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Black Widow: The Civil Cut (WIP) SPOILERS

Very minimal edit, there is plenty to cut but it’d be a short film if I did

-Film opens as normal, opening credit sequence cut as it’s a bit unusual for an MCU movie to have those at the begining.
-Marvel Studios Logo comes along after Natasha and her sister are drugged
-After logo, cut to the airport brawl from Civil War, cut to the remainder of Black Widow after Natasha argues with Tony
-End Credits now play immediately after Natasha stands her ground waiting for Ross and the others to arrive
-“Two Weeks Later” Scene is now the post-credits, replacing the Countessa’s cameo that sets up the Hawkeye Disney+ show

Justice League: Approaching Josstice (Just an Idea...for now)

A couple of ideas for Josstice League again, for those that don’t feel like adding in ZS footage

-Start the film with Bruce fighting the Parademon then searching for Arthur, no titles just yet
-Titles come after Bruce says “we don’t have to recognize it, we just have to save it” (the world)
-Diana thwarts terrorists
-Steppenwolf attacks Themyscira
-Barry is recruited by Bruce, but him getting the job is used as his intro, turns out Bruce gave him the recommendation in exchange for his service
-Film runs as normal up until Lois and Clark at the farm
-Lois and Clark exchange drastically minimised, no talk of rings or Lois not being ‘strong enough’
-Instead of using a ZS shot of Clark going to his ship and picking up his costume, Clark already has it and switches to Superman when he ‘sees’ Bruce’s carrier craft take off and heads for Russia with them (use final shot of the film to achieve this, it works so much better as a precursor to the last act)
-Film resumes as normal
-Clark and Flash race takes the place of the Clark shirt reveal
-Mid-Credits: Kids interview Superman
-Post-Credits: Bruce and Clark on the farm (“I bought the bank”)

Superman: TAS: Public Enemies [WIP]

Latest version updates

In the latest draft, I removed the Hawkman and Captain Marvel fight, but kept in Supes and Bats disguising themselves as them, Lex covers this by saying the two were amongst the people he wanted to bring the two into custody, and Power Girl is still referenced as having helped out with convincing them to help.

So now it’s just a fun fanservice/cameo thing

Superman: TAS: Public Enemies [WIP]

feronstost said:

Cameron Samurai said:

feronstost said:

This looks like a really fun idea! I also need to find that edit that inspired this idea lol

I’ve sent you that fella’s edit via PM

I appreciate it! Can’t wait to see what comes of your various DCAU projects!


I’m going to run by a current draft to friends today, will update when I can

Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (WIP)

CourtlyHades296 said:

In DCAU canon, Batgirl never gets crippled (as Batman Beyond shows Commissioner Barbara walking without a wheelchair).

I figured someone would bring that up, might as well be an oppertune time to say I haven’t considered Batman Beyond canon since the end of JLU, my headcanon is that future was altered when John Stewart rejected Hawkgirl and chose Vixen. That, plus Bruce had advance foreknowledge of that future also so he’d have changed a few things about himself.

I find Tom King’s recent Batman/Catwoman book, which is itself a sequel to Mask of the Phantasm but has an alternate future involving Helena Wayne, a big help in this regard.

Hell, even if you want to consider this ‘pure’ DCAU, it doesn’t necessarily contradict Batman Beyond if you don’t want it to, because Barbara ends up walking again in the main DC comics anyway

Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (WIP)

I’ve made a few little tweeks to the latest draft

-Replaced an awkward music transition that felt too abrupt and was building to something more dramatic when the very next scene is something more composed

-The Joker no longer professes his ‘innocence’ and doesn’t make reference to being in a ‘basement’, after Batman calls his name, he now goes straight into beating him up. I’ve still left it a bit ambiguous as to whether or not this is the actual Joker or not due to what happens in the KJ footage, but at least now it’s less clear to the audience until the reveal comes a little later

Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (WIP)

…Or The Kitty Kitty cut if you prefer.

Yes, this is a bit of a different type of Killing Joke edit…I’m merging it with a small percentage of the Catwoman romance from Batman: Hush to replace the entirety of the Batgirl sub-plot from the original.

