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The OOT on DVD - then what?

Hi guys.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while and I hope this will generate a bit of discussion/heated debate. Please no flaming! I’m just playing devil’s advocate here for the sake of debate. So here goes:

What if Lucas actually did release the OOT on DVD, ie lets say he caved in to fan demands/critics and actually did release the OOT on DVD? What happens when the next ‘new’ format of media comes out, because lets face it, new technology is unavoidable and the main reason for this site is to get the OOT on a high definition (whatever you want to call it) medium.

My question is, where does it stop? Sure, it would be awesome for us to have the OOT on DVD NOW because now in 2004, the DVD format is the highest level of technology available to consumers. But in 10-15 years time, do you really think the DVD will be your medium of choice? I know some people on this forum have stated they will not upgrade their systems in the future etc etc, but you cannot say with certainty that you will not update your technology to get a better home theatre experience because time will tell and you will change as a consumer, your perspective will shift from what you are thinking now! The cost of technology will come down, new, better, more advanced and cheaper systems will come down the line, just like Beta to VHS, from VHS to DVD. Consumers will keep up, just like we’ve kept up with DVD’s and high definition systems.

I guess what I’m asking is, do we honestly expect Lucasfilm (and other film companies for that matter) to re-release the OOT on every new media that comes out in the future? We know new formats are going to come, that is the nature of technology! What if tomorrow, in 6 months, in a year we had our OOT on DVD? Lets also say in 20 years, the DVD format is outdated, lets say we look back at DVD’s, shake our heads at this ‘simple’ technology and just laugh, like we do now with ‘ancient’ technology (ie Beta video tapes). Would we then start up a new site to get the OT on “Super DVD” or whatever new high-tech system is now in our home?

Whose to say in 20 years time our kids won’t be on a site just like this, campaigning to get the OOT on the newest media of their generation? Because by this time, they won’t even remember what a DVD is!

Technology will always evolve but should we expect the OOT to evolve with technology or should we at some point stop and just cherish what we have? I think this is what Lucas is saying when he says he won’t release the OOT on DVD, because he realises that at some point you do have to stop. His biggest problem is his compulsion to continuously EDIT the films, over and over again.

Should we accept the fact that the OOT is out there as an official release on VHS and just move on? Because whose to say in 20 years time, the exact same scenario we have now, won’t be playing out? Ie the campaign to have our favourite films released officially on the latest medium that exists.



Help Wanted: Pulling audio from Animorphics or TR-47

Hi guys

Anyone know if it is possible to extract the audio files from either the Animorphics or TR-47 DVD-R’s into separate, isolated audio tracks, ie left, right, centre, surround etc.

What I want to do is extract specific parts of the audio for to dub over parts of the SE. Ie a piece of dialogue without the music in the background or just the musis without the dialogue and sound effects for example.

I know its possible with standard DVD’s and the 5.1 audio files but not sure if its possible with the TR-47 or Animorphics?

Any thoughts?

An article of lies and disgust - George Lucas talks re the 2004 OT SE DVD release...
If you ever wanted proof that more releases are due at a later stage, there you have it. Lucas says he wanted to release them in 3 years time, ie 2007, the 30th year anniversary. Of course, his greed as taken over and wants to release this lousy edition while the market is still 'alive' and he can score some more cash.

I just don't understand when he says this is how he wanted the OT to be when they were released?! That's bullshit! This 2004 edition is how he wants the films to be NOW to fit in with all his other insane marketing decisions, ie the Droids and Ewoks releases, the PT.

I wish I didn't care so much what came out of Lucas' mouth, he is really making me angry now, once upon a time he had my full respect, that is very quickly flying out the window as we speak.

Shame George, shame.
An angry Review of the 2004 OT SE DVD's
Personally I think this review is awesome. It spells out exactly what this site and its cause is about! You're blowing the LOTR reference way out of proportion frendon and Sammythebull. He's not saying, "LOTR" is better than Star Wars, he's saying Lucas doesn't know how to look after his fans by way of releasing the ORIGINAL version of the film, Jackson does! In fact he only mentions LOTR twice!

