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THE CLONE WARS SAGA (No Longer Available)

I just wanted to let everyone know that these fanedits are no longer available. There are a few reasons for this, but one is because I feel like sharing files with others online puts the security of my storage account at risk. I apologize to everyone who has asked for links, but the edits are not available anymore.

I have updated the main post and changed the thread name to reflect this change.

Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)

Your ideas sound good, I’m interested. : )
Anyway, I did a rewrite of the crawl to condense and reorganize it a bit.




A terrorist organization known as the FIRST ORDER has unleashed a massive battleship equipped with the power to destroy entire star systems. Now serving the First Order, the fallen Jedi Kylo Ren has betrayed and murdered his father, Han Solo.

Desperate to stop these growing threats, General Leia Organa has sent her pupil Rey to seek out her missing brother Luke Skywalker. Feeling responsible for his nephew’s fall to the Dark Side and the destruction of his new JEDI ORDER, Luke has went into exile.

The mysterious leader of the First Order, Snoke, has ordered Kylo Ren to hunt down Skywalker. However, Luke’s whereabouts are classified and known only to a handful of resistance leaders. In this age of turmoil, the First Order reigns and no one is safe….

The Clone Wars: Refocused - A new holistic approach inspired by the Mandalorian [TWELVE EPISODES RELEASED (+watchlist for the remainder)]

Just wanted to let everyone know that I don’t want to be connected to this project, or really mentioned in this thread at all if possible. And that’s because I feel like EddieDean is being kind of a douche for the reasons I’ve listed below.

EddieDean said:
“There’s no real need for movie-length episodes of this series.”
“Ultimately these challenges are going to appear and need solving for any TV-to-movie attempt.”
“There’s a difference between establishing credibility (which is non competitive) and looking to boost appeal or to put down others (which is).”
“But there’s no competition in this space - every time any fan edit gets released, the community as a whole benefits.”

You correctly say that fanediting isn’t a competition, but your behavior suggests otherwise. You’re constantly trying to prove that your edit is “the best way to watch the series” while claiming that other attempts don’t work and are unnecessary. That’s not necessary to “establish credibility”.

EddieDean said:
“But I need to be critical here, with the intention of releasing (in my subjective opinion) the best experience.

You don’t need to criticize other fanedits or make yours out to be the best. You could’ve simply said that you’re taking a different approach and left it at that.
You should just talk about your own ideas and edits without trying to drag everyone else’s down. I’m sure you’ll deny that being your intention as you did before, but it’s pretty obvious that is what’s happening here.

EddieDean said:
“Smudger9’s second movie, while unquestionably brilliant, illustrates those two main issues with forcing yourself to adhere to the two hour approach.”

I also feel like you are misunderstanding the point of film edits. No one is editing the series for the sole reason of adhering to a film-like runtime, or “forcing themselves” as you say. Many editors (myself included) simply feel that the story of The Clone Wars series works better when condensed into a film format, since it’s a pretty cinematic series that tells a story on par with the movies. I realize that you disagree with that opinion, but opinions obviously aren’t facts.

Also, another goal of film-length edits is to make the series more accessible to casual viewers who wouldn’t watch the amazing stories told in it otherwise. That was one of the main goals of my edits, and I feel like I succeeded in that respect. Yes I simply “aggregated” episodes together and added a crawl, but that was my main intention since I feel the series is already great without altering things too much.

I’m sure my response to your post will get a bad response, but you did say that other users should feel free to challenge the things you said in this thread. I have no intention of engaging in an argument, but I just wanted to let you know that I also feel your wording of things is kind of disrespectful, as other users have pointed out.

EddieDean said:

THE CLONE WARS SAGA (No Longer Available)

Darth Muffy said:

ExpandedUniverses said:

I have another question:
Do you guys prefer custom opening crawls or narration?

As these are presented as StarWars movies you really should go with crawl, plus as you said you can weave the stories text to your liking. extra effort but well worth the end results 😎👍

I think I’ve decided to go with the crawls. I was making some last night and cropping them, and it’s not as difficult as I remember. : )

One more question: should I leave the abridged Lux Bonteri arc at the end of Episode II? I feel like it seems kind of out-of-place since Ahsoka is older there, and the stories don’t take place on Mandalore unlike the other ones in that episode. But I need the Lux Bonteri episodes to explain Ahsoka’s past with Bo-Katan and Death Watch for the last film.
What do you all think?

THE CLONE WARS SAGA (No Longer Available)

Thanks for your input! : )

I agree that there is a lack of Ventress in my edits. But it’s hard to add more because her only appearances (prior to the Nightsisters arc) are in the following episodes:

“The Hidden Enemy”
“The Clone Wars - Film”
“Cloak of Darkness”
“ARC Troopers”

Cutting the original film unfortunately removed a lot of her content. If I make the version that keeps the original film, then that saga would potentially have more Ventress.

