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Harry Potter Extended Editions

Doctor M said:

Edit: Technically, SORCERER’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets have official extended cuts, but they definitely were not done very professionally. I think it was most likely someone at ABC not Warner.

Chamber of Secrets had obviously recycled shots, wrong music cues and various other issues. I’ve been sticking staunchly to my extended DVD only because all I see are the seams when I watch the retail version.

I can’t recall anything in ‘Stone’ that smacked me in the face (of course I didn’t spend hours dissecting all the scenes either), but even just going over the official version and dubbing in ‘Philosopher’ wouldn’t be awful.

Hello again! 😃

Reading your message and also having read your thread about making your “Enhanced ABC Cut”:

I was wondering if your complaints are mainly about the ABC Family Version, or the actual Extended Version on Blu-ray?.. I ask because, for example, you mention:

“Extended footage editing flaw fixed/Deleted: Aunt Petunia laughs without her face or neck moving (was probably a bad overdub).
Extended footage editing flaw fixed/Deleted: Mrs. Mason moves lips without talking (again bad overdub).”

These two mistakes are not on the Extended Blu-ray.
You also mention:

“Replaced: Theatrical’s wider shot used just before the hand of glory tag close up.”

And I know that the “hand of glory tag close up” is not on the Blu-ray at all. I know it was in the deleted scenes and in the ABC Family Version, but not in the Blu-ray Extended Version.

So, that’s why I was wondering if there were more mistakes fixed between the ABC Family release and the Blu-ray release. By the way, I do think the first two Extended Versions were actually made by Warner, but especially the second one was rushed, causing some oversights, some of which were apparently fixed when they redid it for Blu-ray five years later.
The only real mistakes left, I think, were:

  • the “overdub of Hermione telling Ron and Harry to put on Crabbe and Goyle’s robes”;
  • “Harry flipped to the end of the book twice in a row (without going back to the front), then starts flipping back to front only to suddenly be seen flipping to the end again from a different angle.”;
  • and the complete extended “Pudding with the Masons” scene, which is too long and not really funny, completely ruining the tension of the scene leading up to that moment.

But, what do you think?..

P.S.: Philosopher’s Stone also has an Extended Version on Blu-ray.

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2 open matte broadcast

Jp4195 said:

I think they show all of them in open matte on tv I think freeform (new name for abc family) does too if you don’t mind the watermark that also only show the extended versions and only the first 2 extended versions came out on DVD and blu ray so the rest are only found on tv broadcasts definitely worth capturing imo

Hello again everyone,

as some of you might remember, I started a thread here some time ago, about my own Extended Cuts of HP2/4/5/6. Now that I’ve finished those, and know how difficult some of those extensions were, I would love to see how the professionals solved some of these problems.
So that’s why I would like to see the ABC Family Versions, but since I’m from the Netherlands, I can’t. Of course I own all the original (Ultimate Edition) Blu-ray’s, so I already have the official Extended Versions of HP1/2. But is there anyone here who captured the rest from ABC Family/Freeform and would be willing to help me get a copy of those?

Thanks in advance!


Harry Potter Extended Cuts

The deleted scenes in HD have the same ratio as the movies themselves: 2.35:1 plus black bars in a 1920x1080 frame.

However, as there is still no one offering me any assistance... :( I don't have those scenes in HD either. The scenes for Year 4 I do have by now, as I decided to buy the Ultimate Edition myself! :) A beautiful box; I'm really happy with it!

Now I can finally start with the Extended Cut of Year 4!

In the meantime, I added a second sound track to the Extended Cuts of Year 5 and 6. The first tracks were based on the original (not transcoded) Dolby Digital (AC3) track. The second tracks are based on the available HD tracks, meaning LPCM for Year 5 and Dolby TrueHD for Year 6. The upcoming Year 4 will also have two tracks: based on Dolby Digital and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Harry Potter Extended Cuts

Hello all, :)

I'm Freddy and a big Harry Potter fan! As many others, I wish WB would make Extended Cuts of all the movies, but... unfortunately... they still haven't! So what do you do then!?... You do it yourself! :P

But, when doing that, I don't want to be able to see it was done by an amateur. This means, I'm trying to make the movies more complete, without introducing anything unprofessional, like visible green screens, obvious color inconsistencies, bad changes in mood or pace, or sudden stopping and starting of background music. I also do not want to transcode the video, as I then would prefer the original higher quality encode over my own. When it comes to the sound, I'm using the 640 kbps 5.1 AC3 track when available, and only transcode when it is not, like with the stereo tracks of some of the deleted scenes.

Now, I have all the official Blu-ray's, including the Ultimate Editions of Years 1 and 2, so that covers the Extended Cuts of the first two movies. That is, I actually don't like the extended floating cake scene with Dobby, not to mention the editing mistake they've made in it themselves, so I put back the original floating cake scene which... I think... is a lot better. Now that covers the first two! ;)

When it comes to Year 3, I don't think there are any deleted scenes available that are really good, so the Theatrical Version is the best one so far!

Year 4?... More about that one later on...

Year 5 I finished two weeks ago. Of course I added the extended Trelawney scene. For that, I had to remove its three short pieces in the montage first, which wasn't that easy, but all went well. I also added the two scenes at the end, where Harry is looking around in Dumbledore's office and after that, where Ron comes in and asks Harry to join them for the party. This puts those pieces back in the right order too. The most difficult one was the extended scene earlier, where Harry is sitting in front of the fire place. It was very hard to get the sound right, without any noticeable disruptions, hearing Ron talk while not being seen, but again... it worked! :D All in all, this added 3 minutes 35 seconds to the total length.

