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Star Trek: Generations-Two Missions, One Destiny (Released)

Brainstormed this while trying to help a fellow editor with ideas for a Generations edit.

With a “Kirkless” version of the movie already made by the CBB group way back in the 2000s, the next logical course of action would be to have a “Kirk Lives” version of the edit. My attempt sees Picard and Kirk embark on two separate missions upon leaving the nexus…Picard to stop Soran on the planet, and Kirk to save the Enterprise D from a warp core breach.

To this end, I repurposed Kirk’s task on the Enterprise-B, using all the footage of him involved in that fateful mission and using it to show him preventing the breach. It was pretty easy to restructure Picard vs Soran not to include Kirk, largely because they fight earlier on in the movie in parts that don’t involve him and I just brought them up to the climax.

Data does not piss off Doctor Crusher…although his emotion chip storyline is still in the movie, it has been considerably scaled back and all of his more manic and unfunny moments are completely cut (except for “yes” and “oooh shit”, which to me are funny)

Because the Enterprise-D survives the movie also, I used Worf’s promotion scene on the holodeck as one of the last acts. I cut to something else after Worf falls into the water…a widescreen version of the last few moments of “All Good Things”, just because the film didn’t feel ‘complete enough’ after Worf gets a dunking.

The movie now opens pretty much immediately with Picard and Troy discussing the death of his brother and nephew and the investigation by the crew on the research station.

Smallville: The Elseworlds Finale (Dropping August 22nd)

…To coincide with Day One of DC Fandom, I have pieced together a totally new take on Smallville’s series finale, using the final two episodes of season seven and the premiere of season eight largely as the meat, with elements of the tenth season’s final episode and season 9’s finale forming the skeleton.

Loads of changes to the original narrative

-Lois no longer find out Clark’s identity

-Lana and Kara’s fates are not resolved as I wanted the episode to have some consequential fallout and give it a darker tone.

-Lex is recovered from the arctic by Tess…he’s in a bad way but he survives. Tess only has two cameos in the story, the other is to verify her as Lex’s sister.

-Clark has several prophetic dreams throughout the final act of the episode following the destruction of the fortress, dreams which gradually imprint themselves more and more on reality. For example, in the first lucid dream he has after the destruction of the fortress, Clark’s thoughts drift to his father, another is one he has when Lex awakens and he learns he is alive and they are destined to be enemies, another is when he dreams of Jor-El and Johnathan giving him the Superman suit, only to wake up and find a physical version has been sent to him…we leave who a mystery to tie it to the dream better (in the original episode, it’s Martha who made him it)

-Chole’s son is now her and Jimmy Olsens’. Shot of the boy gazing over at Oliver’s arrows have been cut

-Footage from the video game Injustice 2 is used for brief shots of Darksied

-The final scene from ‘2013’ after Chloe completes her bedtime story to her son (boy that ages it), is now taken from the season 9 finale.

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Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith-Expanded Edition- Bobson Dognutt

Bobson continues to carve out quite the career for himself, and as is often the case, we continue to watch that career with great interest. This latest in his batch of extended cuts adds plenty to the existing cut, but also adds some original touches too. Some of these touches, while light, are so seamlessly integrated that there’s no sign they weren’t meant to be there to begin with (the Shakk Ti scene and ‘new’ dialogue from Dooku are some choice examples of this).

This is a solid expansion that also does something different, all to create a somewhat new and yet still very familiar movie for a Star Wars fan to experience. This has always been the best of the prequels, and almost everything pieced together for it only helps add to the majesty.

Star Wars Episode V: Skywalker Strikes Back (Released)

Hunted across the galaxy by the relentless empire, the valiant heroes of the rebellion fight for survival, while young Luke Skywalker finds himself drawn to the Dagobah system to learn the ways of the Jedi from the wise mentor Yoda. When his friends fall into the hands of Darth Vader, Luke journeys to the cloud city of Bespin to confront the Sith Lord, but is he prepared emotionally for what is to come?

Even as he comes to terms with the hard truths he faces in confronting Vader, Luke has no time to rest, as a reckoning must come for the nefarious gangster Jabba the Hutt on Luke’s home world of Tatoonie, a valiant rescue mission is carried out, but can all of Luke’s new training enable him in freeing Han Solo?

