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Pink Panther said:

As someone who has seen and has both “Gigers Alien” and the version 1 workprint, I would be really interested to see this. I have tried - badly - to upscale and re-encode both versions mentioned above. Would be nice if OP would write a guide (for the rest of us) on how he accomplished this feat. Although, given that his last activity was in 2015 - that hope is very slim.

If anyone has a link to either download or watch this much fabled V2, if you could drop a link or PM me, that would be great!

Hello friend. The op’s last activity was not in 2015. How do I know QuarltonBanks? Well, of course I know him! He’s me… I just dropped that account.

If you would like a guide on how to assemble your own alien fan edit I would be happy to provide.

Don’t bother trying to upscale the old versions, they’re a mess. As completing the project I know how I’d do it, but its always up in the air.

    The four resources you require are...
    - Alien Anthology blu ray - 98% of behind the scenes footage and cut shots can be found here.
    - Alien Legacy DVD - Alternate audio track with much raw on set audio and alternate dialogue. 
    - Alien Quadrilogy DVD - Directors Cut contains one alternate shot as compared to the blu ray directors cut. Very 
    - Soundtrack CD. The two disc one by intrda.
    - I elected to use the Alien blu ray regraded to the laserdisc by PDB for the main film. You can find that on 
      myspleen. Use whatever copy of the film you prefer.
    - Giger's Alien to my knowledge has no shots filmed with the cinema lenses intended to be used in the film. Just 
      16mm or 8mm documentary cameras.

    Use MakeMKV to rip everything and select the components you want to use. You'll probably get a bunch of duplicates. 
    In the case of the blu ray you should have around 20 deleted scenes, a couple documentaries, and some misc. bits 
    and bobs. All the docs have bts shots except for Alien Evolution.

    Rip all of the audio you want in to an editing ready format. I used .wav. As for software you can use ffmpeg or 
    whatever you fancy.

    Use Handbrake to re-encode all of the footage into .mp4 with detelecine on and framerate set to 23.976. All of the 
    blu ray bts is encoded at 29.97fps with the film footage obviously being 23.976 but interlaced. This will restore 
    all the film footage properly.

    Then its just editing, the rest is up to you.

If you want me to go into more detail about certain editing choices let me know. Also feel free to pm me with any questions.

Here’s something new to v3…

Alternate bits of Ripley and Parker’s argument. Color correction isn’t final but probably fine. I also wanted to test the 1080p grain overlay on top of standard def footage. It actually did a lot less than I thought it would.

Grain ver.!AkdXUAQR!QSd2MG743bQP41olokBUjg9u50IOAAFsF8f197BGjm0

No grain ver.!4odTGKob!K8LPbyOSCrUPcQd1xV-hKGAV8xvhZOOEJSjlKI-PSvA


benduwan said:

DestronTC said:
I don’t like the idea of incorporating the 4x3 handcam footage never shot as part of the film into the movie itself.

why not?
if it makes the scene longer and more interessting…
i´ve done this with my star wars project…
sure,it looks not so good but more is better…

I’d either have to crop it an insane amount or set the 4:3 picture within the 2.35:1 black bars. I’d be willing to do the latter, but I don’t think anything in Giger’s Alien was shot with the main cameras as footage for the film itself. If there is anything, I’d put it in.

I, too am using a lot of 4:3 stuff in the Star Wars edit I’ve been tinkering with, but I judge the two by different standards for whatever reason. I’m also putting some of the goofier shit in my Star Wars edit, like Han biting the medal at the end, and Leia handing Luke a beer in his X-Wing.

Could always change my mind tho shrug

Currently up to editing the egg silo.


Work on v3 has begun, being built from the ground up! I Re-ripped and re-encoded all my elements in high quality and perfect 23.97fps! I’m already up to the transmission scene (which is now longer than before by a few seconds).

v3 will be much higher quality than before, and will include more alternate/additional video and audio. There will be two versions, 1080p and 480p. It will also have a 5.1 soundtrack to account for any deleted scenes that include surround sound. I’ve never done a 5.1 mix, nor do I have any way of testing such a track, so I may need some help.

The main source is the Blu Ray laserdisc regrade by PDB

All the other sources are the same as they’ve always been. I highly doubt I’ll be using any of Giger’s Alien. I don’t like the idea of incorporating the 4x3 handcam footage never shot as part of the film into the movie itself.

Alien: The Extended Cut (Released)

First off, this is clearly my edit that you made a few additions to, which I’d’ve appreciated if you’d at least mentioned. Overall that choice was detrimental because it gave you a lot less to work with when making your alterations.

The encoding is pretty bad, and that could have been avoided if you’d built it from the ground up. I’ve never heard of this Power Director software you’re using, but if you’re looking for a good, free editing software, I’d highly recommend Davinci Resolve. I don’t use it myself but I’ve dabbled in it, and it’s incredible; Adobe Premiere level software.

A great deal of your additions were worthwhile, but a lot of them either had jumpy sound work or no sound at all, such as the new shots in the egg silo and Sigourney Weaver’s screen test. You can get the full screen tests with audio off the Quadrilogy DVD, or the Blu Ray set. There are great sections where the audio is off sync as well.

