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What if the Sequel Trilogy was made in the 1990s? REWRITE

Additionally, I find it interesting that the actual Sequel Trilogy is loosely based on George’s original plans but with a female lead: VII: Rey searches for Luke (Luke searches for sister), VIII: Rey is trained by Luke (Sister is trained by Luke), and IX: Rey and Ben fight Palpatine (you get the point.)

I actually wanna include characters from all eras from Star Wars, EU and Disney and created ones. And I do have a few title ideas for Episode VII based on an ACT I outline of Episode VII outline I did just a few days ago before starting this:

Episode VII: The Emperor’s Heir
Episode VII: Throne of the Empire
Episode VII: The Empire’s Shadow
Episode VII: The Glove of Power
Episode VII: Terror of the Empire
Episode VII: The Dark Shadow

Personally, I like the first three, but that’s my own bias…

What if the Sequel Trilogy was made in the 1990s? REWRITE

Wannabe Scholar said:

Well, there are a lot of things to consider, like “what would the release date have been?” and “would this have been made instead of the prequel trilogy?” I think there are some advantages, as having the old cast and crew would rein back a lot of Lucas’ control and possibly prevent his more poorly-received decisions while making the prequel trilogy. Yet, I am a bit skeptical, as the EU was booming at the time thanks to the Thrawn Trilogy and whatnot. Would those stories be included or not?

But let’s say it want to ignore those, then what would be the story? I think it would more or less have been what the Sequel Trilogy should have been: focusing on the New Republic and the OT cast (now acting as the mentors) as the new generation of heroes would try to maintain it. Seeing how we won’t have too much of the whole “Skywalker Saga” that I believe Lucas pushed for during the actual prequels, we could have a new cast of characters not related to the old heroes. We can still include the Skywalker-Solo kids and maybe one or two could be part of the main cast, though. As for the villains, it would be easy to use the Imperial Remnant or something akin to it, but I’d try more anti-human aliens and/or a group who wants revenge on the remaining Imperials for the Empire’s oppressive laws on them in the past. If you want, the one leading the group could be a Jedi who was kicked out (either from the old Jedi or Luke’s) or the descendant of one. This can push for the idea of redemption and forgiveness among those who have suffered under evil, as well as following up RotJ with the message that “the father’s sins are not the son’s.”

But that’s just me.

I’m thinking more of pushing the Prequels to later on like 2005 to 2011 and maybe the Sequel Trilogy being released from 1991, 1994, and 1997.

Also let’s just think if the Thrawn Trilogy never happened and if we can incorporate some elements of those stories: Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command. A few other sources of inspiration of how I could see the basis of a Sequel Trilogy in the 1990s being played out is The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars TV Show and Movie, the Jedi Prince books and the actual Prequels and Sequels themselves.

Awhile back I read this:
and that’s what got me into starting this chat and maybe writing up a 90s Sequel Trilogy of my own.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker - IN PROGRESS

The Falcon approaches Dagobah and Han takes the trio to where Luke’s Jedi Temple was located at, Mount Yoda. Across the landscape, Kira, Sam, and Finn look down at the swamps, bogs, and mountains of Dagobah in awe until they get a good view of the ruins and devastation of Luke’s Jedi Temple. They take the R2-D2 head with a few mechanics to hold it together and SR-3 detects another lifeform in the area, Han and the trio chase it down and corner it until it’s revealed to be a male alien, a 500-year-old weird-looking wise alien pirate, Maz Kanata. Han recognizes the alien and kneels down to hug him, apologizing for mistaking him for something else.

Maz was once Han Solo’s mentor when he left the Imperial Academy after he freed Chewie and became a smuggler and afforded the Falcon from Lando Calrissian. Maz usually comes to Luke’s Jedi Temple to research and scavenge for salvageable things. He too also has a part for an R2 unit, the second leg which he hands to Kira and he instantly feels a strong Force connection and wonders who the girl really is. She just implies she’s nobody. He doesn’t think so and he advises Han that they should train her.

Meanwhile, Temptress summons Neto in her chambers and says there has been an awakening in the Force. Neto has felt it too but he doesn’t know what it could be. She feels the same and they conquer to use a Sith Ritual to find the Awakening in the Force together. She takes a satchel of vitals and potions and puts them together in a cauldron and using both their Force Powers, Temptress and Neto begin searching through the Force.

Back on Dagobah, Kira is on a fallen pillar with Maz at her side, Han, Finn, Sam, SR-3, and Chewie watch from around her as Maz guides her. Han tries to give her his experience too from Luke but it’s just played for laughs. But Kira begins to levitate and feel the Force around her. At the same time, Temptress’s eyes glow red and breathe into Neto. He and Kira connect within a plane of the Force where she freaks at his appearance and he ignites his crossguard lightsaber and tries to throw it at her but she awakes and escapes. Neto awakens to and he and Temptress order their best Onyx Order pirates to Dagobah.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker - IN PROGRESS

Back on the Falcon. Finn tries piloting a bit with some help from Kira who has some knowledge of the ship from Minch. Kira also side talks to “Ethereal” and Finn wonders who she is talking to but she jokes about it. The Trio decide to take refuge on a nearby planet to hide the illustrious world of Takodana, home of the Takoanisse, and much scum and villainy. The trio head into the local Cantina and unlike Episode IV where droids aren’t allowed in the Cantina, SR-3 is allowed to come in. In a corner, we see a tall wookiee with a 70-year-old man, out drinking other patrons in the cantina at his booth and we only see the silhouettes of them at first until the man notices Sam. Kira goes to the bar “for a drink” while Finn, Sam, and SR-3 look around for help and she gets into a fight with an Aqualish bounty hunter and his friends.

This gets interrupted when the 70-year-old man and the Wookiee step up from the bar and appear from the shadows, pretending to be drunk and asking to calm down the bunch and he decides to get Kira out of the scene. But the Aqualish’s friends recognize him and put a blaster to his head, leading him to pull out his pistol and shoot first along with shooting the rest in one swift move. This is Han Solo and the wookiee is Chewbacca.

Finn, Sam, and SR-3, who were watching in the distance with another patron rush over to Kira asking if she’s ok and Sam recognizes his father and he’s in awe yet also mad. Han too is amazed to see Sam, grown-up after 30 years, and wondering why his son is in a power chair. But he takes them to his booth to talk.

Aboard the Onyx Order’s Pirate Star Destroyer, Darth Neto in black robes now kneels before Darth Vader’s burned helmet and speaks to it saying he will undo the will of the Chosen One and the Last Jedi. But he will restore the Justice of the Sith.

In this scene, it’s evident to set up for the Trilogy, Neto believes Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker are two separate characters and he will be wronged by it later in Episodes VIII and IX.

