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Anjohan said:

All things ive thought about for a long time, but it still dosent satisfy me.

I might have Dany fly straight to the Red Keep after The Loot Train to settle the Cersei arc BEFORE the battle at winterfell. That way, the night king gets to be the deserved final foe of the story, and we can focus on what really matters.

I will for sure release the last two seasons/edits with two alternate tracks, one with the LOTR score and one with the original GOT, for others to enjoy my alternate ending.

I will come back to this matter when I’ve finished season 6. Then we will have some good discussions.

That’s a pretty good idea about Daenerys killing Cersei right after the Loot Train. But then the “capture a wight” plot gets screwed up because they don’t need to show one to Cersei…
That plot was pretty silly anyway, but the Night King needs to get his dragon somehow.
Killing Cersei in earlier episodes is strangely difficult, because she plays a big role in the plot despite not actually doing much besides looking out her window.

But anyway…as you said, we can have some great discussions about this in the future. : )


CMMAP said:
Your suggestion could work, but what to do about major side characters like varys or littlefinger? It is tough to integrate them without beeing killed, they would become just background characters.

Well, if Season 7’s Story is left mostly unaltered, then Littlefinger would already be dead. But I’m not sure about Varys. I suppose he would have served most of his plot purpose already by getting Daenerys most of her Westerosi allies. And if she is crowned as a good Queen for Westeros in the end, then his goal of “serving the realm” would be fulfilled as well. Then he could just fade into the background, still alive, without his “plotting against Dany” plot.


I’m a fan of your film edits and think they’re really well-made. But I don’t really think having the White Walkers win will be an effective ending. If all the characters just die without accomplishing much of anything, that may make the whole series seem kind of pointless.

It’s an unpopular opinion, but I personally like the ending and think “Mad Queen” Daenerys was heavily hinted at throughout the series. But I know a lot of people dislike the ending, and I know it’s not for everyone.

If you want to change the story without ending with the White Walkers killing everyone, you could have the Night King die at Winterfell (either by Arya, or if you feel that doesn’t work, you could just have him die when Daenerys burns him, since that’s actually set up with the “Will dragon fire kill him?” “no one’s ever tried” exchange from the previous episode).
After the funeral scene, you could have Daenerys fly south and immediately attack King’s Landing. Instead of Daenerys burning innocents, you could just have her fly to the Red Keep and burn Cersei. After the battle, you could then show Daenerys entering the Throne Room and claiming the throne. Jon enters, they have a short exchange where Daenerys tells Jon she wants to rule with him and build a new world. They kiss, and we fade to black before the stab. That way, Daenerys lives and gets the throne, Jon’s heritage matters more because he becomes a Targaryen King and rules alongside Daenerys. Of course, you would have to cut the tension between Daenerys and Sansa (plus other characters) for this to work. There are also other details you would have to work out as well.

Of course, these are just suggestions. This is your project, so you can do whatever you think works best. : )

Info Wanted: Are there any 6-In-1 or 9-In-1 Edits?

I think I actually have the link to your Vader cut, OutboundFlight! : )
I need to watch through the whole thing sometime.

And yeah, I think a 6-in-1 could work. I actually have some ideas, so I might make a 6-in-1 Fanedit sometime. Using the Luke vs. Vader Bespin duel as a vision to replace the Dark Side Cave vision/duel on Dagobah allows you to bypass Bespin, Han’s Carbonite subplot, and Jabba altogether, which drastically cuts down the runtime. That actually works very well and makes the film flow nicely.
But adding in the sequel trilogy would be nearly impossible because it just doesn’t flow very well with the original six films anyway (plus nine films is way too many to fit into one).

Help: looking for... 'Episodes I-III: Fear, Anger, Hate' fan edit - by 'CutSickAss'

A long time ago, I watched a Fanedit that I enjoyed that cut the prequels into a single 2hr 15mins film. It was titled “Star Wars: Episodes I-III - Fear, Anger, Hate” and it was by a YouTuber named “CutSickAss”. Unfortunately, I did not download it after watching, and it was taken down from YouTube due to copyright claims.
Does anyone have this edit downloaded?

This is a page that preserved the description of the edit, but the fanedit itself is not available on the page.

Thanks for your help!

Info: Would it be possible to completely remove the Jabba plot from the Original Trilogy?

Also, here are all my ideas for this edit:

We begin with the modern Lucasfilm logo, “a long time in a galaxy far, far away”, and then a custom crawl.

“For over a thousand years, the galaxy was governed by the peaceful GALACTIC REPUBLIC. The Republic flourished under the protection of the JEDI KNIGHTS, peacekeepers who wielded a mystical power known as THE FORCE.”

