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The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

Read your thoughts for incorporating Life and Death and Practice Makes Perfect, and I think they are both excellent. (For Resolve I have my own approach to incorporating it into my mixed movie/show RotS/TCW finale, which is to say I only include the funeral sequence and have left the farm planet and inquisitorfight on the cutting room floor as I personally think the Ahsoka novel tells that same story better.)

Looking forward to finishing watching this with my partner, and seeing how your finale edits may bleed into my version (mainly the Bad Batch scene)

Congrats on finishing the whole thing! It’s a monumental achievement and really does take my favorite SW show and make it even better. (Now we just need some brave soul to do this for Resistance…)

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Is there no way to keep Ochii being a Jedi hunter, who was after the Nobody’s because of Rey and her force sensitivity?

That’s a theme that works even if she’s not a Palpatine. Her parents are just Ms & Mr Nobody, but Ochii - the last Inquisitor- went after them because Rey was an awakening in the force. It wouldn’t need explanation for why he was after her and not some other new force sensitive, imo, her being the protagonist works well enough imo… :p

STAR WARS - A New Hope [Modernized] [Prequel-OT Bridge]

I was also wondering, as a bridging thing if there’s some way to not have the film end on the celebration. It just feels odd and is a remnant of them not knowing of they’d get a sequel. The rebellion won a victory, but I feel like the party at the end shouldn’t be a medal ceremony but a memorial for the lost planet of Alderaan and the Rebel leader Bail Organa. That would carry more emotional weight, imo.

Also, someone on YouTube created a okayish-scene of Vader reporting to the emperor that he’s got the princess and sensed Kenobi, and is just about to flush out the Rebels. Something like that could be helpful just cus it feels awkward for the Emperor to be such a presence in 1-3, 5/6 and not here at all.

Both of these may be beyond the scope of this edit however.


EddieDean said:

I’m suprised that there appears to be such momentum behind editing Kenobi, because I’ve found it near flawless so far. Perhaps that’s just a lack of imagination!

I definitely agree with a couple of tweaks mentioned here though - both regarding editing. The Leia capture definitely felt like she got away far too easily and for far too long, so I’m all for a quick sneaky sack on the head. And like others here, seeing Obi-Wan escape from Vader screen right, but then re-emerge in the next shot screen right, did make it look like he realised he forgot his keys and needed to dash back to grab them off the kitchen table.

And with all respect to Hal as ever, I feel like it’s worth revisiting the discussion about the Padmé’s survival canon conflict. The Obi-Wan show might do some work to reconcile Padmé dying in childbirth with Leia’s memories of her - perhaps Leia mentions that she dreams of her “as if she’s still with me” or something. But if that doesn’t happen, and the conflict remains, then I think it’s worth establishing which side of the conflicting information carries the most ‘canonical’ weight, and which must yield. And if that’s the case, then I think we can safely argue that Padmé’s death in childbirth is the more canonical, having been explicitly shown in a movie, and referenced here. Back when the conflict only existed between two films, it made sense to yield to the cultural weight of the original trilogy, but now, no new media is going to imply she survived, and more yet may continue to reference her death. I don’t think it’d be wise for us to be beholden to the idea of her survival, and to be encouraged to remove all new and future references to her death. Rather, I’d propose that the logical option here would be to simply remove the conflicting line from ROTJ, in spite of the cultural weight of the original trilogy. Pluck that rock out of the stream and allow the water to continue to flow in the direction it appears to be naturally going.

I feel like they’re may be able to be a middle ground, maybe using the funeral footage and deepfake Blair over the actress playing Padme’s niece, and imply the funeral comes a few years before the start of Kenobi. Leia knows she’s adopted, that she has a “real” mother, and I don’t think it’s too far fetched to imply that Padme took a role as Breha’s lady’s maid and Leia’s nurse. Even if Leia’s parents never said your nurse is your mom, it seems like she’d figure it out based on how high her perception is in the show.

Barring that, can the line be removed from RotJ without removing Luke’s question about Leia’s mom? If not that’s fine, as I think the part of that scene that has the most cultural memory around it is sister reveal, not the question about parents.

Anyway, I also agree re: Kenobi. I’m really enjoying it as is, and am really only curious about minor nips and tucks. And maybe a movie version, to pair with Solo and Rogue One as a Dark Times Trilogy.

STAR WARS - A New Hope [Modernized] [Prequel-OT Bridge]

I really like this. While I did enjoy this movie as a kid, I started with the Prequels, and that’s what star wars feels like to me.

May I suggest including Hal’s alternate Obi-wan line “Your father’s lightsaber. I wanted you to have it, when you were old enough”?

And maybe even a color adjustment on the blade, as the one in ANH doesn’t always have the same color as the one in RotS.

The color grading and music adjustment is definitely going in the right direction, and I look forward to what’s next.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

NeverarGreat said:

I think the biggest issue with taking out The Republic is that in TFA the Hosnian System is treated as The Entire Republic And Their Fleet. When it’s destroyed the audience is just left saying ‘Okay, I guess the First Order rules the galaxy now because the entire New Republic was just that one system’, even though in any galaxy that doesn’t really make sense.

Take Earth for example. We don’t have a one world government, but imagine if the United Nations was a bit more powerful, with a rotating seat of government which is currently in Switzerland. If a country like North Korea took out the UN headquarters and even all of Switzerland, this would be a devastating attack and throw the world into chaos, but I also wouldn’t expect the nations of the world to suddenly give in to North Korea.

