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Yellowstone S4 Supercut

What was cut

Beth smoking after getting out of building, now she just looks at the camera angry
The Opening Credits (All Of Them)
Rip looking back up at burned down house
Red Neck being Racist Lines, just the important dialog
Nurse at Ranch / John Fires Nurse
Beth shoots Wind chime/Bird
John Drinking With Bunch House
Rip/Beth Sex
Ending Credits (All Of Them)
Some Episodes were shot in Widescreen, while others are in Full (IMAX) They are all from Amazon so what can I tell yeah? Bars were added to the IMAX scenes making it less noticeable when scenes change.
Casino Subplot - went no where
1883 Scenes
Travis Horse Stunt Scenes - with no important Dialog in it
Rip and Carter in Bunk House
Jimmy Leaving Ranch - Just enough is left to show he’s leaving and were he’s going
“I want to be him when I grow up”
Moe’s Family Time
Emitt Walsh / Emu Farmer Subplot - Used for Filler
Travis Horse Team - Trimmed Down
Jimmy/Mia Drama
Jimmy being hazed by Travis / Long Drive Goodbye
Tate hiding under bed - went no where forgotten about instantly
Any Scene of Jimmy after E3 aka 6666 Pilot
Beth talking about dry humping and jerking off the secretory
“Behind every milestone stands a monster”
Chef Tater
“You Need Pussy”
Beth/Rip Sex / When’s your birthday?
Rip Carter bonding time
“She was one hot tomallie”
Carter Gets Barn Ready
John has Dinner Alone - Me and the Cockroaches
Tate’s Sweats
“Toxic Male Fantasy”
Loyd and Carter Talk “Just waiting to get tired”
“4 days in a sweat lodge”
Beth and Rip move in - “Perfect Man”
Live at Airport Site - Now cut straight to ME
Moving Family Dinner
Mom it’s all hard down there
New Sheriff in town
Kacesy Sitting for days alone with nothing happening
Jimmy and Mia Reunited
Cowboy Jim
Mia Lurks for Jim

This is more of a passion project for me, I really didn’t like S4 and when S5 starts I wasn’t looking forward to rewatching it. So I made this. It’s available for anyone who owns S1-3, or a Paramount Plus subscribers. S4 comes out on Blu-ray later in February for those who want a physical copy. You can also buy S4 digitally.

Idea: Batman's Greatest Failure

New Project Idea - Working on it, but with me working more due to C19 it may be a while
A cut of “Under the Red Hood” and “Death in the Family” with a small part of “Killing Joke”

What the films vibe

Death in the Family tried to make the film seem more Noir, but cut most of the dialog of anyone that wasn’t Batman/Bruce. I plan on adding in all of the new music, and the noir feeling of “Death” to “Hood”. As well as the few new scenes that were made for it.

  • Why Jason and Bruce were fighting
  • Why Jason was in the warehouse
  • Any new Robin Scene
  • Bruce’s inner thoughts keeping the noir feel. But not all of them, if it over lays another characters lines then I won’t keep it

Killing Joke
Yes the movie was a failure, but when Jason mentions Barbra being shot, I’ll be adding in that one scene. Just to make it strike home harder when Jason starts monologueing.

I may make the film B/W or gray out all the color but Red, or leave the color alone. Haven’t decided.

Major change

In “Death” Jensen Ackels doesn’t play Jason. So in the flashback scenes Jason will be played by Vincent Michael Martella. With Jensen not recording the few moments of dialogue

When it’s ready to be seen I’ll update this post.

Terminator Zero Hour (T2 Extended - Sequel to Countdown) (Released)

marioxb said:

Hadam10Rose said:
Any scenes of John will be replaced with Bale.

Of course you just mean future John, right? Not somehow replacing Edward Furlong in the present scenes as well?

