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Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition Info.

Wow! I haven't been active on this forum for a couple of years, and I thought that I would never se Star Wars in good quality... Got a bunch of old LD-transfers that has done the trick somewhat so far. But after stumbling back on and reading this thread, there is definitely hope.

Good work guys, I hope you can hang in there all the way to the end.


STAR WARS: The Torrents thread
Originally posted by: Molly
What happened...

1. I ran low on disk space, so I quit after the bittornado light went green (meaning that between everyone else there is a full copy).

I can prolly retorrent this. A friend offered to hold the files for me on a fast server, I'm gonna take him up on it.

2. I reformatted and had to reinstall the tracker.

That means I need to also reobtain and reapprove the torrent.

I'll see what I can do in the coming days.

No rush at all, I'm happy to get these at all if you work something out. Thanks a bunch!

NEW 007 DVD's
I bought the new box-set and got plesantly surprised! I really dig these movies and the collor issues don't bother me at all. I am not as fanatic about Bond as I am about Star Wars but I liked these films since I was a child. In my opinion this is the best way Bond has ever been experienced.
Howard the Duck special edition
Originally posted by: IceXcube84
Originally posted by: DarthBoMan
Great news! I am extremly glad you are doing this DJ! Here in Sweden most people don´t even know this movie exists, so I will definately make sure a few more will see it! That is if I get my hands on it somehow

Iam from sweden to. This movie is cult. Iam fund the movie on a old rental vhs with swesub.

Do you speck swedish DarthBoMan?

Yes, I speak Swedish. I am Swedish so it would be strange if I didn't

I don't want to derail DJ's thread so If you want something IceCube84, lets go to the off topic-section. PM me if you do.