghts they went to protect that object might have been clue enough for him that he needed that tape.

As for his agility, he certainly isn’t doing backflips or the many nonesensical movements done in the prequels, but he is much slower in Empire. His ability to deflect blaster fire is present there, but he’s fighting one person (which he was expecting to appear), not an entire rebel batallion. I’d assume if he was able to fend of those troops he’d do it with greater difficulty, or in an entirely different manner.

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

Anakin Starkiller said:

Star Wars - The Tosche Station scenes.

Just a casual remind that I’m working on a frame-by-frame restoration of Luke and Biggs’s conversation.

Rogue One - Vader’s assault on the Tantive IV.

Um, what? That’s the most universally beloved scene in the movie? If you disliked it for being fanservice, you’re gonna hate Solo.

I have nothing against fan service, I’m an anime fan after all. I disliked it because for a multitude of reasons:
-It presents an excessively agile Vader that fails to match his mannerisms in the original trilogy.
-Portrays Vader as a one man army that takes an entire squad by his own unharmed. This begs the question as to why they bother sending storm troopers in the first place.
-There’s an inherently artificial feel to the scene. Comparing it to scenes in similar locations in Star Wars it’s baffling how something made on a larger budget several decades later could look so much worse.
-It’s illogical, Vader could simply snatch away the plans (they’re right there!) with his powers.

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

Star Wars - The Tosche Station scenes.
The Empire Strike Back - The Wampa’s attack on the base.
Return of the Jedi - The endless sequence of Han attempting to open a door.
Phantom Menace - Of the third act I’d say Amidala storming the palace.
Attack of the Clones - The Arena scene as soon as Yoda and the clones land.
Revenge of the Sith - The duel with General Grievous.
The Force Awakens - Most of the third act’s wandering in the base.
Rogue One - Vader’s assault on the Tantive IV.
The Last Jedi - The battle at the salt planet.

Palpatine mocking Yoda, was it filmed?

As all of you know, the SW novelizations are based on the shooting scripts, therefore they include a lot of content not seen in the films. In Return’s case, during Palpatine’s confrontation with Luke he asks if Yoda is still alive, mocking his speech patterns in the process. We know some content is cut prior to shooting, so what’s the case with this scene, were those lines ever spoken on the set?

Caligula: The Restored Cut (concept)

I’m a big fan of Tinto and Caligula, so I was giddy as a schoolboy when I heard the news. The theatrical version is such a mess, so it’s understandable why audiences have felt so alienated by it. It’s like someone trying to read you a poem while a big band plays loudly in the foreground. I imagine that in addition to the deleted content, the scenes we’ve been seeing for years will have a whole different meaning now.

Ideally, apart from a theatrical re-release, the restored cut ought to be presented along with the theatrical one, since the current releases don’t have the original audio.

The Soundtrack Thread

Some of my favorites are:
-The Thing (Ennio Morricone).
-The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone).
-Dawn of the Dead (Goblin & DeWolfe library).
-Deep Red (Goblin).
-Inferno (Keith Emerson).
-The Deep (John Barry).
-Airport 1975 (John Cacavas).
-Tentacles (Stelvio Cipriani).
-A Bay of Blood (Stelvio Cipriani).
-Zombi 2 (Fabio Frizzi).
-The Beyond (Fabio Frizzi).
-Cannibal Holocaust (Riz Ortolani).
-Godzilla (the various scores by Akira Ifukube, and Koroku’s excellent score to Return).
-Female Prisoner 701 “Scorpion” (Shunsuke Kikuchi & Meiko Kaji).
-Any classic John Williams, Danny Elfman and Jerry Goldsmith scores.