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star wars Bantam Books VS Random House Spoilers

red5-626 said:

So reading has never been that much fun for me I love Stories but reading no I even gave a text to speech program on my computer to read long documents. I can read when I have to but as for reading novels I am still so slow they suck. The words get in my way.

An audio book you turn it on close your eyes and watch the movie on the inside of your eyelids. A Book you have to look at words all the time.

It's weird how someone can come to such different conclusions on some things.

I myself loathe audiobooks - I can't immerse myself into the world being described, and my mind just wanders, the reading becoming background noise to me. I've only been able to "read" two audiobooks, and that was by forcing myself to pay attention - to close my eyes as tightly as possible and turn the volume up as much as was necessary to drown out any outside sounds.

Good ol' fashioned books are far less daunting for me. I can get into them with a minimum of fuss and read them at my own pace. 

General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

hairy_hen said:

I always liked Leia with a red lightsaber too--it helps go against that whole 'every bad guy has red and every good guy has blue or green' thing.

Yes indeed. I've always found that to be one of the (old) EU's strong points - moving beyond the films' rather simplistic colour symbology. Blue & green can symbolize darkness and evil just as much as red can, and red can symbolize the complete opposite.

Many people hate the Dark Empire miniseries, and I fully understand the reason why, but when I see Palpatine go up a red saber-weilding Luke with a blue blade I can't help but smile.


star wars Bantam Books VS Random House Spoilers

The Bantam books are far from perfect, but I'll agree they're better than the books Del Rey puts out; the lack of the PT's existence during Bantam's run has something to do with that =D

The PT fanboys and their zealous obsession with forcing prequelisms into each and every era is one reason the Del Rey books suck - for me, at least. I can understand it if the story takes place during the PT timeframe, but anything beyond that is bullshit (the comics suffer from that too, though; it's not just a fault of the newer novels).

I will say, however, as one of many who loathes the New Jedi Order series, I did like the Yuuzhan Vong and their organic technology; a good idea that was realized very poorly.

&quot;I am wondering.....why are you here?&quot;

Anchorhead said:

Why is this place so different?  Other than the obvious (desire for OT), why is this the place of choice for open, intelligent Star Wars discussions?

This forum is not as strictly moderated as the more "official" forums, and freedom of speech is given more than simple lip service. On you don't feel as if you're closed in like you would on TFN; there's no oppressive feeling that you've got to keep to a narrow path, all the while holding your breath, and that should you ever deviate the slightest bit from that path or take in a full breath of air a pack of ravenous wolves will bring you down and tear you to shreds.

That's the way I feel, anyway.

How many of you watch the Clone Wars series regularly and what do you think of it?

SilverWook said:

The fact there is an EU character Lucas loathes makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

The fact that Lucas knows about any EU character astounds me.

That being said, it's ironic that the creator of Jar Jar Binks finds The Jolly Green Bugs irritating enough to despise him; cognitive dissonance and double standards cloud the Flanneled One's vision once again. 

Stevie Nicks

skyjedi2005 said:

When they were attractive you mean.

I did say "back in the day" ;-)

Have you seen pictures of them lately, yuck age is not a kind thing.

And neither is drugs.

Carrie indeed aged horribly - she looks like an old, wrinkly munchkin. Stevie, on the other hand, seems to have aged more-or-less well - she's no spring chicken, though.