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Getting My First Mac this Weekend
Originally posted by: C3PX

As for Parallels,


It isn't an Apple product, it is made by Parallel Inc. above is the link to their website.

Though I heard that since the new Macs have Intel processors that you can simply install Windows right along side Mac OS, and when you boot up the computer you can just choose which one you want. If you have an extra copy of Windows XP or Vista lying around, this shouldn't cost you anything.

Parallels lets you run Mac OS and Windows simultaneously. I use it on a Mac Pro at work, and there are options for how it displays the two systems.

If you've got two monitors, then you can put each OS on a separate screen and go back and forth by clicking in the one you want to use, or use Coherence view. Coherence runs the OS across both monitors, with the Mac OS bar across the top of the left and the Windows taskbar spanning the bottom of both. It maintains the Mac desktop appearance and icons, but you can bring up the PC desktop by right-clicking on the taskbar. As long as the Mac bar says "Parallels Desktop," you're working in Windows.

If you've only got one monitor, you can set a key command to switch between the systems.

Working with that machine has made me decide that, in the slim chance I buy a pre-manufactured computer anytime soon, I want a bad-ass Mac Pro.
So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night ...
You sonuvabitch! I get back from a whirlwind semi-vacation and read that subject, only to get Julie Andrews stuck in my head. Have I told you lately how much you suck, ol' buddy ol' pal?

Semi-off topic: For those of you out there who hate "The Sound of Music" or have friends who do, simply look at it from a slightly different perspective. If you view it as the story of a hot young nun who leaves the convent to marry a wealthy older sailor and deliver a sly musical "fuck you" to the Nazis before running off to Vermont, it's pretty cool.
General Harry Potter Discussion
Originally posted by: Nanner Split
For those of you not familiar with Beowulf, there is a part in it where it tells about a dragon living in a mountain atop a vast collection of wealth. One day, a burglar shows up and steals a cup from the dragon's stockpile, and the dragon gets furious and burns a nearby village. Sound familiar to anyone?

Hmm, sounds kinda like...