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Usenet tutorial? — Page 4

I agree that Grabit is great. I used to use Forte Agent, but Grabit seems to download much better.
I just sucribed! is ist ab great service ?
Following the runaway success (I live in this delusional fantasy world) of my original guide,

How to get Newsgroups/Usenet/alt.binaries.starwars - Part 1 (a.k.a.What are these newsgroup things and how the hell do I get them???

comes the eagerly awaited sequel,

How to get Newsgroups/Usenet/alt.binaries.starwars - Part 2 (a.k.a.What on earth are NZB files and how do they help me???)

The new guide may be common knowledge. If so, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps..............

4 - 5 - 3 - 1 - 6 - 2


thanks for all the help,

this is my first time in about 15 years to use
newsgroups (and even then, i only used to
read text messages)..

anyways, i'm using xnews,and trying it out,
it looks like my isp (COX) has free newservers,
and i'm looking at a.b.s.w.... i found the headers
for the ntsc dvd 9 purist version..

it goes from 1/174-169/174,
but i don't see the rest..

and the last few are par files...which i figured out..

now to find those last parts?

any ideas?



[no GOUT in CED?-> GOUT CED]

Maybe adywan hasn't finished posting the PARs for the NTSC version? (Assume you are refering to the DVD-9, although the "purist" edition posted previously is a DVD-5.)

Anyway, if all the RAR files are complete, you don't need the PAR files. Just use the first PAR2 file with QuickPAR to check the integrity of the RAR set, if it says "repair not needed" then you're good to go.

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If you post something like this in the future, 'show details'.  I'm guessing that many of these files didn't download completely, need to see the file size to be certain.

All the RARs should be the same size except for the last one.  Re-download 5 of the most incomplete and attempt the unrar'ng again.  If the new downloads are more complete, then repeat until you get the missing 388 blocks.

There also seem to be two sets of pars. (or many multiple copies)  If two sets were posted maybe you are using the old pars and that's causing the failure.

Another option is to try another unrar program, something's weird the 'number of files = 27" + 'Complete Files = 16" + 'Damaged Files = 11" only equals 54 but you've got files upto 67.