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Help: Star Wars Episode I: The Beginning Edit

Eyepainter said:

As a starting point, I use DaVinci Resolve. It’s a great editing program that is used by professionals. Plus, it’s free.

If you’re having trouble with getting the prequels, there are plenty of fan editors here who have made preservations of the movies. I’m currently using Schormann’s HDTV preservations for my fan edits, so if you want a recommendation, I’d give Schormann13 a PM.

Keep in mind, though, that the best route is to own the prequels on blu-ray and get transfers from the official releases, usually by pulling out a blu-ray drive and ripping the movies. However, I know how inconvenient that is. I only managed to get a blu-ray drive because it was my birthday. But it is the most legal option to go for. Plus, it makes it easier to get accepted into fanedit.org, which scores a few brownie points. If you have money you’re willing to spend, it’s worth it.

Schormann13 isn’t a member here

Help: Star Wars Episode I: The Beginning Edit

Hi, I’m looking for help and resources for my Episode I edit called Star Wars Episode I: The Beginning. I do have some rough ideas for what could be changed and what needs added:

-Opening droid fight removed
-Jar Jar, Otha Gunga, and Underwater Chase removed
-Theed Invasion moved to later
-Need some new visual shots
-New Dialogue needed
-Plan to Restore some deleted scenes
-Darth Sidious and Darth Maul balcony scene moved to later with new dialogue
-Darth Maul is introduced on Tatooine
-Anakin is no longer a slave but more of an employee to Watto
-No Slave talk
-No Gungan battle (Only Anakin in Space, Duel of the Fates and Padme Vs Trade Federation)
-Movie ends with the Funeral of Qui Gon with the shot of Palpatine and new music (saving funeral music for Episode III)

Please send help or PM me.

Random Sequel Trilogy Ideas

Okay this is what I have so far:

Set 30 years after Episode VI
Opening battle set 5 years after Episode VI
The Whills are a force species (looking similar to the Souls in Pixar’s Soul) rather than micro biotic things
Darth Maul is the Supreme Leader and the Main Antagonist of the Trilogy (REBELS is NOT CANON in this REWRITE)
Realm of the Whills
Female Antagonist
Pilot son to Han and Leia, Samuel “Sam” Solo
Mandalorian love interest who is a Han Solo character, Tayrn
Luke Skywalker in exile with PTSD from OT
Luke is introduced midway into VII like Bo Peep in Toy Story 4
Female protagonist is a nobody with special Force powers
Leia is Supreme Chancellor and Luke’s first student
Journal of the Whills is created in Episode IX ending
There’s a Whill who takes form as Yoda’s species and follows heroes and likes R2-D2
Padme Solo-female antagonist alias
Imperial Remnant restored to Second Empire
Second Clone War
Kaminoans enslaved by Imperials
Felucia and climactic Sarlacc Battle in Episode VIII
Luke dies in Episode VIII
Lando returns in Episode VIII
Leia dies at the ending of IX knowing she’s at peace with everything
Kaminoans create new cloning technology
What happened to Kamino after Prequels
Remincore Fields with wild Space Whales
R2-D2 is brought by Whills child to realm to help create journal of the Whills
Yoda and Anakin’s ghosts appear, Obi Wan’s voice is heard too
Kira and Padme survive IX and grow to have a lesbian relationship
Luke and Anakin redeem Padme Solo at her lowest Point
The Imperial Remnant is led by Grand Admiral Thrawn
Tayrn is revealed as the biological son of Boba Fett

What Would've Gary Kurtz's Version of ROTJ looked like?

Here are some of my headcannon ideas of a possible version of the unhappy ending “Return of the Jedi” version if Gary Kurtz had stayed on as a producer.

Jabba the Hutt is a human and the Galactic Godfather of the Galaxy with Boba Fett as his right-hand man; he also owns a Galactic Casino Ship that travels from planet to planet

Lando and Chewie were captured by the Empire and used as bait to bring Luke and the Rebels to Jabba and to Kashyyyk

Boba Fett has more dialogue than in Empire Strikes Back and shows to be a posing threat against our heroes

Jabba has a scene with a hologram of The Emperor discussing their plans with the Rebels, Luke and Han Solo

The Empire and Jabba’s Criminal Mafia build a base and a palace on the forest planet of Kashyyyk and enslave the Wookiees

