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Ranking the Alien films
  1. Aliens 5/10
    Very underwhelmed with the product given here. As soon as the space Marines are on-camera, that’s when I started to think… something’s off here. Unlike Alien, this film looks and feels dated in all the bad ways. One-liner comedy and guns a blazing. Some say the effects really hold up, and while Alien had a few minor effects that didn’t age well, Aliens overall look and feel doesn’t hold up for me. One scene that comes to mind is when one of the drop ships crashes, and it’s like, I can tell it’s a background projected behind the actors.

Way to go noob.

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What you end up posting when you’re surfing the 'Net at 12:33 AM:

Perfect premise for a remake of Shallow Hal. Get Henry Cavill in on the action, too.

Susan Ward is where it is at (if it is at 2006)

Though it’s no Wild Things 2 or The In Crowd 😃

Wrong thread, but hell shiting! I would dip my sausage in her egg.

Too much?