Two days ago, I finished Year 6. For this one there are 5 scenes that are good, really adding something to the movie. The first of which is the scene where Harry and Hermione are talking about Sluggy's secret. This one inserts the necessary pause between two scenes, where Harry would otherwise appear very pushy. The second one is the rather long scene, with the three walking through the corridors, talking about the Room of Requirement and the Vanishing Cabinet. Also a very welcome pause between Dumbledore's asking too much and Harry actually accompanying him. The third is the "I'm with you!" scene, after the cave. Very beautiful, especially together with the second added scene! And the fourth is, of course, In Noctem! Here the most difficult part was to get the sound right in the montage after In Noctem, where a few fragments had to be removed, as they would have been shown twice otherwise. Finally the fifth is Harry standing quietly in the dormitory, after Dumbledore's death, again a welcome pause before the three on the tower. All in all, 3 minutes 26 seconds were added.

The past few days I have been looking at Year 7, but I'm not sure yet about extending this one because, first of all there aren't that many good scenes that can be added without harming the existing movie: only about three for each part. Secondly, many of these scenes are just too bright to fit in nicely in an otherwise very dark movie. And finally, as these two are AVC encoded instead of VC-1, I haven't been able to find software that can edit these without transcoding. For VC-1 I use Avidemux and, with a bit of trying, this produces a perfect result. If anyone knows a good program that can do this for AVC, I would be very interested!?...

And finally, as promised, Year 4! For this one I really need your help. I have been looking through the deleted scenes and there are 5 really good ones. First the Hoggy Warty Hogwarts song, which can be added rather easily. Then Harry trying to ask Cho for the ball, a very sweet scene, giving more of a feel that Harry has been trying and trying for a long time... Of course the Karkaroff and Snape scene at the ball, funny and clearly missing from the original. And the scene with the three talking, after Bartemius Crouch Sr. was killed. A very good pause, with Hermione going over all that had happened, before Harry goes to Dumbledore's office. And finally, I'm also going to add the first 13 seconds of the extended ball scene, to show the beautiful shots of the hall, and to give a better sense of time between the dancing and the moping! :D This one is rather tricky, to make sure the music is going on without interruptions, but it can be done. I've tried it already in a lower resolution, just as a test, and it works beautifully. These 5 scenes together would add 3 minutes 48 seconds to the movie.

But to be able to do this I really need your help. As I said, I have all the regular Blu-rays and the first two Ultimate Editions on Blu-ray. This means I have all the movies in HD and... almost... all the deleted scenes in HD! All, except those for Years 3 and 4, as those Blu-rays only contained the deleted scenes in SD! The Ultimate Editions for Years 3 and 4, as well as the Wizard's and Hogwarts Collections all do contain the deleted scenes in HD, on the second Blu-ray for each year. I would be very grateful if someone could help me get a copy of the untouched m2ts files of just the deleted scenes, especially for Year 4, as that's the one I still would like to make an Extended Cut of!

Thanks in advance for those who would like to help me, and for everyone, I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas about all this! :) Enjoy the World of Harry Potter!


Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

Welcome, Freddy2, and thank you for the input.  I hope you are cool with your screenshots being linked.  Those sort of comparisons are really impressive and extremely difficult to replicate.  (Especially when analog sources are involved.)
Thank you! And yes, of course you may link to my screenshots. In fact, I would like it even more if you all would send the link to Disney! The more they are made aware of the issues, the better.

The fairy dust looks like lost detail, but you can actually count the specks in both versions and the only real difference is that it is now smaller in diameter.
That is true for the dust on the left and right of her, but not for the part next to her head, against the sky. Over there big parts are nearly gone. Another example of the same problem can be seen in that similar shot in my original comparison, where two of the fingers of her left hand have been reduced to pointy objects.

Whatever method you used to take those VHS screenshots would be a great way to make a VHS2DVD transfer.
I'm working on it... ;)

In the case of Cinderella that's a problem since there are no digital home video releases that predate the restoration.  Snow White in an even worse situation since I've seen no pre-restoration home video version at all.
As far as I know there was also a VHS from around 1988, at least in Europe. Maybe that one would predate any restorations...

Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

Hello everyone,


I have just registered here, after reading this interesting thread! A thread containing, by the way, the most links I have ever seen to "our" discussion over at:

:D :P Thanks for that! ;)


I just wanted to add a few things to the Cinderella discussion.


First of all, in the first post of this thread it says my Cinderella comparison contains "VHS vs 2005 DVD Screenshots". It is, however:

VHS 1997 vs. BD 2012 (Diamond)


And then "Doctor M" says: "I previously argued that there is more detail in the laserdisc.  I now strongly believe those alarmist screenshots being posted are cherry picked to favor the laserdisc.  Here are my comparison screenshots:"


To the uneducated reader that may sound like you're saying: "The BD isn't that bad." Of course I know that is NOT what you're saying... :P It's more like: "The LD isn't that good either", isn't it? So maybe some cherry picking was necessary to make the LD look good, but I can assure you there is absolutely no picking of any kinds of fruit involved in the comparison between the BD and my good old PAL VHS from 1997!

To show you what I mean, I made a second, smaller comparison with the exact shots you posted... Now look at that:

Yes, of course the BD seems sharper, but the level of detail on the VHS is unmatched! And on top of that those weird, artificial colors of the BD!... :(


So to conclude, until Disney releases a new, proper restoration, I really would be very interested in that restoration project you were talking about over here! :)