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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

Sorry, but this is the kind of thing that triggers my OCD…

Why is there a dash between Han & Solo in the title of this thread?

And I too am cautiously optimistic/ambivalent about this movie. As much as I love the OT, I think it was an odd choice for a story in 2017. If this had been done in 1985, no problem, but I’m unconvinced that Han Solo will be a big draw. I’m honestly a bit surprised they didn’t do an Ahsoka movie or something more contemporary.

In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?

In a few years, I’m going to watch the saga with my young children and am preparing now. Currently, here’s my plan:

Rogue One

EpI (official or undetermined edit)
EpII (official or undetermined edit)
The Clone Wars (essential episodes/arcs - Mortis Trilogy, Yoda’s Journey, Ashoka Accused, etc)
EpIII (official or undetermined edit)
Rebels (not all at once, but this would be when to start it)

EpVII (official)
EpVIII (official)
EpIX (hopefully in theater)

Has anyone compiled a list of what they consider to be essential episodes of TCW?

My children almost know the stories better than I do at this point from books, apps, and toys, so how to handle the prequels is my greatest challenge. The little ones are obsessed with Darth Maul and badly want to see whatever it is he appears in. Obviously, under no circumstances would I lead-off with Episode I, but even when we do watch it I don’t want them becoming enamored with Jar Jar as the very young tend to do. Episode II is a dumpster fire and Episode III is only marginally better. I’m conflicted about wandering too much from the canon/official versions with fan edits, but I also haven’t yet sampled any. Hopefully, I can acquire l8wtr’s and Hal’s prequel trilogy.

NJVC Custom Bluray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

I just finished downloading all three films (both Harmy’s originals and NJVC’s incredible mods) and started working on the bonus discs. I felt compelled to post here my most sincere thanks to Harmy, NJVC, solkap and everyone in this community for your boundless dedication and hard work. Solkap, your instructions are virtually flawless and I had no problems whatsoever - thank you.

My young children have really taken to Star Wars and while they still have a few years before they’re ready for the films, it’s been a great concern of mine how I was going to be able to have them watch the films for the first time. I haven’t watched the films in years because the thought of watching the corrupted versions just makes me profoundly sad. This weekend, I plan to sit down and watch Episode IV for the first time in at least a decade and I am so incredibly excited to be able to share these films with my children in the manner in which they should be watched. I cannot thank you all enough.

It seems like participation in this forum is pretty hardcore and I am defintely going to stick around for a while, but I’m not sure what I can offer in terms of contribution except snarky commentary. Unfortunately, I’m just about the least artistically creative person in the world. I’m planning to dive into some of the artwork to print out covers for my new DEEDs and I hope I don’t offend anyone with too many newb questions.

FreeRapidDownloader, JDownloader and other software security concerns

I’ve recently taken my first steps into a larger world and I cannot thank every one of the members of this community enough for the effort that has gone into the Despecialized Editions.

I am about to finish downloading the official DEEDs from the primary source (MKV and AVCHD) using just my browser (only took about 5 days), but I want to embark on the NJVC adventure and I get the sense that the browser-only method isn’t going to cut it. I am quite new to all of this and have no technical expertise in the subject of video editing/ecoding etc, but can read and follow instructions.

It is my understanding that anything running on the Java Runtime Environment should be avoided like the literal plague. It’s one thing to use it for something “offical” like Blackboard, but a “FreeRapidDownloader” sounds like a recipe for trouble.

  • Has anyone run into issues with these applications?
  • Are there non-Java alternatives?
  • Is there a link to a safe place to get them?

Along the lines of bullet 3 above, I ran into issues with acquiring programs like ImgBurn, but finally managed to find a link to a “clean” version here in the forums.

  • Is there a list of safe links to key applications (tsMuxeR, etc.)

EDIT: Nevermind. Donwloading NJVC via browser isn’t awful and I seem to have found clean versions of the key applications.