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Star Fleet / X-Bomber - Upscale Project (Released)

I’ve (finally) managed to finish downloading these, and have just watched the first episode! Really looks amazing, far better than I recall it looking on ITV back in the 80s in fact. A real nostalgic blast! Thanks so much for the work you’ve put into preserving this classic series.

The only (minor!) criticism I have is the (recreated?) logo at the start. Could the edges by softened a little perhaps? The edges look a bit too sharp, which doesn’t fit in with the rest of the filmed material but othe than that, it looks truly fabulous!

Looking forward to watching the rest over Christmas 😃

Jason And The Argonauts - Criterion Preservation (Released)

This looks fantastic - Always amazed at the efforts by fans that very often eclipse the official releases. Very much look forward to checking this release out.

Not sure if I remember this correctly, but wasn’t there a UK (?) laserdisc which contained the full isolated score & effects as an extra? Would be amazing if somebody out there a actually had this audio file, and it could be added to this collection at a later date?

The Terminator - Color Regrade [No Longer Available]

Finally gotten around to watching this. Fantastic job! really felt like watching an original pristine 35mm print! A part of your mind just relaxes subconsciously when a film looks right, and that was the case here. An added bonus to hear the original mono track too. Great work Dek, and thanks for all your efforts. This is my goto now for T1 😃

The Audio Preservation Thread

SilverWook said:

77FN said:

Bit of a longshot, but has anybody got a collection of laserdisc audio rips of the original Star Trek TV series? As I understand it, the mono audio on the bluray sets has some changes here and there. I’d love to have a complete set of the original mixes (synced or unsynced) from the laserdiscs. Cheers! 😃

There has been occasional discussion on the subject here and elsewhere. The best source would be the Japanese TOS season box sets, as they are the only releases that have digital audio. The stumbling block is they are usually expensive as heck. The domestic versions are analog only, and AFAIK don’t even have CX noise reduction. If any studio was wildly inconsistent with it’s use of digital audio and CX, it was Paramount.

Cheers for your reply. Sounds like I’ll be sticking to the blurays then realistically, unless anybody happens to post that some/all of the discs are available with soundtracks already ripped. Frustrating that some of the bluray tracks aren’t 100% accurate. This is one of those ‘ignorance is bliss’ things - I wish I hadn’t read about the mono bluray track complaints. I need to build a device to slingshot around the sun & go back to a period in time before I’d read that! 😉

What is your personal canon?
  1. Solo
  2. Rogue One
  3. Star Wars (4K77 Edition)
  4. The Empire Strikes Back (Grindhouse Edition)
  5. Return of the Jedi (4K80 Edition) The Saga ENDS here rather nicely.

For Star Wars & Empire I also consider the NPR radio dramas as ‘extended canon’.

I also have a soft spot for the 70s & 80s Marvel comics and the newspaper strips = Zero canon but fun all the same!

Everything else I consider poorly told tales by ‘3PO 😉

Star Wars Radio Drama - *update in 1st post* - completed review

Huge fan of the first radio drama. In the pre-VHS days I listened to my recordings of it nearly daily. It was broadcast between 18th April - 8th May 1981, on BBC Radio One here in the UK at 12pm each day. In some ways I associate the voice actors more with the roles than the actual film cast, I’m so familiar with it. Between the radio drama and the daily newspaper strips and Marvel annuals, the Star Wars universe felt huge back then, even though it was pre-internet.

Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge Radio One didn’t broadcast Empire. It wasn’t until the cassette and CD releases in 1993 (I think it was ‘93? Along with the Anthology soundtracks too - GREAT YEAR for Star Wars!) that I could hear that, and I didn’t find it as enjoyable, thinking some of the supporting voice actors were a little bland. It missed the pulpy feel of the Star Wars radio episodes. Perhaps the story just didn’t translate so well to a purely aural medium, unlike Star Wars.

My dream ‘Special Edition’ release would be for Mark Hamill to voice Luke for a re-edit of the 1996 Return of the Jefi radio drama. He can still do a near spot-on impression of his younger voice (witness the recent Disney Forces of Destiny episode he voiced), and with no disrespect meant towards Joshua Fardon who had an impossible job really, the show really missed Mark’s vocal talent in the role. He IS Luke. It affected the continuity too much for me to fully enjoy it.

Great to see so many others enjoy the radio drama too! Would be nice to have a Splinter of the Mind’s Eye release featuring Hamill, King and Sachs too. If I ever win the lottery… 😉

<strong>Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny</strong> (animated shorts series) - general discussion thread

DominicCobb said:

Seems like Mark Hamill is voicing Luke.

Surprisingly an enjoyable watch. Mark voices ESB Luke very well considering the passage of time.

In an alternate Universe, they also get Hamill to dub all Luke’s lines in the NPR Return of the Jedi radio drama… well one can dream! 😉

Info: 1983 UK 'TVS' Star Wars premiere - anybody still have a recording?

Thread resurrection!

Was taking a casual cyber-wander over at ‘That Other Place’, minding my own business, when I noticed a guy mentioning he had a recording of the ITV broadcast of Star Wars.

Was wondering if anybody here is a member of, and could perhaps ask him if this is indeed a recording of the original ITV premiere? If so I’m sure there’s folk here that would love to offer to capture it.

Before I post the image grab of his post though… how on earth do you post images here? Tried searching for an FAQ but unhelpfully there isn’t one. It’s the simple things that always task me 😉

What Makes A &quot;Real&quot; Star Wars Fan?

Perhaps take a look at the news and see what constitutes real problems people are facing in the world…? Get some perspective. That’s not meant to be snarky, but there is an element of concern here.

It’s just a piece of entertainment, nothing more, enjoyable & well-loved though it is. Fandom seems to have taken an unhealthy turn over the past decade or so, people really are taking way too much time out of their own lives to immerse themselves in details about fake ones. There’s almost a hierarchy of fandom developed since the explosion of forums and blogs, with all the class wars one gets in the real world. It’s unhealthy.

Lile what you like, and to hell with any other opinion! You know you’re a fan 😉

skywalkerfan101 said:

I’m constantly worried that other people (whether they are in person, or online) will accuse me of not being a “true” Star Wars fan. I’m literally falling apart with this problem, and I don’t know what to do as a someone surrounded by more traditional fans.

The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints (a WIP)

RU.08 said:

That’s already been covered - no they aren’t. They’re taken using different cameras, and lighting might not be set up for filming, etc.

I remember reading WAY back when those TOPPS cards were released (I’m sure it was in one of the Star Wars monthly magazines) they they were scanned from the same sources as GOUT. So scanned from an actual film print rather than on-set production photographs.