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Potential new OT footage on G4's Attack of the Show



Here's the link.


They use some footage from ANH and ESB in the piece, and maybe it's just me, but things seem to look...crisper. Cleaner. HD...er. Especially the Death Star Attack footage from ANH.


Anyone else think it's something new, or is just old 2004 stuff? The explosions look 2004ish, but the ships and their animation appears newer to me.

Abrams is Destroying Star Trek like Lucas has Destroyed Star Wars

I need to make a comment before I log back out for a real long time.

The reason why Star Trek began to suck began with TNG. Some hack job liberal writers got together and began to spew their evangelical message with all the fervor of fundamentalists. Sure, Rick Berman has his share of the blame, but the writers were the ones who ultimately burned the ship. It got to be too preachy.

If you look back at the list of fan favorite episodes, none of them had a moral message. Best of Both Worlds? All Good Things? Those were when Star Trek was fun. DS9 understood this, as did the last season of ENT. Voyager never did, and certainly the latter half of TNG didn't.

JJ Abrams understands this and has always understanded this in his other work.

I don't give a damn if most of the Trekkers don't like the new Star Trek. Go watch your TNG, you who were in your twenties and thirties when TNG came on. Give those of us who grew up with Star Trek from a young age something cool again.

That is all.

Video and Article: Rep Won't Let Customer Cancel AOL Account
We were an AOL family ("it's the cheapest!") for years...now we are almost as worse off, USFamilyNet. Ugh...isn't DSL supposed to be faster than dialup?

I worked briefly for Verizon Wireless in the financial call center. Only job I flat out told my employer I was leaving within 3 days.

What that AOL guy did was exactly what they taught us to do at Verizon. Always, ALWAYS ask why they are leaving the company and try to make it "better."

I hate Verizon...
Video Games - a general discussion thread
Maybe my problem is that I compare the walljumping in PoP to walljumping in Ninja Gaiden. It's like night and day.

Remember that part near the end of the Sand of Time where you lose your rewind abilities, and you have to make all sorts of complicated jumps on the outside walls?

Yeah...4 days of hell. Then I got my brother to do the walljumping and let me finally finish the game.
The Non-Biased PS3 Thread
Can I make a comment without anyone throwing down any political cards or banning me?

I can? Ok...

The PS3 will probably sell due to one solid good reason. The inner-city ghetto.

Think about it. PS2 was marketed with games like Grand Theft Auto as well as a "built in" dvd player. I have several friends in inner Minneapolis/StPaul who still use their PS2 for dvds almost as much as they play games on them. They won't care about any differences between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. All they know is "PS3=Gaming/Movies." And the games will look a little bit better to them on their 36" tube tvs.

Will the loss of exclusivity hurt of the GTA franchise hurt Sony? Not at all. The game is still going to be coming out for the PS3. If it had become exclusive to the Xbox 360, then yeah, it would have hurt a lot.

Another factor why PS3 will do pretty well is the Madden license. Madden=Football, in their minds. Never mind the fact that the ESPN 2K series was noticeably better every single year, that Madden hasn't made a decent football game since they jumped onto the PS2, and that the last decent Madden game was Madden '99...Madden=Football. While these points are arguable, Madden is still a HUGE drawing factor for the PS2. Check the sales figures.

Now, referring to the "PS3 HATING" part of this thread...I sorta have this feeling that Sony needs to apologize not only to me personally but to the entire gaming community. Reasons? 1- crappy load times on PS1, 2- ripping off Nintendo on analog control, 3- ripping Nintendo off on all that oldschool R&D they did together, 4 - SquareSoft, 5 - Utterly destroying Dreamcast, 6- ripping Nintendo off again with rumble feature, 7- packaging the most basic DVD player into the PS2 when the industry as a whole wasn't ready, 8- ripping Nintendo off again with tilt function, 9- the weird buying frenzy of the PS2 launch, and 10- Blu-Ray.

I might be able to come up with more...and I realize how stupid it is of me to even think all this, but still...it almost feels like I've been personally insulted by Sony on numerous occasions. I ain't an idiot, and they treat us like them.

Video Games - a general discussion thread
Why would this thread ever die??

Anyways...I'm currently playing through Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. I've beaten Sands of Time, but the single most annoying feature of all 3 games is back to haunt me...I can not swing from a bar and jump off a wall. Walljumping of this type involves 15plus minutes of frustration each and every time.

Anyone here who has played the game have any suggestions? Is it my timing?
MagnoliaFan Edits: Ep I "Balance Of The Force", and Ep II "The Clone War" (Released)
Rikter, I'd also like to get my hands on these two edits MagnoliaFan did of Episodes 1 and 2. Alas, I'll be away from home 5/20 to 6/3.

If you can drop me a line at ElevatedSerenity@gmail.com, I'd love to be able to work out arrangements with you in order to get these.

BTW, for the whole forum...does anyone know where I can get that Matrix Trilogy edit I've been hearing about online? My internet speed is basically twice what dialup is, so I can't really download any large files. Any help finding these would be appreciated.

An embarrassing but necessary question or two
Going around the forums, I've noticed alot of hyperlinks and pictures. Basically, my questions are...how the heck do you do that?? Are you using a service like photobucket to host the picture and then they just give you something you cut and paste? Is there some secret way that I don't know that allows you to just do a link from one site to another and the picture magically appears in both places?

And how do hyperlinks work???

Oh yeah, i'm on XP (suck), if that helps any...
"Rise, Lord Vader!" - my vision of ROTS
Why would Obi-Wan kill Anakin out of mercy? That doesn't make sense. As the movie states, he was like a brother to him. Obi-Wan would never, ever, willingly kill Anakin. As far as Obi-Wan knew, Anakin would die right then and there in a matter of seconds. It was only by luck/Force that Palpatine found him alive in time.

As for the Vader "NOOOO...", yeah, it wasn't done well. They should rerecord the ADR for that scene. And a minor addition...have Vader break free, and then fall to his knees, unable to control his legs yet, and THEN scream.

Would work better.

But ultimately, if they'd just release the whole Anakin/Obi-Wan fight, I'll be happy.

And Nick Gillard does not suck. He breathed new life into the fighting.