Adding “ARC Troopers” in the hypothetical 8-film saga’s Episode III would also add in some more Ventress, since she features in that episode.

Either way, I’ll try to add in more Ventress content. : )


I have another question:
Do you guys prefer custom opening crawls or narration? I’ve kind of been leaning forwards keeping the narration since it was in the original show and flows better (and I can use it to transition between arcs better). Plus it’s easier to do since I don’t have to make crawls from scratch.
But then I can’t really add plot elements like changing the “emergency” in Film I. That means I’d have to keep the Jabba’s Son arc instead of swapping it for the Malevolence arc.

THE CLONE WARS SAGA (No Longer Available)

Hello again!
I’ve been thinking about making a longer version of this Clone Wars film saga that covers more arcs. But I don’t know what to make. Here are my two main ideas:

MAKE 8 FANEDITS (with custom crawls - this version is similar to the current version except it now features Domino Squad as focus characters, so Fives’ arc has more impact in the final films)

  • I - Path of the Padawan (same as current version - Christophsis/Malevolence/Geonosis)
  • II - Corruption on Mandalore (same as current version - Mandalore S2/Mandalore S3/Lux Bonteri [Abridged])
  • III - The Fight for Survival (Domino Squad/The Citadel arcs)
  • IV - Children of Dathomir (same as current episode III - Nightsisters/Return of Maul pt. 1)
  • V - An Untamed Evil (same as current episode IV - Return of Maul pt. 2/Maul on Mandalore)
  • VI - Trials of the Force (same as current episode V - Mortis/Ahsoka Framed)
  • VII - The Clone Conspiracy (Umbara/Order 66 Origins arcs)
  • VIII - Fate of the Republic (Martez Sisters/Siege of Mandalore arcs)

I particularly like those last two arrangements. My current episode VI bothers me because it changes main characters and plots half-way through. This hypothetical “episode VII” would keep Fives and Rex as the main characters throughout their arcs. And “episode VIII” would mostly follow Ahsoka throughout the film.

OR I COULD MAKE 12 CLONE WARS FANEDITS (This series of edits would not use custom opening crawls. I would keep the narrator for the film’s opening, as well as when we transition between arcs - so it’s clear what’s happening and arc transitions are less abrupt.)

Here’s how the openings would go:
Silver Lucasfilm logo
“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”
The Clone Wars Intro
Title of film (in place of the quotes usually placed here in the series)
Narrator intro

  • I - Path of the Padawan (Christophsis/Jabba’s Son)
  • II - A Galaxy at War (Malevolence/Geonosis)
  • III - Corruption on Mandalore (Mandalore S2/Mandalore S3)
  • IV - The Fight for Survival (Domino Squad/The Citadel)
  • V - Heroes on Both Sides (Lux Bonteri/A Friend In Need/Onderon)
  • VI - The Seeds of Darkness (Kadavo/Deception)
  • VII - Children of Dathomir (Nightsisters/Return of Maul pt. 1)
  • VIII - An Untamed Evil (Return of Maul pt. 2/Maul on Mandalore)
  • IX - Trials of the Force (Mortis/Ahsoka Framed)
  • X - The Clone Conspiracy (Umbara/Order 66 Origins)
  • XI - The Bad Batch (Bad Batch - this film would be shorter than the others since there’s only one arc with these characters, but it’s important for their upcoming series)
  • XII - Fate of the Republic (Martez Sisters/The Siege of Mandalore)

The second option would probably take longer to create, but I wouldn’t have to make the custom crawls for it (which are very time-consuming).
The first option would be shorter and more focused, and it would fit great with Porkerrican’s Rebels Saga (which has eight films as well). The second option would feature more arcs than option one, though it would be four films longer.

What do you all think? Which option sounds better? Or is my series fine as it is? (Keep in mind that the current versions would remain available either way.)

THE CLONE WARS SAGA (No Longer Available)

Darth Muffy said:

ExpandedUniverses said:

I have added a video comic to the folder, since the Maul: Son of Dathomir comic series is integral to the plot of the series overall despite not being animated. It was made by STAR WARS AUDIO COMICS and THE LORE MASTER on YouTube. I thank them for their incredible work and thought it would be great to share here, as it really expands the series and my own fanedits.

Here’s the original link:

Thanks ExpandedUniverses for pointing out the Son Of Dathomir Audio Comic, when would you recommened watching it in relation to your episodes.

Could you also PM me those Porkerrican Rebel edit links, thanks.

I’d watch Son of Dathomir between Episodes V and VI. : )
I sent you the link to the Porkerrican edits.