This is essentially what has happened in TFA in the lore. The Hosnian system was just one of many potential seats of New Republic power, and the one currently guarded by their largest standing fleet. With this destroyed the New Republic is in chaos, but is not yet conquered. TLJ is actually as much to blame as TFA in regards to unexplained worldbuilding since it establishes that the First Order now de-facto reigns over the galaxy and they will take over all systems within weeks.

It would be like North Korea suddenly unleashing a hidden fleet of aircraft carriers across the Pacific to try and subdue the nations of the world.

Then TROS comes in with the Sith fleet idea and strains this analogy further.

Russia could have been building a fleet of 10,000 Soviet submarines in secret, each with a nuclear payload, and if North Korea allies with them after the loss of their aircraft carriers they can still rule the world.

But none of this really matters because each nation still has their own military, and once the world got its act together they would combine forces to take out this Russian/North Korean alliance which is only really a threat due to these outdated nuclear submarines that need external radar to help them navigate out of Russia’s only warm water port.

Of course, if you give the ST this sort of context it seems rather like the New Republic was always going to come back and win, which is why the biggest problem for me is not what happens but how it is portrayed. If in TFA they described the Hosnian attack as decapitating the New Republic government instead of destroying the New Republic itself, it would go a long way. In TLJ if they’d had just changed the exposition at the end from ‘allies in the outer rim’ to ‘central worlds of the New Repubic’, it would have shown how these otherwise powerful worlds were frightened into inaction by the First Order. Finally, if TROS would have dropped the planet-destroying capabilities of the ships while keeping the civilian fleet arriving it would have actually made sense.

Don’t you do that in Starlight?

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

With the excellent work on Anakin and Ben’s Ghosts for Ascendant I am kind of surprised we haven’t seen a similar attempt at making a new version of Anakin’s RotJ Ghost.

Unless we have and I’m missing it somewhere. I prefer seeing Hayden at the end, but with the look he gives, I understand folks usually using Sebastian. Has this been corrected?

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

BrotherOfSasquatch said:

Anakin Starkiller said:

Oh yes, let’s whitewash the little brown kid to look like a young Joel Edgerton. What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, I agree. It’s a good idea though but I don’t think it can really work because of this right here.

Yep, I will admit I wasn’t thinking when I said that. I hadn’t watched the movies in a while and forgot his friend wasn’t another white kid.

(The Last Jedi) Fate of the Jedi | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

I agree. They help make sense of the plot and viewer’s expectations for Luke. He can both have made mistakes with Ben and still be a powerful Jedi.

Yoda has by this point admitted that he screwed up leading the Jedi, and Obi-Wan’s taken responsibility for how he failed Anakin, but that didn’t stop either from doing what needed to be done.

I want to see the same for Luke and this edit helps show that.

Acbagel said:

Moralcrocodile said:

Delpheas hit the nail on the head there in his response.

Not a he 😉

Also I have a request maybe try adding Mara Jade via a dialog that implies she died before the sequel trilogy just thought it would nice to see a core legends character come.

That would be cool to include, though I’m not sure I have the capability to produce something that is believable enough. I will ponder how to include as an easter egg perhaps.

Personally I think the thing that solidified Luke’s position vis a vis Ben is he killed Mara, like in Legends where Jacen did. The only way to include this would be if you could add a VO of Luke saying he saw that Ben would kill “the love of my life” or something using some sort of voice synth.

Revenge of the Sith: Refocused - a Clone Wars Continuity Cut (v3 WIP) PREVIEWS AVAILABLE

TeethRocket said:

I would love to get my hands on v2

PM sent!

Also, I’m toying with two releases of the main version of v3. A 3 1/2hr film with the crawl, and a two part finale for TCW:R.

For the two part finale version, I’m thinking of some different titles:

Part 1: The Phantom Apprentice
Part 2: Revenge of the Sith or Fall of the Republic

Other suggestions welcome.

I’m also playing around with the content of the crawl(s) for the TCW:R version.

So far I have this… mess:

The Clone Wars drags on, and the Siege of the Outer Rim doesn’t let up.

The two factions resort to more and more desperate tactics.

After the death of Admiral Trench, Count Dooku and General
Grievous are the sole seperatist military leaders.

Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan have followed a trail through the underworld to Maul’s location on Mandalore where they plan to put an end to his rule.

Desperate to return home to his pregnant wife, Anakin Skywalker
hopes to single handedly put an end to the siege of Yerbana.

He leads Obi-wan Kenobi and Commander Rex into an unconventional standoff with the droid army.

From the shadows, Darth Sidious plans his final moves to bring about the Revenge of the Sith.

I want to highlight our major players, but Yoda, Padme, and Windu can’t get mentioned in there without overstuffing it.

I also need to have one for part 1 and one for part 2, which I just realised.

(The Last Jedi) Fate of the Jedi | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

In the Dawn of the Jedi comics, balance absolutely does include acceptance of the darkside. It means balancing the two (light & dark) within one self. In the Clone Wars Yoda’s vision requires him to accept the reality of his fear and anger that he’s denied for centuries in order to find balance.

The balance means that the Jedi’s relationship to the light helps keep them from giving into the dark emotions all the time, and the dark helps prevents giving into pure detachment and separation from the world. Both are necessary in the lore.