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The gayest post ever on JCF.

Somebody was about to stop being a moderator and this is an actual response that he got.

''Baz, I’ve spoken privately with you, but as someone who was once a poster on these boards and is now a moderator, thank you for the time and effort you have given PT. You’re a role model and I’m proud to call you my friend.,

Yeah, you are proud to call some loser who closes forums he personally does not like a role model. I guess little kids on IMBD who give the empire strikes back zero stars and the phantom menace ten stars are also great role models.

Also ''proud to call you my friend,.Yes sure some basement dwelling pedophile who you only know via the internet is somebody that you are proud to call your friend.

Think it is pretty obvious that this guy has no friends in real life.

Actual post here

No official relese of "Return of the Ewok" is unexceptable.

Just when you thought Lucas could not get any worse making those awfull prequel films and destroying Irvin Keshner and Richard Marquads masterpieces with his "true vision of star wars he denies us the greatest film no, thing to have ever come uot of the genius minds that brought us "Return of the Jedie" and "The empire strikes back".

"Return of the Ewoks" is a masterpiece I am dead fucking serious. It's more then a movie it is an adventure that has captured imaginations of generations to come  or rather it would if Lucas had an eye for talent but given his track record with those blasphemous prequels it's obvious that he has not.

Hopefully Disney will resurect this holy 80s classic before Lucas has it destroyed because much as the original trilogy and the "star wars christmad special it does not fit his "true vision of star wars".