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STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

I'm still amazed and shocked that all this is accomplished with one man and help from his friends using his own money and donations.

Keeping it true to the 'feel' of Star Wars that the original creator lost somehow, with all the money and 'talent' at his disposal. If these were released as the real special editions the world would be amazed and critics would applaud the work involved and it would not of been wasted.

I think this and other fan projects work because we love the material and wish to honour it and not try to make a quick buck.

Trying to adjust movies to make money will bring a smaller amount of money.

If the movie is done right then the money and praise will come.

Greed is everywhere and it affects the movies we see poorly.

Hat off to Adywan, his friends and donaters.

Thoroughly looking forward to the release of TESB:R

Did any of you walk out of the theatre for any of the Star Wars prequels?

I think I walked out of a movie once. I can't remember it though. Must of been so bad I can't remember it.

I did fall asleep for a whole hour of Pearl Harbour.  I woke up when Pearl Harbour was being attacked. That whole love story thing I missed.

I thought it was a great film until I saw all of it.

As far as Star Wars prequels go I saw Episode one 7 times at the cinema purely because of Darth Maul. First time I missed the fact he was cut in half. I just thought he fell into the whole and would be back for the sequel. Disappointing he was not in all three.I saw Episode two 3 times. Different people wanted to see it with me. Episode three I saw once.

I enjoy the space battles the most and the prequel trilogy was lacking severely in that department. So many lost opportunities with space battles.

Boba Fett Spin-Off May Put a New Character in the Armor

Maybe the Boba at Jabbas palace was a paid double for the real one while he was on another hunt. Jabba said no to him trotting off so he got someone to stand in but was killed.

Give aways that he was not the real Fett was his flirting with the dancing girls in the SE.

After the sail barge explosion the real Fett comes back to find his hired double lying on the sand next to the sarlaac pit, removes the helmet and puts in on.  Camera angle from behind so we never see his face.

A simple line of "You can't find good help these days." Or throwing some credits at the body and saying "Job completed" line and he gets on a swoop and heads back to Slave 1 on the outskirts.

Would work for me.

Star Wars prequels were mapped out in 1981, only nothing like the way they turned out

adywan said:

This is a really interesting excerpt from the upcoming "Making of Return of the Jedi" book.

Interesting to just how different his plans were back then. It also destroys the argument of the prequel fans that they were planned out that way all along ( i bet they're going to love that ;) ). 

So to summarise;

Yoda doesn't fight. He is more of a teacher.


Jedi can love and marry.

ANYONE can learn to use the force if they are prepared to learn.

Luke & Leia's mother was still alive until they were 2 years old

So they would have originally fit in pretty well with the OT.

 Should of stuck to it.

What Went Wrong/What Can Be Avoided Thread

For me it was they tried to do too much. In comparison to A New Hope that had Tatooine, outer space, Death Star and a bit of Yavin which they stayed on target with; The Phantom Menace had Coruscant, Naboo surface, outer space, under water, Tatooine and it jumped between them an awful lot.

Dragging politics into it made a mess of the story. I still don't understand A Phantom Menace.

Characters are all one dimensional as already said. That was poor directing because the actors can act but were told to do it a certain way.

Jar Jars 'comedy' was pure slapstick and annoying in comparison to R2 and 3POs mates bickering. Good friends can have a go at each other in a funny way and I could relate to the R2 and 3PO jibes.

Changing the bad guy every movie was a poor idea. They had a winner with Maul but killed him to be replaced by grandad then killed him to be replaced by a cyborg. 
The originals had Vader all the way and you could explore his character. Maul was a wasted opportunity. He could of been expanded on in the 2nd and 3rd installments and killed by Anakin/Vader as a climax.

On a personal note I love the style and design of the spaceships in the originals like the X-Wing. The prequels had nothing that inspired me. Just run of the mill space ships. Possibly exception was the Arc-170 but that was brought in too late and had too little time on screen. Never saw those rear gunners fire even though they were chased by droid fighters.

