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Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Episode 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

imperialscum said:

He just wasn't on set all the time. Otherwise he was just as involved in creative process as he was in other two films.

Right.  Lucas was pretty involved with "Empire"- involved enough that he wrote "Empire Strikes Back" draft 2 and 3 (which includes most of our favorite scenes), hired both Leigh Brackett for Draft 1 and Lawrence Kasdan for Draft 4. 

He was on the phone with Irvin Kershner during shooting and showed up every once in awhile.  In fact both him and Kershner had identical flip books with the entire movie's storyboards so that they could discuss things more easily on the phone. 

He was also involved enough to completely edit "Empire" himself- the problem was that it sucked (if I recall correctly)

When/Why did you become an OT purist?

timdiggerm said:

Just remember, if you listen to the music, as Williams and the LSO recorded it, there's no room in the scene for a miss. That means, if such a moment was ever even filmed, it never made it to any cut that had music.

Not necessarily- they could have 1. Added it after scoring and tracked music over it (this was done in other places), or 2. The grappling hook footage could have meant they cut out some of the shots beforehand where they are just shooting back and forth or standing around. 

I'm just saying, considering that we have proof that not only were there at least 3 sound mixes but there were at least 2 different versions of this in 1977 (based on the end credits alone!)- who is to say there were not 12 different versions of this that year?  Maybe not that many, but...

And the thing with Darth Vader flying away; I can easily see how that might have been added when it was clear the movie was a monster hit and there would be sequels.  Look at Episode 1- there is one version ending with Darth Maul falling down the shaft in one piece.  The one where he falls down in two pieces has different timing on the DVD.  It is not like changing the demise of the villain at the end of the movie would be out of character for GL- at ALL. 

When/Why did you become an OT purist?

I say we shouldn't be so quick to write off people who claim to have seen different versions of the movies.  Knowing now how much George Lucas tinkers with things even after the release (this happened with Episode 1 and 2, too- did you know there wound up being 3 different versions of Episode 1 before it ever even hit VHS?), I wouldn't be surprised if one version was playing in Utah, a different version was playing in Michigan, etc. etc. 

I have heard so many people come forward having seen the Biggs scene earlier in '77 that I think we ought to take a closer look at it.

Victory Celebration

I can understand why people like the '97 ending because it has "Victory Celebration", but no Hayden (and no Jar Jar yelling Wesa Free! as the last line of the saga). 

Victory Celebration is less egregious to me because they brought John Williams back for it. 

Jedi Rocks John williams had nothing to do with (they were probably scared to show him the new CGI), but Lapti Nek was written by John Williams and Joseph, his son.  So they cut out a song John Williams was involved with and replaced it with one that he didn't write.  that alone is a travesty, not even taking the horrendous CGI into account.

Jedi Rocks is by far the worst transgression of ANY of the special editions imo.

Guess The Titles the STAR WARS Sequels... just for fun.

Based on the recent Samuel Jackson news...

Episode 7: A Beautiful Jedi Mind

Plot synopsis: Samuel L. Jackson wanders the streets of Coruscant aimlessly, trying to remember his past.  He encounters a variety of weird, bizarre creatures in seedy Coruscant nightclubs.  He eventually realizes the Emperor is dead.  He gets a cyborg arm and a new cyborg brain like Lobot.  He takes over the planet and, commanding Imperial forces again, takes over the galaxy. 

Episode 8: Jar-Jar Returns

Plot synopsis: After Darth Windu's takeover, there is a new hope...the brave Gungan from Naboo.  The movie follows Jar-Jar on the hero's journey.  The movie ends with a lightsaber duel between Windu and Jar-Jar

Episode 9: Snakes on a Star Destroyer

Plot Synopsis: The entire movie takes place on a Star Destroyer like Hitchcock "Lifeboat".  Windu is killed, but not before he sends Jar-Jar crashing out of the Star Destroyer window.  He flies out into space. 

Episode 10: A Beautiful Gungan Mind

Jar-Jar has amnesia.  etc etc