Back on Takodana, the trio tell Han their plan to find Luke Skywalker and reconstruct R2-D2 by finding his pieces scoured throughout the galaxy. Han agrees on helping by going first to where Luke began The New Jedi, the place where he was trained by Yoda, Dagobah. They head back for the ship. Kira then hears Ethereal talking to her again if she trusts Han Solo and she feels some connection to something, one of the R2-D2 parts at a junk store. Kira makes a stop there away from the group, and she encounters a female toydarian who doesn’t give Kira the part. But then Onyx Order pirates that are stationed on Takodana spot Kira bust into the junk shop and attack the shop.

Han notices Kira’s disappearance and they race back to the city while Chewie starts up the ship. There, Kira grabs the part and races through the junkyard and she grabs a wrench lying around and she uses it as a weapon. She gets into a scramble with one of the pirates and she is grabbed by the neck by one of them and she flips them over and Han shoots them to save her. Chewie arrives to save them all and they escape Takodanna with the piece.

Somewhere in deep space at a New Republic base on Polis Massa, Admiral Ackbar is informed of high activity at Jakku and Takodana from the Onyx Order who then contacts Chancellor Leia Organa of the New Republic. Leia, knowing of what’s been going on with the Onyx Order and wondering of what has happened to Sam, insists some Republic pilots like Wedge Antilles into action and scout the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions.

Back on the Falcon, Kira and Finn reprogram the R2-D2 head to show Han and Chewie the map and Lor Sen Tekka’s hologram logs. Chewie pats R2’s head and Han feels actual remorse for the droid. It’s here where we hear Han exposit the backstory of why Luke went into hiding. Luke started The New Jedi after training many students, after a few years, he isolated himself from the galaxy until word broke of a new Sith Lord named, Lady Temptress who seduced one of his students and destroyed it all for him and Luke went into exile. From Han’s knowledge, Tekka was a friend of Luke which explains why he began constructing a map to Luke. Kira asks if he believes in the Force and the Jedi, contrasting to Episode IV, he does because of his experience and emotional connection to Luke and Leia.

Somewhere in an alternate dimension where the prequels are good...

And now for those patient ones, here is Episode II:

Star Wars Episode II: Appearance of the Clones (the movie as marketed as Star Wars: Appearance of the Clones)

Directed by
Joe Johnson

Produced by
Rick McCallum and George Lucas

Story by
George Lucas

Screenplay by
Jonathan Hales and George Lucas

The film opens with Ben Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker, ten years after Episode I returning to the desert world of Tatooine, but on the other side of it where most of it is acid and mixed with canyons and sand. They find out most of this land is a slave plantation and is controlled by the Galactic Traders and Viceroy Nute Gunray. They sneak around and find Anakin’s mother and brother, Shmi and Owen as slaves and R2-D2 is a mining astromech droid. Ben and Anakin help Shmi, Owen, and R2-D2 work with the slaves against the Neimoidian Troopers and escape on the Traders Transports and flee off Tatooine. However, Ben, Anakin, Shmi, Owen, and R2 take a pod to the Homestead from the last movie and they offer them a chance to come with them to Coruscant but they decide not to and restart the family farm.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Senator Padme Organa, Prince Bail, and C-3PO arrive from Alderaan but their ship is blown up by a mysterious figure on a nearby building and the trio are rescued by Mace Windu and the local Police and are brought to the Senate to tell everyone and President Palpatine about the attack. Palpatine suggests getting some guardianship from the Jedi and he suggests Anakin and Ben which they meet at her apartment and Anakin tries to woo her over after ten years but no luck.

That night, the mysterious figure from earlier, programs a droid and some poisonous camouflaged snakes to enter Padme’s apartment bedroom and take out the cameras and fool R2 but Anakin and Ben sense them and Anakin uses his lightsaber to destroy the snakes. He then sees the droid and jumps out the window and Ben gives chase on a speeder and saves him from a blast from the mysterious figure. They chase him through Coruscant and Anakin takes over as pilot and uses amazing piloting skills through the speeder crowd and uses the Force, kinetically to catch up with the mysterious figure. But when he accidentally breaks the wheel, they jump onto a few other speeders and Anakin uses Force Freeze to freeze the Speeder engine and the speeder crashes into the streets of the Coruscant Underworld below. The figure turns out to be Boba Fett and is bleeding from his arm from the crash. Ben and Anakin try to stop him, but Fett ties them up using his wrist gauntlets and flies way. They are found by Prince Bail and the local police by Ben take a sample of Fett’s blood and examine it with the Jedi Science Lab and they say it’s clone blood and Ben does a blood check on is his and he questions Yoda about who he really is and goes to his “old friend,” a retired Jedi Crystal Miner and Artifact collector, Dexter Jettster for help but he won’t tell Ben the truth.

As the stakes get raised higher and higher, Prince Bail decides with the Jedi Council and President Palpatine that Padme should go into hiding so that she’ll be safer than on Coruscant. Anakin is made her guardian and the two start to dismiss each other and are given fake names and disguises and go off to Alderaan with C-3PO and R2-D2. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has learned of Nute Gunray’s failure on Tatooine and punishes him and replaces him with a superior Viceroy Wat Tambor, and begins plotting with other systems that Tambor controls so they can begin the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

On the other hand, Ben Kenobi arrives on the water planet of Aquliae where he meets the Prime Minister, Lama Su and he sees their creation of Clone Stormtroopers, ordered by a mysterious man named “Syfo Dyas’’ who isn’t a familiar name with the Jedi Order. He meets Boba Fett and the two wanna kick each other’s asses but they don’t. Ben contacts Yoda and Mace about Fett and they tell him to go and interrogate him and he races back to his room where he is gone and Fett locks him in but Kenobi uses a technique with Force gripping a ball of it and unleashing it on the door and gives chase to Fett to his ship, the Slave 1 and they fight. Fett escapes but Ben puts a tracking device on his ship.

Meanwhile, Anakin, Padme, C-3PO, and R2-D2 arrive on Alderaan and are greeted by a Neimoidian who takes them to a carriage and tries to blow them up but Anakin takes him down and doesn’t try to kill him but holds back. Since they know the city is not safe, they hide up in the mountains in a nice cottage. There, Anakin and Padme start to hint at a romance beginning at the fireplace and have a major kiss and later go Horseback riding.

