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Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: scalesojustice
Originally posted by: Falle
My work is exlusive for a website until an amount of time.. Probably 2 weeks, then you can download them from my upcoming cover website, ok?

although i hate the s.e. those gold s.e. covers are classy. can't wait until they are avialable.

give me an email, then i'll notify when they are available
Describe your history with Star Wars
I was born in '88. I always knew what Star Wars were. I saw Star Wars at some age 5-6, but never really showed interest in it. Then in 1997 I won tickets from Pepsi, to watch the trilogy at the world premiere. I loved the movies, and have been a fan ever since, but since I live in Denmark, it's very limited to what I can get hold of, therefor I am just started to collecting merchandise. The coolest I've ever owned was a life-size cardboard Darth Vader.

It was so big, I hadn't space for it, I gave it to my brother. Until today, I regret this.

Now the coolest thing I got, is the life size cardboad of Anakin III of his shoulders up to his head, and his eye lights up in a red color.
Star Wars DVD Covers
My covers:

I don't like the new covers for the upcoming releases myself. But the 2004 versions had to have those covers, because they had to match the prequel trilogy.

Well, my opinion about the new covers:

It looks weird with those fighters flying on a line like an ant army. Looks stupid. I also hate the floating heads, and this covers has the worst of them all. Peter Cushing and Alec Guinness looks so weird. Chewbacca stands weird, and the worst part is the explosion on the right side. And it's also using a ROTS Vader.

First of all, the purple teint is soo disgusting and secondly having a ROTS Vaders mess things up. There's no lightsaber or laser beams to give the cover a contrast. Third, look at Luke, Han, Carrie and Yoda. They are looking at the same direction, yet Lando finds something more interesting on the other side - that's ugly, plus using the Han Solo promo shot of ANH doesn't make it better.

When watching the three covers next to each other, ROTJ looks so weird, because we can only see a part of Vader's mask and on the other we see part of the body and arms. The teint around the characters are to poor made, because it's so thin, and why on earth leave out Lando?
My DVD Covers
Perhaps a mod would move this thread?

Thanks, and I might be dumb here, but what is a TB-set?

They will be available in about two weeks time from now - That's because my work is exclusive for a small matter of time, then opened for the public. I'm also doing the covers in the classic blue versions.