Luke Skywalker has trouble with his right mechanical hand and he discovers his own dark side in the film but overcomes both of them

Obi-Wan explains that Vader’s claim that he’s Luke’s father was a lie and he and his sister are somewhere in the galaxy in hiding and he’s cut all ties to the Force

Luke’s been on Dagobah for a while to complete his training and builds a new lightsaber in a crystal cave near Yoda’s hut and Yoda reveals that when Luke returned he was getting really sick and passes away and fades away like Obi-Wan and he’s seen as a ghost with Obi-Wan at the ending

Leia becomes the Queen of the remaining Alderaanians who are part of the Rebellion; Mon Mothma is their head leader and helps Leia become a better woman which leads to her finally accepting the title as Queen

Han Solo is still in Carbonite but he was freed by Leia who disguises herself as one of Jabba’s Guards and he’s blind for most of the movie

Han’s backstory is revealed: his family were Gardeners and he wanted a better life and went to the Imperial Academy and dropped out due to his insecurities and took on a life of crime and met Chewbacca by saving him from Space Gypsies

Jabba carries an ancient lightsaber, a Darksaber to fight Luke Skywalker with

The final battle takes place at Kashyyyk’s Sloth Pit of the Sarlacc

Han self sacrifices himself to save Leia and Chewbacca

Leia and Luke have a tender moment together at Han’s Funeral

General Veers returns in this movie and leads the AT-ATs on Kashyyyk

The Empire is crippled along with most of the Rebellion

Luke wanders off at the end on his own

Somewhere in an alternate dimension where the prequels are good...

Hi Guys, Last Prequel:

Star Wars Episode III: Rise of the Empire (the movie as marketed as Star Wars: Rise of the Empire)

Directed by
George Lucas

Produced by
Rick McCallum

Story by
George Lucas

Screenplay by
Jonathan Hales

The film begins with a battle over Coruscant where the Separatists (The Confederacy of Independent Systems) and the Galactic Republic are fighting over the planet because of the kidnapping of President Palpatine. This battle is led by General OB-1 Kenobi and his apprentice, Commander Anakin Skywalker who led the command forces of drafted Republic Officers led by Captain Tarkin and his Clone Pilots to Darth Vader’s command ship, the Invisible Hand. They land and take out the Techno Guards and Neimoidian Troopers and R2-D2 find Palpatine located in the Tower Suite of the Invisible Hand. Anakin asks the question of why the Separatists kidnapped Palpatine and OB-1 says that Palpatine is a royalty player in the war and taking him will be kicking the Republic in the balls. The two then find a captured Jedi named Shaak Ti who had tried to get aboard the ship before them and is killed by the alien monster cyborg (but is portrayed and puppeteered by a man in a suit) General Grievous.

The two cut a hole in the floor and jump into the fuel tank of the ship and they are separated by the Scuba Nemiodian Drivers and Anakin manages to make it through the Air Vents to an elevator to the Suite first while OB-1 is captured and brought before Grievous. Anakin finds Palpatine chained to the floor and takes out the Techno Guards and Darth Vader arrives and he asks where OB-1 is and Anakin gives him a chance to surrender. The two duel until Anakin chops off Vader’s hands and Palpatine temps him to kill him but Anakin refuses until Vader taunts him about OB-1 saying something about him that pisses Anakin off and he throws Vader out a window and he collides with a Neimoidian Fighter and his body explodes into a brilliant blue blaze, like Palpatine in “Return of the Jedi.”

At the bridge, Grievous oversees a hologram for the top-secret project and OB-1 arrives and Grievous interrogates him and Anakin and Palpatine find out about OB-1 and they decide to get themselves captured too with a little help of R2-D2. They arrive and take out all the Neimoidian Guards and the Techno Guards but Grievous escapes by breaking the glass and makes it into an escape pod. The Invisible Hand then malfunctions and crash lands on Coruscant, but Anakin being a good pilot, manages to get them to safety and lands them at a spaceport. They arrive at the Senate where everyone greets them and Padme tries to give Anakin some good news but is shot down when the Jedi Council calls for an immediate meeting. Apparently, they found the top-secret project called, the Death Star which is being constructed under someone named “Sidious” and the Jedi become suspicious about who it could be.

