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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: The End, Beast King Cut (released)

I had originally intended to do a move length version of this, but found the work too overbearing and went for a standard tv length episode instead.

For a show that’s celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and may potentially be tying up all it’s loose ends before a major continuity overhaul in a few years with the Johnathan Entwhistle-helmed reboot, you’d think Power Rangers might have wanted to go out with something worthy of those three decades worth of entertainment than bringing Zedd down to Earth through simple conversation. So I’ve taken to the editing suite to correct that.

The solution comes in merging this episode with the events of another big crossover episode in the show’s recent history, the Beast Morphers story ‘Grid Connection’, which guest-stars Jason as well as the MMPR team, so by bringing them in we tie everything neatly full circle

Lord Zedd no longer has a ‘fantasy’ of Rita, she is real, I took their scene together and placed it just before Jason and the Dino Charge Rangers are confronted by Goldar Maximus. This also allows “The End” to serve as the unofficial prequel to “Once & Always”, the way fans prefer.

I replaced all scenes of Evox piloting the Geo Zord with footage of Zedd in his command room from Cosmic Fury. Andrew Liang was the original choice to replace Robert Axelrod as Zedd, and he had to step down due to online bullying, so I find it fitting I use all of Evox’s lines for Zedd here.

Edit is available now. DM me for a link.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: The Movie (WIP)

The 30th anniversary series of Power Rangers went out with both a banger of a series and a whimper of a finale. So I’m looking to beef it up a bit for the feature-length recut using a slightly reworked episode of Beast Morphers as well as the Power Rangers/Street Fighter short film to weave a new narrative and hopefully provide the series with a worthier conclusion.

Despite a lot going on, there are still several episodes that I would consider ‘filler’ or ones that could do with significant scaling down to get to the point quicker.

Those episodes are:

  1. Off Grid
  2. Team Work
  3. Take Off

The Beast Morphers episode I am using is Grid Connection, and if you know anything about that episode, you’ll know where I’m going with the rejiggered ending. Power Rangers will close out it’s 30th anniversary with all the dinosaur themed Rangers going up against Zedd, Goldar and the Geo-Zord.

The Transformers-The Lost Commentaries

While browsing Youtube for signs of fan-generated Transformer content, I stumbled on some rare commentary tracks from Transformers superfan Chris McFeely, which he did as a favour for a couple of friends over on the Moonbase Two community. While the audio commentaries are still avail bile on the Moonbase 2 website’s archives, the visuals they accompanied remain in pretty bad quality on Youtube.

These commentaries I don’t believe are present on any DVD release that he has contributed to (some of you TF fans may remember he did the commentaries for the Takara trilogy and the Transformers movie)

I downloaded the commentaries and attached them of downloading those commentaries and seeing if I can attach them to higher quality copies of the episode

The episode are

-Seachange (season two)
-Call of the Primatives (season three)
-Carnage In C-Minor (season three)

All three have been uploaded to Internet Archive. DM for link any time.

X-Men: The Dark Stand (released)

Thanks for the feedback my friend, always a pleasure to get these and suggestions on how to improve. Those all sound like great ideas, the danger room sequence from Apocalypse would have fit there quite well I’d have to agree and would be book-ended when we head into the future!

And boy did I miss a trick with a Logan forest fight

I’ll definitely have to see if I can start this up again with suggestions like this in mind, it’s a fun concept I’ve already went back to a few times now, always changing bits about them

Star Trek: Legacy (Picard S3 Edit)

PrinceMusashi said:

Has this fan edit been completed and is it now accessible? If it is, would you kindly provide me with a link? I have a great deal of interest in it.

A current draft exists (the one that got reviewed in the thread), I’ll send it to you, I haven’t had time to update it (and some of the suggestions to improve it are beyond my skill level anyway)

Star Trek: Legacy (Picard S3 Edit)

Thankyou for the very detailed feedback, I appreciate every bit of it. Not that many people dissect my edits quite in this level of detail and I usually never know what I’m doing right or wrong.

My editing software is not the best, in fact I probably would not recommend it, I use the cheapest things and as much as I try to increase the volume or blend the audio together, it always varies. I probably should think of upgrading, but I’ve tried before with more professional equipment and my learning difficulties make it hard. Also I am not a VFX or deepfaking major so I probably can’t help with some aspects you point out.

