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Celebration IV
Finally mde it back from c4 and I got to say how pleasantly surprised I am at the amount of OT fans that showed up. There were plenty of fans who you would not normally see at a Celebrations, the older ones who have always loved the movies but never would have gone to a con. I certainly enjoyed it more than CIII, of course the weather was more cooperative. Got Lorne Peterson, Dennis Muren, Jon Berg, and Phil Tippet to sign my bug ILM book.

Got to see the early cut of 5-25-77 and attend the panel the next day. It is going to be a darn good movie when it's finaly edited together. And my biggest ego moment was when I was asked for my autograph because i was in the cast of Return of Pink Five.

Oh, it wasn't a bomb threat actually, but a bomb scare. Apparently there was a "suspicious" package across from the convention center and security was called. When it was discovered that it was nothing more than suspicious "Hasbro" package, they ook down the poilice tape and opened everything up again. I even took some tape as a souvenir. Authentic LAPD police tape.
Info Wanted: MeBeJedi Prototype: Anybody know anything about it?
Originally posted by: tcb20
Well, maybe we can start a Star Wars DVD of the Month club!! All kidding aside, I got in a blanks for postage trade. I sent a guy some blanks and he burned me about 12 DVD of star wars stuff. Most of them were "Fan Edits" Mostly Episodes 1-3. I did get some original trilogy stuff, but not much!! Always looking for more!!

That actualy sounds cool. When I saw the hedline I thoughtmeBE was making prototype clones of himself...
Darabount rips Lucas over Indy IV script
I have so many trepidations withthis movie especially withthe most recent casting choice. But I know I'll see it.

I look at it this way, Sean Connerry was the original and best Bond. But that doesn't mean he should have yet another go at being Bond. It just won't work anymore.

I'm gonna guess taht Durabont's script was probably too serious and did not include a younger character as a sidekick. But that's just a guess.
Star Wars Fans Are Cool Regardless Of Age...
Originally posted by: Anchorhead
Originally posted by: TheCassidy
There is an entire generation of spoon-fed men and women under the age of 25 or 30 that is a cynical, negative, whining.....

You're right on the money. Our society is angry, spoiled, mean, and opinionated these days, but a thorough and proper discussion of how that's come to be, it's repercussions - current and future - is beyond the scope of this board.

Look at our popular culture these days. All of it is voyeuristic gang mentality. TV shows teach people how to gang up on their fellow citizens and insult them, defeat them, vote them off, eliminate them, and humiliate them. Then they laud the ones who do so. Meanness and anger are rewarded, civility and compassion are seen as weaknesses. people don't tune into to American Idol because they have an interest in the next recording contract - they want to see people make fools of themselves, or to see Simon insult someone until they leave the stage in tears - and it's all offered as entertainment.

Everything is about arrogance, entitlement, and attitude these days. The more - the better.

Yet when we turn on the nightly news and see our school children massacre each other - the nation stares in shock and disbelief, wondering what went wrong.

Buddy that is so dead on. This country has become a mean spirited country, whether it is politics or TV it' all about being mean or getting at somebody. I've even exhibited some of that mean spiritedness towards people myself. I can't watch these reality shows because they have nothing to do with reality. Reality shows not involve plots and cliques trying to get rid of each other. You wnt reality TV? Watch Cops, these are people who on't want to be on TV and are not on there for fame or money.

But on to the question, 30 is an arbitrary number some around 30ish like 29 I can regard with espect. It's those people who's first exposure to STar Wars was episode I who think that Lucas is a genius (still) thatI can't relate to.

I'll tell you a story. I'm a member of the 501st and we were asked to do line duty for an appearance by Dave Prowse for a memorablilia store. It was a good crowd. The kids really dug it I asked one kid which were his favorite Star Wars movies, he could not have been more than 12. He said "The original ones" Good answer I said, and here's the clincher, "But I don't like it when George Lucas keeps changing it."
Info: Your work is being sold
WookieGroomer's split screen set has warnings during the beginnings and during the middle of his projects.

TR-47 can do whatever the hell he wants with what he worked on. But it really is low class to sell stuff that others have done for the purposes of distributing freely. Stuff like this just hurts the community. Next thing you know, he'll be selling these off a table at little comic book conventions. In fact, I would not be surprised he isn't already doing that.

I've had a bunch of friends say, "Dude, you can set up your own table at Wondercon." I wouldn't have any of that because these aren't my movies to sell. I've given away dozens of copies of various projects to friends at no cost. I just made about 30 copies for a friend of mine of various projects. He handed me a spindle of blanks and a list. When my club ad a table at Wondercon, we ran Deleted Magic, Building Empire, and Returning to Jedi. I had a few people ask me how to get them. I said visit read the forums, and never pay for them.
To those who own the OOT Sept Release & an HDTV
well I don't watch the 2006 DVD's because they look like crap on my 56" DLP. Especially when zooming the letterbox picture to fill the screen .However I did run them through DVD Rebuilder and HC encoder to make the 4:3 image 16:9. It does NOT make the picture better technically, but it is a better result to do that sort of encoding beforehand than having my DVD player do it on the fly. It's still not a good looking picture, but it's a little more watchable, and the soft subs(the few there are) don't get cut off on the bottom of the screen.

This is how the OT dies, not with a bang but a whimper.
'Serenity' dethrones 'Star Wars' as UK's favourite sci-fi film
The poll isn't all that accurate I thnk. Consider that only 3000 people responded. Not exactly a large cross section of sci fi fandom I in my opinion. Also, I remember seeing the news to vote on Whedonesque, but not on TFN or

But I do really like Serenity though and when I voted for Star Wars I saw the running totals after and was floored by the numbers. Serenity won by 61% Star Wars only got 28%.