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Worst Edit Ideas

NeverarGreat said:

Change Obi-wan’s dialogue in ANH so that TROS’s TIE fighter antics make sense:

“It followed us!”
“No, it’s a short range fighter. However, certain larger TIE variants, such as that piloted by Darth Vader, are equipped with a Hyperdrive. Regardless, this ship probably originated in this system.”
“There aren’t any bases around here, where’d it come from?”

“A fighter that size couldn’t get this deep into space on its own. However, I must admit that the Empire may be capable of producing TIE fighters with Hyperdrive capability while retaining precisely the same dimensions and appearance, which would render this conversation, and by extension my troubling military deduction, entirely pointless.”
“He must’ve gotten lost in part of a convoy or something.”

I know this is a joke thread, but…

I think we can easily assume that the Tie Defender upgrades are passed into the FO TIE models. The FO has had decades to improve on the Thrawn/Zsinj Defender.

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

I just watched through these and found them an overall enjoyable experience. There were a few moments I missed but they were few and far between in it has been a well done reshaping of the first part of the New Republic stories.

In terms of feedback I agree with a lot of what Eddie has said, so I won’t repeat it, just 2nd it. Just a few thoughts from my watch through:

I loved losing Grogu eating the frog babies. That was always a bit distressing to watch and I think you placed the ice planet sequence well and very nicely cut around Frog woman’s presence.

One thing I did notice in the reshuffling was that Mayfeld talks about Grogu like he’s met him, and Grogu was not aboard the Razor Crest at the same time as Mayfeld in this edit.

I’m also wondering if the music when our crew has successfully traveled with the rhidonium could be less upbeat? Something that gives a sense of doom because our heroes are being saved by Imperials. It should feel phyrric, and the music undercuts that imo.

Also the first cut to Mayfeld interrupting the scan to save Djarin was disjointedly abrupt. I know you don’t want him taking his helmet off, but it only almost worked here.

Finally, just a question really, Does Bo-Katan dismissing Boba as a Mandalorian because he’s a Clone cause problems with the Legends idea that the Mandalorians sheltered defected Clones during & after Order 66? Or is it simply that she is taking umbridge at what she perceives as a clone wearing ancestral armor?

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!

One of the more important and fascinating The Clone Wars stories that ended up on the Legacy floor, but which was turned into a book is Dark Disciple. While it didn’t get the comic book treatment like Son of Dathomir and therefore isn’t watchable as an audio-comic in the same way, a still in-progress audiodrama is being produced. The first six episodes are available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcIP-OB-uBY&list=PL-m56XZI5FCjrEyWNGCe2VZp6iMoOFbyH

And I think they are phenomenal, excellent performances all ‘round. Maybe worth noting in the spreadsheet, especially since the story is where the council confirms that Dooku is the Sith Apprentice once and for all, and where Ventress’ final story is told.

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!

More than happy to fix anything in my Mortis’ episode if it needs it. Same with RotS.

I personally wouldn’t want much of anything trimmed from Hunted, that episode felt like such a good expose of Ahsoka’s abilities, and placed where it is, feels like it is setting up for Yoda to be considering her for elevation.

Anyway, we’re watching the last two episodes before the finale soon. We’ll see what feedback we have 😃

A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 on indefinite hold)

Those is my favorite version of the film. There are some minor sound desync moments (Obi-Wan warning Luke not to go back to the homestead) but it’s the best presentation for my liking.

I think it would be nice to to cut some of Luke’s infatuation with Leia and maybe add in Obi-Wan’s theme from the Kenobi show, for Kenobi’s first appearance and after hus death.

I know this is on indefinite hold, so I may end up making those adjustments myself.

Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

This edit is phenomenal, I love how you kept everything from the show that stuck with me after my first watchthrough. Minus a few unremarkable moments, the AotC training scene, and the Tusken sequence, I couldn’t actually tell you what was cut.

The pacing was great, musical transitions were well done, and I’m putting this as my goto version of OWK.

I do miss the training flashback as I do love it and as others have said it explicitly contextualizes Vader’s actions and it is just a good duel. But I understand the reasons you cut it.

Once PixelJoker’s edit is out, do you think you might incorporate any of the VFX adjustments?