“However, that era of peace and prosperity came to an end when the Republic was overthrown by the cruel EMPIRE. This empire, led by a SITH rival of the Jedi, eradicated the Jedi Order and plunged the galaxy into an era of darkness.”

“Now, a REBEL ALLIANCE has risen up to stand against the Empire’s tyranny. But far from the growing conflict, a young farmer named Luke Skywalker yearns for a life beyond the desolate world he calls home, unaware that his wish will soon come true…”

We start with A NEW HOPE, but it begins with the Jawas arriving at the Lars Homestead. Our focus here is mostly on Luke and Obi-Wan. Scenes solely about Vader, Leia, Han, etc. are completely cut. Death Star escape is shortened (no trash compactor scene, no group split-up scenes). I’m hoping to trim the Death Star battle down a lot as well.

Three years later, we flash to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Again, mostly Luke-only scenes; cut most Han, Leia, and Vader stuff. I will keep Vader’s conversation with the Emperor, because that’s pretty important.
No Wampa cave stuff; Luke just gets attacked—he wakes up in the snowstorm later and Ben appears. He goes unconscious as Han rides up, and we cut to the bacta tank scene. Hopefully I can trim a lot out of the AT-AT Walker attack on Hoth. Luke escapes and goes to Dagobah, trains with Yoda. He sees a vision of his friends in pain (a very-abridged cut of Han and Leia’s story) and goes to help.

Like I’m asking, I really don’t want to use the Han/Carbonite plot, so maybe I can just show Han being tortured on that machine instead. Luke shows up on Cloud City and fights Vader, father reveal, etc. I’ll need to show Lando helping Leia, Han, and the others escape, but I don’t know how to do that really. Maybe cut away when Lando says “shut up and listen” cut away and follow it with “we’re getting out of here”?
I was thinking I could use Han saying “I feel terrible” and lying down on the cell bed (just pretend it’s a part of the Falcon) later on when they pick up Luke. That would explain why he’s not flying the Falcon and why he’s not appearing in their escape from Cloud City, because he’s unconscious. But I might need those scenes for Lando helping them escape.
We end this segment with Luke getting his new hand and he and Leia gazing out into space; no Lando and Chewy leaving in the Falcon to find Han.

We cut to RETURN OF THE JEDI for a bit. The Emperor arrives on a new Death Star and “everything is proceeding as he has foreseen”. We cut to Luke visiting Yoda on Dagobah. Yoda dies, and Luke speaks to Obi-Wan. When Obi-Wan says “I was amazed how strongly the Force was with him”, we cut to THE PHANTOM MENACE and begin a series of prequel flashbacks.
Phantom Menace segment should be pretty short; we start with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan reporting Anakin to the Council. They go to pick him up, and he leaves Shmi. No mention is made of Shmi being a slave; Anakin doesn’t promise to come back and free her. She just lives on Tatooine. They are attacked by Maul——I’m going to cut all mentions of the Queen Amidala/Naboo plotline. Maul attacks them because Sidious told him that Anakin Skywalker cannot be allowed to become a Jedi because he’s the Chosen One (this is a custom scene taken from ForceGhostRecon’s “The Chosen One” short film edit). They go to Coruscant, the Council tests Anakin and refuses to train him. Mace Windu says that now is not the time for this; the Senate is voting for a new Chancellor and the dark warrior is still at large. The Council sends Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to track down the mysterious warrior who attacked them, and we cut to black. Shortly after, we cut to the duel with Maul, already in progress. Qui-Gon perishes and Obi-Wan defeats Maul. Newly-elected Chancellor Palpatine arrives on Naboo and thanks Obi-Wan for his bravery. He tells Anakin that he’ll be watching his career with great interest, due to Anakin being the Chosen One. Palpatine greets the Queen of Naboo, who congratulates him on his election. Palpatine responds with “together, we shall bring peace and prosperity to the Republic”.
Yoda grants Obi-Wan permission to train Anakin, and we wrap up this section with Qui-Gon’s funeral, where Obi-Wan promises Anakin that he will be a Jedi.

Then we cut back to Obi-Wan and Luke. Obi-Wan says “I took it upon myself to train him as a Jedi. I thought that I could instruct him just as well as Master Yoda. I was wrong.”

