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Worst Edit Ideas

CaptainFaraday said:

Darth_Zounds said:

Eyepainter said:

Change Jar Jar’s accent to a black rapper’s accent, and give him his own rap somewhere in Episode I.

It should be in the scene where Padme is cleaning Artoo and she asks how he ended up with them.

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just clean that R2
I’ll tell you how I became a passenger on this starship with you

In west Otoh Gunga born and raised
Being clumsy is how I spent most of my days
Freakin’ out, stressin’, my dad’s a pro whaler
He tried to kill himself when I proved an awful sailor
Then General Tarpals, my boss and harrasser
Saw me making trouble when I boom de gasser
I wrecked one little heyblibber and Boss Nass got riled
He said “go up to the surface because you’re exiled”
I begged and pleaded with him day after day
But he flapped his jowls and sent me on my way
They threatened my death and told me where I could stick it
I put my brown vest on and said “I’ll forage by this thicket”
Then chased by mechaniques, yo this is bad
When this Jedi tackled me flat on my ass
Is this how the Jedi help those in strife?
Hmm, I owe a debt for my life!
We whistled for a bongo and when it came near
We went through the core while sea monsters appeared
“Better dead in the core!” I thought, and the Jedi agreed
But we made it safely through the waterfall to Theed
We pulled up to the palace 'bout seven or eight
And we rescued the Queen and helped her friends to escape
Then we break through the blockade while the Trade Fed pursues her
Now I sit in the hold of this Royal Naboo Cruiser.


Harrison Ford in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" - Amazing deepfake (up on youtube)

Lurker2021 said:

Coke and filming new scenes for an edit aren’t exactly the same…

If i paid them and they sent me a copy, that’s selling the film. If I donate money towards the funding of the edits and they have a stream of it for everyone who donated, that’s a different situation.

Pardon my dumb analogy. But they are absolutely the same situation. They are selling access to the film.

Lurker2021 said:

The only reason they have a donation page, is the same reason Adywan or anyone else would have one. To receive some help towards funding some expensive equipment or scenes. If we wanna sit and make weird comparisons to drugs then we can do that i guess? But I’m sure you’re not incapable of understanding why they would have a donation page.

Adywan does not sell his fanedits. They can do the same as he does, receive donations for equipment and materials or whatever, there’s no problem with that. But you cannot sell your fanedits.

Harrison Ford in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" - Amazing deepfake (up on youtube)

Lurker2021 said:

Nope, it’s absolutely not. As I said, if I donate money towards something and they share something with me as an early thank you, they’re not selling me the film. You’re just wrong, but hey, that’s okay. You must feel pretty hyped when you scroll through Spotify and think “wow! I own every song here! They sold it all to me!”

Yeah, sure dude. “Donate” me some cash and I’ll send you 10 pounds of cocaine as a thank you. Don’t worry though, you didn’t actually buy any illegal substance. I just shared it with you as an “early thank you,” so we are both absolved of any wrongdoing.

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - (WIP) <strong>WORKPRINT V4 RELEASED</strong>

NeverarGreat said:

Here’s the Kylo Deleted Scene integrated into my edit in what I’m hoping is a final form:

Password: fanedit

If this is acceptable there’s just those couple of shots near the end of the film to complete (as well as any Restructured changes I missed)!


The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

RogueLeader said:

Here is the two-shot test for the puppet show. I made a few changes but I’ll wait and see what people notice. Let me know what y’all think.

Love it!! The only the that stuck out to me was the guy’s hand on the right repeating the same movement. Though I’d probably never notice if I wasn’t watching for a repeated shot. Maybe the hand could be roto’d out, just when it re-enters the frame? Just an idea, but that’s just me getting nit-picky. It’s friggin’ beautiful as is.

Star Wars Headcanons

TestingOutTheTest said:

KumoNin said:

Do share

“Yes, my lord.”

— Commander Cody, Revenge of the Sith


Rey, Lt. Connix, Leia, Commander D’Acy, Holdo, Poe and Tallie as well as Rose and Paige Tico are all thicc - yes, each of them has a thicc booty/ass, curvy hips and a wide waist.

Rey is in a sexual relationship with Lt. Connix, Leia, Commander D’Acy, Poe and Rose.

Lt. Connix is in a sexual relationship with Rey and Leia, sometimes with Poe, Holdo and Commander D’Acy.

Leia is in a sexual relationship with Rey, Lt. Connix (a bit… ironic😉) and Holdo.

Holdo is in a sexual relationship with Leia and Poe.

Poe is in a sexual relationship with Rey, Holdo and Tallie, sometimes with Lt. Connix.

Commander D’Acy is in a sexual relationship with Rey, and sometimes with Lt. Connix.

Rose is in an incestuous sexual relationship with Paige, and is also in a sexual relationship with Rey, sometimes with Lt. Connix.

Paige is in a sexual relationship with Tallie and in an incestuous sexual relationship with Rose.

Tallie is in a sexual relationship with Poe and Paige.

Copypasta material right here

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Jar Jar Bricks said:

Maybe we could dub it for him to actually say “cool”? Because they are pretty stupid if they think they can insult the Supreme Leader’s squad right in front of their (masked) faces.

Agreed. I think it’s better for the stormtroopers to admire them rather than disparage them. I get how some would find the joke lame though. Still an improvement over the original IMO.
Also I recall some other faneditor mishearing it as “Goals!” – It seems this line has confused many people.

Unique ways of watching/displaying the Star Wars movies

On my next watch-through of the OT I plan on watching them horizontally mirrored (so left becomes right and right becomes left). I tested it out before on a couple scenes, and I was pretty amazed how fresh and new it made these shots look that I’ve seen a million times before. Maybe the closest you can get to “see[ing] it again for the first time”

The Force Awakens - Ridley's Edit (WIP)

Does Ridley or anyone else have the “[Rey,] these are your first steps” Alec Guinness voiceover by DJ Mitz? I don’t recall if it was edited using Guinness’ voice, or an impersonation, but I remember it being quite good. Haven’t been able to find it since it was removed from YouTube a while back.
Sorry to bump the thread with an odd question, this is the only thread that mentions it.