THE CLONE WARS SAGA (No Longer Available)

DarthDan2343 said:

PM sent! Looking forward to experiencing all of this. From what I’ve read, I am very eager to see what you’ve created! I’m sure I’m gonna love it! The arcs that you’ve outlined are very interesting. My only recommendation (perhaps in a Solo or Rogue One style spinoff) is to include the Bad Batch episodes before Episode VI only because of the new series coming (hopefully) next year. Everything else sounds perfect! I’m so excited!

(Any chance Rebels might be another project in the near future?)

Thanks for your interest! I hope you like it. I’m not personally planning on doing Rebels, but a user named Porkerrican has created an excellent 8-film saga for that show. I sent you all the links. : )

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

JakeRyan17 said:

Like and Leia also act like they know everything they care to know about Snoke.

And my point is that for decades A New Hope was treated like a sequel to unseen events, and it wasn’t confusing. When the explanation came of how the Empire rose, most fans rejected it. Also, again, the difference is that the characters we know and interacted with were directly impacted by the events of the prequels. There’s no shared history with Snoke, so it doesn’t matter.

Take a Legends/EU example: the Yuuzhan Vong aren’t really explained. They just come from far away. Over the course of those stories they kinda delve into pertinent details, but they’re not giving all of this unnecessary information just to fill out more pages on Wookieepedia.

If that backstory reveal doesn’t affect what’s happening in the current story: it doesn’t matter. Snoke’s backstory never impacted the current stories being told. Pre-TROS continuity had him as an ancient dark force calling out to Palpatine from the Unknown Regions in novels and games. But what would such a reveal in the film matter when talking to characters that were born after Palpatine’s death? What would it matter to Luke and Leia who were concerned with toppling the Empire and restoring democracy to the Galaxy in the OT and have to help or not help do that again? When did they state that they’d defeated the Dark Side of the Force? Where does this plot point come up that you’re so attached to?

Again, it’s just for fans who want to fill out Wookieepedia pages. It did not serve the actual story being told. If you’re mad that we got the stories we got, a lot of people are mad at JJ Abrams for his decisions to do an off-brand A New Hope story and reset that status quo. The problem isn’t Snoke and the First Order, the problem is hiring a man who can’t write to be co-writer and director.

Okay, so you clearly have a problem with anyone criticizing the writing of the sequels, particularly The Last Jedi based off of your dislike of J.J. Abrams. You seem to like to start personally attacking people who criticize these films with comments like “Where does this plot point come up that you’re so attached to?” and what you said to thebluefrog earlier, “your need for every answer coming from a 30 year gap is not the same as a flaw in storytelling.” Hence your strawman argument about “Wookieepedia pages” even though literally no one has said anything about that site.
I also see that you have a major beef with J.J. Abrams’ writing style, so okay, good for you.

And I have no idea why you’re claiming that “most fans” rejected the rise of the Empire. Even the minority of people that still hate the prequels will admit that Revenge of the Sith has good moments of storytelling.

I’ve already said that nobody’s opinion is going to change from arguing on this forum, so I’m not going to engage in this conversation any further when you’re clearly not willing to listen to anything anyone else has to say in good faith.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

JakeRyan17 said:

I guess the nature of Star Wars always being presented as not the first chronological instalment, and being rebranded as “Episode Four” as early as the following instalment, is why I don’t feel it’s different.

We still don’t need to know more about him, because he’s by his very nature a force to push Kylo Ren in his development. It doesn’t matter how Snoke came to power, what matters is he is in power, and how he’s using that power. Again, looking at Johnson’s intention (Abrams didn’t really have any coherent vision or plan, so he’s not worth looking at in this capacity), the plan was to have Snoke killed by Kylo and set up Kylo as the big bad. This shifts importance onto Kylo’s backstory, which was developed quite well across the films.

Rian even talked about this, saying that a reveal of who Snoke was or how he came to be wouldn’t really change anything for the characters in the story. He’s right. None of our characters care about the how, they want to combat him.

What you’re talking about is an audience desire, not something that would actually serve the story. Contrast this with Palpatine’s return. With Palpatine, we need more information because his reappearance contradicts his death that we’d already seen. Snoke arrives from a previously unexplored place, literally called the Unknown Regions, so his arrival and rise to power does not contradict any prior story. Information about him doesn’t impact anything about the story, partially because he wasn’t in those prior instalments. Even if he had been a crime lord, or Darth Plagueis and Palpatine’s teacher… it wouldn’t matter. His backstory only matters if he comes into contact with someone he had a shared past with.

I mean no offense, but your argument makes doesn’t make sense to me.

