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On collectible film cells from eBay

Hi everybody

I started looking into collecting some individual film cells which can be found on eBay.

There are a few IMAX 15/70mm cells but none of them are from the IMAX “Escape from Jakku” scene, but they’re still cool.

Regarding the 70mm collections from Willits from the mid-90s, I understand they were printed not for screening, but specifically for chopping up and selling, and that’s fine by me. But I just wanted to know: do they have the 6 magnetic audio tracks? I’m guessing that’s what the black bands on each side are do but since I don’t really know anything about film I’m asking. Judging from this image there should be 4 bands whereas the Willits ones only have 2? I won’t be listening to them (lol) but I’d like to know what I’m buying.

On 35mm ones: I learned to spot the Special Edition ones because of the Dolby Digital track in between the perforations. But there are some out there which are letterboxed / matted (hard matted - is this the right term?) Am I right in assuming that all theatrical release prints are anamorphic therefore the matted ones are necessarily from trailers?

And last, but not least, on original theatrical cut film: shouldn’t all 35mm prints be all red by now? Or does that only happen with some film stock?

Album I just made with samples:

That’s all for now. Thx! 😄

Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?

I was watching bunch of stuff on youtube last night. Stumbled upon this short video essay.
Coincidentally… it’s the director of photography from TLJ and I only realized it after watching it! It’s on shooting.

And this is on screening:

Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?

Yeah I have no trouble believing you that laser IMAX projection can offer brigher, crisper, deeper contrast than film. Not to mention HDR which is now out there, at least in Dolby Cinema.
Still there are other reasons why one might prefer film screenings over state of the art digital, i’m sure for many folks out there nostalgia and emotional value being the main one. Maybe you can perceive more grain with film? For those who like that. Also, they’re bound to disappear entirely, so grab the special chance to watch dirt, scratches, flicker and whatnot, while it lasts haha! I wish I could 😃.

I loved reading that shootout. Please tell me you have similar ones about 2K digital vs pristine 35mm print in optimal conditions? hehe
I know this is super subjective but 2K screenings disappoints me 😦 . I feel like I’m just watching a huge tv, but darker and poorer colors than one can actually have at home with a decent TV (not that I have one). 1080p in a theater screen really doesn’t seem like enough resolution. Regression?

Wazzles said:

Where did they actually have 35mm showings of TFA and TLJ? I can’t find any information on them.

I know of at least two accounts:

I just had a look at IMDB and it does mention TFA was printed in both 35 and 70mm, whereas R1 and TLJ 70mm only. So can you believe how special it might have been to watch TFA in 35mm? 😃

Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?

Those who have had the chance to experience both 70mm IMAX and Laser you might find this interesting. According to this person, 70mm IMAX film screening isn’t as bright as laser and has poorer contrast:

But I’m not sure how he capped those stills and their small size obviously doesn’t help much.
So I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?

Yay! I’m happy my post sparked interest even though we’re slightly moved away from the topic but nevertheless this discussion is super exciting too 😄

So check this out, Dunkirk had not 2, or 3, but 4 (!) theatrical aspect ratios, what a mess!!! AND a 5th one, 16:9 1.77 for the home releases.

Aspect Ratio
1.43 : 1 (most scenes: IMAX 70mm and IMAX Laser venues)
1.78 : 1 (most scenes: IMAX version - Blu-ray & DVD)
1.90 : 1 (most scenes: IMAX digital venues)
2.20 : 1
2.20 : 1 (70mm prints & DCP ratio: constant width venues)
2.39 : 1 (35mm prints & DCP ratio: constant height venues)

So yeah 1.43 isn’t exclusive to 70mm IMAX, Laser ones can do it too.
I think LieMAX screens are 1.85 (aka 1.89 / 1.90) maximum.

Did y’all know that the original theatrical release of Star Wars (i dislike referring to it as “ANH” or “Ep IV” haha) in 70mm was 2.20 whereas the 35mm one was 2.35 (aka 2.39)? I just found out about this 1h ago. Is that because of the 6 audio tracks taking extra space on the sides?