Ben manages to track Fett all the way to the rocky grey world of Ttaz where Ben spies on Fett and finds out he is in league with Darth Vader and Viceroy Wat Tambor and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. But when he tries to escape, Nute Gunray finds him and says he’ll help him make contact with the Republic. First, he makes contact with Anakin and Padme and they broadcast Ben’s message to the Jedi Council and the Senate who are both in the middle of meetings. But during the broadcast, Ben is captured and Gunray is killed by the Ttazians, a species of bug-like monsters with wings. Anakin makes the choice to go there but Padme tries to advise against it but he says that maybe she could add some political sense into whoever has him captured and they go to Ttaz.

Back on Coruscant, Palpatine and the Jedi meet and they are in chaos! They don’t know what to do and one of the politicians’ advice at this time they must give Emergency Powers to Palpatine. Prince Bail makes the fateful choice and Palpatine declares that he has plans to make an army with the mysterious workers of Aquiliae to help them. Yoda decides to go Aquiliae as Mace Windu goes to prepare the Jedi to go to Ttaz to save Ben. On Ttaz, Darth Vader confronts Ben and they talk. Ben snarks at Vader and he unmasks himself to reveal he IS Ben Kenobi too. Ben is horrified and Ben/Vader goes into detail on who he really is. He was seduced by the Dark Side at a young age and Yoda felt guilty about his turn and he kept a sample of his DNA stored and cloned him to become the better and flawless Jedi he couldn’t be. The protagonist Ben we know is codenamed: OB-1 Kenobi or “Obi-Wan Kenobi” for a Real Name. At this moment, Ben offers OB-1 to join him in the Dark Side and they can destroy the Sith and save the Republic from war but OB-1 refuses. Ben/Vader puts his mask back on and orders for his execution.

Anakin and Padme arrive on Ttaz and C-3PO and R2-D2 stay on the ship. They meet with Darth Vader and argue for OB-1 to be freed. But Vader orders for their execution too and the two lovers share a silent kiss before entering the arena and they all are forced to fight a Gorog. Which they manage to take down, thanks to the leadership of OB-1 but they are surrounded by Neimoidian Troopers but Mace Windu and the Jedi arrive and a huge battle begins. Fett enters the arena and fights Mace but is beheaded. Then as the battle increases Tambor introduces his legion of Techno Guards, similar to Praetorian Guards but mixed with Super Battle Droids. The Jedi are surrounded and Vader offers them all a chance to surrender or die but then Yoda and the Clone Stormtroopers arrive and save them. Fett’s remains are then picked up by Separatist Medical Droids and carried away saying they’re for a top-secret project.

The Neimoidian Troopers, Clone Stormtroopers, and Jedi battle on the grey rocky battlefield as the gunships take to the sky and take down the Galactic Traders Control Ships from heading into space and power towers. Vader flees with the plans for a top-secret project that will be explained in the next movie (the Death Star) and Vader’s co fighters manage to shoot the Gunships down. One shoots OB-1, Anakin, and Padme’s gunship and she falls out. But Anakin has feelings for her orders to put the ship down but OB-1 tells him not to. They arrive at Vader’s hangar with a much larger Control Ship and inside are more Neimoidian Troopers and Techno Guards. They take them down and duel Vader. He manages to wound OB-1 and Anakin slices open Vader/Ben’s mask and they duel and the Control Ship begins to rise into space. Padme awakens thanks to Yoda and his squad and they race to the Control Ship and land just as it leaves the atmosphere. Yoda orders Padme and the Clones to take over the bridge and lower the control ship back onto the planet as he finds Anakin, OB-1, and Vader/Ben. Back at the duel, Anakin and Vader/Ben accidentally destroy the gravity support system and make everything float inside the Control Ship until Padme presses a button to restart everything giving Vader/Ben the advantage to slice off Anakin’s right arm and throw him against a wall. Vader/Ben prepares to flee but Yoda catches him and the two engage in a Force Battle. And Vader/Ben ignites his lightsaber but Yoda takes it from him saying some mythological stuff about how a lightsaber isn’t important. But Vader uses this moment to distract him by using a pillar to crush Anakin and OB-1 and Yoda saves them. Vader escapes.

Vader returns to Coruscant to a place called The Works and meets Darth Sidious claiming the Clone Wars have begun and Sidious says all is going as he has foreseen. At the Jedi Temple, OB-1 is struggling to cope with the fact he is a clone and Anakin is getting a new arm and he decides to propose to Padme and she says yes. Palpatine then broadcasts a speech over the Battle of Ttaz and how it’s now going to affect the galaxy and it breaks Yoda’s heart and he decides to go into exile. OB-1 hears of this and races to his platform but Yoda tells him to stay strong and be ready because “we still have work to do” and leaves to who knows where.

The film ends with the Clone Stormtroopers marching on parade to war through Coruscant with the Imperial March playing and Palpatine, Prince Bail, and some Senators watching and Anakin and Padme getting married and being welcomed into the Jedi Order by Mace Windu, with a depressed OB-1 lurking in the background.

Somewhere in an alternate dimension where the prequels are good...

CourtlyHades296 said:

How does Anakin become Vader in this rewrite?

We’ll get there. But there is an interesting twist with Darth Vader in this version of the Prequels and it relates to Obi-Wan and how it plays out to his character in the Original Trilogy and the key quote about Vader in A New Hope:

“A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire
hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights. He betrayed and murdered your father. Now the Jedi are all
but extinct. Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force.”

Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker - IN PROGRESS

A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far, away….

Star Wars

Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker

Luke Skywalker has vanished! In his absence,
an alliance of pirates, the Onyx Order have formed
willing to destroy the legacy of Skywalker.

Chancellor Leia Organa, willing to save her planets
from destruction, has dispatched her search parties
to find information on her brother’s whereabouts.

Leia sends her son to the graveyard world
of Jakku to retrieve information on Luke
and restore balance back to the galaxy…

The film opens with an X-Wing heading to the planet of Jakku. A planet consisting of a backwater, deserts and mostly shipwrecks, junk, and other wreckage from all eras of the three Trilogies: the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the Age of the New Republic. Inside the X-Wing, we meet the son of Chancellor Leia Organa, Sam Solo, and his droid SR-3 AKA “Surley”. He lands in a junk village with a Trade Federation Battleship chapel owned by Force Bishop Lor Sen Tekka who gives him a piece of memory bank from an astromech droid.

Before Sam can view or dissect the piece of memory bank, a squad of pirates unleashed by the evil Onyx Order arrives at the village and slaughters all the villagers and captures Bishop Lor Sen Tekka. Sam luckily puts a memory piece into SR-3 and he flees into the desert. Sam is captured too and we are introduced to Darth Neto, the Jedi Killer who interrogates Tekka and Sam, and when Tekka tells him not to ignore his heritage, it enrages him and his ignites his crossguard lightsaber and kills him and orders Sam Solo onto the transport.

