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Worst Edit Ideas

G&G-Fan said:

How is the first one a bad edit? That honestly sounds pretty poetic. Not really worth the effort but it isn’t bad by any means.

The second one though I understand.

I mean, that building is probably still inhabited, not really the best place to have a funeral.
If the scene were to be moved somewhere, I think Naboo would be an interesting option for an experimental edit, reuniting Anakin with Padme in a way.

Worst Edit Ideas

Add the deleted scene where Anakin beats Greedo up to TPM, to explain why Greedo is that old, show him being pulled through the World Between Worlds just as the scene ends.
Repurpose TFA footage to make a new scene featuring Takodana in the ROTJ victory montage, in the background of which a young Greedo can be seen exiting a WBW portal.
Show a now adult Greedo being pulled through the WBW again in TFA, to be dropped out in SW just in time to be hired by Jabba and shot by Han.
To explain the resulting plot hole of why Han and Greedo know each other, film a new scene for TPM where they both meet, ending in Han going through the WBW and showing up on Corellia in a new post credits scene for ROTS, leading into Solo.
So that this scene isn’t out of place, add post credit scenes to all of the films.