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The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

StarkillerAG said:

If I had to decide the worst scene of every movie, I would say:

SW’77: The trash compactor
ANH-SE: Han meets Jabba
ESB: The asteroid slug
ESB-SE: Vader’s shuttle
ROTJ: Ewoks kill stormtroopers
ROTJ-SE: Jedi Rocks
TPM: Jar-Jar’s introduction
AOTC: The fireplace scene
ROTS: Anakin kills younglings
TFA: “It’s another Death Star”
TLJ: The space horse chase
TROS: “You are a Palpatine”

I can’t decide which moment is the worst out of all of them.

You forgot to pick a scene from Rogue One and Solo.

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

ANH (Theatrical): Tosche Station line
ANH (Saga): The mistake that puts Yavin IV in range of the Death Star early on
ESB (Theatrical): Incestuous Kiss
ESB (Saga): Altered Boba voice
ROTJ (Theatrical): Somehow I’ve always known
ROTJ (Saga): Jedi Rocks
TPM: Anakin building C3PO
AOTC: The head swap
ROTS: Anakin murdering younglings
TFA: Revealing Ben’s lineage too early
R1: Ponda Baba cameo
TLJ: Maz’s cameo
Solo: Han’s naming scene
TROS: Star Destroyer with a built in Death Star destroying Kijimi

How many times have you bought the movies?

doubleofive said:

I guess I should update this since it’s been… a decade?

This is just the Original Trilogy.

11SE Blu-rays (purchased used individually, some from a going-out-of-business Blockbuster Video)
ESB GOUT (used media store in 2018)
ANH GOUT (shrink-wrapped from a local grocery store in 2019)
The Digital Six Film Collection (Microsoft in 2019)
19SE UHDs (purchased individually last week)
ROTJ GOUT (eBay this week)
ANH GOUT (“fullscreen”, so I don’t have to open mine, eBay this week)

I found a “Faces” VHS set somewhere in the last decade, I have that too.

I’m planning on using a friend’s custom cases to store each 19SE UHD, 11SE BD, 04SE DVD, GOUT, and the new bonus disc.

I’d like to see the custom cases once you’re finished with them.

How many times have you bought the movies?

ZkinandBonez said:

Wow, you’ve even got CED’s. I don’t think those ever existed on the Scandinavian market (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) so I know very little about them, are they rare or expensive?

Next time I’m in the US I’ll have to track down one of those Star Wars to Jedi tapes. It’d be worth having in my collection just for that cover. Also, what format is that TPM box on the far left?

CEDs were available in the UK for about a year. That TPM is a widescreen VHS collector’s edition. Above Battle for Endor is a 35mm trailer for Attack of the Clones.

Question about how many times the OT was released in widescreen on VHS

that is correct as far as the US is concerned. The UK had more releases, with a 1991 Special Widescreen Edition (NTSC-to-PAL conversions of the US Widescreen Laserdiscs), the 1994 Digitally Remastered release, THX 1995 standalone, the Superclass set, the 97 Special Edition and the 2000 reprint of the 97SE.