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Making A SWVC YouTube Video on Han v Greedo

The lost cut version of the cantina is available in much higher quality on the 2011 Blu-Ray set (and many subsequent releases).

Those outtakes come from the digital version of the ‘Making Of’ Star Wars books by Rinzler. They’re probably only marginally better than that YouTube video of you grab them straight from the source, unfortunately.

And as for the Jabba scene, I believe user Bobson Dugnutt was attempting a better recreation of it. I don’t believe he has finished it yet. And it will probably never be completely seamless as a portion of the scene only exists with scrolling credits over it.

Let me know if you need help finding anything else!

<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - a general discussion thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

OutboundFlight said:

Ima be honest… I wasn’t a fan of this episode. It was decent, but nothing stood out to me. The Clone Wars characters are cool in theory, but I’m worried the dark saber plot-line is going to take over the narrative. I hope this doesn’t become Siege of Mandalore #4 (how many times is Bo Katan gonna try to retake it lol).

The reason Season 1 was so great was because it was something new, with original characters and original stories. This felt more like New Mandalorians show up and fights Stormtroopers for 30 mins. I thought Chapters 9 and 10 did an amazing job recapturing the originality of the first season, but this Chapter fell flat unfortunately.

I pretty much agree with you. Still liked the episode well enough but, for me, characters from The Clone Wars showing up is the least exciting thing that could have happened.

The 'Final' Season Of The Simpsons (Possible Team Project?)

That’s an interesting idea. Like I said last time, though, I think you have to define your goals a little more clearly here if this is an actual project you want to kick off. Where would you want potential viewers to stop watching the official series and start watching this fan-made final season? Again, for me, I would keep seasons 1-8 as they are and then build a final season on the bones of season 9.

But another good place to start is, what’s your series finale? Who Shot Mr. Burns is a pretty solid candidate for that, actually. Considering it’s a two parter. But would you be worried about killing off a character or doing something drastic considering The Simpsons Movie? I think it’s pretty good (better than the show had been for a few years prior to its release) and I wouldn’t want to mess with that.

The 'Final' Season Of The Simpsons (Possible Team Project?)

I like this idea. I guess the first question is when do you think The Simpsons stopped being good? For me the last great season is 8. But there are some gems in season 9, more than any subsequent season (do to it including some holdover episodes from season 8). Off the top of my head I like the NYC one, ‘Realty Bites’ and ‘Cartridge Family’.

I think it’s important to have a Treehouse episode (you could mix and match the segments from different years). There should also be a Sideshow Bob episode. Not sure which I would pick. And it’s a good idea to get as much Phil Hartman as possible (his last appearance is in season 10).

As for closure, that’s a good point. I think the one where Maude Flanders dies would probably be a good inclusion (even if it’s a little depressing). Also ‘Behind the Laughter’ feels like a final season kind of episode. Not sure how far into the series you want to go, in terms of matching SD/HD episodes, but I vaguely remember there being some decent stuff in season 20 that could give a good sense of finality.

Last thing I’ll say is I would be cognizant of the different show runners. I find it’s pretty easy to feel a difference between them (I’m a big Oakley/Weinstein fan, myself. They did seasons 7 and 8). Seasons 9-12 were run by Mike Scully and everything 13 and on was Al Jean (with occasional Matt Selman input). Would the goal here be to pick one of those eras and stick with it, or try to get the best of everybody’s? That could be done too. Season 9 has three holdovers from the Oakley/Weinstein seasons AND two run by David Mirkin (who ran seasons 5 & 6).

&quot;The first transport is away.&quot;

I know that Mark Hamill provided a voice for that announcement in Empire. But that voice is not consistent between releases. For some reason I have it in my head that it’s always Mark Hamill just pitched down to the point of being unrecognizable in some versions, though I don’t remember where I got that idea and I have a hard time believing it. I’m hoping someone on here knows exactly what’s up with that line. Is it always Hamill or was it/is it someone else? Is it a mono vs. stereo thing? Or was it something changed in a subsequent release?

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

I’ve been thinking for weeks that a great final scene would be a redeemed Ben Solo exiling himself on Ach-to. His Tie Fighter burns in the background as he stares out over the sea, then he turns back to see Luke’s ghost, who raises the X-Wing from the water as a token of forgiveness. Iris out on Luke and Ben finally making amends (which was a weird omission for me in the official version). You’d have to cut these beats from the earlier scene with Rey on the island (but I would do that anyway to remove the Palpatine reveal) and Adam Driver would be rotoscoped from the beginning of the Han memory scene.

