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Captain Planet & The Planeteers: An Alternative Source [WIP]



By Your Two Episodes Combined…I am Your ‘Season One’ finale!

Captain Planet, being quite episodic in nature, had about six or so seasons. Arguably it’s best years were probably the original 65 episode or so run, but none of those seasons had proper ‘finales’…but they came ever so close to one. Arguably the best of those was ‘Summit to Save Earth’, where the original spirt of the Earth Zarn pretty much wipes the floor with the Planeteers with the help of the eco-villains and takes over the planet. By the story’s end, the Planeteers vanquish Zarn and COP 22 turns out to be a success (lol)

So while season two has that, the first season has a couple of candidates for a strong finale…the original Mission to Save Earth (introducing Captain Pollution), Two Futures Parts One and Two (a ‘for want of a nail’ scenario), and Heat Wave, which sees Doctor Blight attack Hope Island.

I watched some of them lately, Heat Wave really is the best one despite being so short, but the others I felt suffered from having little to no real ‘finality’ to them with the eco villains. At least you can make the argument Doctor Blight could have died at sea in Heat Wave.

Two episodes from earlier in the first season however, work pretty well at providing the ‘big kicks’ of season finales…high stakes, the feeling the heroes could be tempted with absolute corruptible power, and the villains coming together for a big gamble and getting all caught at the end. Those were “Don’t Drink The Water” and “The Conqueror”, the first is the show’s first real multi-villain crossover with a plot far superior to that of “Mission to Save Earth”, the latter is the first appearance of Zarn, my favourite CP villain.

Both parts currently clock in at 19 minutes, both include “Planeteer Alert” (the same one) and end credits.

For the sake of a title, I’ve used the title cards for parts one and two of “Mission to Save Earth” even if the edit has nothing to do with the original story, but I think it fits it far better as Zarn is tempting them with the power of the iron fist and sends them on a mission to ‘save’ the planet from nuclear armament.

Hopefully this serves as a worthy candidate for a season one finale, and if not, at least a rollicking good bit of 90s cheese.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Episodes 1 and 5 With Happy Endings [Released]

Volume two of the controversial MOTU: Revelation has dropped and all things considered it’s a marked improvement over the first five episodes. I admit I got caught up in the drama of volume one’s divisiveness, not always siding with either Kevin Smith’s camp or the ‘Clownfish’ camp. Truth be told I think both parties handled themselves just as poorly. The second volume only proved Clownfish ‘right’ in one respect while at the same time totally exposing their ‘scoop’ as a half-truth and everything else projection and paranoia.

But let’s not dwell too much on them or the merits of Smith’s honesty. What matters is part two was a much better half and really what the show should have been all along.

But was it ever truly needed?

Part two hinges on Skeletor being alive to make everything move along, Evil Lyn was redeemed at that point, having lost her love in Orko and vowing to do right by his memory, the power sword had been reclaimed and reforged and Adam restored magic to Eternia. You could easily have ended the series there and then.

So why not do that? All you have to do is remove any references to Teela being the Sorceress and you have a perfect send-off.

Ah, but I didn’t stop there. I decided to pull a similar trick with the FIRST episode, to show that the ‘revelation’ need not have affected Teela negatively at all. I truly feel that if she loved Adam as much as she did, considering him her hero and always believing in him, she would truly understand why he kept this secret from her and would be more readily accepting of being left in the dark . Adam surviving, fresh off of saving the universe, allows Teela to see how much he was willing to sacrifice, in this case, the power sword, and certainly wouldn’t kick him while he was down.

In time, I might revisit the first episode and add a few more things to it, but I wanted to give this version a bit of closure, in many respects finally giving the classic MOTU series a ‘true’ series finale without you needing to go through an edgelord adolescent’s idea of what a ‘mature’ MOTU series looks like

For Eternia!

