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STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

G&G-Fan said:

Then why should it matter? Revisited literally looks better then the 4K release of ESB (which looks so desaturated it looks like it was graded by Zack Snyder). The upscale also looks perfect at 1080p. So there’s no issue.

I think a lot of people (myself included) often just automatically assume a 4K version will clearly be superior than anything in 1080p. Absolutely not the case here. There’s really no comparison between Empire: Revisited and the current 4K edition on disc. A testament to Adywan’s amazing skills and uncompromising attention to detail.


It’s taken me FOREVER to find any of the footage, but Adywan, you really should check this out. I had the opportunity to see this film in an OMNIMAX dome, and the redone opening scene of Star Wars was one of the most amazing looking and sounding things I’ve heard to date. Not sure if you’d want to try to recreate anything from this, but if so WOW it could be amazing.


In short, the entire blockade runner opening scene was reshot for OMNIMAX with an all new audio mix. From the opening shot, the starfield looked far more breathtaking. I think I remember something along the line of a nebula in the background. The biggest additions were several shots from the Blockade runner firing back at the Star Destroyer with the sound of several blasts exploding offscreen in the back of the auditorium. One of the shots from the Star Destroyer creates a massive blast wave that shook the room when it hits the blockade runner. When the actual special edition came out and it didn’t include this, it was a huge letdown for me. I don’t believe this footage has ever made it to any home video format.

4K restoration on Star Wars

JawsTDS said:

Finally, some 4K screencaps of THE PHANTOM MENACE, without the HDR grade. Looks super DNR’d, just like the Blu-ray.

It’s definitely DNR’d, but to my eyes it’s not too bad. Your mileage may vary. I’d say it’s the most watchable I’ve ever seen this movie, past the original theatrical viewing. Very similar to the DNR used on Marvel 4K remasters like the Thor films and Iron Man films.


snooker said:

Good stuff!

Is there a reason it’s out of focus on the Blu-Ray? Did Lucasfilm goof up their transfer?

Oh man… where to begin? If I remember correctly, when Lucas decided he wanted to release the films on DVD and later Blu-Ray he gave the teams in charge of the release a ridiculously short window to get the projects done. The master for the DVD was used for the Blu-Rays with a few fixes, and even more rush changes.

The Jedi's Apprentice - My AOTC Fan edit - trailer on youtube

I’m not sure how you plan to address it, but I always thought the initial kiss scene seemed awkwardly placed. After a huge amount of sexual tension is clearly established, the next scene is them together laughing and frolicking around happily like the previous scene never happened. If I had just been quasi-rejected by the love of my life, I’m not sure I would be quite so cheerful hanging out any longer. Ha! The tonal shift seems a bit jarring to me.


LordZerome1080 said:

Any thoughts on the feasibility of this scene?

Darth Vader ,Dark Lord Of the Sith is approaching his personal quarters aboard the Executor; as he walks, admiral Piet approaches Vader tentatively to give a report on the strangle hold on Endor. Darth Vader turns to face Admiral Piet as he speaks, “Lord Vader the Ewoks have almost been defeated, only a day remains to finish the hunting of their tribes”.
,Vader surveys him for a moment. “Very good admiral,” Vader responds, “continue your communique with the group commanders.”.

Darth Vader is meditating in the dark side,; he senses a great disturbance in the force.
What is this presence? Vader asks himself Perhaps Sidious is experimenting on Corasount. As Vader prepares to contact the presence a familiar blip occurs in the force.
So you has come at last Luke. Darth Vader gives the command to the machinery to lower his helmet back onto his head. Vader’s seat in his chamber turns to face his screen. Admiral Pieit’s form appears on the monitor. “We were looking for you Lord Vader,” Peit informs. “Our sensors picked up that Corallien fighter you instructed us to find.”
“Very good Admiral. That fighter will be ours.”. Vader responds,
“The Emperor has requested you contact him immediately.”. Pieit added.

Darth Vader kneels in front of the holoprojectors pick up field. Darth Sidious’s visage appears. “So my apprentice Skywalker has been found,” The Emperor remarks. “Very good my apprentice. Soon he will join us.”
“As you wish, my master. I sensed his power has grown.”. Reported Vader
“Strange that I have not. Perhaps your feelings on this matter are not clear.” .Commented Darth Sidious
“My feelings are clear, my master.”. Vader replied
“Very well. Capture him and bring him to us.”.The Emperor commanded.
“Yes master.” Vader bows and then disconnects the projection.