Anyway, sounds cool and I wouldn’t mind checking these two films out!

yes, Future John is Christian Bale, in the original T2 they show a different actor playing Adult John in the beginning and end of the film

Terminator Zero Hour (T2 Extended - Sequel to Countdown) (Released)

PodracingThisIs91 said:

I tried to give you some positive feedback for Countdown in the other post and I will do the same now. I think the first one came up really great as an edit, except for a minor detail that I explained in the Countdown thread. As for this one I have to say that I couldn’t finish it. Not due to quality, but sound. I liked the beginning with Bale (although I have my doubts due to characters age, shouldn’t John Connor look older by 2029?).

My problem with the movie was with the scene after the bar. I get what you where aiming for with the music change, but I found several problems with that scene. First, it’s extremely loud, too much, as you can’t hear the conversation between the shotgun guy and the T800. Second, you can still here the beginning of Wild thing, which feels weird with the introduction of Swat attack so sudden and loud. Third, I think for anyone who has watched the movie before, that scene is such an iconic moment that changing the song doesn’t seem to fit properly. Also the bike sound doesn’t fit the bike moves.

After this scene there seemed to be a problem with the sound, (maybe it was my computer), too loud at times to low some others I spent the next 20 minutes of the film turning the volume up and down until I decided to stop. Seems odd cause for T1 the sound was not an issue at all.

I am not degrading your job, at least that’s not my goal. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feedback. I really like your ideas for this and I appreciate the effort and thought you put in it. I really hope to see a V2 with the sound issues fixed. Great job!

I honestly wouldn’t know if it’s your computer or not. The movie sounds fine with my headphones. I don’t play thing through my computer speakers because I don’t live alone and it would bother others.

The thing with the bar scene, there very well could be a problem, but I can’t fix it. I can’t cut dialog from scenes, no matter what technique I try the sound on films I have are always on the same tracks. Just like with MiB4 the music is still there, just softer, or the og music will play when the people talk, and that sounds bad to me. But as I said I use a head phone jack and the stuff sounds fine to me when I play it.

It’s a shame you couldn’t enjoy it. Sorry for wasting your time.

John Dolittle (Released)

John Dolittle - A Watchable Cut of Dolittle (2020) taking out things most reviewers complained about.

Plex poster

What was removed?

  • “I’ve got a squirrel”
  • Dolittle not wanting the boy as his apprentice.
    This cuts out a small chunk of the film. Dolittle returning the boy to his family, his father calling him gay, the Fox/Giraffe couple, boy making it to the boat.
  • Dolittle being “lost” at sea
    We all know he’s not going to die, so that is pointless.
  • Godfather Ants
    A lot of people complained about this scene, so I removed it.
  • Lizard Blockage Scene (It would be a spoiler to call it what it is)
    Everyone complained about this scene, so I removed it.
  • Annoying Song at the End
  • Bad Guy “dying” in the post credit scene, now the Bats just listen to him.

What was added?

  • New Mistakes from Zootopia in the credits instead of the other song. It’s from the CD so I had to lower the volume to match the movie.

It’s done rendering now. Just PM if you want it. Warning it’s 3gigs and I only use Mega_Nz because it’s the only file sharing services that doesn’t take hours to upload to.

Terminator Zero Hour (T2 Extended - Sequel to Countdown) (Released)

Terminator 2 : Zero Hour / Aka a Fan edit of T2: Judgement Day. This is a sequel to the other Fan Edit “Terminator Countdown” this makes the franchise only 2 films.

 The film starts with Bale's John finding the T100 plant (Scene from Salvation) 

Music is changed when T100 walks out of the bar. From Wild Thing to ‘Swat Attack’ from the T1 Soundtrack. This is to make it look like Arnold maybe another treat to John. More serious tones are taken with Arnold’s character until it is revealed that he is on John’s side.

  Almost All the deleted scenes were added back into the film. 

Movie Ends with the flash forward of Sarah in the park. Clipped in with her dialog about winning is the scene from Dark Knight with Bale at the political party. Showing the audience that John is a happy adult in this future. They’ve won, the T100’s sacrifice worked. Ending off the series.

Any scenes of John will be replaced with Bale.

Both this and Countdown are available to watch. If you send a PM, or Comment saying you want a copy, please have your own copy of Terminator or T2, for legal reasons.