Grievous arrives at the distant volcanic world of Sullust where he meets Viceroy Wat Tambor and his followers where they discuss the fate of what to do now that the Death Star has been discovered and they’ve started pre-production on a second Death Star. Grievous contacts Darth Sidious and assures them all will be well and that: “Vader isn’t truly gone. Somebody is going to take his title.” On Coruscant, OB-1, Anakin, Padme, Prince Bail, C-3PO and R2-D2 have a nice dinner celebrating their victory over the Battle of Coruscant. OB-1 and Anakin have a talk over what Vader had said to Anakin about OB-1 and the two patch things up for now. The next day, Palpatine calls upon Anakin personally since he owes him for rescuing him and asks him to have the Council make him a Jedi Master. He personally speaks with Mace Windu, OB-1, and the rest of the Jedi Council, one on one but they refuse and OB-1 comes to his defense on why he could possibly be a master and Mace brings up Qui-Gon’s promise to Episode I and how it never said he should train him to be a Jedi Master, which shocks Anakin and he storms out. OB-1 follows and the two get into their first major argument and Anakin leaves. He returns to Padme’s apartment where the two find comfort in each other.

On Sullust, Grievous and Tambor have started to assemble all the Chrome Iron they need to help build the Death Star after 13 years of collecting it since it is rare to find. On Coruscant, Palpatine and Anakin meet again and he tells him about Grievous being found on Sullust and tells him about the Dark Side and how he wanted to become a Jedi and learn more about both sides of the Force but instead found himself as a Senator. Anakin begins to question Palpatine, especially when he brings up the fact that he’s sick and that he is getting more and more deformed because of it (just like in Episode II.)

OB-1 is assigned to go to Sullust and take out Grievous and destroy the Death Star, while Anakin is assigned to spy on Palpatine. As OB-1 arrives at Sullust, he gets a good view of the early constructed battle station but is attacked by Neimoidian Fighters and crash lands on Sullust. He makes it to the base and fights Grievous who uses a shield and Lightsaber blocking staff to defend himself. OB-1 is no match for this monster and is beaten and is taken to a cell. On Coruscant, Palpatine gives in and reveals all to Anakin that he created the Clone Stormtrooper army and is the mastermind behind the entire Clone Wars, and together they can destroy the Jedi Order and bring peace to the galaxy. Anakin ignites his lightsaber as Palpatine reveals himself as Darth Sidious and Anakin holds himself back from killing him and reports him to Mace Windu who decides to confront Palpatine with a squad of Jedi. Anakin then has a moment of doubt, disconnecting himself from reality and the Force, and goes to save Palpatine.

At the office, Palpatine uses all his powers on the Jedi: a Force Power using only his eyes to suck out one’s soul, Force Fire, and Force Controlling someone to manipulate the body to rip out their spine. Palpatine unleashes regular Force Lighting at Mace but he deflects it back at him sending him flying at the window, cracking it. Anakin arrives and stops Windu by stabbing him in the chest and Palpatine laughs congratulating Anakin on passing his test and Anakin pledges himself to the Dark Side, promising to become his best student and Palpatine says all is prepared for him and he has the perfect name for him: Darth Vader.

First-order in Palpatine’s plan to make sure he takes over the galaxy is that the Jedi must become extinct and he wears Vader/Ben’s suit as he and the Clone Stormtroopers march on the Jedi Temple. At the Senate, Padme, Prince Bail, and several Senators watch as Palpatine plays an edited tape of Mace Windu attacking him and he declares all Jedis as public enemy number 1. Padme and Prince Bail, not being too happy with this, organize their own Rebellion against Palpatine with Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis. Across the galaxy on Sullust, OB-1 feels the deaths of so many of his friends and escapes to see what is going on. He evades Grievous and takes his personal ship and meets with Prince Bail and Padme who decide to take him to the Jedi Temple with the assumption that maybe more surviving Jedi come.

They arrive at the Temple with Stormtroopers disguised as Jedi Knights and OB-1 pulls their stunt and Padme, Prince Bail and OB-1 take them down and they find all the damage done by Vader/Anakin. OB-1 then sees the hologram and thinks it’s impossible for Vader to be alive until he sees Anakin kneeling before Palpatine and he is heartbroken until someone appears from the shadows: Yoda. Yoda’s appearance shocks everyone and OB-1 tries to give him a hug but Yoda tells him to hold back his emotions because now is not the time to remorse, it is time to fight. They may have lost Anakin and all the Jedi, but it doesn’t mean they’ve lost hope. At this moment, OB-1 senses that Padme is pregnant with Anakin’s child and he knows now he must get her to safety and they need to get her and Prince Bail somewhere. But then Bail gets a message from Palpatine’s advisor saying that Palpatine wants another meeting where he declares that the Republic is merging with the Separatists to form a new battle station for a secure future for the Galaxy and the Republic will be reborn as the First Galactic Empire.