We then enter our ATTACK OF THE CLONES section of the edit. We begin with the fake Queen of Naboo arriving on Coruscant and getting blown up. Palpatine and the Jedi speak about the growing threat of separatists leaving the Republic, and how there aren’t enough Jedi to keep the peace. Senator Padmé Amidala arrives, and the Jedi say that disgruntled spice miners on Naboo’s moon are behind the attack. No mention of Dooku; he is completely removed from the edit. Palpatine suggests Padmé be placed under the protection of the Jedi, but doesn’t suggest Obi-Wan, because Padmé, Obi-Wan, and Anakin have never met before in this edit. The Jedi Council assigns Anakin to escort Padmé back home to Naboo. Yoda’s dialogue is altered so Obi-Wan is sent to hunt down this “killer”, not this “bounty hunter”, since we have no knowledge of a bounty hunter in this edit. Anakin goes to visit Palpatine for help in getting Senator Amidala to leave the capital. Obi-Wan talks to Yoda and Windu about Anakin.
Anakin and Padmé depart for Naboo, and says goodbye to Obi-Wan. No more Obi-Wan content from Attack of the Clones is used. Anakin and Padmé chat on the transport. I will try to decrease Anakin’s whining and creepiness overall. They arrive on Naboo, and talk some about Padmé’s history. They meet with the current Queen and council members (mentions of Nute Gunray are cut, and it is mentioned that the Seperatists will turn to the commerce guilds for help in their rebellion). Padmé suggests that she should hide in the Lake Country, and the Queen agrees. No angry Anakin arguing about this.
We then cut into a romance montage set to “Across the Stars”. No dialogue, just Anakin, Padmé, and the beautiful imagery of Naboo. They share their first kiss. Audio is overlaid where Padmé says “you’re a Jedi, I’m a Senator.” or something to that effect. Anakin responds with “we could keep it a secret” and we cut to black. Anakin has his dream about his mother in pain, and he and Padmé go to Tatooine.
They arrive at the Lars homestead; this can just be presumed to be where Shmi lives now. I don’t want Anakin to have to hunt down Watto or any of that.
Anakin and Padmé meet Owen, Beru, and Cliegg and learn about Shmi’s fate. Anakin goes to save his mother, but arrives too late as she dies in his arms. Yoda senses his pain as he slaughters the Tusken raiders. Anakin returns to the homestead and promises Padmé he’ll learn to stop people from dying. He doesn’t blame Obi-Wan or admit to slaughtering the Tuskens. Makes him less whiny and creepy. Padmé comforts him, and they have a funeral for Shmi.
We then cut to Palpatine and other senators discussing the Commerce Guilds preparing for war and the need for an army. Palpatine’s advisor suggests granting him emergency powers, and then we cut to the Senate where Palpatine has been granted these powers. Yoda goes to see a Kaminoan clone army that has been created for the Republic by Palpatine, and a montage of Clones is shown. Yoda says “The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Begun, the Clone Wars have.” over this montage.

We then cut to REVENGE OF THE SITH. We begin with Anakin and Padmé reuniting and discussing Padmé’s pregnancy. No mention of the Chancellor being kidnapped is made. No mention of Dooku either. Grievous is presumed to be a Seperatist leader who is the main culprit of the ongoing war. We continue through Revenge of the Sith, but everything concerning Grevious and Obi-Wan (until Obi-Wan gets attacked during Order 66) is cut. Everything continues as normal until Vader’s Mask gets put on.

We then cut back to Luke and Obi-Wan. Luke insists there is still good in his father. Their conversation continues, but we cut back to Revenge of the Sith when Luke says “but I have no sister.”

The entire ending plays out, except for Padmé “losing the will to live”. That line is cut. They just don’t know why she’s dying. After Luke is delivered to Owen and Beru, we cut back to Obi-Wan and Luke for the last time. Everything else is from RETURN OF THE JEDI.
Obi-Wan says his lines about Luke and Leia being hidden from the Emperor, Luke realizes that Leia is his sister, etc. Then we go to Luke returning to the Rebel Fleet and the discussion of the second Death Star. Luke and the others go to Endor, but that night, at the Rebel encampment, Luke and Leia have their talk. There is no Ewok plot whatsoever. Leia learns she’s Luke’s sister, and Luke goes to confront Vader. The rest of the film mostly focuses on Luke and Vader——we see a bit of the space battle, but most of the Han/Leia/Ewoks battle is cut, except for the shield generator explosion. Vader’s special edition “no, no!” is removed before throwing Palpatine off the ledge and everything else continues as normal. Vader dies, the galaxy celebrates the end of the Empire, and Luke sees the Force ghosts (Anakin is Hayden’s Anakin, because that’s the one we are familiar with in this edit). The end!

It might be too long to fit in a single three-hour film though. I haven’t tried putting it together yet, so it’s just in conceptual form right now.

What do you all think about this idea? Could it work?

Info: Would it be possible to completely remove the Jabba plot from the Original Trilogy?

I have been working on a 6-in-1 edit of the Star Wars Saga (only the films by George Lucas), and I would like to know if anyone has an idea of how to cut out everything involving Jabba. It is unnecessary to the main plot of my edit, and honestly serves as a major distraction that doesn’t accomplish anything.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your suggestions.