[Work-in-progress] Spiderman 3: Venomized

A version of Spiderman 3 cut together with Venom.

My vision
In this version Peter’s agression is brought out more, and I’m including the deleted scene of Venom yelling at Peter in the mirror. Peter kills Sandman, Harry, and attacks MJ, then he removes the symbiotie. It fades to black, you here Peter threatening Eddie, you hear him get fired, you here Eddie saying why he left NYC. Then Venom starts, and the movie plays, just cutting out how the suit got to Eddie. May end the film with none of Eddie being a hero, and just show Venom acting like a villain, killing, eating, and threatening people. Ending the film off with him rawring at the camera.

What’s Been Done To Spider-Man 3?


  • Sandman’s Origins have been removed. Now he’ll just be a villain that appears and Peter/Venom kills him

What To Do About Forman?

  • Topher Grace is now playing a character calling himself “Junior” he’s dating Gwen. I removed him ignoring her at the cash site, as well as anytime he says is name is Edward/Eddie Brock. Now he just says his name is Junior. I really couldn’t clip him out. And Tom Hardy is Edward/Eddie Brock. Also at the “Key to the City” moment Junior and Gwen are a couple. Mirroring Peter and MJ.

Dancing Spider-Man?

  • He no longer dances, and I’ve removed the Jazz the best I could. While talking to Dr. Conners, Demanding the Staff Job, and changing his cloths to a black suit, AC/DC Back in Black plays. But it’s a wordless version.

From Parker to Junior? No, Venom.

  • Now Venom leaves Peter in the bell tower and that is all of Spider-Man 3. Eddie awakens in his apartment 6 months later already hearing flashes of Peter’s life in his dreams as well as Venom’s voice. He is Venom, We are Venom.

Peter Draws Blood From Harry

  • Using the alternate take from the “Editors Cut” of 3, Peter is now completely enraged with Harry and is there for one reason, kill him. He draws blood from Harry before blowing him up. Attacks him without asking for forgiveness.

Choose Your Version. Is Venom a Hero or a Villain?

What’s the Difference?
Hero -
The Film Opens with Venom’s symboite siblings crashing to Earth. Spider-Man 3 plays, the way it’s mentioned above. Eddie awakes from sleeping on the floor after Peter free’s himself from the suit and Venom plays the way it was in theaters. With the only exception being Eddie already has Venom when he goes to the Lab. Venom fights Legion and saves the Earth.
Spider-Man 3: Venomized (Hero Cut) Currently sits at 2h30mins without credits.

Villain -
Film opens up like Spider-Man 3, but it’s not Spider-Man 3. Venom crashes to Earth and finds it’s way to Peter. Peter looses control of himself and removes the suite. Some how it finds it’s way to Eddie in San Fransisco. Eddie goes on a rampage throughout the city, eating and killing people. Breaking into buildings and running around the city. This is closer to the original vision for this project.

Spider-Man 3: Venomized (Villain Cut) Currently being worked on.

I’m Doing Venom’s voice to add in the new dialogue. Sample of my Venom - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNTdmvYSFec&pbjreload=10

Terminator Countdown (Released)

The first of my 2 part Terminator Series is done. The countdown has begun, zero hour, Judgement Day will soon be upon them.

Poster for Plex -

Terminator Countdown / Aka a Fan edit of Terminator

  • We open with the Skynet War. Scenes from T3 showing the world being destroyed With Bale from Salvation added in as John. He’s lines about “If you can hear me, you are the resistance” as well as others added to this opening scene.

  • Adding in Deleted Scenes including the Detective Believing Kyle, Kyle and Sarah arguing about stopping the war. “I don’t belong here” “Everywhere you go, you bring the war with you” (In DVD order it’s Scene 3, 4, 5, and 6)

  • The alternate ending added in with the Scientist finding the T-800’s computer Chip (Scene 8) With a ticking clock added to the background when the building name “Cyberdyne” appears.

  • Countdown Clock to Judgement Day is added when scene fades away.

Other then that the film is left alone.

Film is done rendering and ready for viewing 😃