Knowing they must act fast, OB-1 goes with a group of Rebel Pilots to Sullust as Yoda helps Prince Bail and Padme get off Coruscant somehow, but they are chased by the Stormtroopers and Palpatine’s Royal Forces. Over Sullust, OB-1 is the Red Leader and leads his Pilots to destroy the base and the Iron using a blue jelly-like substance fusing the Iron together making it impossible to use. Grievous contacts Palpatine who then blows up the base with him and Tambor inside and it shocks OB-1 and the crew, just enough for Vader/Anakin and his V-Wing Fighters to come in and take out OB-1 and force him to hide somewhere. But Vader/Anakin finds him and unmasks himself and OB-1 pleas for Anakin to come back to the Light and stop what he is doing, but Anakin is too far removed from the Light to realize what he is doing so the two engage in a duel over the smoky lava terrain.

Meanwhile, Yoda manages to get Padme and Prince Bail onto the Tantive IV and tells them to go to the swamp world of Dagobah and Palpatine arrives there to personally fight Yoda and the two engage in an epic Force fight until Palpatine uses Force Lightning on Yoda and it’s revealed Yoda is a Force Projection. Yoda was projecting himself from Dagobah long enough to distract Palpatine and help Padme and Prince Bail escape from Coruscant. Yoda’s projection fades away and Palpatine lets out a massive Force Scream and Yoda falls to the ground, breaking his back in the process (“do not underestimate the powers of The Emperor…”)

On Sullust, Anakin and OB-1 continue their duel uphill until they reach the edge of a volcano. OB-1 is knocked into it, but lands onto an island and the two jump from island to island and fight. The duel ends with OB-1 reaching a cliff of the volcano and jumping up it and saying to Anakin something like “you are who you chose to be” but Anakin rejects it and jumps at OB-1 and he cuts off Anakin’s entire left arm and lower half and he lands into the lava. Tears swell from OB-1’s eyes and he picks up Anakin’s blue lightsaber and retreats back to his ship before the V-Wing Fighters find him. He is contacted by Prince Bail to meet them on Dagobah where they find a crippled Yoda and OB-1 uses the Force to heal Yoda and fix his spine and fixes up a tree branch as his cane. They then give a scan on Padme as it’s revealed that she’s carrying twin Force Sensitive babies and will be due soon. OB-1 talks with Yoda and Prince Bail about the fate of the children and they agree that after they are born, they should be sealed away from each other. OB-1 knowing now that Padme now knows too that her husband is Vader should be taken in with Bail to Alderaan and be made a handmaiden with the first twin and the other twin taken to Tatooine where he’ll be raised by Anakin’s brother, Owen Lars. OB-1 also apologizes for failing Yoda but he assures him all will be fine as he made contact with the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn as he’ll teach them the secrets of Force Immortality.

The movie ends with Prince Bail being crowned King of Alderaan and Padme watching from a balcony with an unseen baby (Leia,) with C-3PO and R2-D2 bickering in the background but are taken away to have their memories wiped, Palpatine being cheered by a crowd of Stormtroopers and people with Captain Tarkin at his side saying: “Long Live Palpatine! Long Live the Empire!” and OB-1 arriving at the Lars Homestead where Owen comes out from the homestead and is given an unseen baby (Luke) and OB-1 wanders off into the desert like the ending of a western.

What if the Sequel Trilogy was made in the 1990s? REWRITE

Additionally, I find it interesting that the actual Sequel Trilogy is loosely based on George’s original plans but with a female lead: VII: Rey searches for Luke (Luke searches for sister), VIII: Rey is trained by Luke (Sister is trained by Luke), and IX: Rey and Ben fight Palpatine (you get the point.)