PM for pastebin link

Wonder Woman (2017): Times Moves On (2017/1984 Fanmix) (Released)

So the current timeline reads like this:

-Movie opens with the score of the first film, but no narration from Diana, we pan down on the Earth and-
-Instantly cut to Barbra walking to work and meeting Diana
-Mall scene
-Diana at the cafe alone, sees the plane fly overhead
-Near entirety of WW 2017 plays out
-After the victory celebrations break out, cut back to present day with Babs being saved from the drunk by Diana
-Cut to Steve’s watch beginning to tick
-Diana and Barbara at the cafe talking about their lives
-Christmas scene and flyby.
-Linda Carter cameo before credits

Wonder Woman (2017): Times Moves On (2017/1984 Fanmix) (Released)

For the longest time, I thought about an edit that tried to ‘contemporize’ Wonder Woman 1984, but the idea instead evolved into using some of that film as an alternative ‘present day’ to Wonder Woman 2017 instead.

The edit opens with some of Diana’s narration from WW 2017, then it cuts to the mall scene from 1984, and from there the film plays as normal right up until Diana is at the café watching the plane fly overhead, then she begins reminiscing on her childhood, which leads us back into 2017 footage. We remain there for the majority of the film until after the celebrations at the close of the great war, then we cut back to 1984 footage and show Steve’s watch start to tick on the mantlepiece, hinting more at the idea that ‘time moves along and so do you’, then we cut to Diana and Barbara Minerva chatting about their love life and then the scene set at Christmas and Diana flying high above the heavens…and then we close the film proper on Lynda Carter’s cameo.

Hope to have this out relatively soon.

Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (Released)

feronstost said:

I’d love to watch this since you’ve finished! Where on the timeline would you put it, by the way? Before Justice League? After? I cannot remember if Barbara is in Justice League or Unlimited.

Looking forward to watching it!

I’ll send you the link soon once I reupload it, I’m working on converting it to a smaller size to save space on my MEGA cloud drive. It should not take too long.

I’m not sure where to place it just yet. If you like to imagine it takes place after JL, go right ahead

FanEdit Reviews - Post Your Reviews Here

Here’s my review of the “Rise and Fall of The Dark Phoenix” edit, from reddit’s jimbojka:

Influenced by my fanedit, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Dark Stand”, he has created in all probability the best fan cut so far of this concept, this certainly aims higher than mine did, it’s of a higher quality, with the score being mixed in very professionally. I also really liked the callbacks to the beginning with Wolverine going infra-red when dealing with Magneto’s henchman in the forest, that was an awesome effect and gave the whole thing a badass feel.

I liked how he was still able to use more of DP for LS footage, such as Mcavoy Xavier entering young Jean’s mind while Stewart and Jensen are duelling in the house. It’s a nice way of joining the two worlds in the film, showing us how it’s all very much the same coat the film is wearing.

There were some things that I didn’t even notice were gone from the story, which just shows how ‘necessary’ they really were (no rogue or weird Bobby/Kitty romance)

Lastly, thee ending was perfect, right down to using the Jean footage from The Wolverine, another callback to the start. Continuity and attention-to-detail goes far in telling a great story andhe told it. Tragic, impactful, and beautiful.

Now, and I hate this bit, a couple of critiques:

When Jean and Scott reunite at the lake, I did hear a bit of a hard cut/glitch in the score, might want to give that another polish.

I also think the split screen for the fight sequences, while very innovative, went on far too long. Try to make that more of an ‘event’ effect and use it when absolutely necessary.

Those niggles aside, I am honoured that my frankenstien edit inspired a much superior, sharper, and bolder vision.

007: No Time To Die (Skyfall/Spectre/NTTD Fanmix Edition) (WIP)

OK, I’ve worked out a timeline for No Time To Die using footage from Skyfall and Spectre, framing it as the third in Craig’s trilogy. In the ensuing five years between QOS and this he’s already met and defeated Blofeld, and fallen in love with Swann, but the circumstances behind their parting are not shown, leaving it more to the imagination until Bond informs the audience later when he meets up with Swann at her home

(spoilers ahead)

