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What scene in the (O-)OT do you hate/dislike the most?
Empire was my film of choice, only because i watched it 22 times (individual rent outs that is) and remembered every word and piece of music for the 1st 45 mins when i was about 12 (i went abit wayward between yoda and lando after 45mins) and i hadn't seen jedi yet (exept in a book) but i really hated everything from the exit from hoth to the entry to cloud city- namely degobah. Even now i prefer the special edition add-on bits to the voice of Fuzzy bear Yoda section on Degobah.
Ideas For The T.V. Series
I know a few ideas are floating around about ideas for what the proposed TV series George is looking into making now may cover and i would like to start a dedicated thread for this topic.
I think he may go back to the Yoda early years thing, but from a fans point of view i'd love him to cover storys from all the bounty hunters (Dengar,Zukass,4-Lom,Bossk,IG88,Boba Fett,and even Mara Jade, and Jango).
There's a back story where the inventor of IG88 built 9 Robots and was killed upon activation of the droids, then for some reason were hell bent on killing Boba Fett (i never read the comics as to why if it was covered in there). Bossk had limbs that would instantly re-grow if severed. Dengar was brain damaged and unable to feel pain.
It could also add credibility to Jango's high reputation that is apparently evident yet unfounded in Attack Of The Clones.
ANH Space Battle aka The Battle of Yavin
Getting back to the original topic i was wondering how many people have watched the Battle of Yavin full original vertion (as featured on OCPs Deleted Magic) and felt the whole battle was better in its original uncut form insted of the spliced up vertion from the original theatrical release that we all know of?
I mean all of the original deleted scenes are well documented from the original triology and covered in detail on the net if you know where to look. Yet i and many of the people i know had no idea that Luke had 2 runs in his X-Wing down the Death Star Trench before he destroyed the thing. Or that Darth Vaders Tie-Advanced was spinning out of the trench before Luke turns off his targeting computer to take the final shot.
I can understand why the sequence was edited as it was (to add pace and urgencey to the scene), and the full cut seems a whole lot slower paced, yet now, when i watch the battle from the official editions things dont make sence anymore and just doesn't sit right.
I have been following the development of this project from the start and would now like to get a copy now its done if possible (I'm in the UK). I'm able to grab it from a.b.starwars if there are plans to up it there.

Good luck Jambe with Building Jedi - its great that three films can build such great communities of fans together!