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"What If Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Awesome" (Script Conversion Project)


Hello everybody!

Recently, a small YouTube channel by the name of “PRISM” released a couple of YouTube videos detailing a potential Star Wars sequel trilogy which incorporates more prequel elements, plenty of scenes/action between the OT trio, as well as fascinating alternative takes of the characters that already exist in the sequel trilogy. What I liked most about the video was its use of AI imagery and narration.

Here is a description from the second video in the series: “Our goal with this series is to build a fan continuity that hopefully feels more authentic to the Star Wars experience fans have come to love, building off of 1-6, while still incorporating the new characters and over arching plot established by Disney. We are NOT reviving legends or George Lucas’ treatment in this cannon but instead reorganizing the Disney canon.”

Inspired by this novel use of technology, I decided to run a lot of these ideas through GPT-4 to create a functional script in my freetime. So far, I’ve made it about a quarter of the way through episode seven. I have modified a few of the ideas in the video slightly in order to be better for a movie / more believable story-wise. For example, I’m not pitting Jedi Master Luke Skywalker up against Captain Phasma or evil apprentice Rey. Those two would be defeated almost immediately. Yet, I also expanded on plenty of the ideas in there. For example, we get to witness Captain Phasma be a Jedi-killing badass.

I’ll link to the original videos and the rough draft of the script that I have so far below:
TFA Video: https://youtu.be/CyxQyNQ00qo
TLJ Video: https://youtu.be/xWaAQVU2IwQ
Script (ROUGH DRAFT, NOT EDITED YET): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m-Fdu0N-fXfqmZBReAobplCuQXBslmqI/view?usp=sharing

I would like to hear from some people on the forum here: What would you like to title the first film in this series? PRISM never actually titled the first one except referring to it as “The Force Awakens”, but I personally don’t think that title is appropriate anymore.


I mostly just describe what needs to happen on a scene-by-scene basis. ChatGPT recently introduced a new feature where you can have it remember how to respond to you for every conversation and response. I gave it a portion of TFA script so it’s responses are always in the form of a script.

For dialog, I’m usually a little more direct. You can tell it what needs to be said by a character and it will fill in the blanks on that, or you can tell it exactly what they should say in quotes.

It’s the most helpful for action scenes. Most of the time I just say something stupid like: “They fight on the wreckage, Ben aggressively and Rey defensively” and it fills in all the detail.