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Terrible DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art

The last one isn’t even Judy Garland on the front, it’s not anybody, just some clip art of a random woman FFS! (This is also the cover Amazon Prime have decided to go with for the movie).

It’s Janet Gaynor, the actress from the original A Star is Born (1937).

What’s the problem?

I have high standards for Criterion. A poorly photoshopped collage doesn’t do it for me. I spent a good few minutes convinced Tony Curtis’s head was pasted on top of Jack Lemmon’s body. I like how the typefont stays true to the title sequence of the film, and the idea is okay, but I don’t think it was executed particularly well. Their Magnificent Ambersons cover is fantastic, and comes out in the same month as this one.

So, yes, while it’s not terrible when comparing it to… everything else in this thread, it doesn’t hold up to most of Criterion’s other covers. At least to me.

Taking a stand against toxic fandom (and other )

Warbler said:

Collipso said:

Warbler said:

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DrDre said:

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screams in the void said:

George was quoted as saying in 2012 , " Why should I make more when everyone yells at you and says what a terrible person you are ?"…granted , he came back after the Disney merger ,had a meltdown , then came to acceptance and then came back to support all the subsequent productions .I watched Mark Hamill’s ceremony for his star on the walk of fame earlier this year and George Lucas and Harrison Ford attended , an interviewer asked Lucas about Star Wars and he said he had nothing to say . I think he is still going through the stages of grief. He did say it was like a divorce after all . Also . on the subject of Jar Jar , Ahmed best has started doing some field notes on the backlash of his character , seems he feels George could have stuck up for him a bit more …

Maybe Lucas should have taken a deeper look at why the fans were yelling at him and saying what a terrible person he was? Maybe he should have more open to the idea that (gasp!) he could have made mistakes that led to the fan hate. The thing is, he could made a lot of the fan hate go away by doing one simple thing: give the oot the release it deserves.

Ah, so the abused should ask himself or herself, why he or she deserves to be abused, rather than expect respectful discourse?

Lucas is not a battered wife.

Kelly-Mary Tran, and Ahmed Best are not battered wifes… I don’t see how that has anything to do with toxic behaviour towards creators of a work for not getting what you want.

You referred to to Lucas like he was an a victim of abuse. He isn’t.

jesus warb. he literally said he didn’t want to make anymore movies due to the amount of attacks towards him. there’s no excuse for that.

and then he went back to counting his zillions