A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones standalone film)


This is my first fanedit I’ve ever released! This edit is meant to be a single 2 hour, 55 minute long film covering the main plot of Game of Thrones (from Seasons 7 and 8). Major changes were made to the story (especially the final season).


  1. The film’s story solely focuses on Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Hence the title: A Song of Ice (Jon) and Fire (Daenerys). This edit only covers parts of Seasons 7 and 8, and serves as a stand-alone film. Scenes that do not concern the plots of Jon and Daenerys are totally removed.

EXAMPLE: This means that plots such as those of Theon Greyjoy and Jorah Mormont are cut. Jorah and Theon still appear, but scenes such as Jorah’s return are not shown. Jorah is just assumed to be an ally of Daenerys who has been at Dragonstone the whole time; his return is not included because (in the context of this standalone film) we know nothing about his Greyscale plot. Theon and Jorah’s deaths are not shown during the Battle of Winterfell; they are simply presumed to have been killed by White Walkers during the Battle. See point 11 for explanation of the following change: Jorah is only shown falling to the ground (since he isn’t protecting Daenerys when he dies). Daenerys finds his body and mourns him after she kills the Night King.

  1. The film begins with a series of opening texts, explaining the backstory and current situation of Westeros.

  2. The first scene is the meeting of Jon and Daenerys from Season 7: Episode 3.

  3. Unnecessary “Mad Queen” Daenerys scenes are removed, such as “Spoils of War” and “The Burning of the Tarlys”. All future references to these events are cut from the film, making them completely unnecessary to the plot.

  4. Most of the mission to capture the White Walker is skipped, except for the ending where Daenerys arrives. Here’s how I structured that episode:

We see the group going beyond the Wall.
Daenerys and Tyrion have a chat about the succession.
We then cut to Gendry telling Davos to send a raven.
Daenerys decides to leave on her dragon to go save Jon and the others.
We cut to an action scene (the one where Daenerys arrives to save them).

So, most of that episode has been heavily abridged.

  1. Uncle Benjen (Coldhands) does not save Jon Snow from the White Walkers. We simply see Jon climbing out of the lake. I don’t let the camera focus on Jon riding a horse to the Wall——it just looks like he’s walking.

  2. The Dragonpit meeting is abridged, removing plots like the Mountain and the Hound, Theon and Euron, Tyrion privately speaking to Cersei, and everything before the heroes arrive at the Dragonpit.

  3. No Bran narration over Jon and Daenerys sex scene. Jon’s true identity is first revealed when he tells Daenerys.

  4. King’s Landing is destroyed and Cersei is killed by Night King before the events of the Battle of Winterfell (scene edit borrowed from This means that the events of Season 8: Episodes 4, 5, & 6 never happen in this edit. Daenerys does not go mad.

  5. Melisandre’s appearance at the Battle of Winterfell is explained through a flashback of her conversation with Daenerys at Dragonstone. This scene reveals that Melisandre is the one who first suggested the meeting between Jon and Daenerys. (The flashback has a “dreamy” filter on it, to show it as a flashback).

  6. Daenerys kills the Night King by burning him with Drogon, instead of Arya stabbing him. This makes much more sense for this edit, as Arya’s character is never developed or focused on during the film. The burning of the Night King is also foreshadowed at the meeting where our heroes plan the Battle of Winterfell. Arya asks whether Dragonfire will stop the Night King, and Bran says he doesn’t know—no one’s ever tried. This scene sets up Daenerys and Drogon as the ones who will destroy the Night King.

  7. After the Battle of Winterfell, the funeral for the fallen heroes is held (from Season 8, Episode 4—the only scene I included from that episode). Once this scene ends, a text card explains that Daenerys and Jon subsequently flew down to the ruined King’s Landing on their dragons. We then cut to the scene of Daenerys approaching and touching the Iron Throne.

  8. The “Daenerys and Jon in the Throne Room” scene is drastically shortened. After Daenerys finishes her story about what she imagined the Iron Throne being as a child, she approaches Jon with a look of realization in her eyes. She realizes she truly loves him (even though he’s her nephew and has a better claim to the throne) and wants to rule with him. The “Be With Me” scene happens, and the film fades out and ends with Jon and Daenerys kissing. Jon does not stab Daenerys.

  9. After the final scene, a text card appears. It reveals that Jon and Daenerys get married and rule Westeros together. Their reign brings a peace that lasts for thousands of years. That text card fades away, and one appears that simply reads “THE END”.

This “happy ending” does sort of go against the tone of the show and it’s other seasons, but those were not included, and this edit just serves as a stand-alone fantasy film.

Please PM me if you would like to view this edit! I put it together in iMovie, so the picture quality can be low sometimes——but it still looks okay, I think.
(And yes, I have purchased and own all eight seasons.)