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Exorcist II - The Heretic (1977) BluRay Project 1.0 (* cancelled - due to DVD release *)

docsap said:

I'm currently working on a completely new Blu-Ray release of The Heretic, that will replace this one (which I'm not seeding anymore BTW, I will delete it soon and I encourage anyone interested to wait for the new upcoming blu ray instead of downloading this one : the upcoming BD will feature both the director's cut and the official 110mn version completely reconstructed and remastered, and plenty of new bonus features too.

As for the "HD" version of The Heretic sold on I-tunes/Amazon that was previously discussed, I managed to grab it and compare it to my remastered version and, well, I'm going to have to stick to my guns, as it clearly appears the 1080p "HD" version sold by online retailers is nothing but an upscale - and the rather poor  compression and lack of remastering does the rest. The upscaled dvd used and remastered for this BluRay is, in my opinion, better.

 I am waiting for your new release. Great project

Info: TV edits of John Carpenter's 80s flicks

On the upcoming Blu-Ray of Prince of Darkness, you will find the opening TV scene


Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary with John Carpenter
  • Sympathy For The Devil – An all-new Interview with Writer/Director John Carpenter
  • Alice at the Apocalypse - An all-new interview with Actor & Rock Legend Alice Cooper
  • The Messenger – All-new interview with Actor & Special Visual Effects Supervisor Robert Grasmere
  • Hell On Earth – A look at the film's score with Co-Composer Alan Howarth
  • Horror's Hallowed Grounds with host Sean Clark
  • Alternate Opening from TV Version
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
Info: Other region DVD's & Blu-ray's with Special content NOT available in the US.

Ash595 said:

Does someone has the Howling Laserdisc ?

it features some rare bonuses

Dante’s commentary on the deleted scenes, or the eight-minute interview with special effects wizard David Allen, who created a couple of stop-motion werewolf shots that were dropped from the film.


I was just talking about this film a couple of days ago.

Alien Appendix #5+6: The ALIEN SAGA Archive (Released)

Alien Makers IV in production. From Dennis Lowe:


I thought I'd give some advanced warning that Alien Makers IV is in the making.

Last week I flew over to Romania where Nick Allder (SFX Supervisor) now lives and we spent a few days at his workshop in the film studios just outside Bucharest . In the 38 degrees heat of his office he spent 2 1/2 hours pretty much non stop talking about his time on the film. I was melting from the heat and my poor little cameras were red hot, not to mention the small power supplies whose cables were now ultra flexible. I was worried about data corruption but all was fine when I transfered the takes to my computer - Phew.....
I've managed to get Nick's section down to 48 mins for my movie as I needed to leave some space for yours truly and hopefully another contributor Michael Seymour (Production Designer) which should make it 1 1/2 hours in total.
Also last week a friend of mine wanted to make a film about my involvement on 'Alien' for his own project so I thought this was the right time to do a piece for Alien Makers so we filmed that last Saturday. I've already cut my section and that comes to approx 18 mins which will leave 20 mins for Michael Seymour.
I'll be filming Michael tomorrow so if all goes well hopefully I should get a rough cut by the end of the week.
I'm away from this Saturday for a week so I imagine that I'll finish off the film and upload during the first week in August
BTW Nick had some great stories and also some that I couldn't put in the film!