Man, I wish I had the opportunity to experience 15/70mm IMAX or 5/70 film, but I don’t see that happening. 😦 There’s ONE cinema left in France with a 5/70 horizontal projector, in Normandy. There is AT LEAST one 4K Laser IMAX theater for the time being, in Montpellier. I don’t see myself going to any. Not even the Cinémathèque in Paris has a 70mm projector anymore AFAIK. 😦
Man, I even wish I was able to go to 35mm screenings but those seem nowhere to be found either. 😦
I found out yesterday that this theater in London has an amazing program every month with tons of great movies in 35 and 70mm…!! So jealous! HOLY SHIT TERMINATOR 2 IN 70mm TOMORROW!!!

My best chance of watching something special is the local Dolby Cinema theater, if I’m feeling like a big spender AND they show some movie that i might be interested in, in 2D AND English audio. Perhaps Black Panther? Hard to say as they tend to be 3D / dubbed. 😦
I also found out that some recent movies are shown in 1.85 in IMAX (including LieMAX) theaters and 2.35 in all other theaters, including Dolby Cinema (!!) ones. So IMAX has exclusive rights to… 26% more picture even though other theaters could display that too. Wth… lol!?

“When you see Blade Runner 2049 in IMAX this weekend, you’ll experience more of the action than in any other format. Only in IMAX will the entire film be specially formatted and presented in an expanded 1.9:1 aspect ratio. This means that the movie will fill more of the screen, and fans will see 26% more of the image in IMAX than standard theatres.”

@ Collipso: TFA had one single IMAX sequence and you can see the difference between the regular scope version and the full IMAX 1.43 images here
If IMDB is right, there were no IMAX Laser versions back then and thus 1.43 was 15/70mm only.

DominicCobb said:

By the way, a picture of an IMAX or Dolby screen most likely isn’t going to be able to represent what the image quality was actually like, especially if it’s a picture snapped on a phone.

Yeah, i know. The Baltimore Senator ones are super nice though. I was kinda hoping for something similar.
And yes, The Last Jedi is a fixed 2.35 scope ratio for all theaters, even though they shot more than one sequences in IMAX as you can see from those .gifs Oddly those pics are 16:9 with horizontal black bars, and the scope sequences in those pictures are 2.65 and the IMAX ones are 1.95 so I’m guessing those gifs aren’t showing the right aspect ratios.

Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?

Thanks for replying 😄

Yeah that makes sense and I hadn’t thought about it.

Lucky you!!! So they actually printed Rogue One and The Last Jedi in 15/70mm even though Rogue One had no IMAX sequences whatsoever, and The Last Jedi had some but they were left out of the final theatrical cut which were leaked here as you might know. I’m curious as to what the rationale of leaving those out was.

I wonder if there were any 5/70mm prints for non-IMAX vertical projectors?

Have you ever been to IMAX 4K Laser screenings in big screens able to display full 1.43 AR IMAX? I live in France and there’s both a 2K LieMAX and a brand spanking new Dolby Cinema theater but they often screen 3D and / or French dubbing and awww hell naw there’s noooo way I’ll ever watch anything dubbed. 😦 😦

Edit: IMDB says “70mm horizontal” so there you go, question answered. Ditto for Rogue One

Edit 2: does Digital Laser IMAX actually use 1.43 AR or is that 70mm film only and digital IMAX is 1.85 tops?? This is so confusing.

Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?


I often visit this site and marvel myself at the beauty of the pictures of the 35mm screening in Baltimore a few years back. I saw ROTJ when it premiered in Portugal in the fall of '83 but I was 5 so I hardly have any memories.

The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and I’m assuming The Last Jedi were also screened in film in a few select locations. Does anyone know where to find pictures ?

Likewise, has anyone seen nice pictures of a 2D Dolby Cinema screening?

I watched TLJ at a regular 2K local cinema the day it premiered (first screening at 10am 😄 ) but I was very disappointed by the image quality. 😦
I went again to a different theater with a Dolby Atmos setup (audio only, not Dolby Vision image too) but again the image (2K DCP) quality was disappointing.

I also like reading about people’s experiences going to a special screening of SW such as this 70mm one so I was wondering where to find pics. I know looking at pics taken inside a theater isn’t very meaningful but I’m just curious if there are any decent ones around.

Star Wars - ANH - first TV broadcast in Portugal - November the 8th, 1991. In WIDESCREEN!

I didn’t know that so thanks for sharing the info. The wikipedia article confirms that.

However, it would be inaccurate to think that was the only reason. It’s an important reason, but there are other factors too. I’d guess one being the financial costs of dubbing. Also, there are other European countries which don’t have a tradition of dubbing and never had fascist regimes.