This fanedit combines the majority of the definitive middle act in the Star Wars saga with over forty five minutes worth of footage from Return of the Jedi to create a more complete viewing experience, with a different prologue and cliffhanger ending!

Changes are largely

-Vader communicating with the Emperor opens the film
-Majority of the first half of ROTJ plays out shortly after Luke receives his metal hand
-New ending is Luke receiving verification of his father’s identity and learning there is another Skywalker (but we don’t learn it’s Leia), film ends on Yoda fading away.


Sky_ said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Jeepers that’s awesome…never expected it to swerve like that

There’s actually quite a lot of Errors in this clip, which I’m aware of like, certain shots that shouldn’t be there as I didn’t switch of the layer in the timeline and other split-second frames that popped in, finally sound mix isn’t there yet
but I thought id post something so people have a feel of what I’m trying to do

and Thankyou

Yeah, I wasn’t going to call out the technical glitches because it was clear to me it was just a WIP, I was fixated more on what you were doing right

The 'Final' Season Of The Simpsons (Possible Team Project?)

I’m thinking of maybe doing three or so takes on this, but so far I’ve settled on this list for a final season comprised largely of season 9-11 episodes, with some from season 12, as well as “Barthood” and “Holidays of Future Passed”

The City of New York Vs Homer Simpson
Simpson Tide
Natural Born Kissers
Girly Edition
Treehouse of Horror VIII
The Trouble With Trillions
This Little Wiggy
Bart Carny
The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetions
Lisa The Sceptic
Trash of the Titans
The Cartridge Family
Mayored To The Mob
Lost Our Lisa
Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken
I’m With Cupid
Make Room For Lisa
Brother’s Little Helper
Faith Off
Alone Again Naturally-Diddly
Trilogy of Error
The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
Day of the Jackanapes
24 Minutes
My Mother The Carjacker
Holidays of Future Passed

My Take On Spider-Man 4 - WIP

My plan is to create as long a fan cut of the elusive Spider-Man 4 as possible, using footage from other Toby McGuire films (such as “Pawn Sacrifice”), and dialogue from the video games, Fox’s Ghost Rider movies, and the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man films for the ‘third act’

A lot of these ideas and concepts may change over time, and the edit might prove to be a bit rough, but that’s where feedback comes in

-Movie will be adaptation of “One More Day”, where Peter trades his relationship with Mary Jane to save his Aunt May from a bout with cancer.
-Footage from the 2002 Spider-Man Teaser Trailer Will Be Used As The Intro
-Peter now has a backstory as a chess protoge (just to help extend the length of the movie with some Parker drama)
-Deleted Scenes From Spider-Man 2 will be used
-Main villains are Mephisto and Electro (possibly Vulture also?)
-Nicolas Cage’s Johnny Blaze will make sporadic appearances throughout the edit
-Use Snake Eyes of G.I Joe as ‘Agent Venom’ For Possible End-Credits Scene, use footage from the movie “Venom” to explain it’s origins. Maybe ‘recast’ Tom Hardy as Flash Thompson and edit out all references to his name being Eddie?

Avengers: Cosmic Quest (a WIP)

hbenthow said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Obviously I missed my Christmas release window, that’s because the DVD came a little late (sometime around mid-January), and I got caught up with other projects. I recently found the time the last few weeks, I pieced together the edit on it’s own, but then a different idea occurred to me, and I might end up combining it with Infinity War.

I’m probably going to do a combined 2-in-one edit where past Thanos doesn’t show up after Thor kills the present version , and when the world is restored by Hulk, there is no final showdown.

Is there any chance of you doing both versions? They both sound interesting.

I have been working on two versions actually, one’s about 4 hours long even without the final battle. Would you be interested in the Endgame portion on it’s own even if it’s just a time-travel yarn with no real sweeping battle?

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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Shaggedelic Extended Edition by ADigitalMan

The best Austin Powers movie, the extended scenes help to make some scenes I found unfunny kind of funnier, I think the Two-On-Two scene could have replaced the two Austins stinger as the credits scene as it’s the same joke anyway. Could have done without the needless outtake montage after “The End”. Overall a worthy watch if extensions are your thing baby!