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The Soundtrack Thread

Some of my favorites are:
-The Thing (Ennio Morricone).
-The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone).
-Dawn of the Dead (Goblin & DeWolfe library).
-Deep Red (Goblin).
-Inferno (Keith Emerson).
-The Deep (John Barry).
-Airport 1975 (John Cacavas).
-Tentacles (Stelvio Cipriani).
-A Bay of Blood (Stelvio Cipriani).
-Zombi 2 (Fabio Frizzi).
-The Beyond (Fabio Frizzi).
-Cannibal Holocaust (Riz Ortolani).
-Godzilla (the various scores by Akira Ifukube, and Koroku’s excellent score to Return).
-Female Prisoner 701 “Scorpion” (Shunsuke Kikuchi & Meiko Kaji).
-Any classic John Williams, Danny Elfman and Jerry Goldsmith scores.

Godzilla: Resurrection - The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla 1985, combined

TheMovieMaestro said:

I actually have been using that very track in my edits. Did you notice any spots that were rough? Please do let me know, audio is not my strongest suit.

Thanks for all of your feedback, I appreciate it!

That I noticed, one in the Super-X intro. At 1:30 the last note of M25 resumes after the cue has already ended. Otherwise it appears to be seamless.

Most Dissapointing Aspect of Sequel Trilogy? Most Satisfying?

My biggest problem is that despite being far better than the prequels (is that difficult, to begin with?) they still have a plethora of problems that the OT did not encounter. The cinematic medium is far too apparent (though not as severely as Marvel’s nonesense), with some lines referencing events in the OT as though they were scenes in a movie. The sets and creatures at their worst look quite fake and uncreative, it’s such a waste of budget, why do they need to spend so much money?

And that is on the creative side, as far I’m concerned these movies are still very cynical and corporate-driven.

Godzilla: Resurrection - The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla 1985, combined


I prefer the chronology of the Japanese cut for Godzilla’s landing on Tokyo Bay, though I imagine in this new context the hybrid version will fit better. The Super-X’s reveal is more effective in Godzilla 1985 and this edit; however I’d have Godzilla firing first, since it matches the “agressive” Godzilla from the US cut.

As for the sound design, it should be noted that the center channel on the Kraken’s 5.1 track features only the dialog and some sound effects, which might help you mask the edits better. Do you plan to use the loon sound effects that precede the Ihama attack?

Godzilla: Resurrection - The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla 1985, combined

It’s an interesting idea, one that has been brought up from time to time in the fandom; much like combining the John Beck scenes from King Kong vs. Godzilla into the Japanese version. I like that you’re porting the sound design from Godzilla 1985.

What I wonder though, is how will you work out the scenes around Godzilla being put into a coma by the Super-X. Since the US cut doesn’t interrupt that scene with the soviet missile being fired, there’s a sense of relieved tension when the Americans watch Godzilla unsconscious (“The only problem now is cleaning up the mess”). I’m not sure it would work to have such a line being said after the missile has been fired.

Caligula (1979) - Expanded OST, V2 released!

Well, the Bayres release it a bootleg, and lazy one at that 😦 Judging by the track titles I was under the impression it was the leaked promo score. As it turns out, it’s simply the cues from the Imperial edition extras, presented exactly as they appear there. Don’t waste your money on it 😉

I almost ordered it, thanks FulciLives!

Anyhow, head over to the main post.

THE SHINING - Complete Score!

Alt text
Track list:
01 Main Title (3:33)
02 Rocky Mountains (3:04)
03 Heartbeats & Worry (2:12)
04 Lontano (10:10)
05 Music For Strings, Percussion & Celesta - Adagio (8:11).
06 Polymorphia (8:58)
07 De Natura Sonoris N°1 (8:17)
08 De Natura Sonoris N°2 (9:24)
09 Untrenja - Ewangelia (2:21)
10 Untrenja - Kanon (2:50)
11 The Awakening Of Jacob (7:52)
12 Home (3:15)
13 Masquerade (3:13)
14 It’s All Forgotten Now (3:22)
15 Midnight, The Stars And You (3:25)

Those interested let me know, I’ll shoot you a PM.
NOTE: This compilation passes the 80 minute mark by a mere 7 seconds (!!!). So, if any of you are old school enough to want this recorded on a CD, you may need to delete the silence between some of the tracks. I was hesitant to do such a thing because it made the suite feel choppy.

THE SHINING - Complete Score!

Thanks alexp120!

As for ripping the 5.1 track, I’d say it’s not necessary, since all of this music was released in one form or another. And naturally the music appears in edited (albeit gracefully) form. It would be useful, however, if someone wants to make an isolated track, as recreating some of these edits would be a pain.

IMO an ideal release would present these cues uncut, and by sorted by composer/release date. What I compiled thus far fits nicely in the 70 minute slot.