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Anything Pixar.

Um, okay. I think Bugs Life is a very under rated film that doesn’t get as much love as the other Pixar films from Disney and the fans. Even though Animal Kingdom has, or had (I haven’t been there since the Dinosaur ride opened) show based of it, that’s really the only thing. Art, sequels, cameos, merch, it all kind of vanished after the film was released on VHS. heck it didn’t even get a 4K restoration

💡 <strong>Welcome to the</strong>; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within 💡

Well, I guess I’m still new enough here. My first experience with Star Wars was renting Ep1 from Hollywood Video when I was 9 and liking it enough that when they stopped being rented my parents bought it for me. I saw Ep2 in theaters on my birthday, months after it had been released and Skipped school to see Ep3 on opening day. I saw 4-6 on Summer vacations after seeing 1 but could only watch them when my parents were at work. I can remember trying for months to finish 6, every time I’d put it on my dad would come home. Luckly back then, VHS remembered where you left off, even though some times I’d think I had enough time to watch it from the beginning and then be wrong and have to stop. I never liked conventions but forced myself to go to Celebration 5 when I heard about it, and that con pulled me out of the depression I was getting into around then. Since then, I’ve gone to all of them, and enjoyed being around Star Wars people and in that environment.

My favorite character is Anakin/Vader I just love his story of falling into the darkness and then rising from it at the end.

Men in Black - Mission : International (Released)

Cameron Samurai said:

This edit needs a lot more work than just a sound modification, lots of hard cuts with minimal if no transitions to cover the joints, some parts were out of synch, the use of “Black Suits Comin” didn’t completely drown out the established background music in the suit-up scene, there’s a bit near the end where K is clearly saying something but we miss what it is entirely.

It has legs though, the ideas are strong, and if the cuts could be smoothed over, I think you’ve definitely got an improved movie here, something more in line with the spirit of the original movies, and T saving the day is actually a much better ending and shows how flimsily tacked on the original climax was.

So yeah, cut it together a bit better and you’d be good to go.

I’ve cut things better, and alerted things so that the transactions look smoother. Ex, Shots of M sitting still, instead of half spinning that it was, and L has a reaction shot to M’s admittance that she’s a nobody.

I cut out as much of the og music from the suit-up scene but some still remains, what ever was behind L’s words. And I’ve fixed the driving scene to remove that music and added in my own car noises. Now you don’t hear that song at all.

K wasn’t originally saying anything, i just wanted to have it be a smooth transition of him walking away from the tv. I’ve now added in him saying “No” originally in the scene he says “wermguys” but now J says “looks like Spielberg’s work”. K replies “No”

Also the white fads have been fixed.

And yeah, MiBI had a lot of bad reshoots and on set rewrites by the actress that played M, and Chris didn’t like her changes and changed things back. That’s why H isn’t always an idiot in the original. The ending was changed and was the main reason for the late game reshoots. Between the studio meddling and the ego of the actress it’s amazing the film was even released.

for some reason my comment was a repot and not a reply, my bad

Jurassic Park / World Matching Custom Steelbook Artwork

Biggs Audio Dynamite said:

Those look superb.
Have you any images of them printed up and in their steelbook cases? I’d really like to see how they look ‘in real life’ as it were.

No, I still only have two dunner steels, and I’m waiting to get 3 to make the trilogy. How I do costume steelbooks is paint an existing one, and then print them onto a sticker and put them onto the painted steel. I’ve only done John Wick so far.
here’s a video i did showing how to make one -

Men in Black - Mission : International (Released)

Men in Black - Mission: International
Tag – Same Job, New Team
A fan edit of Men in Black International to make it feel more like the original trilogy.

New Runtime - 1h30 with Credits
OG Runtime - 1h55

What has been removed?

  • Any refinance to H being changed
  • Any jokes by M at the franchise expense
  • M’s more annoying jokes. She still says jokes, but that’s not what defines her character
  • H is now more of the ‘straight man’ like K was in 1-3. H still light and does joke, but it’s not what defines his character
  • T is no longer evil – the film ends at the moment H and M are saved by T
  • Pawny has been removed as much as he could be

What has been added?