Now, onto the narrative…yeah, there’s many moments where I ‘cut corners’ to keep it to a healthy level, I didn’t want a four to five hour cut like “Last Son of Krypton”, you probably would have found my two hour twenty minute version worse off for this had I stuck with that, it’s very much how a studio would butcher a Trek movie. Judging from your takeaways, I think a cut like this would have came out after the 2023 writer’s strike, rofl (ah, one can laugh at one’s self)

I know Beverly’s recovery seems a little quick, but that can’t helped considering she’s awoken in the midst of the Vadic/Shryke engagement, and my goal was to remove all that. Prior cuts did keep her battle in, but the Shrkye was destroyed after the escape from the Nebula. I probably could look to re-including that in another draft.

My goal was never to retcon seasons one and two, they still happened, Picard’s death and synth body thing still happened etc. They don’t have much of a narrative purpose, but it’s better than cutting swaths of dialogue.

Star Trek: Legacy (Picard S3 Edit)

Only took me two and a half days, but I turned Picard season three into a two hour and twenty-five minute movie

Film is about 90% entirely about Jack and his connections to Picard and the Borg

What I removed:

-Vadic, all battles with the Shryke
-The infiltration of Daystrom Station and Moriarty’s cameo
-The entire “Picard’s body is stolen” plot (being the nitpicker I am you’d think the Borg would have some of Jeaun-Luc’s DNA around long after assimilating him anyway)
-The whole business with the portal weapon and the Starfleet recruitment building destruction
-All of Rafi and Worf’s separate scenes (Rafi still shows up because I couldn’t cut her entirely, but it feels like she’s just a senior Titan crew member now)
-Now all of the Next Generation crew arrive at the Titan at once per Picard’s request
-Added footage from the first episodes of seasons one and two

X-Men: The Dark Stand (released)

I appreciate your amazing feedback and ideas for improvement. Edits are always in a state of creative flux, and when you have at least one set of ideas, someone will come up with a thousand other different ones, you have some excellent points and ways to tighten the bolts on the edit.

Magneto taking Jean in and just keeping her around is a much better idea, I agree, I don’t know what I was thinking just having her tail off, but then I wonder why Eric wouldn’t have used her much sooner…and then I remembered he’s supposed to be more of a pacifist at this point and needed the motivation. Your concept of his family being murdered from Apocalypse would have given him that drive to seek Jean out if he had let her go, so yeah, that scene could definitely be included for more drama.

The Centurions: The Feature-Length Series Finale

Towards the end of the one and only season of Centurions there are several multi-part adventures that serve as functional series finales. There is the epic five-parter Man Or Machine which reveals the origins of the Centurions, Doc Terror and Hacker and involves a battle to liberate Skyvault from Terror and stop an alien machine from destroying humanity. Other candidates include’ To Dare Dominion which appears to kill off Terror and Hacker completely and wipes out their base of operations after they unleash a near universe-consuming Lovecraftian nightmare, and The Better Half, where Terror and Hacker’s robot halves combine to create an even more powerful and malevolent threat, forcing them to ally with the Centurions and destroy those parts of themselves. The story also resolves the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Centurion Ace and Crystal Kane, as the two finally kiss.

So I figured, why don’t we just combine all those potential ‘outs’ and see what we get out of it?


-Doc Terror and Hacker working on the continuum-crashing vortex moved to the start of the edit, so the audience is informed of what’s to come after the crisis with Gog is averted

-Entire Uniborg plot of “The Better Half” removed, we only use the Ace/Crystal parts

-Inserted footage from the early series episode “Operation: Starfall” after Ace is beamed back aboard Skyvault in rough shape, this sets up the Ace/Crystal romance later

-Crystal is no longer shown to be embarrassed by Ace kissing her in front of his friends, doesn’t get her own back afterwards when Lucy kisses him (Lucy does eventually kiss him, but Crystal isn’t around to laugh at it)

-Max’s response to Jake regarding the fate of Doc Terror removed. He is definitively dead to serve the purpose of this edit, which is to give us closure.

-Use of the scene from “Man or Machine” where Rex and John are accepted into the Centurions now moved to the very end. Ace attempting to ask someone else out on a date removed, as he’s with Crystal now.

Most commercial break fades have been retained for two reasons

  1. Sheer laziness on my part
  2. Wanting to give it the feel of a first-run TV Movie on cable with plenty of ads in between (add them if you wish)

But, Really, mostly laziness.