We are also introduced to the young pirate, Finn who has been riddled with PTSD from being raised with pirates, and his father was killed in combat in the opening battle and back on the Onyx Order’s Pirate Star Destroyer, he throws up over his horror. His commander is Haarah, a twi’lek female who abuses Finn and was a commander and chief to his father and him. She makes him go off the deep end when she orders him to launch a group of some prisoners from the village into space by an airlock which is the final tipping point for him and he decides to make a move.

Back on Jakku, we see a young woman named Kira exploring a Republic Star Cruiser from the Clone Wars and she grabs some valuable things like a Clone helmet and some droid parts. Afterward, she skims across the sands and water to a junk town where she meets her caretaker, Minch Unattu, who helps her buy her daily food portion and clean water supply.

She travels to her house which is a downed AT-AT Walker where we see her make her dinner and watch into the distance as starships take off into space. She is joined by someone else, a glowing yellow and white figure, an angelic figure, Kira’s imaginary friend, “Ethereal.” They talk for a bit until Kira hears of SR-3’s beeping and she sees a hunter named Teedo fighting with him and she frees him and she gives him a place to stay for the night, but “Ethereal” suggests to look into the droid some more. It could give her an answer to something she’s always wanted.

Meanwhile, Darth Neto is meditating and Lady Temptress, a female seductress, and his counterpart enters asking if he was successful in finding the clue to Skywalker. But he hasn’t. She starts seducing him and trying to woo him into making him think about his choice and he gets an idea, to mind probe Sam which he does and he plots to send out the Onyx Order to find SR-3. But before he gets out more information on where he is, Sam escapes with Finn on a Pirate Ship but is taken down by the Pirate Star Destroyer’s cannons.

That night, Kira discovers the piece of memory bank in SR-3 and asks if she can view it in him but when it does, it doesn’t work. At that same time, Sam and Finn crash in the desert and make their trek through the desert and into the night. Finn too has to use some debris like a wagon to help Sam since he’s broken both his legs.

By sunrise, the Onyx Order has returned to Jakku, and Kira and SR-3 are scouting around in junk piles outside the junk town to see what can play the piece of memory bank and they find R2-D2’s scorched head. They head to Minch’s and with his help, R2’s head comes to life and beeps and they view a hologram map of the galaxy. But this map is a puzzle, it’s missing a few planets and it has some sort of chunk missing in it as pointed out by Minch. At that same time, Sam and Finn enter a town and are confronted by some thugs, Kira comes to rescue and SR-3 zaps them too and Sam is happy to be reunited with his droid, dispute not using his legs.

Finn explains he is part of the Onyx Order but defected and he’s trying to get Sam back to the New Republic but when Kira explains the map and R2-D2’s head, the two get confused. Especially when they find out R2-D2’s name since they’ve never heard of R2-D2 but Sam was familiar with R2 units before they went out of commission. They take the R2-D2 head and the map from Minch and are confronted by Onyx Order pirates who attack the village and Minch suggests taking his ship, the Millenium Falcon to escape.

Along the way, Minch gives Sam a power chair (similar to the one owned by Cliegg Lars from Episode II) which helps him out so much.

The trio and SR-3 hop aboard the Falcon and Sam starts fangazaming over that this was his father, Han Solo’s ship and now he’s flying in it at last. The trio flies from the Onyx Order’s best fighter pilots and through a graveyard of Rebel Alliance ship leading into an Imperial Star Destroyer where the Falcon manages to blast them all thanks to Kira’s piloting and her instincts from “Ethereal” guiding her.

Once off Jakku, the trio finally gets a proper introduction to each other and Kira decides to show off the map again using what parts are lying around to reprogram the R2-D2 head and this time she accidentally turns on a hologram of Bishop Lor Sen Tekka, logging of his progress on his mission to find Luke Skywalker and his record on the most popular planets he’s been since the Battle of Endor. If the map can be shown in its entirety, it needs a full R2 unit because of the map’s programming and old data. Knowing what must be done, they must find the rest of R2-D2 to complete the map of Luke Skywalker.

Back on Jakku, Darth Neto and Lady Temptress examine the wreckage of the Junk Village and a captured Minch, who before he is killed by Temptress, spills the word of Kira helping Sam and Finn and them being on the Millenium Falcon, which interests Neto.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker - IN PROGRESS

This Episode VII fan story plot thread continuation of my ideas for my Sequel Trilogy rewrite:

The mission here is to keep the soul of Star Wars pure, make the sequels as a continuation to Episode I-VI, keep to George Lucas’s original vision and fix the plot holes the Sequel Trilogy did. I hope you enjoy, thoughts and criticism is need.

Random Sequel Trilogy Ideas

The villains of the trilogy are Darth Neto, the son of Luke Skywalker named Justin Skywalker (nodding back to Luke Skywalker’s original name, Justin Valor) who’s backstory will be explained later, Lady Temptress, a female alien seductress who’s aligned herself with the Sith and helped seduced Justin when he was Jedi and a alliance of Pirates called the Onyx Order who team up with the Sith Lords to find the Whills and take over the New Republic.

Somewhere in an alternate dimension where the prequels are good...

Star Wars Episode I: The Beginning (the movie as marketed as Star Wars: The Beginning)

Directed by
Irvin Kershner

Produced by
Rick McCallum

Story by
George Lucas

Screenplay by
Lawrence Kasdan and Jonathan Hales

The film opens with a Republic Cruiser heading to the peaceful planet of Alderaan where the planet is being blockaded by the Galactic Traders. Aboard are two Jedi Knights, young Ben Kenobi (Ben Kenobi is the trilogy’s protagonist) and Qui-Gon Jinn who are disguising themselves as Republic Ambassadors but through the use of security cameras, the Viceroy of the Traders, Nute Gunray and tells this to his leader, Darth Vader who orders for their execution. First, their ship is destroyed and the Neimoidian Troopers try to kill them but Ben and Qui-Gon ignite their lightsabers and kill them all and escape down to Alderaan.

On Alderaan, Queen Organa and Prince Bail discuss with the council the disruption of their communications fearing an invasion but before they know it, the Galactic Traders arrive on the city streets and take the castle by storm and arrest them all. Ben and Qui-Gon who snuck aboard two smaller transports meet up and save them. Queen Organa and Prince Bail agree to go with them to Coruscant to meet with their representative, Senator Palpatine. They take off on their royal starship, which Vader finds out about and chases them down on in his Sith Infiltrator. Ben and Qui-Gon use the ship’s only defense with are turrets but Qui-Gon manages to defeat Vader by damaging one of his engines but he is injured in the process.