  • Mystery’s in History from MiB2 has been added at the beginning and the end
  • J and K watching this ‘episode’ from MiB2 has been added at the end
  • Music from MiB and MiB2 score and Will Smith songs from 1 and 2 have been added

What has been moved?

  • H and T saving the world from the Hive has now been moved to the middle
  • M being brought back to NYC and H gets promoted moved to being a mid-credit scene

It is done rendering. PM if you want to watch it.

Edit as of 9/11
After watching the edit with speakers and not headphones I have realized that the audio sounds from Men In Black 2 are soft. I will fix this and update. Also I forgot to remove a scene where C says H has changed in the war room. I will fix this and then edit this post again when 2.0 has been rendered. As it stands you can watch 1.0 if you’d like. You just need to turn the volume up beginning and the end f the movie to hear it clearly. Unless you are using headphones. As well as when the flashback scene starts and ends the black bars turn white. I need to fix that as well.

As of 9/11 816pm
I’ve fixed the audio, added in a scene or two to fix the transition errors, and removed the reference to H being different in the war room. It takes a few hours to render. 1.0 is still available, but 2.0 will be up tomorrow 9/12 in the pm.

As of 9/12 621pm
2.0 is live. If anyone would like to watch it, just ask 😃

Transformers Primeval (AoE/tLK) (Released)

kingofmonsters said:

Huh, I could totally see that working! For once the bad guy (Lockdown) would win and then the plot of Last Knight can continue. I’m curious to see how you would change the order of events. Would the dinobots even show up?

I can try and cut them down, but When Cade gets to the Junk Yard in 5 it’s mentioned that Autobots are showing up to the Junk Yard because they know they’ll be protected there. So the Dinobots could just be those refugees

Transformers Primeval (AoE/tLK) (Released)

kingofmonsters said:

The proposed changes sound good so far. Personally, I watch the Transformers movies for the robot action, so if you can keep as much as that while cutting down on the fluff, it would be a huge improvement. Granted, these films are sort of guilty pleasures for me, but dangit they’re enjoyable!

There are also a whole bunch of continuity errors among other things in the films. Here’s a list of them for T4: Not sure if it’s worth attempting to address anything in here, but it may provide some useful information.

My suggestion is simply to cut down on the humans goofing around and wasting time. I personally think 2 and 3 are decent enough on there own, but I’d like to see how you’d combine them. Films 4 and 5… yeah, there’s a lot of fluff that can be cut out. Transformium? Really? All we need is a simple plot to keep things moving forward.

Also, about Optimus leaving Earth. In film 4, Quintessa (his creator) sent Lockdown after Optimus to bring him to Quintessa. Optimus wanted to find out why Quintessa wanted his presence, so he left Earth at the end of film 4. In the beginning of film 5, he just gets blamed for the loss of Cybertron and then subsequently brainwashed by Quintessa. Not very compelling, but it serves the plot.

If I make it so Optimus get kidnapped, and does not escape I can get 4 down to 54mins to have it be, Cade meets Transformers, show why Autobots are hiding, show Lockdown being a treat, show Megatron being reborn, no transformeum, and Optimus telling Cade to warn his Autobots. Because I can have it be like when you meet up with Prime he’s already with Quntessa. Like Lockdown has already handed him over to her. That way I have 2 hours, or less, to do LK’s story line, If I wanted to make this the same length as 4 or 5 originally was.

Transformers Primeval (AoE/tLK) (Released)

A new fanedit project that I’ve had on the back burner for a while. This is supposed to be a cut of Age of Extinction and Last Knight to make one film. I know what I’m cutting from LK but I figured I’d ask, Besides how Walberg met the Transformers what else from AoE should be kept. I can watch and enjoy a lot of ‘garbage’ films, but AoE was just bad. I figure I need to keep why Optimus leaves Earth, but anyone got any suggestions? On either AoE or LK. Also if anyone has any ideas for what to cut/keep from Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. I only really enjoy T1 so I figured 2/3 and 4/5 should be cut into 2 films each. 4/5 would be named Primeval but I don’t have a title from 2/3 or even really thought about cutting 2/3. Any suggestions help.

