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Where to find theatrical print of The Phantom Menace? (4K99)


Hello there!

Knowing that TPM was shot on film and not digital, I’ve been trying to find a scanned version of the film that I could watch instead of the poorly upscaled and altered version found on the official blu-ray/4k. I recently came across a few YouTube videos uploaded by the channel “Likeonions” that show footage of a Czech theatrical print of TPM. I’ve attached YouTube links of some of the videos below:



In the description, the uploader says that he sourced the print from TheStarWarsTrilogy.com. I tried to register on the website with an Invitation code I found online, but either it did not go through my email/was a wrong add code or the website is not active anymore.

So I was wondering, does anyone know where else I could find this print/share some sort of link to it via private message? Or does someone have an updated Invitation code to TheStarWarsTrilogy.com? If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks for your time