You also had some widescreen footage set in 4x3, that could have been cropped off properly.

Overall it pains me to say that I’m not impressed, but I would love to see you do better work in the future! If you have any questions about anything I would be glad to help!


Yeah, I mean the bad quality and jankiness is the main reason I have distaste for it. I would like to go back and remake it with the BD at some point in the future, but I mentioned all that before.

I was tossing this idea around in my head. Maybe two versions: 720x480 to match low quality behind the scenes footage, and one in 1920x1080, but with a high quality 35mm grain plate over all the sub-hd footage to give it some fake detail. I believe Harmy’s Despecialized Editions did the same thing. Maybe, maybe not. Just an idea.

I mentioned all the sources I used in the readme, but it really just boiled down to anything and everything that came on the 6-disc Anthology BD, and the alternate audio track from the 1999 Legacy DVD.

In all the stuff you mentioned owning, is there anything special that isn’t on the BD set that could be used? Besides Giger’s Alien, that is, which I can get off the 'spleen.

Alien: The Extended Cut (Released)

The screen tests?.. Interesting. That’s actually a great idea, I strayed away from using them because they weren’t using the final sets or costumes and weren’t intended to be used in the film, but it would be so interesting to see them incorporated.

I never had any hand in the original virtual workprint. It’s a fantastic edit, and it inspired me to try my hand at this, but I never worked on it.

I finished mine about two years ago but never uploaded it anywhere, but I randomly decided to a few days ago. Check out my thread about it.

Alien: The Extended Cut (Released)

Ooh, fun. 2:55:00 did you say?? Jeepers creepers how in the world? I only ever got it to 2:31:51! 20 more minutes I didn’t know about, I can’t fathom. I never used anything from Giger’s Alien, so that’s probably it? shrug

Those shots of Parker are from some old teaser trailer that’s actually in 16x9. Good stuff. I put it right before the shot where he goes to refuel the flamethrower. There’s also some shots of the landing in that trailer. It’s on one of the DVDs, not sure which. Haven’t thought about this shit in ages lol.

That Alien: Cocoon of Love video is from the Enhancement Pods that were included when they did the Blu Ray version of Beast Within. Not on the DVD.

Also, are your chestburster and cocoon videos my versions from YouTube that you added to? You should sort out your aspect ratios, I noticed the new footage from the chestburster video was still in 4x3.

If you need any information, hit me up! Can’t wait to see what you put out!


HEY, so story is, like I said in my previous post from two hecking years ago(!!!) I totally finished the Alien Uncut edit.

I just always hated it because the framerate is a not very consistent 30, the quality isn’t what it should be, and it’s a ridiculous 20 gigabyte file. I made the damn thing when I was just starting to get into video editing and I had no idea about anything.

That being said, from what I remember I was always happy with the way it was cut. I got all the shots just where and how I wanted them.

So I was skimming through some old hard drives randomly and decided “what the hell?” I’ll upload that Alien edit I did so many moons ago. When I rewatched it, all the problems I mentioned above really didn’t bother me as much as they once did. I also re-encoded it to a much nicer file size for you guys.

If anyone is still interested in this ridiculous behemoth, I hit up a 'spleen mod yesterday, so hopefully I’ll be putting it there.

I still maintain that I might go back and redo it from the ground up one day, but I thought everybody should at least see it as it is now.

I’ve always felt bad about not releasing this edit or going back to give it another shot. It makes me so sad - the amount of fan projects I see on this site that just drop off and never get finished with no closure at all, and I didn’t want mine to be one of those.

Info: Cleaning up the Apocalypse Now workprint!

So I’ve got a copy of the workprint for Apocalypse now. It’s so interesting, but the quality is really low, as VHS workprints tend to be.

Point is, I was thinking about trying to clean it up. The Complete Dossier DVDs have a lot of deleted scenes which seem to be straight chunks of the workprint, and some footage of it cut with special features that look and sound much better than the bootleg.

So, the idea is to swap in the higher quality footage from the DVD, any footage I can from the Blu Rays of the film, and maybe replace The Doors songs with The Doors HD Tracks releases of their music. For a better viewing experience? For preservation? For shits and giggles? I dunno, man.

The problem is that the workprint, and the DVD scenes are encoded dreadfully. They all have this timecode that shows they’re hardcoded to 30fps, and interlaced on top of that. It’s easy enough to deinterlace it and get it back to a smooth 30, but at that point, the source is a solid 30. I can’t really get it to 24, because it’s a 30fps video with the timecode.

So, I’m asking if anyone can help me get that mess of fields and frames back to 24fps for editing, and if anyone knows any other places I can get better quality workprint footage.



Basically, I stopped working on it again. I made the entire thing in a 30fps timeline in vegas because I didn’t know when I started how framerates and interlacing and stuff works, but now I do. And it began to bug me so much I put it down. I have to start over.

I do have a version mostly done on my desktop. Its just the fps.

I’ll finish it one day. Probably with the BD as the main source.