The crew and Bail say that because of the mysterious ship, the Hyperdrive was destroyed in the process so they’ll need to find a replacement. Ben finds a planet where they can a Hyperdrive, Tatooine. Bail disagrees going there but after some talking with the Queen they decide to go there. On Tatooine, Qui-Gon stays on the ship to Force Heal while Ben disguises himself as a Alderaan Farmer and Prince Bail suggests taking the Queen’s handmaiden, Padme, and her protocol droid, C-3PO with him which he reluctantly agrees. They travel to Mos Eisley Spaceport where they find a junk shop run by a creature named Watto and his only employee, a young boy named Anakin Lars. Ben first meets Anakin when he accidentally almost knocks something over and Anakin helps him out and the two feel a Force Connection with each other. Ben in this scene is also shown to be a noob at Force Mind Tricks before Episode IV where he was a pro at it.

After not getting the hyperdrive, Ben, Padme and C-3PO go to a diner, but Padme and C-3PO wait outside since “No Droids Allowed.” Ben, being in a not so pleasant mood gets himself in a fight with a racer named, Sebulba. Anakin comes in to knock off the fighting but Sebulba swears revenge. Ben thanks the boy and he takes them all to his homestead out in the desert where they meet his mother, Shmi Lars, and his older brother Owen Lars. Ben, Padme, and C-3PO also get a glance at Anakin’s project droid, R2-D2. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has learned of the Queen and the Jedi going to Tatooine has talked to his master, Darth Sidious about his plans and Sidious instructs him to go there and capture the Queen and the Prince and kill the rest.

At the homestead, Ben and Anakin bond some more, and Anakin discovers he’s a Jedi and being inexperienced with his teachings, he tells Anakin about the Force which he’s amazed by. And once talking of Podracing comes up, Ben gets the idea of making Anakin race for Watto to get them the money they need, which he agrees upon. Ben signs Anakin up for the race which is the next morning, but to their surprise, Sebulba is in the race and faces off against Anakin. But Ben tells Anakin to use the Force, let go, and trust him to which he does and wins the money and the race.

Afterward, the hyperdrive is taken to the ship and Ben asks Anakin if he wants to come with him to Coruscant to become a Jedi Knight but he has a heart to heart talk with his mother because he wants to make her proud and he’ll come back for her and Owen some way and somehow. She agrees and he leaves with Ben. But when they leave, a probe droid finds them and Ben cuts it down and they run for it. But Darth Vader attacks them and Ben duels the Sith Lord. Qui-Gon feels the Disturbance in the Force and Anakin’s presence and rushes out to meet the boy and they go to the cockpit and rescue Ben.

The crew finally arrives at Coruscant and they meet Senator Palpatine and President Valorum. The group separates so they can do their own thing. Anakin is brought before the Jedi and tested and Queen Organa, Bail and Palpatine go to the Senate. Ben and Qui-Gon discuss the whereabouts of Vader to the Jedi Council led by Mace Windu. Yoda would be there but he’s away saving a planet from being sucked into a black hole. Ben then confronts the Council about Anakin and suggests that he should be tested because of his friendship with the boy and he’s a lot like him. Mace reluctantly agrees and Anakin is tested but is assigned to Qui-Gon as his master much to Ben’s frustration.

Meanwhile, Palpatine is taking action with Queen Organa and Prince Bail and has manipulated Queen Organa to order “A Vote of No Confidence” to replace President Valorum which she does before the Senate and the Voting begins.

After feeling homesick and discussing it with Bail, Queen Organa decides to return home with Ben, Qui-Gon, and Anakin. Before leaving, Ben and Qui-Gon get into an argument over Anakin and Qui-Gon relents him over and Anakin is left in the dark between the two Jedi. On Alderaan, Darth Vader returns to the surprise of Gunray and his followers and he says that the Queen is returning and they need to put all their effort into using their blockade by taking down all of Alderaan. One of the Queen’s councilmen and his men find out and decide to launch an attack on the blockade using all their pilots.

Upon arriving on Alderaan, the Queen’s Starship is caught in the crossfire of the space battle of Alderaan and the Queen is badly injured in the battle. Prince Bail takes over and orders a return to the palace. Inside they meet with the Queen’s councilmen and they take the Queen to a med bay where she dies. But no time for mourning, everyone meets with the Pilots and they discuss the plan on how to defeat the blockade by taking down the main control ship. Padme volunteers to lead the pilots because she is the REAL Queen and makes a speech to inspire the pilots and Anakin volunteers as one of the pilots and everyone else joins in.

Anakin, Padme, and all the pilots take to the sky where they all fight the Neimoidian Fighters while Ben, Qui-Gon, and some Alderaan Fighters sneak aboard the main control ship to help deactivate the turrets and turn the tide. But Darth Vader finds them and duels Ben and Qui-Gon. Ben and Qui-Gon duel Vader into the engine rooms of the control ship where they reach the airlock of the ship where Qui-Gon and Ben are separated when Vader force pushes Ben into a laser shield barrier and Vader stabs Qui-Gon in the chest.

In space, things aren’t going so good until Anakin is hit and goes flying into the hanger and Qui-Gon feels Anakin’s presence and calls to him saying to use the Force and he fires at the Main Reactor destroying it. At the duel, Ben duels Vader and wounds his legs and cuts off his left arm. He knocks Ben into the airlock and activates it. But Qui-Gon uses his last bit of Force to close it. Ben jumps up and drags Qui-Gon to the hanger, back to the shuttle where they share a moment where Qui-Gon asks Ben to promise Ben to train Anakin for him and he dies. Ben then escapes the main control ship and Vader escapes into space. The blockade also is defeated but only two remaining ships retreat into space, one containing Gunray and his followers.

The film ends with Anakin returning to Alderaan with Padme and everyone congratulates him, Yoda finally appearing and meeting Ben and allowing Ben to train Anakin, Qui-Gon getting cremated and Padme knighting Ben as her Jedi Guardian and giving Anakin the name, “Anakin Skywalker.”

Somewhere in an alternate dimension where the prequels are good...

This is my own silly write of the Prequels using many other rewrites for inspiration and some elements of Disney Star Wars and The Clone Wars TV Show. But the goal is to keep to the continuity of the Original Trilogy safe from harm and keep to Lucas’s intent of making this Trilogy a tragedy but also spark hope. IDK enjoy…

Star Wars Episode VI Rewrite

Star Wars
Episode VI
Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.

Little does Luke know but the GALACTIC EMPIRE is going to unveil a new space station even more powerful than the dreaded Death Star.

Spies loyal to the Rebellion have made their way to this ultimate weapon to begin the final battle of restoring freedom to the galaxy…

-The camera then reveals the forest world of Endor, now transformed into a mega superweapon, THE STARKILLER. The Starkiller contains half a city part of the planet and the forest is the unfinished part of it. It’ll be chopped down later to be another part of the city on top. The Executor, Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer orbits in front of it.