Darth Vader’s shuttle lands on Endor amid the sounds of artillery and death.
Darth Vader walks towards the AT-AT that is stationed there to receive him.
As he approaches the AT-AT an imperial stormtrooper approaches Vader to brief him on the capture of the Rebels. “Lord Vader, our forces have discovered a rebel who has turned himself in. Shall I bring him to you?”
“Bring him before me commander,” Vader instructs. “He is of great importance.”

Aboard the Executor Darth Vader is in his Hyperbaric meditation chamber awaiting his son’s arrival to the chamber. Vader gives the command to activate the chambers communication monitors. “Bring the boy to my chambers,” Vader instructs. “I must speak with him before the Emperor does.”
Several moments later the door to Vader’s chamber opens and Luke enters. Darth Vader gives the command for his helmet to be raised from his head. “Luke, come closer. You must turn to the dark side.” Darth Vader says.
“I will never turn to the dark side. Let go of your hate father, before it is too late. We can go to the rebellion and escape this conflict,” Luke attempts.
“The dark side is my ally. It is you that must turn to the dark.” Vader retaliates.
“It isn’t too late. You can be redeemed to the light. Just let me help you.”
“That is too late my son. I must obey my master. Give in to the dark side.”
“You can still be redeemed, Anakin. There is good in you, I feel it. I sense the conflict within you. Let go of your hate and become a Jedi once more.”
“Then you are blind to who I am. Give in to the dark side and we can defeat the Emperor and end this conflict at last. Only the dark side can save you and your friends from the fully armed Death Star that is currently awaiting my master’s command to destroy the planet. Make your choice; give in to the dark side, or sacrifice millions to stay in the light.”
“Obi Wan said you were a great man, unlike any he had met. You could still be that man. You need to let go of your hate and embrace the love between us. Embrace me and all you stood for.”
As father and son stare at each other, Vader’s eyes start to well with tears for the guilt rising within him because of all the bad he had done over the years in the name of the Emperor. As they continued to survey each-other Vader noticed that his son was serene in the force. Darth Vader decided to attempt to probe his son’s mind for the one thing he could use to sway Luke to the dark side.
“I sense your hatred. Use it and you can escape the Emperor before it is too late. Use the dark side, my son, and your life will be spared by my master. The dark side can be your ally like it is mine.” Said Vader.
“Please father, the dark side must be cast aside. The light must win. I feel the conflict within you. I love you, please hear my words of love and kindness so that you can be inspired to do good and not bad.” Countered Luke.
As father and son stare at each-other a mental battle ensues. Darth Vader begins to batter his son’s mind with the endless hate that the dark side instills. As each passing moment moves forward, Vader and Luke both try to tempt the other to their own respective sides of the force in their mental battlefield.
“The dark side is all I need. Just embrace the dark side and perhaps I might be able to help you become a true member of the Sith lords.”
“That title is an empty promise provided by your own conflict. Re-embrace the light and all this can pass and be just one of the sad tales of your life. The dark side is vastly weaker than the light.”
“Give in and there will be no more conflict save the destruction of the emperor. He has foreseen it. Now join the dark side and perhaps I might allow your friends to live.”
They again renew their mental battle with neither mind gaining ground over the other. As Vader attempts to devise a way to turn Luke to the dark side a familiar voice enters his mind unbidden.
“The path to pain, the dark side is. If redeemed you become, then forgiven you shall be.” Yoda says. As Vader grapples with all the memories and emotions that start to flood through him from Anakin, Vader’s comlink starts to beep. Darth Vader gives the signal for his helmet to be lowered.
“What is the meaning of this disturbance?” Vader questions.
“Lord Vader, the emperor grows impatient.” Piet informs.
“Tell him I shall be there in a few hours.” Vader instructs. He gives the command to raise his helmet once more. “The emperor grows impatient. Turn to the dark side or face him and be turned. However, I warn you, The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.”
“Your master does not scare me. The caves on Dagobah and the Wampas of Hoth do, but not your master. I pity both of you.”
As he says this, a new voice enters Vader’s consciousness. Obi Wan’s voice invades Vader’s mind.
“Even now you are confused as to the true nature of the force. You still have much to learn, my former apprentice.” Darth Vader’s mind continues to swirl with the dark side. However the good is starting to reawaken and retake the mind of the dark giant.
“Turn to the dark side and the possibilities of the force shall be yours. I can save you from your own destruction. Just give in to the dark side.”