Fair enough if you don't like LOTR, but don't detract from what this article is saying!

These kind of reviews are ammunition for the OT on DVD cause, be grateful reviewers are giving this opinion! What we don't need are writers giving the "Bless Lucas for finally releasing these films on DVD, its been such a long wait and they're finally here in all their glory" which I have seen from other reviwers. Would you be happier with reviews like these would you?

I think anyone who cares for this campaign should be behind reviews such as this one, it slams Lucas for denying his original films ever existed, it slams him for the PT and it slams him for modifying important elements of the OT that are pointless and ridiculous (ie Greedo shooting first).

Get behind it, if you truly support it I say.
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
Originally posted by: MeBeJedi
"I don't know how you managed to misspell orgasm"

Maybe he, like Figrin_Dan, was having one at the time he was posting (it's kinda hard to type one-handed. )

BTW, either of you folks know what an "Australian kiss" is?

lol I wish I could have that much fun at work!

Actually I don't know what an Australian kiss is mate. You'll have to enlighten me.
2004 DVD, Changes in Sound?
There are a few reviews of the new DVD release floating around now. Most of them seem to indicate that Vader's voice has been modified. Personally, while I despise most of the changes to these editions, I don't mind this change. I'll give little ol' Lucas a point for that one. He won't get too many more though.

While we're talking sound changes, can I just say (because I need to get this off my chest!) F*********************************K!!!!!!!!!! I listened to Morrison's new voice for Boba Fett in Empire again today. SUCKS BIG TIME! I can't believe how bad it sounds!

"Hi, I'm Boba Fett, can I have sux dollars worth of chups please." Sorry, unless your an Aussie or New Zealander you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. Basically the New Zealander accent is SOOOOOOOOOOOO out of place in a Star Wars film, especially the prequels AND INEXCUSABLE IN THE OT.

I can't believe this new accent will now forever be immortalised as part of Empire. I need a shower. I feel dirty for having listened to it.
Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Tim Lehrbach
I'm still setting up my sytem for editing, but i'm making different covers for my edits, this is a prototype ROTJ DVD cover with no color layering on the fonts...I'm also trying to work on a traditional logo style for each movie...where they might go I'm not sure yet.

Tim, I'm interested, where can we/where did you download this font (hopefully for free!) for the Episode VI "Return of the Jedi" image? Its the font they used on the official movie posters for Ep 1 and Ep2.
Attack of the Clones soundtrack
Shhhh be careful what you type Commander, Lucas's minions scour these words looking for ideas! That sounds exactly like something George would do!

*Adopts bad fashion sense and stupid George Lucas accent:

"What we've done here on this 100th version of the film, is re-do all the battle sequences to fit Ben Burtt's sound effects. We thought this would add greater consistency to the entire saga if all the battles from TPM to ROTJ were the exact same length and had the exact same sounds. Its the way I always envisonged my movies to be. Now with even more advanced techonlogy than the 99th redo of the films I'm able to complete these films. Make sure you stay tuned next year, for the 101st edition of the films, where I digitally remove every actor from the OT with digital recreations." (nurse then wheels Lucas off to the old folks home).

What did we all expect from the Prequel Trilogy?
I expected:

(a) a darker, moodier feel to both ATOC and TPM and I guess a more 'mature' film.
(b) more original Star Wars music. I was very disappointed with the music in TPM, you had the opening crawl music and the closing title, but pretty much nothing else!
(c) a decent villain, ie more screen time for Maul

I guess this question could be better answered by what I wasn't expecting and resulted in me too going, "This is not Star Wars!":

(a) Jar Jar- fart jokes, slap stick every 5 minutes, IS NOT STAR WARS.
(b) the 'sleek' design of everything.
(c) all that CGI
(d) Qui gon not disappearing