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Apart from the GFFA, what is the film you own the most copies of?

I got rid of all my DVDs, but I have the VHS and Blu-ray copies of The Wizard of Oz, Cool Hand Luke, Princess Bride, The Iron Giant, Return to Oz, and The Royal Tenenbaums. I also have two Blu-ray copies of North by Northwest, in two different boxsets. That’s not even mentioning any of the Disney films I’ve got.

The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!

I don’t know how to feel about this. It feels like a natural progression from everything that has happened in the past few years, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult to process. I always knew this place wouldn’t be around forever, but to think it may disappear altogether sometime next year is kind of crazy. Much thanks to oojason’s History of OT thread and to Jay for keeping the content properly archived for all of these years.

From Laserdisc preservations, to Harmy’s Despecialized Editions, to full blown theatrical print restorations, this site has been through a lot, far greater than its original intended purpose. Without this site, we’d have never gotten the GOUT, and we’d have never seen any decent version of the theatrical trilogy make its way to the masses. Oh, someone would have done it, but it certainly would not have been felt to the full extent it has with this site. The original Star Wars would be forgotten.

But today, it lives. And we have this site to thank for that.

4k77 released

Where exactly in my response did I accuse you or Smithers or anyone else of constantly complaining?

Deathstar1138 did. He was rather rude, and received it in kind.

But go ahead, bite the hand that feeds you. It would be so much easier, safer, and less stressful to just work on these projects and keep them to ourselves, like Mr Verta…

All I want is some kind of understanding. If that’s going to be the attitude… I’ll just stop talking.

4k77 released

Williarob said:

JonathanArthur19 said:

deathstar1138 said:

So, let me get this straight, if the crawl is improved and lot better,
then you’ll download the 40gig file anyways, but you’ll ignore anything else.

And if its not better, you’ll never find out. Ok.

Instead of constantly asking and complaining about something, be proactive
and do the work, and share it. That way others can enjoy it to. It’s not that hard.

Well you could be nice and it is not hard take a screenshot of both crawls and upload them. To me your just being lazy, that is not hard, just a few clicks and your done, a few more clicks to upload them, it is not a hard thing to do man, so to me that is just lazy

Let me get this straight… We (deathstar1138 & I and a few others) spend 5 years restoring two prints of Star Wars and one of Jedi, frame by frame (that’s over 450,000 frames in all, every one of which we painted out the dirt and scratches by hand), and then we offer them to you, for free, in not just one but multiple formats - MKV, ISO, with and without DNR, HD & UHD; and you’re calling us lazy just because we don’t immediately jump on a request to create a comparison video or upload some screen shots so that you can scratch your head and decide if it’s really worth your time to click a download button again?

Sorry, but we’re a bit freaking busy right now working on other projects - like The Empire Strikes Back. Personally, I have archived all the 4K77 files to LTO Tape to free up the terrabytes of disk space they were using. So it’s not “just a few clicks and you’re done”. I just don’t have the files handy anymore. So it’s a huge “thank you” from me to ChainsawAsh for stepping up and doing that. It actually saves me a lot of time and effort.

To answer everyone’s question though: Is the new version better? Yes, but not dramatically so. Is it worth downloading another 40+ GB just for those 2 minutes of film? Only you can answer that. If it’s worth it to you, then you will. Otherwise, you won’t. It’s not like we get paid either way, so why should we care what you do?

Geez, we appreciate the hard work you all put in, neither of us were asking any of you personally. I’ve already got the MKV, it’s the best version of Star Wars I’ve ever seen. We were just asking for someone who has the new file to provide some screenshots of the new crawl. We were literally asking of you and deathstar nothing, but still got shitty responses. ChainsawAsh has done it, and it’s great. And as you stated, you liked the comparison anyway. I’m really not sure what the issue is. It was a simple request that just got a lot of rude responses. I was just curious what the upgrade was.

Being accused of constantly complaining when all that was said is:

What kind of enhancements and other fixes have been made?

Only one: The crawl was replaced, using a new 4K scan of the LPP (cleaned by Skydude).


Could anyone put together a comparison of the two (if there isn’t one already)?

Is very frustrating.