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The Last Jedi deprecation thread

The only fault fault of the movie is that it is incredibly dark. Really dark and uncomfortable. For the whole movie all are fleeing from extinction. And the conclusion is that not all of them are dead, just most of them.

My darkness/desperation ranking:

  1. The last Jedi
  2. Rogue One
  3. The Empire strikes back
  4. Star Wars (Alderaan explosion)
  5. The force awakens (Senat planet explosion, otherwise rather an adventure funride)
  6. The return of the Jedi (all the songs, the Jabba “muppet“ scenes and the funny Ewoks take a lot of darkness out of the otherwise dark Skywalker family drama)

I cannot judge the prequels because they make me desperate for the wrong reasons and I don’t judge Solo because I have not seen it yet.

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

Anchorhead said:

Pretty nice for Alden to get such an open show of support. Ford still seems more engaged in Star Wars than he ever was in decades past, even not being in the film. If the creator of the character is on board with Alden and feels the torch has been passed, who am I to argue?

I love how the 80+ years old Han is much taller than the 20 years old one. He grew a lot obviously.

One thing that I can already assess: I hate all the Solo posters. Any of them.

4K77 - Released

timemeddler said:

I think my computer needs a better graphics card for it.

Yes, without official x265 hardware acceleration you are probably out of luck (unless you have a powerhouse workstation). I would rather go for buying a 4K UHD player and a 128GB USB 3.0 stick and playing that movie via your TV or preferably a projector. The Panasonic UHD players are very good at converting HDR to SDR and 4k to 1080p, so you can watch Star Wars 4K on any regular TV/projector and still have the benefit of better grain compression via the x265 codec and maybe even better colors.

Some UHD Players are getting cheaper already these days. The Panasonic UB-404 was under 200 Dollars the last time that I checked. Mine included 2 movies, “Passengers” and “Life”.

@deep blacks:

A projection cannot show really deep blacks. E.g. Christopher Nolan (of Interstellar fame) color-times all his movies with raised blacks for home-cinema to replicate the theatrical experience. For this reason he uses an IP for all his movies as the starting point. So colors and the grain are closer to theatrical prints then a scan from the OCN would have been.
Mike Verta on the other hand color-timed for rather deep blacks to hide the matte boxes in space. Because matte-boxes wouldn’t have been visible projected in cinema as well. So he was in a bit of conflict: Raised blacks as projected or visible matte boxes as not seen projected. I think that hiding the matte boxes was a wise choice. Because most people will watch Star Wars on the TV Screen and wouldn’t care that those black levels wouldn’t have been possible projected.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Star Wars IX: Fleet of the Free?

With the Resistance annihilated I wonder how JJ can continue the story? It wouldn’t be Star Wars if the movie didn’t have to result in a final space battle.

But with the resistance out of the picture, who will fight the First Order?

The main theme of this movie could be that the remaining rebels are visiting different planets to assemble a last emergency fleet composed of “national” ships: Chewbacca could go to Kashyyyk to convince his people to go to arms. If they didn’t join now, they would be taken down one by one later. One rebel team could go back to Jabba’s palace on Tattoine or even to Nal Hutta to convince Rotta, son of Jabba, to bring in all of the other Hutts and their ships. One could go to Dac/Mon Calamari, maybe more Bothans feel the need to die and so on…

Some teams succeed and they assemble one last fleet of resistance: The remaining hope for freedom in the galaxy. Meanwhile Rey reads the old Jedi scrolls to prepare for her final confrontation with the new emperor…

Ranking the Star Wars films

joefavs said:

Am I the only one with ROTS in dead last?

Nope. I am in the same boat as well. For me the prequels degraded with every new incarnation. I hated a lot in TPM, but at least it retained a filmic look and had some surprises and remnants of some fairy tale vibe. ROTS lost a lot when the Anakin plot went the route that everybody suspected beforehand. We knew too much having seen the OT before.

That was the best thing about TLJ. That it played with our expectations a lot.

Possible ranking:

  1. Empire
  2. Star Wars
  3. The Force awakens
  4. The last Jedi or Return of the Jedi (have to watch TLJ again)
  5. the other one of those
  6. Rogue One
  7. The Phantom Menace
  8. Attack of the Clones
  9. ROTS

I did’t like the casino “cantina“ which did’t feel like Star Wars at all. If that was moved to a Men in Black movie, it wouldn’t feel out of place there. So probably Return of the Jedi will win.

My thoughts on various changes

I think that Lucas (and Christensen as his actor) wanted to indicate by that change that pedophelia was common among Jedi and among Sith lords. That’s the only reason I watch the special editions: to get that naughty pedophelia hints. So we all feel guilty and guilt is the way to the dark side.

I think that the main reason for deleting Shaw from those scenes was his refusal to hint at any pedophelia in Star Wars. Strong pedophelia was always the main creative force behind Lucas, but in the early 80s the tech was not available to show that on the big screen.

Are The Prequels That Bad?

Let’s talk about world building: are all Kaminoans living on this “oil rig“? It seems that this oil rig actually produced millions of clones, educated and nurtured them. This “oil rig“ just didn’t sell it for me to be home of “millions“.

Are there more than 3 Kaminoans? It looks more than a deserted outpost than a wealthy nation that can produce millions of clones.

Although I liked Kamino as a location for its special vibe (more than any other location in EP 2) it just didn’t sell it for me.

The inside of the rig feels more like MIB than Star Wars. I don’t know if MIB 2 being in production at ILM at the same time has anything to do with it 😉

Yoda and Palpatine NEVER should have been given lightsabers.

In an ideal PT Maul shouldn’t have used light sabers either and Dooku shouldn’t have used force lightning.

The way it is now is so inconsistent with the OT. Vader and Dooku are fallen Yedi. Why would Dooku be able to use force lightning when Vader obviously couldn’t in the OT (and RO)? Despite the facts that there was more time between the PT and the OT than between TPM and AOTC and Vader beeing the chosen one and Dooku not.

Automated color grading and color matching with a Machine Learning Algorithm

jedimasterobiwan said:

DrDre said:

jedimasterobiwan said:

You see the reason I have an issue with desert shot and some other shots is it seems too warm like they have completely yellow skin. Also some shots of obi wan he looks a little red still. Also on the death star there’s some color issues there as well.

Like Darth Lucas said, the desert shots are supposed to be warm, and I personally don’t see yellow skin tones. The Death Star color grading is Mike Verta’s so take it up with him 😉. That said, these are based on just 4 reference shots. In practise you don’t regrade an entire film on four reference shots, which in this case did not even contain any desert shots.

what about the scene in the lars home owen looks yellow and beru and luke look wrong as well.

Or when Yoda hands Luke the pipe?

Star Wars 1977 Technicolor IB print color references (matched to print)

UnitéD2 said:

The same under a yellow exposure. Is it representative of what would be on the screen ?


Whether your push to a warmer temperature is actually correct? I don’t have a clue.

Since most calibrated TV Sets probably use the warmest (or next to the warmest) setting, some cannot add the warm vintage light bulb effect by themselves.

Thus a warm light bulb effect should be added to the final master (just like you did). And if somebody wanted a more neutral “projection“ he could always set his TV to a (more) neutral color temperature.

At least I have the feeling the we shouldn’t overdo that effect and shouldn’t go with the warmest vintage bulbs but should go for rather “new“ ones.

Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

ZkinandBonez said:

That probably means that no major new alien character is going to be introduced. But existing ones (like Maz and above all Chewbacca) will be featured anyway.