Be it as it the theme that made me start this thread is

  • the fact that the 1991 broadcast of SW was in widescreen, which apparently might have been a world premiere?

  • the fact that the only screen captures I got hold of seem to cover a different area of the film. It doesn’t match the oldest widescreen source I have which is one fan preservation of a Laserdisc realease and I don’t know whether it’s first widescreen one or the THX remastered. I’m not on myspleen (would love to join but that seems impossible at the moment) so this preservation was the only thing i managed to grab which is can be found on public sites.

Star Wars - ANH - first TV broadcast in Portugal - November the 8th, 1991. In WIDESCREEN!

Generally speaking French people are terrible at speaking other languages and even younger generations don’t speak English at all, unlike in Portugal. Again, I wonder how much being (not) being exposed to other languages on TV has to do with that.

In Poland dubbing is indeed done over the original language and you can listen to both, it’s terrible. And yep it can be the same person doing all the dialogues of all the characters.

Right now I’m trying to find out how TV channels acquired their movies for broadcast, I wonder if it was like a 1" tape master, perhaps Betacam by that time (1991). I’m still hoping people here will be interested in this unusual SW ANH broadcast.

Star Wars - ANH - first TV broadcast in Portugal - November the 8th, 1991. In WIDESCREEN!

Hi and thx for your reply! 😃
Pretty much everything’s subtitled in Portugal and has always been, which is really great and a lot of people from recent generations such as mine become pretty fluent in English since a young age. Nowadays kid shows tend to be dubbed, but back in the 80s many weren’t, I remember plenty of cartoons in the 80s and throughout the 90s having subtitles. Here’s evidence of one:

It would be interesting to look at the science and figure out what it says about our capacity not only to read at a young age but also learn other languages. We’re not the only country in Europe doing so, Holland and Nordic countries too, off the top of my head. Personally to this day I absolutely loathe watching anything dubbed.

As for your question. I have 2 VHS tapes in Portugal at my parents place in which I’m sure the original TV broadcasts for SW, ESB and ROTJ were recorded, but I think I later recorded a rental copy over them. 😦 😦 I haven’t been there in years and as such I don’t really have the means to verify for now. The author of that blog does have them but I don’t personally know him.

Star Wars - ANH - first TV broadcast in Portugal - November the 8th, 1991. In WIDESCREEN!

Greetings. I have come for the bounty on this memory. 😄

This is my first post here ever and I’m not actually sure whether I’m posting in the right section, or if the topic’s title is appropriate.

I remember when Star Wars was first broadcast in Portugal, in 1991. I was a kid, and I don’t really know why I was so excited, because by then I had already watched it in a rental VHS tape, at home. The first home video release in Portugal’s from 1987, followed by ESB and RTOJ in '88. Maybe I was excited because back in 1991, TV was still kinda pretty big thing. And people talked about what movies were on TV and people still got excited about the trailers during commercial breaks leading up to it. Or maybe I have a vague idea of being excited about it… because it it was broadcast in the public national channel… in widescreen! Which seemed odd, as not a lot of movies were, except some classic ones, mostly westerns.

So I did some digging some time ago. And I found evidence, some screenshots and newspaper clippings. And it turns out… my memory is correct!

I’m not entirely sure but from what I seem to have gathered reading this forum, it doesn’t seem like TV broadcasts in the US or other places in Europe were anything but full-screen 4:3 in that era. Odd, right?

So ever since i started thinking about this, it’s become like an itch i can’t scratch. I only have a few pretty horrid screenshots i gathered online. But i started obsessing about them. And one day I started comparing it with all the other versions / preservations I have. And guess what, what i find even weirder is that one of the only 3 screenshots I have displays a slightly area on top of the picture, not seen in any of the other versions I have.

So I’ve uploaded a couple images.

If you care to look, from top to bottom: portuguese TV, then Bluray, a Laserdisc preservation I was able to download from public torrent sites (i don’t know from which LD this is, or year, whether the first Japanese, or US, or a later remastered one), and finally, TN1’s SSE.

On the scene at Ben’s place, you can clearly see that the scan is different. On the other captures, not so much.

Anyway so I thought that if anyone in the world would be interested in talking about this, well I guess there’s no other place than here!

All the best. 😃