What Is Cut From LK:
The Children, Agent Simons, and random bad jokes, along with the allusion that Sam is dead.

What is Added
Sam is now the one who calls Anthony Hopkins to let him know what is going on with the Transformers, taking Simon’s place.

Don’t know if it matters, but Proof I own the films - -
I know cares, that’s why I was banned from there because I forgot to add this

Avengers Forever (Infinity War and End Game Edit) (Released)

Cameron Samurai said:

I like the idea of starting the Infinity War footage much later on in the film and a narrator bringing everyone up to speed…but the way you’ve done it really needs some work. Don’t use numbers as a substitute for words in the description, this is a movie, not texting, also I could detect a few hard cuts here and there.

Also, edit your post to remove the download, we’re not allowed to host links publically. Offer it via PM.

Yeah, that was back when I first came up with the idea, I had it be 4ever as a joke, because I had Civil War as 3. Then honestly forgot to change it.

Avengers Forever (Infinity War and End Game Edit) (Released)


What is this edit?

  • A Edit putting Infinity War and Endgame together. Along with adding in both Ant-man 2 and Captain Marvel’s end credit scenes.
  • The cut puts the run time down to a watchable 3 hours. Same length as the original Endgame. It actually ended up being 3h14m with the credits.

What Was Cut?

  • All of Infinity War up in till the Battle of Wakanda.
  • Paper Football scene
  • Heartfelt Moments with Morgan at the Cabin outside, Now she’s being held by him when Steve shows up.
  • Tony Doing the Dishes – I cut this scene to save Morgan catching Tony Working. (Originally that was cut for time, but this dish washing scene takes the same amount of time. Would rather have Morgan then Dishes)
  • Hulk Selfie and Ant-Man being Jealous
  • Team returns from space, Ant-man’s taco scene.
  • New Asgard – showing town and talking with Valkarye. Korg plays Fortnight.
  • Most of Ronin’s Fight Scene – Up until the finale kill
  • America’s Ass Line, and Cap vs Cap. Cut Just for me. I hate that line and the scene is just fan service filler.
  • Random Jokes throughout the film - Cut for Time
  • A Force – Because it didn’t make since. Wasp was supposed to be with Ant-man fixing the Time Machine, she was the brains, so it’s stupid for her to be there. And Black Panther’s protectors would be, you know, protecting their king. Also why would all the women randomly leave their positions in battle just to show a girl power moment? Now Spider-Man hands Carol the glove and she flies off with it.
  • Talking Moments during the finale fight that pause the fight. Peter/Tony, Peter/Gamora/Nebula. And the fighting that goes along with these scenes.
  • Ending scene of Asgardian’s of the Galaxy
  • Anything After Tony’s Death either removed or altered.

What Was Added?

  • Ending Scene of Thanos from Avengers (2012)
  • The Collector Explaining the Infinity Stones (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Scenes featuring the stones from Captain America First Avenger, Thor the Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Age of Ultron, and Doctor Strange.
  • Deleted Scene from Endgame with Team kneeling to Tony’s body
  • Antman and the Wasp dust scene right after Thanos Snaps.
  • Captain Marvel’s End credit scene right after Infiinty Wars Dust Scene
  • Odin Speech when Cap Pics Thor’s Hammer Up – “Whoever holds this hammer”
  • Music Added – Brothers from Game of Thrones Season 4, From the HBO Series The Leftovers, Saturn

What Was Moved?

  • Thanos Killing Loki and Hondal – Now Flashbacks to when Thor is making Stormbreaker
  • Hawkeye’s Family’s Dusting – Now a Flashback to when Clint is found by Natasha.
  • Thor looking over his kingdom has now been added to Tony’s post mortem speech. After Black Panther, but before Clint.
  • Cap returning the stones – Now a mid-credit scene. But he doesn’t return. Bucky’s face lets the audience know he knows what happened. Ends with Cap and Peggy dancing, then back to the regular credits.

If you would like to watch it, you can PM me

yes I own both films -