-Begin with gunbarrel/“Five Years Later” (NTTD)
-Bond loses the data drive, shot by Moneypenny (Skyfall)
-Titles (a fanmix of existing Skyfall, Spectre, and No Time to Die titles, with ‘No Time To Die’ as the song)
-M and Mallory’s conversation/M hacked/destruction of MI6 building
-Bond in exile/retirement. Meets Felix and the CIA mole, learns of MI6 attack (Skyfall), tells Felix ‘he’s in’ (NTTD)
-Bond in Cuba, finds Obruche, meets with Felix and his partner (NTTD)
-A hurt Bond returns and meets with M (Skyfall)
-Bond meets with Mallory and the new 007 (NTTD)
-Moneypenny drops by Bond’s aprtment, Bond plays a message from M instructing him to kill Marco Sciarra, with the implication being he is the one behind the bombing at M16, which will be important later (Spectre)
-Remainder of NTTD plays out as normal, final fight will be altered slightly, ending plays out as normal BUT…
-Final act is Bond killing Sciarra (Spectre), the ending is left ambiguous as to whether or not this is set in the past or present.
-End credits themes are “If There Was A Man” (The Living Daylights) and “All the Time In The World” (OHMSS)

James Bond: Spectre (With Alternative NTTD Ending) (WIP) (Spoilers)

It occurred to me while watching No Time To Die again that you can take most of the pre-titles sequence, or even only a fraction of it, and attach it to the ending of Spectre as an extended epilogue. Here’s how I achieved it:


After the fade to black on the bridge (after Bond defeats Blofeld), cut Bond visiting Q asking to borrow the Aston Martin, and fade in on Bond and Swann from No Time To Die driving up to the town and villa, learning about the note-burning and chatting about Vesper, Bond heads off to her grave and burns her name, releasing him from her ‘spectre’, play “All The Time In The World” and use the footage of the Aston Martin driving through the tunnel at the end of NTTD.

Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers: Hogday Afternoon Part Two Alternate Ending (Released)

Hogday Afternoon part two is the final ever episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (retitled Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers for the final ten episodes), the story ends on a downbeat cliffhanger with the Zeo Crystal snatched, the Command Centre destroyed, and the Rangers seemingly helpless to stop Zedd and Rita.

Then Power Rangers Zeo starts, and, well, a lot of that is swiftly dealt with. The Rangers find the Zeo Crystal (having been ‘dropped’ by their enemies even though they teleported out), Zedd and Rita are driven away by the Machine Empire, and the Command Centre exterior is magically rebuilt with only the interior changing to the ‘Power Chamber’

Zeo’s one of my favourite seasons, but a lot of that felt a little too clean. For years I’ve wanted to do an edit of this story, but never quite knew what to do about any of this. Then I got the legacy collection and watched the Zeo promotional serial…and suddenly it all neatly fell into place. I could side-step the whole cliffhanger ending entirely and set up the Machine Empire arriving in the final five or so minutes of the story. To achieve this, just cut everything to do with Goldar and Rito with the bomb, and then cut everything out after the Aquitian Rangers leave and replace it with the footage of the observatory as well as the final few segments that focus on Mondo and Machina from the Zeo serial, ending the episode on them plotting to take out Zedd and Rita.

Iron Man 2...What If? Edition

Surprised nobody’s beat to me this yet…a 1 hr 31 minute cut of Iron Man 2 with the entirety of episode three of “What If” attached to it. Nothing much changed other than opening credits removed and replaced with “What If” title credits, and of course the entire last half of the actual movie, rofl. The switch to “What If” occurs just after the air force base sequence with Rhodes.

Black Widow: The Civil Cut (WIP) SPOILERS

Very minimal edit, there is plenty to cut but it’d be a short film if I did

-Film opens as normal, opening credit sequence cut as it’s a bit unusual for an MCU movie to have those at the begining.
-Marvel Studios Logo comes along after Natasha and her sister are drugged
-After logo, cut to the airport brawl from Civil War, cut to the remainder of Black Widow after Natasha argues with Tony
-End Credits now play immediately after Natasha stands her ground waiting for Ross and the others to arrive
-“Two Weeks Later” Scene is now the post-credits, replacing the Countessa’s cameo that sets up the Hawkeye Disney+ show