You said TFA explaining the First Order doesn’t matter because A New Hope didn’t explain everything about the Empire’s rise, but then you bring up how ANH was rebranded as Episode IV and never presented as the first installment. Well, since that’s the case, we already know how the Empire came to power in the Prequels. So it doesn’t need to be explained further.

The Force Awakens is different because it never bothers to explain where the First Order came from or why they’re so powerful. And there’s not going to be a film to explain this between VI and VII, unlike the Original Trilogy, which got a whole prequel trilogy to explain the intricacies of its backstory. OutboundFlight really explained it best.

OutboundFlight said:

For me, it comes down to how unlike a first installment, typically sequels continue the story of their predecessors. You can start midway through a backstory for a first movie, but a sequel? It’s just confusing and makes the first movie feel redundant. Imagine in Episode V’s crawl opened with the New Republic many years after the defeat of the Empire. It wouldn’t make any sense and would make ANH feel pointless in retrospect.

I’m not opposed to Snoke appearing, but it’s so upsetting to watch all of the OT, watch the ending celebration, and be hyped to see a New Republic victorious… and that never happens. We just reset to a Resistance / Empire dynamic again. It feels like there’s a trilogy missing to bridge this gap.

And also, it’s not just “audience desire” that requires the First Order to be explained. It’s just better storytelling to actually cover massive changes in galactic politics, rather than just have a mega-powerful new threat show up out of nowhere. I know they came from the “Unknown Regions”, but that still doesn’t make it make sense.
And responding to your point about Snoke’s backstory: sure, some characters might not care about Snoke’s past. But characters like Luke and Leia, whose entire lives were ruined by the sudden appearance of Snoke, would definitely care about where he came from, especially when they believed that the Dark Side was defeated.

But there’s really no point in arguing about this. Nobody’s going to change anyone’s minds; everyone in this thread has their own opinions, and that’s perfectly natural. : )

THE CLONE WARS SAGA (No Longer Available)

I have added a video comic to the folder, since the Maul: Son of Dathomir comic series is integral to the plot of the series overall despite not being animated. It was made by STAR WARS AUDIO COMICS and THE LORE MASTER on YouTube. I thank them for their incredible work and thought it would be great to share here, as it really expands the series and my own fanedits.

Here’s the original link:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars I-VI (Kane's Edits) - FINISHED!

Kanemedhurst said:

Wow! That those alterations are a lot of help. Thank you very much!

I will either give more time for each card or add a 4th card to solve the sentances being a bit long. They do however sound a lot better.

You’re welcome! : ) I’m glad I could help.
Yeah, giving more time for each card would probably fix the sentence length issue. I’ve ran into that problem before on some of my old edits.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars I-VI (Kane's Edits) - FINISHED!

Here’s my altered versions of your crawls. Some of these sentences I changed might be too long for a text-card crawl though.

Episode I:
A galaxy divided! The Republic fights to regain control of the galaxy as more systems join the Separatist cause.
Crime Lord Jabba the Hutt has unexpectedly requested aid from the Republic, as his son has been kidnapped by a rival band of pirates.
Hoping to bring peace to these corrupt Separatist planets and the Hutt Clan, the Jedi have accepted Jabba’s desperate request…

Episode II:
Separatist leader Poggle the Lesser has returned to Geonosis, retaking the planet from the Republic’s control.
Using the planet’s vast resources, he has created terrifying new droid factories to fight the Grand Army of the Republic.
The Republic now dispatches their armies to recapture Geonosis and shut down Poggle’s factories once and for all…

Episode III:
Showdown! Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi have clashed with Asajj Ventress in the Sullust system.
Ventress has received intense training from her master Dooku and has grown strong in the Dark Side.
Darth Sidious fears that Dooku and Ventress are planning to betray him, and has decided to remove Dooku’s assassin from the war…

Episode IV:
After another clash with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul and Savage Opress were left for dead and stranded in space.
Though they were heavily wounded, the brothers were saved by Death Watch, an exiled group of Mandalorians led by warlord Pre Vizsla.
This feared organization shares a similar hatred for the Jedi and Obi-Wan Kenobi…

Episode V:
Several years have passed since Padawan Ahsoka Tano became the apprentice of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.
Her skills far surpass those of her age and sometimes even rival those of her master.
However, in the depths of Coruscant’s underworld, a dark plot is brewing that will change Ahsoka’s life forever…

Episode VI:
Before the rise of the Empire, the Republic struggled to end the fabled Clone War.
Jedi Generals were dispatched beyond the core worlds to fight for the Republic’s survival.
Moments before the historic attack on Coruscant, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his clone forces were struggling to win a battle on the planet Yerbana…

And about the file size, either size is fine. I suppose 5-7 GBs would make them more easily accessible, but if it hurts the quality too much I’d just go for the larger size.