One other thing that bugged me was the extras were just extras. In the original a few nameless stormtroopers had some good lines, crew members too. It made it feel more real with the likes of Piett, Veers, Wedge etc.

I could go on and on but I'll stop here.

What was your first reaction to Greedo shooting first?

"Why add a mistake to the movie?" Was my first thought.

How could Greedo miss point blank? It seemed ridiculous.


Then when I heard that GL did it to make Han Solo not seem like a cold blooded killer my second thought was "Who the hell thinks that?"


It was almost the same scene from Raiders with the swordsman.

He didn't change that scene. No one thought Indiana Jones was a cold blooded killer so why change Han and Greedo.


It was just a "I don't have time for this" shooting. I thought it rather cool and comical at the same time; for both Raiders and ANH.





General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

Having a random thought right now.

Darth Maul, Count Dooku and then Grevious.

In my opinion GL had no direction in which bad guy to have. No continuity between films doesn't let us look forward to what the bad guy does next.


Would of been nice to have Anakin and Maul showdown in which Anakin falls to the dark side in the fight; when Maul kills Padme after she has had the twins, and was coming to see Anakin to tell him. He never finds out about the twins. Obi Wan trys to talk him into seeing sense and then a fight ensues.




My other random thought was Maybe the siths secret power was if you kill a Sith lord you become a Sith lord. No one knows it but the Sith lords.


That way when Anakin kills Maul (who replaces Dooku and Grevious) he turns to the dark side. Also a nice way to get rid of the Sith Lords in ROTJ as Darth Vader kills the emperor and vice versa nullifying the power of turning Sith Lord killers into Sith Lords themselves as he was one already.

As previously mentioned on these forums Luke was pummeling Vader his eyes should flash to Sith eyes then Fade when he throws his sabre down.

This would fit in nicely with the continuity.


That way Anakin was the one the prophecy fortold when he gets rid of all Sith Lords including himself. The ultimate sacrifice.



General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

In Empire Leia was not Lukes sister (my opinion is based on GL not making brother and sister kiss romantically) . The story was changed during the writing of ROTJ. (GL choosing to forget about what he had previously written).

On Dagobah, when Luke left to rescue Han and Leia, Obi Wan said "That boy is our last hope." Yoda says "No, there is another."

Obi Wan was at Luke and Leias birth, so now we have a continuity error or it was not Leia Yoda was talking about on Dagobah.

If it was not Leia, who was Yoda referring to?


This could be the person who is the hero of the next trilogy or two.

Ep. VI: Rebel in Imperial Uniform?

When the rebels enter the bunker watch the very left of the entrance and you can see the rebel now dressed as the Biker Scout and he moves into view and puts the helmet on, then stands there with his hands behind his back on guard.

I've always noticed this.

When the Biker Scout runs around the corner or the bunker after Han; and into the rebels trap; one rebel puts down his gun and walks towards the Scout. Then what follows is what I first wrote.

What was the &quot;fatal flaw&quot; of the Prequels if you think they sucked? (aka. Let's take a break from hating on the blu-rays)

The greatest flaw was starting at the wrong point in the story.

Should of started with Anakin as a Jedi already already trained by Obi and Yoda.

As said in one of the posts it should of started with Episode 3 and have that as Episode 1.

It will lessen the need for Padme and politics of the movies and make Anakin and Obi stronger characters because the movies would be based mostly on them. Luke and Leia could of still been born in Episode 1 and then have Anakin become Vader at the start of Episode 2 and the clone wars begins.

I realise my post goes on more about the story but my main point is starting Anakins story too early.

Imagine if Episode 4 started with Luke aged 10 and the story doesn't get a kick along until he becomes the age he actually was in Episode 4.

Star Wars Redemption: Episode 1 (Rendering final cut!) (* lost project *)

brash_stryker said:

I love it! Excellent transition into it. Everyone wonders what method can fix the prequels, well this is it! Having them as flashbacks, you can cut out as much crap as you want :-)

Good work!

I agree.


I just watched a short clip and it was awesome. Extend the Original Trilogy with flashbacks from the prequels.

This makes me want to learn editing now.