<em><strong>Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge</strong></em> (Disney Theme Park)

I had a chance to ride Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland in CA yesterday. It doesn’t open here until the 17th, but I’m an employee of the company and sometimes they give us perks like that to make it worthwhile 😉

As far as I can tell it’s virtually identical to the Florida version (of which there are many ride-throughs on YouTube, including the one linked above) but damn if it isn’t one of the greatest rides ever built. I’m a notorious grump about new Star Wars and new theme parks (thought Smuggler’s Run was underwhelming and hated Ep IX), but this thing is something else. Do yourself a favor and get to Anaheim or Orlando to check it out.

And, for the record, I’m not even getting paid to say this!

Christmas in the Stars: a Radical Holiday Special edit (Released)

That’s a good suggestion about the deleted scenes. I might try that out. I had the same thought about wanting 3 stories instead of 2 but all I could come up with was the Bea Arthur song from the HS.

If I ever get around to doing a more polished and elaborate version of this, I think the deleted scenes idea is a really good one.

Christmas in the Stars: a Radical Holiday Special edit (Released)

Happy Life Day! ‘Christmas in the Stars’ is a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I finally have a version that I feel comfortable sharing.

Essentially, it’s the Holiday Special cut down about as much as possible. All told, I got it down to approximately 25 minutes. That includes the full cartoon segment and a super-condensed version of the live action story which features very few scenes without the main Star Wars cast.

But it’s a little different than just an aggressive edit of the Holiday Special because bookending the two stories (cartoon and live action), are some short wraparound segments with C-3PO and R2-D2. These were made from footage from the 1977 Making Of Doc and dialogue pulled from a variety of sources (mostly that special and the radio drama). I also used some original Star Tours footage toward the end.

Some day, I’d like to do a much more elaborate version of this which would involve replacing all the footage that’s repurposed from the film and putting together an entirely new soundtrack. But, this is a pretty good first version, I think. I hope you enjoy it.

Full Edit:

Info: Star Wars The Lost Cut - Everything We Know About It...

Hi. I’ve done a few Star Wars comparison videos on YouTube that a few people on here have enjoyed. Here is the most recent: I’m really still trying to get a grasp on putting together these videos (and doing VO, which I can’t stand), but I want to turn my attention next to the (in)famous Lost Cut of Star Wars.

I know there have been some valiant attempts at recreating The Lost Cut over the years but I’m more interested in creating a demonstration of what was different about it than recreating the entire thing. This might also be a good place to compile everything we know about it into one place.

To kick things off, here are the notes I have so far. Please feel free to add or correct any information as necessary.

The Lost Cut Overall:
-Put together by John Jympson with little help from Lucas.
-Black and White 35mm.
-13 reels.
-Maybe silent? There is debate on this but, if it were true, I would choose to ignore that.
-Onset audio, including David Prowse’s voice as Vader and Anthony Daniels’ pre-ADR performance.
-30-40% different footage (alternate/longer takes and deleted scenes).
-More of a documentary feel.
-Used more primitive effects shots where applicable (i.e. rear-projected landspeeder).
-A much longer opening crawl.
-Distinct from the infamous cut shown to Spielberg, De Palma, Coppola and others, I think? I get the impression that that was closer to the final version that we all know but with some less dynamic editing, the Tosche Station scenes still in tact, slates and/or WWII footage in place of special effects shots and temp audio featuring Holst’s The Planets. I could be wrong about that.

Specific Editing Changes (not deleted or alternate takes):
-The Tusken Raider that knocks Luke down did not rock his staff up and down.
-C-3PO’s “I think I’m melting” beat takes place aboard the Tantive IV.
-Some shots of R2 in the Death Star set were repurposed for the above scene, and during his game with Chewbacca.
-The conversation in Ben’s hut was reordered.
-Shot of Falcon leaving the trench run was originally for their escape from the DS (probably not relevant here -as it is a special effect shot).
-The Death Star was originally not preparing to destroy the Rebel base during the climax.
-Much of the dialogue during the Battle of Yavin was likely written and dubbed in at a late stage.

Sources of deleted/alternate material:
-Blu-Ray Bonus Disc.
-Rinzler ‘Making of’ e-book.
-Empire of Dreams has a few dailies and alternate takes (some overlap with the Rinzler stuff).
-Fanmade recreation of Declan Mulholland’s Jabba scene in less-than-ideal quality.
-An extended bit of dialogue in the Death Star conference room shown at Star Wars Celebration 2017. Only available on YouTube? (
-Ponda Baba’s decapitated head shown at Star Wars Celebration 2019 that I recorded on my iPhone!

My goal here is to put together the most comprehensive look at The Lost Cut possible using footage available to the public, so I’m asking for your help to make sure I’m not missing anything! Like I said, this won’t be a full recreation that you could watch as a film, but merely a collection of moments that are different along with explanations. But, hey, anyone is free to use the work done here for their own projects.

Thanks in advance. You guys rock.


21st January Edit…

“Star Wars: The Lost Cut” Explained:- - a 34 minute video at 13las’ ‘Film Spaced’ youtube channel