Here’s the timeline

-Bruce talks with Nightwing and meets Selina and Thomas Elliot at the party

-Battle with Bane. We cut the beginning of Bruce’s investigation into Ivy as she’s not in the cut

-Bruce and Selina attend the opera. Harley Quinn attacks, Thomas is killed by A ‘Joker’ (who pleads innocence) who Batman almost kills, but is ultimately incarcerated. This Joker indeed turns out to be an imposter (Killing Joke) and doesn’t desire another Bat-beating

-Killing Joke plays out as normal

-After the Joker’s song and dance number, we find Bruce and Dick in the Batcave, Selina calls Bruce

-Bruce rendevouz with the cops and aqquires the final clue to Joker’s lair. Remainder of Killing Joke plays out

-New mid-credits scene is Bruce and Selina sleeping together.

As a bonus, I’m also putting together a two-part 20 to 25 minute version complete with the intro and outro of Batman: The Animated Series. The TV cuts will have a few things omitted that you can find in the feature version.

Superman: TAS: Public Enemies [WIP]

Recently, the fan editor whose Brainiac Attacks edit inspired my own put out an extended edit of the Superman TAS episode “Little Girl Lost”, which featured a few minutes or so of footage from the animated movie “Superman/Batman: Apokolips” chronicling Kara’s arrival, reaction and adaption to Earth.

Now, obviously the animation and voice actors for these sequences were notably different…but it actually worked seamlessly with the narrative, so I figure, if it doesn’t intrude on the established story all that much, should sequences like that be integrated?

I have given strong consideration to structuring “Public Enemies” as a Superman TAS episode, it helps because the voice actors for the DCAU lend their talents to the film, and with a few trims here and there, you can make it ‘fit’.

It helps that there’s virtually no mention of Clark and Power Girls’ relationship to one another, probably this was done to make the film more ‘accessible’, I mean, you could easily mistake her for Kara with a different haircut or just a generic heavy of Lex that acts as Bruce and Clark’s ‘mole’.

All references to Hiro being the Toyman have been cut.

Currently the idea is that the story opens with Lex’s inauguration where he introduces Power Girl as part of her team, so it’s established who she is, then we see the team try to recruit Superman, who refuses. In this cut, Lex takes Superman’s refusal and connects it to the “irrationality” brought on by the radiation of the Kryptonite meteor, and then places the bounty on his head. There is no murder of John Corbin (Metallo), but it still means Superman is a wanted man. The remainder of the cut is the last 20 or so minutes where it becomes a race against time to infiltrate Luthor’s stronghold, get the info, and stop the meteor, with Luthor getting in the way.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: The New Studio Cut (Released)

Vilgefortz said:

Looks like you cut out some parts of “motherbox clip” to replace it with some other footage, I’d rather extend it with this additional footage without losing parts of the clip (and use longer/full version of the song).

When I uploaded the current version of the intro to Youtube, it automatically listed the song title and artist in the copyright information so that’s already proven handy.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: The New Studio Cut (Released)

Not the most inspired title, but to give it context, I had made a previous ‘studio cut’ in widescreen, but I wasn’t satisfied with how it flowed, so I tried again, this time keeping to the original aspect ratio throughout to make it more authentic

This cut doesn’t rock the boot too much, but here are the changes


-Movie now opens with Bruce’s knightmare from the epilogue. Bruce’s meeting with Martian Manhunter cut

-Diana’s meeting with Bruce and her Age of Heroes history lesson moved directly to just after Bruce wakes up from the knightmare

-After Diana asks where the others are, we cut to titles (a mix of the Whedon cut intro, the beginning of the official Snyder cut, and the “It’s Time” motherbox promo, as well as shots of Steppenwolf slaughtering the Amazons to detail his arrival much more swiftly)

-Bruce meets Arthur

-Steppenwolf learning of Atlantis’ location moved to directly after Arthur refuses to join Bruce

-Lois grieving Clark moved to after this scene, from there movie plays as normal until…

-…Clark is resurrected, he does not fight the League and leaves with Lois for the farm

-All reference to Clark coming back ‘wrong’ removed

-Movie resumes as normal until the end of Professor Stone’s speech

-Lex Luthor and Deathstroke scene removed

Available now.

Running Time: 2 hours 50 minutes