-Star Destroyer moves in over screen - like Ep.IV and lowers an Imperial Cargo Shuttle similar to Rogue One where it heads towards the Executor-Wedge Anitlies and Toryn Farr are in charge of the rebel mission and sneak in using fake codes and Imperial Outfits and Stormtrooper Disguises only to get caught and make a run for it-we are introduced to Death troopers-Darth Vader appears and takes out rebels and chokes Wedge but he sends a signal to rebels-Grand Moff Jerjerrod talks with Vader and The Emperor is said to be arriving to The Starkiller with the Regional Governors to see the destruction of the Rebels and the first planetary destruction use of The Starkiller

-Tatooine - C-3PO and R2-D2 wander to Jabba’s Palace - at the Gate they meet Leia in Disguise calling herself Booush - C-3PO doesn’t know she’s Booush but R2-D2 but doesn’t mention it - they enter Jabba’s Palace and are taken by Boba Fett to Jabba the Hutt-R2 plays Luke’s message and refuses Luke’s offer and instead takes the droids to service-Jabba executes Oola, the slave girl to the Rancor-that night Leia frees Han Solo from Carbonite but are caught by Jabba’s guards and Leia is made a slave girl and Han is thrown in prison with Lando and Chewie

-Lando and Han fight-Chewie and Lando explain the situation but Han is not believing Lando-Luke arrives and Force Mind Tricks guards-Luke meets Jabba and fights Rancor-Luke kills Rancor - Luke and Friends to Sarlacc Pit, but Luke unleashes his green lightsaber-Leia kills Jabba and they escape-Boba Fett secretly follows Luke

-The Emperor and Governors arrive at Starkiller/Endor - Vader and Emperor talk - Vader is choked by Emperor - on Dagobah, Luke speaks with Yoda and tells Luke that Vader is NOT his father, Yoda dies - Ben appears as fireflies - Boba Fett appears, Luke tries to fight but Boba Fett is revealed to be LUKE’S FATHER, Anakin Skywalker - Anakin explains his backstory

-Rebel Base on Sicemon, grass planet - Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar and General Madine assemble rebels - Han still untrustful to Lando (Lando is a General)-Luke and Anakin/Boba arrive on Sicemon-Anakin/Boba is arrested - Luke begs for his freedom - rebels view Wedge’s signal about The Starkiller/Endor but it’s not enough but Anakin/Boba tells more about the planet and the Empire’s plan because of his experience in the Empire and what he’s learned through Vader - Mon Mothma gives him freedom and plans to have him lead Luke, Leia, Han and the rebels to Starkiller/Endor’s forest side - Han tries to leave but Leia convinces him to stay- Han warns Lando not to leave a scratch on it or he’s dead - Anakin/Boba, Luke and Company ride on Slave I to Starkiller/Endor - On the City Side of Starkiller/Endor - The Emperor has sensed a tremor in the Force and tells Vader to be weary and await orders on his command ship-Slave I tricks Executor and Admiral Piett and officers to land on Forest Side of Starkiller/Endor, Vader senses Luke and Anakin/Boba

-On the Forest Side-Anakin/Boba lands Slave I near an Imperial Campground Post where Han orders the team to follow Anakin/Boba while he, Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca take a look at it-they fight the Scout Troopers and Death Troopers stationed and Luke and Leia chase the two Scouts on Speeder Bikes- Leia crashes and Luke uses lightsaber to deflect and destroy a Scout’s speeder - Luke reunites with the group but NO Leia yet - search for Leia

-Wicket the youngest Ewok finds Leia and she makes friends with him-Death Troopers find Leia and Wicket springs into action and uses his spear and weapons on Death Trooper 1 and Leia takes out Death Trooper on Speeder Bike - Leia is taken to Village because of Wicket knowing about something of the Empire - Vader informs Emperor about Luke being with Rebels - Emperor sends Vader to the Forest Part to hunt Luke - Luke and Company meet Ewoks and reunite with Leia - C-3PO is crowded their God and they introduce their history of the Empire and The Starkiller’s construction and how it affects the Ewoks-Luke senses Vader’s attack and talks to Anakin/Boba and Leia overhears and joins in, Luke reveals she is his sister from Anakin’s backstory - Leia cries in Han’s arms

-General Veers and Vader in AT-AT search the forest for Luke until they see Anakin/Boba with a captured Luke - Vader confronts Luke and knows he is not his father and he’s not afraid of him anymore - Leia, Han, Chewie, C-3PO. R2-D2 and Ewoks prepare an attack on Imperial Base thanks to Anakin/Vader giving the Rebels the coordinates to the base when he brought Luke to Vader-Ewoks creates a distraction for Stormtroopers; the rebels enter the base

-Luke, Vader, and Anakin/Boba arrive on City Side of Starkiller/Endor and The Emperor’s Throne Room where Anakin/Boba requests to stay in the room - Emperor exposits his plan and how the Death Star was his prototype to The Starkiller and how he wanted the Rebels to find out about The Starkiller and how if he goes, The Starkiller goes”

-Lando and Rebel Fleet arrives at The Starkiller - Admiral Ackbar is told by Lando that The Starkiller has a shield and so does Han and Leia and they are captured - the battle in space begins - Luke watches from City Side of Starkiller/Endor as Emperor taunts him

-C-3PO and R2 tricks Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers to capture them - Ewoks attack and battle on Forest Side begins - Leia and Han to hack into the system to get into the base

-Grand Moff Jerjerrod on the city side takes command of the battle and is told of the super laser core is ready and he asks The Emperor of what target, Sicemon

-Lando and the Rebel Fleet see the super laser core and they need to destroy the trench and disable its generator- Han and Leia overhear this from Lando and Leia calls on C-3PO and R2 to help - Han and R2 are shot and Leia tries to heal Han while hacking the system of the base

-The Emperor reveals he’s known of Anakin/Boba’s hidden identity through the Force which shocks Luke and angers Vader-Vader is ordered to kill him and Luke begins the duel - Chewie takes over AT-ST with Wicket and another Ewok-Leia gets an idea-she takes over the Slave I and tries to pilot it - Luke and Vader fight and Vader Force Probes Anakin’s mind to toy Luke’s emotions and he cuts off his arm - Luke refuses to kill Vader and saves Anakin angering The Emperor-Leia manages to autopilot Slave I to the base and crashes itself into it as she escapes with a jetpack- troopers cheer for her and Lando and Rebel Fleet begin into Trench of Starkiller/Endor

