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extracting surround sound mix off of youtube

Hey there, there’s some music on YouTube I like and the only surround sound mix I know of is on YouTube. The video sadly does not have the surround sound mix so I wanted to extract the surround sound mix from YouTube and overlay it onto the concert video. Anyone know how to accurately extract the surround sound mix from YouTube?

Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition - 4K Dremastered

Prodrummer1603 said:

frasderp said:

Super excited for this release, thankyou for your hard work!

I am interested, how does the Upscale process compare to the real 4K releases regarding the process followed?

Level of Detail is as good if not better than the 4k-Release (Mainly because there is no DNR applied). You might say that the 4k-Bluray looks sharper but that’s only because PJ and his team added digital sharpness on the official release. The Version from DrDre looks more natural imo.

Color grading comes down to taste. The 4k-Bluray might be more neutral but I don’t know if you even want that in a fantasy movie ^^ Either way: This Upscale my favorite version of the Movie and the one I will keep on watching.

I might be editing the movies and remove some scenes from the extended cut which I don’t like.

I personally would love to see to see the theatrical version with the Elves leaving Rivendell and Gabriel’s gift giving scene kept in.

Charlie Brown in 4K

Juno Eclipse said:

ConstipatedSpidey said:

Juno Eclipse said:

This is disappointing. I thought this was going to be a “Charlie Brown in 4K” project, but you are just asking if some of the Charlie Browns are in 4K anywhere other than Apple TV?


Then why?

oojason said:

An Index Of Projects & Help Thread for Preservation of Other Properties…

If creating a new thread that is NOT a fan project… please give fellow members a clear idea of what the thread is about. For example, add ‘Query’, or ‘Info’, ‘Discussion’, ‘Help: looking for…’, ‘Help Wanted’, ‘Info Wanted’, ‘Has anyone done a project on X?’, or ‘Idea: for Project X’ etc to the thread title. It annoys members to see lazily titled threads that appear to be projects on here - to open them - and only to find it is some lazy git just looking for a project, or wanting a link, or more info, or wanting someone else to make a project for them etc. Please do not make new threads for which there are project threads already in existence.

If the site moderators ask us not to do just this, then why do it?

I didn’t know. I don’t use this site much and the post was only 3 sentences long so…

Help: looking for... Charlie Brown in 4K

Hello, I am trying to find a way to download the more difficult to find Peanuts specials in 4K (as Apple TV+ is now monopolizing them). They used to be for sale on Vudu and iTunes in 4K so I’m hoping they’re still available for download somewhere. Specifically, I am looking for the holiday specials not available for purchase in physical or digital any longer (New Years, Valentine’s Day, and the Easter specials). Could anyone point me in the right direction, if they’re available?