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Harry Potter: Enhanced Editions (Audiobooks) (Released)

Oh, that’s unfortunate to hear that you got hit by a copyright strike. Thought I guess it was to be expected to happen at some point.

Well, it’s a good thing I was downloading them as you released them, and I’ll have my local copies no matter what.
But I hope you can get them re-uploaded, for everyone else to enjoy, without too much trouble.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to random chapters and segments here and there, and really enjoying those, but I’m afraid I was never able to find the time to begin a full “re-read” until just recently.
I can’t really listen to audiobooks in the background while I’m doing other stuff, because that’s multitasking, and that ain’t easy for me. I can sometimes do so with podcasts, but not with audiobooks - I want to be able to specificly dedicate time to listen to an audiobook, and just focus on that, without distractions.
And I haven’t been able to dedicate the time to start a full, from-start-to-finish listen.

But I finally started listening to your project from the very beginning, with full focus and attention.
I closed my eyes, and let the audio immerse me into the world.
And now that I was able to start at the beginning and get a true feel of how everything ties in together, I’m able to appreciate things so much more.

I’m five chapters into Philosopher’s Stone so far, and I really love your editing so far.
The scene with the Dursleys sailing to the Hut On The Rock was especially notable to me, I actually got some cold chills from the stormy atmosphere you created.

Anyway, thank you for all the hard work you do to bring this project to life.
I’m sorry it took me this long to truly get into it, but I’m loving it, and I’m looking forward to going through with it to the end.

Good luck with finishing Deathly Hallows!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Extended Edition (Released)

Eris Morn said:

JJPotter said:

Hello, I came across your post about the fantastic beast and where to find them extended edition, and you said to message if interested in it, I realize your post is from 2018 and I’m just wondering if the offer still stands thank you, I hope to hear from you.

I’m not JJ, but idk if JJ checks this thread anymore.

See JJ’s more detailed thread about both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, here:

First post has JJ’s email, so email that to request it.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

You could also get the community involved in providing the subtitles. I mean, official subtitles for the theatrical versions exist, right? So you just need them for the new scenes. Or… How much work would it be to commision real language speakers to contribute?

And as far as that Trelawny scene goes, I remember some old fan edit using both the theatrical and the deleted scene, by just going back and forth between them, having a bit of each.
I don’t think split-screen would be fitting, it could just get very distracting.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

I’m sorry if I sounded too critical now or before.

I don’t actually mind the large file sizes. It’s just that having them smaller would be helpful for storage sake.
However, I do really love the high quality, so having 10 GB file sizes is worth it for the good quality.

Ultimiatly though, JJ, you know best.
It’s your project, and we’re already grateful that you’re sharing it with us.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

Master Lawdog said:

Drew Drakofolis said:

Having the full Dudley’s redemption full scene would be really cool.
Aside from making it look good, I would hope you’re still able to make it fit in with the cool opening montage.
I’m not sure how well that would work, given that the scene would be longer, but maybe some parts of it (such as walking could be trimmed).

It would be, but it could affect the pacing of the opening montage.

I don’t know, I feel like a few extra quick dialogue scenes and more shots of the handshake could work out.