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Skyfall: A Personal Statement

What’s This About?

Nothing too radical, it’s by large the same film you’re used to, with a few light trims and only a couple of major omissions

Original Title: Skyfall
Studios: Eon Productions, MGM, Columbia Pictures
Faneditor: Zarius
Originally Released: 2012
Original Running Time: 143
Fanedit Running Time: 121
Cut Time: 21 minutes


-Movie begins in media res on the battle aboard the train. Everthing preceeding that has been cut, we learn why things happen throughtout the film anyway.

-“Skyfall” by Adele cut, replaced by “The World” by Sela Sue. Skyfall titles slightly trimmed so the new song fits.

-Glimpses into life during Bond’s exile abroad is cut

-Bond’s talk with the psychologist cut after he calls M a “bitch”

-Bond and Q’s banter at the museum cut entirely. Q’s there on strict buisness, hands Bond what he needs, and leaves

-Battle at the Casino is cut

-Sex scene in the shower cut

-Train crash cut

-M’s death cut, scene in the church ends on a bit of Bond wit

-References to M’s will being read out by Moneypenny cut, it’s implied she simply retires as her job’s done.

Just An Idea (For Now): Incredible Hulk: Civil War?

Other possibilities I’ve tried out (can’t upload samples for now because of Vimeo storage limit)

-Open the movie with Zemo reading from the winter soldier codebook in the hotel, just to explain what Bucky means by the
“saying the god damn words” later when Steve captures him.

-Have Zemo give Ross access to super soldier serums he finds in the compound

Doctor Who: Series 11 + Special Edits

ChainsawAsh said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Anakin Starkiller said:

Are you gonna do anything about that sad excuse for an opening?

Why would you want Grace to live? There’s no reason for it, and it would mess up the other episodes.

I don’t give a crap about it fitting with the other episodes, I do this stuff for fun, not to pander to what other people want for “go to” versions.


Just a pet peeve of mine…for some reason people in the fanedit community get very precious about their continuity being tarnished…I got the same reactions when I put together a Civil War edit which used Homecoming footage, I got people saying “this breaks the timeline, this makes no sense”…whatever happened to creativity? Risk? Experimentation?

I’ll do whatever I like with my edits. If people are curious, they can view them, but they are not meant to replace anything. They’re just for fun.

Just An Idea (For Now): Incredible Hulk: Civil War?

I was mulling over this just a couple of minutes ago, I thought I’d give it it’s own thread.

Do you think it’s at all creatively plausible to combine scenes from Civil War and Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk?

Granted, this would play havoc with established MCU continuity, and some might not take to that, but as an experimental edit it could well be doable.

The idea would be to only use about 15% or 20% of Civil War footage, with the rest of the movie being incredible Hulk. The motivations are that the army are trying to recruit Banner for Tony’s team to go after Steve Rogers and his own team per Black Widow’s suggestion (when Tony suggests if there’s “any shot” of getting him on the team to her), and we follow Banner’s adventures. In this alternate universe, Banner never left Earth and reconnects with old flame Betty Ross.

I’d still devote some time to Tony and Cap’s struggle just so there’s a complete story, and Spidey could still wind up being Banner’s substitute on the team.

The post-credit scene of the Incredible Hulk between Tony and General Ross can be repurposed for earlier in the movie, possibly at the very beginning if need be.

I’d try to at least end the film with Bruce and Betty together and on the run. The final scene could be the “not even a little excited?” love making scene at the end.