“The dark side is of no use against the true power of the force. The light is the only thing that can help you overcome the deceptive powers of the dark. Embrace this truth and the light can be your ally once more. I know your inability to drown out the light. Please let my love save and redeem you from the dark side’s deathly hold over your soul. I can only give you my love. I cannot turn away from who I am; a Jedi, like you were so long ago. Please just become a good man once more. I can only help you if you let me. Please just give up the dark side’s hold over you.”
“There is no escape from the dark side of the force. Embrace your destiny or you will die. Embrace the dark side and your friends can be saved! You cannot resist the dark forever.”
“I feel the good, the love, the conflict in you. I sense all you can be and could have been. Please don’t make me do this. Please don’t be the reason that despair truly wins.”
“If you only knew the truth. For the dark side will save you.”
“My truth is the light. Not your twisted dark. Abandon the dark and you will be good once more. I can still save you.”
“There is no saving a man who doesn’t need to be saved. That is your friends who will need saving if you continue to resist the dark side. I sense your anger. Use it and you will become a true Sith lord.”
“Please let go of your hate and drop this pretense Anakin! I love you. Please just come back to the light and leave your ‘Master’ behind. Just embrace the truth. Stop telling the lie of the dark side.” A brief pause ensues where father and son resume their mental battle between each-other. Darth Vader Dark Lord Of The Sith uses his skill in the dark side to attempt an outburst of anger in his son. “I sense your guilt for the death of Obi Wan. Use your anger from that moment as I struck him down to become a true sith lord. The dark side is your destiny. Embrace it or die with your rebel friends.”
“Use your grief to overcome the darkness within you. That is never too late to become a good man once more. Just abandon your claim to the name of Darth Vader and all my love will be yours. Please give up your hate and return to the light. Return to my love. I can save you if you only let me.”
“My master is the only truth in this world. I cannot disobey him.”
“There doesn’t have to be this conflict. Just listen to reason. I can save you from yourself if you let me.”
“It is too late for that. It is already past time for my master to receive us.”
“It is never too late as long as there is good in your heart. I know you’re good in your heart, you just need to embrace it. I love you Anakin. Please let that love be your only weapon.”
“There is nothing that can be done! Embrace the dark side or I will give the command to destroy Endor! The time for your petty attempts at turning me are at an end!!”
The silence between them is palpable. As both father and son stare at each-other the last ghost from Darth Vader’s past speaks.
“If you will not turn back for our son, then turn back for me!” says Padme. And with that last ghost Darth Vader’s vocal cords emanate a sound that he hasn’t made for nineteen years.
“YARUGHHHHHHHHHHHGGEHHHAAA!!” Vader’s scream rips into Luke through the force with the strength of a thousand stun grenades. Luke drops to his knees as Vader’s scream rebounds through his mind. “URAGHHHAHHH!! your friends shall die or you will turn to the dark side!!” Darth Vader yells. However Luke has gained the advantage by using Vader’s distraction due to his anger to blast Vader’s mind with the light.
“Your mind is conflicted. Only the light side can ease your pain.”
Darth Vader’s comlink goes off again. This time Darth Vader doesn’t bother with the helmet. “What is the situation, admiral?” Darth Vader demands.
“The Emperor demands that you finish your discussion with your captive immediately.”
Darth Vader gives the command to lower his helmet and gets up. “Our time has been cut short. The emperor requires our presence.”
“That is still not too late. Please just run away from this conflict.”
“Just come with me and embrace your destiny.”
“My destiny is in the light not the dark.”
Reluctantly, Luke follows Darth Vader to the shuttle. As they walk, admirals and commanders approach and inform Vader of numerous developments as they walk. Soon they come across a rather scared looking admiral piet. “Lord Vader, the emperor is very impatient.”
“Send a holo-message to his guards to inform them of my impending arrival.”
“Yes lord.”
As they continue Luke senses the truth of Anakin beginning to be re-enslaved by Darth Vader. Sensing the loss of all his attempts to unbalance Vader unravel, he lunges for Vader’s lightsaber. “If you will not be redeemed than you must be stopped!”
Sensing Luke’s movement, Vader allows Luke to grab the weapon. Luke attempts to ignite the hilt only for the weapon to fly back to Vader’s out-stretched hand. As the dark figure reclips his weapon, his other hand shoots out to strike at Luke’s mechanical hand, his one weakness. Luke cradles his hand in pain as his father straightens up.
“What a disappointment you are.” Darth Vader says. However deep down, Darth Vader feels the sting of sadness inside. He pushes Luke bodily towards the waiting shuttle.
“The emperor will be pleased by your arrival.”
Luke sighs in defeat before saying “Then my father is truly dead.”

No. Just… no.