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The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

What do you think of this? 😃
I think it’s better not to mention Starkiller weapon.

Episode VII

It is a time of despair. Luke Skywalker
has vanished and in the years of his
absence, the unity of the NEW REPUBLIC
has been threatened by a sinsiter
military union, which has risen
from the Imperial Remnants.

Lead by a mysterious Supreme Leader,
the FIRST ORDER annihilating all in
its path to restore the former might
of the fallen Еmpire until Skywalker -
the last of the legendary Jedi Knights -
has been destroyed.

Fearing of outbreak of another war
and frustrated by the Senate’s inaction,
General Leia Organa mobilizes a covert
squads of the RESISTANCE to find her
brother and enlist his help in restoring
peace and justice to the galaxy
and defeating the darkness spreading
from the Unknown Regions of space . . .

PS: Sorry, if there are any grammatical errors in the crawl.

Star Wars Edits - Deepfakes, Artificial Faces | Discussion

Cinefy said:

Finished up editing Vader contacting Emperor scene, It’s a bit rough around the edges especially the audio; tried to make deepfake mouth movements more realistic than before but still isn’t 100%, this is for G&Gs-fans A New Hope edit, if else wants it I can send a download.

Full scene:

Hi,can I have a link to your work , please? 😀

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

jrs81 said:

Here is a 5 minute clip of Luke and Leia dying together. Mods if this is too long of a clip, let me know.

This is strictly an experiment, an idea I came up with last night. Never liked the way Luke dies in ‘Last Jedi’ and never liked the Idea of Han showing up, normally this is reserved for a force ghost. What if Luke and Leia were able to bring Han back in Kylo’s mind, in otherwords, overwhelm him with the light side of the force. They sacrifice their own lives, Leia for her son, Luke to redeem his mistakes that were made with his nephew. Editorially thinking, the moment Leia rubs the medallion, it allows us to bring in Luke for a pretty decent link.

Again, just ideas in action. I plan to do Mandalorian type episodes with the sequel trilogy and I may try and use this. But wanted to throw it out as it is an idea and execution I have not seen before. Curios if anyone else likes it.

It looks great!
Good choice for scenes’ mix.