-The Emperor shocks Luke with Lightning and Anakin tries to block but is shocked too - Vader tackles The Emperor and they both die by falling down the reactor shaft of The Starkiller/Endor-earthquakes begin around the planet - Vader and The Emperor’s death proved The Emperor’s point, “if he goes, The Starkiller goes”

-Imperial Ships like Executor and some Rebel Ships get sucked in by a pull and are exploded by The Starkiller’s earthquake’s Force Energy Shields-Luke and Anakin learn of the reactor bomb and Luke and Anakin use the Force to disarm it using the Force and save the planet and the Rebels-Lando escapes as the reactor bomb is disarming - Luke uses the Force the hardest and is killed taking the Throne Room down too

-Rebels cheer for the reactor bomb ending-Anakin finds Luke dead and tries to use all his strength to Force Heal him and Luke is revived and he hugs Anakin but he’s used up his Force Energy and falls dead and disappears with the Force leaving his Boba Fett armor and helmet

-Leia, a healed Han, Chewbacca, the Droids, and Rebels approach the City side of Starkiller/Endor and capture Grand Moff Jerjerrod and the remaining Imperials and a sad Luke with Anakin’s Boba Fett helmet

-Rebels regroup on Forest Side of Starkiller/Endor - Ewok Bonfire and Celebration and Luke is alone with helmet until he sees the ghosts of Anakin Skywalker, Ben Kenobi and Yoda cheer him up - Anakin hugs him and says he is proud of him and Leia appears to see the ghosts and they return to celebration and dance into the night-End Credits

Star Wars Episode VI Rewrite

I was heavily inspired to do my own version of Return of the Jedi after reading this:

And seeing the Channel Awesome fanscription of Return of the Jedi:

So this rewrite will be pulling elements from those versions from those into this rewrite along with stuff from Disney’s Star Wars, the EU, and the earlier drafts of Return of the Jedi.

Personally, I think the biggest mistake with ROTJ is making Darth Vader related to Luke and writing everything in a corner so that the Sequel Trilogy can suck in anyway you write it and you have to fill in the blank for the Prequels. So I hope I attempt to rerectify that with this. If you don’t think so, leave me your thoughts or how you would’ve changed ROTJ.

What If? Canon-Divergent Story Ideas Thread

I actually have two wildly offset storylines that evolve both the Canon and the EU:

Also these are unfinished but if you wanna hear your thoughts or criticisms, please let me know.

The Mandalorian King:

In this AU, Obi-Wan Kenobi is found by Darth Sidious instead of Darth Maul and is trained in the Dark Side but abandons his master to find his old love Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore and become the King of the Mandalorians and an enemy of the Old Republic and the Jedi.

Darth Plagueis would be confronted with a vision of Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi fighting Darth Vader, and to prevent his visions of the future from coming true, he uses a Force Hallucination secretly on both Yoda and Darth Sidious to switch up apprentices; Sidious, disguises himself as a kind and innocent farmer goes to Stewjon and meets the Kenobi’s’; there he befriends them and tricks them into taking their toddler son, Obi-Wan Kenobi and buy him from them so he can teach him under his ways of farming (The Force;) at the same time, Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn goes to Dathomir to meet the Nightsisters and Mother Talzin to befriend them as well and agree to take Talzin’s zabrak son, Maul Opress under Qui-Gon’s wing

Over the course of the next 21 years, Maul would be trained as a Jedi and be given a Green double-bladed lightsaber and Obi-Wan would be trained as a Sith; over that time, Sidious began scheming with the Trade Federation much earlier than in the regular timeline and he and Obi-Wan started attacking planets like Mandalore but that failed once Obi-Wan ran into and fell in love with Duchess Satine Kryze and after seeing the might of Mandalore, they were forced to retreat and take on another planet, Naboo

Qui-Gon and Maul would go to Naboo like Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon would in the regular timeline and rescue Queen Amidala and go to Tatooine and free Anakin Skywalker from slavery and leave his mother behind, but would still be attacked by Obi-Wan; the difference here would be is that Obi-Wan is still attached to his love for Satine and yearns to be back with her; then on the night he is ordered to go back to Naboo and kill Qui-Gon and Maul, he vanishes and goes to Mandalore and reunites with Satine; Plagieus is still killed out of Sidious’s rage of Obi-Wan vanishing and Naboo is saved but Anakin is made Qui-Gon’s new apprentice while Maul goes on to face the Jedi Trials

Three years after the battle of Naboo, Satine and Obi-Wan marry on one of Mandalore’s moons and he renames himself Janusex and they become the Mandalorian King and Queen

Count Dooku around this time becomes Sidious’s new apprentice and is far more powerful and unstable than in the actual timeline

Anakin and Maul become Jedi rivals in this timeline because of Maul becoming one of the Jedi Council and Anakin yearning to become more powerful than him against Qui-Gon’s fatherly relationship with him

Maul, Anakin and Padme Amidala have a love triangle in this AU and like in the real AU, Padme is friends with Satine but knows nothing of their cruel Mandalorian King, Janusex (Obi-Wan)

Palpatine eyes both Anakin and Maul to be one of his apprentices

Anakin returns to Tatooine and tries to rescue his mother but fails and slaughters the Sandpeople like in the main timeline

Jango Fett is raised on Concord Dawn in this universe and raised into the Mandalorian Army and assigned by Janusex and Dooku to assinate Padme to bring Maul, Anakin and Padme together on Naboo and Dooku and Qui-Gon to meet again with Janusex

Qui-Gon is taken by Dooku and escapes leaving Anakin and Maul to work together to fight Janusex who beats them and cuts off Anakin’s right arm

Anakin marries Padme in secret as in main timeline

Instead of a Clone Army, the Republic enlists regular men as soldiers to save time and resources

Janusex and the Mandalorians play a much bigger role in the Clone Wars than they do in the main timeline thanks to Dooku and Grievous and are in charge of wiping out the Nightsisters, than the Battle Droid army

Palpatine is captured and Anakin overpowers and kills Dooku as in the main timeline

Palpatine reveals he is Sidious and after Anakin gives into the Dark Side and allows him to kill Mace Windu, Anakin becomes Palpatine’s apprentice, Darth Vader

Maul goes to Utapau and kills Grievous and Order 66 issued while there and he flees into the galaxy

Janusex and the Mandalorians are discovered by Palpatine and Mandalore is attacked by the Empire, Palpatine arrives and Janusex duels him and Palpatine threatens him with Satine and kills her, Janusex flees, he goes to find help with any surviving Mandalorians but they’re all gone; but he goes to where he seeks refuge as all runaway Mandalorians can go to, Coruscant; there he finds the Jedi Temple, he finds Qui-Gon, Maul and Yoda regrouping while hiding in the shadows and what they plan to do to stop the Sith; he wonders if he should join in to avenge his people but he is then attracted to a room of Holocrons and takes the center one that attracts him the most