I actually wanna include characters from all eras from Star Wars, EU and Disney and created ones. And I do have a few title ideas for Episode VII based on an ACT I outline of Episode VII outline I did just a few days ago before starting this:

Episode VII: The Emperor’s Heir
Episode VII: Throne of the Empire
Episode VII: The Empire’s Shadow
Episode VII: The Glove of Power
Episode VII: Terror of the Empire
Episode VII: The Dark Shadow

Personally, I like the first three, but that’s my own bias…

What if the Sequel Trilogy was made in the 1990s? REWRITE

Wannabe Scholar said:

Well, there are a lot of things to consider, like “what would the release date have been?” and “would this have been made instead of the prequel trilogy?” I think there are some advantages, as having the old cast and crew would rein back a lot of Lucas’ control and possibly prevent his more poorly-received decisions while making the prequel trilogy. Yet, I am a bit skeptical, as the EU was booming at the time thanks to the Thrawn Trilogy and whatnot. Would those stories be included or not?

But let’s say it want to ignore those, then what would be the story? I think it would more or less have been what the Sequel Trilogy should have been: focusing on the New Republic and the OT cast (now acting as the mentors) as the new generation of heroes would try to maintain it. Seeing how we won’t have too much of the whole “Skywalker Saga” that I believe Lucas pushed for during the actual prequels, we could have a new cast of characters not related to the old heroes. We can still include the Skywalker-Solo kids and maybe one or two could be part of the main cast, though. As for the villains, it would be easy to use the Imperial Remnant or something akin to it, but I’d try more anti-human aliens and/or a group who wants revenge on the remaining Imperials for the Empire’s oppressive laws on them in the past. If you want, the one leading the group could be a Jedi who was kicked out (either from the old Jedi or Luke’s) or the descendant of one. This can push for the idea of redemption and forgiveness among those who have suffered under evil, as well as following up RotJ with the message that “the father’s sins are not the son’s.”

But that’s just me.

I’m thinking more of pushing the Prequels to later on like 2005 to 2011 and maybe the Sequel Trilogy being released from 1991, 1994, and 1997.

Also let’s just think if the Thrawn Trilogy never happened and if we can incorporate some elements of those stories: Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command. A few other sources of inspiration of how I could see the basis of a Sequel Trilogy in the 1990s being played out is The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars TV Show and Movie, the Jedi Prince books and the actual Prequels and Sequels themselves.

Awhile back I read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/fixingmovies/comments/i27pr4/what_if_the_sequel_trilogy_took_place_immediately/
and that’s what got me into starting this chat and maybe writing up a 90s Sequel Trilogy of my own.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker - IN PROGRESS

The Falcon approaches Dagobah and Han takes the trio to where Luke’s Jedi Temple was located at, Mount Yoda. Across the landscape, Kira, Sam, and Finn look down at the swamps, bogs, and mountains of Dagobah in awe until they get a good view of the ruins and devastation of Luke’s Jedi Temple. They take the R2-D2 head with a few mechanics to hold it together and SR-3 detects another lifeform in the area, Han and the trio chase it down and corner it until it’s revealed to be a male alien, a 500-year-old weird-looking wise alien pirate, Maz Kanata. Han recognizes the alien and kneels down to hug him, apologizing for mistaking him for something else.

Maz was once Han Solo’s mentor when he left the Imperial Academy after he freed Chewie and became a smuggler and afforded the Falcon from Lando Calrissian. Maz usually comes to Luke’s Jedi Temple to research and scavenge for salvageable things. He too also has a part for an R2 unit, the second leg which he hands to Kira and he instantly feels a strong Force connection and wonders who the girl really is. She just implies she’s nobody. He doesn’t think so and he advises Han that they should train her.

Meanwhile, Temptress summons Neto in her chambers and says there has been an awakening in the Force. Neto has felt it too but he doesn’t know what it could be. She feels the same and they conquer to use a Sith Ritual to find the Awakening in the Force together. She takes a satchel of vitals and potions and puts them together in a cauldron and using both their Force Powers, Temptress and Neto begin searching through the Force.

Back on Dagobah, Kira is on a fallen pillar with Maz at her side, Han, Finn, Sam, SR-3, and Chewie watch from around her as Maz guides her. Han tries to give her his experience too from Luke but it’s just played for laughs. But Kira begins to levitate and feel the Force around her. At the same time, Temptress’s eyes glow red and breathe into Neto. He and Kira connect within a plane of the Force where she freaks at his appearance and he ignites his crossguard lightsaber and tries to throw it at her but she awakes and escapes. Neto awakens to and he and Temptress order their best Onyx Order pirates to Dagobah.