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[fill in the blank] Just Died!

suspiciouscoffee said:

moviefreakedmind said:

Is this the first time that a huge YouTuber has died?

Depends on your definition of huge.

This site is utterly stupid. When I click on “sort by date” it sorts alphabetically by month.

Anyways, TB is the only one on that list that I recognize, if only by name.

New 4K releases - but are they any good?

suspiciouscoffee said:

I first saw The Matrix on DVD at a friend’s house. We planned to stay up late and watch all three movies. I fell asleep at some point, but I don’t remember if I at least even finished the first movie or not.

I think when I watched it, the second part wasn’t even released. I feel somewhat old now. Reminds me of my latest shift at my casual job at the hardware store, where a customer approached me from behind and adressed ma with “hello young man” and when I turned around, he said “oh, not so young, after all” 😦

The Last Jedi appreciation thread

In my opinion, these two threads should have been created right after TLJ was released, when it became evident how polarising it is. This might have shortened some of the drawn out, fruitless arguments.

This said, I like how polarising TLJ is. It turns the comparably safe TFA on its head and takes the ST in a new direction. I’m curious for the final chapter.