Janusex learns that Qui-Gon and Padme are going to Mustafar and he sneaks aboard the ship unknown to them while Maul and Yoda face Sidious; both fail, Yoda and Maul go into exile on unknown planets, Qui-Gon is killed by Anakin and leaves Padme on Mustafar after feeling betrayed by the fact she sided with Qui-Gon; but Janusex resuces her and takes her to the nearest space sport and hospital, Polis Massa where she gives birth to Luke and Leia and he promises to raise them under his care and she dies afterwards; he leaves with the children and tells the Polis Massans to take her body back to Naboo to be buried

After 19 years of training, private adventures of finding Jedi artifacts and writing in a Journal, Janusex is learning to become a Jedi along with Luke and Leia and when he saves a mandalorian (Pre Vizsla) from the Empire, they’re forced to go on the run; even though they don’t see eye to eye, Janusex thinks this may be the best chance to rebuild his Mandalorian regime and the Jedi but they’ll need help; he tries some meditating and actually contacts Qui-Gon’s spirit who tells him to go to find Maul on Dathomir

This is where the Mandalorian King ends on story ideas. And now for my second AU:

The Resurgence of Skywalker:

In this AU, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader survives the Battle of Endor and lives past “Return of the Jedi” and onto into the events of the sequel trilogy and finds a path to finding a way to redeeming himself to the entire galaxy for his crimes with the Empire and as a Sith Lord

Vader is restored back as Anakin and kills Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious on the Death Star II and restores balance in the Force (for the time being) and he and Luke share a moment before Anakin loses consensus; but Obi-Wan Kenobi’s ghost would appear and touch his forehead and his own reviving him and giving him the strength and energy to live once more; Obi-Wan tells Luke that Anakin’s work is still not done and that he must stay alive and that once he gives most of his energy up to Anakin, his time in the Netherworld will begin to expire; before more can be explained they flee off the exploding Death Star

Luke regroups with Lando, Han, Leia and Chewie and they’re horrified that he is with a wounded Anakin/Vader and he tearful pleas for his father to be given medical treatment and removed from his torturous suit; they agree but they arrest him and take him to Chandrila, where Mon Mothma and Rebel Leaders are planning the early stages of the New Republic

Anakin/Vader’s trial would be from his medical bed as Medical Droids fix him a new suit under Luke’s direction; galactic publicity would try to make Anakin/Vader answer questions that he would stay silent until he was alone with Luke and his only response was “Padme;” this would go on for days on end until Leia convinces Luke to use some sort of Force Trick on Anakin/Vader to probe his mind

Luke unfortunately does (like Kylo Ren does with Rey in “The Force Awakens” in the main timeline) but when he probes his father, he sees a vision of his father Force Choking a woman on a volcanic planet and a Japor snippet which angers Anakin/Vader and the medical room around him, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Rebels and the galactic publicity reporters begins to rumble and the medical droids begin to crumble and explode and the Rebels, Han and Chewie begin to point their weapons at Anakin/Vader and he uses his mind to implode them, he uses the Force to free himself and attacks them all

Anakin/Vader flees into the building, engulfed in his Force Rage but is stopped in a room by Luke but when Luke tries to touch his head, he burns himself, but Obi-Wan and Yoda’s Force Ghosts cool him down and they tell Luke that if Anakin/Vader is to survive and to truly redeem himself, disappear, both of them; Luke sneaks Anakin/Vader out through a Rebel Shuttle

The Rebels discover Vader escaped and Mon Mothma orders an immediate search throughout the whole galaxy, Leia tries to telepathically contact Luke and he says to her that he and their father have a job to do and so does she because she is pregnant with her son, Ben Solo

Luke and Anakin/Vader hide on the isolated world of Ahch-To where they find The First Jedi Temple and they and Obi-Wan and Yoda use the force to use a Force Shield to avoid detection from any lifeforms

Over the next thirty years, Anakin/Vader and Luke begin training themselves with the Scarred Jedi Texts and the ways of the Grey Jedi, and the whole Galaxy and the New Republic knows by know they’re criminals and Luke is Vader’s son; Leia in this timeline is safe from the public knowing she’s related to Vader; Ben Solo has become a Senator for Chandrila and Han Solo is a general for the New Republic Army with Chewbacca at his side

The Empire has reformed into the First Order at this time and is at war with the New Republic; the Resistance does NOT exist in this timeline

Ben Solo hates being a Senator and wishes to be more like his father and to find his criminal Uncle, Luke Skywalker

Anakin/Vader has his own personal medication hub in a cavern similar to his Meditation Chamber

This is where The Resurgence of Skywalker ends on story ideas…

Random Sequel Trilogy Ideas

Kira is the main character of this Sequel Trilogy and is revealed in Episode IX to be the daughter of Luke Skywalker and Monda Licht (german for Moon Light) and is given to the care of Minch Unattu on the graveyard junk world of Jakku; Kira, as she grows, is followed around by a Force being named Ethereal and it isn’t until she meet SR-3 “Surley”, Finn, and Sam Solo is where she discovers the map to Luke Skywalker and she agrees to find him and the adventure begins.

Random Sequel Trilogy Ideas

The Whills in the Trilogy are immortal beings as George once said who feed off the Force so I wanted to give them some sort of personalities like the Priestess from The Clone Wars so here are their names and positions:

Esta Mus - the Wisest and most educated of the Whills
Dominium - the Timekeeper of the galaxy and master of strength
Fortis - the emotional one and overseer of the wars and conflict in the galaxy
Uber - the leader and writer of the Journal of the Whills who created the galaxy and watches over it

Right now, I only made four of them because I could be wrong but there’s an unknown amount of how many Whills are in Canon.

Also in the Trilogy as we progress to Episode VIII, the Whills are believed to give the enemies a false belief of giving them control over the Force and the Galaxy if they find the Realm of the Whills.

The Realm of the Whills looks like something you’d see from Avatar mixed with the World Between Worlds in Rebels…

The three Whills are also seen without Uber because he’s been isolated and hiding himself away with the Journal of the Whills for some time and they can’t reach him. But we’ll get to why that is later.

Random Sequel Trilogy Ideas

Titles for My Sequel Trilogy rewrite:

Episode VII: The Search for Skywalker
Episode VIII: Rise of the Whills
Episode IX: A Tale of Generations

I remember reading somewhere that every trilogy has started with an A or T or R so I wanted to do the same here with the Sequel Trilogy because starting with “The” every damn movie doesn’t bode well…