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The Clone Wars: Refocused [up to s01e05 upgraded to v2.0]



Please send me a PM for access to the TRACKER SPREADSHEET, which details episode progress and provides the download links. The tracker spreadsheet also has links to the historical working discussion for each episode, to give you extra context for the decisions made.



(expanded detail lower in this post)

  • SEASON ONE (ten episodes) covering Christophsis, Malevolence, Death Watch on Mandalore, Cloak of Darkness, Domino Squad, Ryloth, Nightsisters, Death Watch on Coruscant, and the Holocron arc. Also includes a prelude ‘episode zero’ made from the first half of the Tartakovsky microseries and bringing it closer to TCW characterisation.
  • SEASON TWO (nine episodes) covering Bounty Hunters, Massacre, Corruption on Mandalore, a ‘Lost Clones’ anthology, Boba Fett, Return of Maul, and Geonosis.
  • SEASON THREE (nine out of ten episodes complete) covering Heroes on Both Sides trilogy, Rako Hardeen, Umbara, A Friend in Need, Revival, Trandoshans, [Kadavo TBD], Eminence, and Onderon
  • BONUS EPISODES (optional, not part of main cut)
    – s03e00 - Tales From the Clone Wars - aggregating supplementary Tartakovsky content plus Forces of Destiny
    – Lightsaber Lost
    – Assassin


  • POLISHING the existing three seasons, to bring them up to v2.0 standard. Read more here.
  • SEASON FIVE to conclude the show, with two options based on how the viewer wants to conclude the Revenge of the Sith / Siege of Mandalore content
  • More bonus episodes
  • (Potentially) SEASON ZERO comprising Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones turned into episodes


THE CLONE WARS: REFOCUSED presents the entire Clone Wars as a complete series of five seasons of about ten TV-length episodes each. Now structured and presented with the conventions of a more mature modern TV drama, it tells the complete narrative of the Clone Wars, retaining all the most important and enjoyable elements of the show, whilst trimming a vast amount of the weaker content, saving you over 17 hours total while still telling the same core narratives. Episodes have been refined, refocused, reordered and recontextualised to maximise story quality and viewer enjoyment, both for the show’s own complete end-to-end story, and for those seeking a supplement or introduction to new canon like the Mandalorian, Bad Batch, and wider Filoniverse.

It’s my intention that, when this project is complete, you should be able to replace the original official release of The Clone Wars with Refocused, losing nothing of importance for your enjoyment of the wider franchise, whilst getting the maximum possible enjoyment out of the story of the clone wars.


Importantly, I want quality of experience to be the most important metric. Taking its cue from the current streaming Star Wars TV series, episodes are as long- or as short- as they need to be (ranging from about 20-60 minutes), in order to pace each story in the best possible way to enjoy the most emotionally resonant and exciting moments in a coherent, digestible, engaging narrative, without filler or cringe.

Similarly, the show as a whole presents the episodes in a new, more compelling order - which doesn’t break canon - but which gives the best pacing, variety, and character balance, while allowing some of the more important and satisfying elements of the show to begin earlier and remain in focus, building in anticipation and excitement over time. Ahsoka’s growth is a core focus, Maul and Mandalore are ever-present growing threats, and each group of episodes presents itself as a coherent flowing season with a focused theme while developing the overall narrative of the show.


  • MANDALORIAN (and Filoniverse) fans will enjoy a strong focus on Mandalorian culture throughout, the journey of the Darksaber, Ahsoka Tano’s character growth, some important development for Boba Fett, and an exploration of Sidious’ interest in force sensitive younglings - I’m making a special ‘Mandalorian cut’ for people who want to focus on just those elements.
  • EXISTING FANS of The Clone Wars will enjoy a tighter cut, with bad episodes and bad scenes minimised, the fat trimmed, the structure of the whole made more compelling, the pacing improved, and polish throughout - but all of the important and good stuff preserved.
  • PREQUEL fans will enjoy a deeper exploration of Order 66 and Anakin’s fall, new layers to Obi-Wan, Sidious’ scheming, and the shades of grey and introduction of third parties which make this predictable two-faction conflict anything but.
  • WIDER CANON fans will enjoy the constant threat of Darth Maul, and closer looks at Saw Gerrera, Moff Tarkin, all your favourite bounty hunters and the force itself, and a deep exploration of Clone identity and culture, including Captain Rex, Delta Squad, and the Bad Batch.
  • Fans of having all the meat with no filler will be well served by my main cut, as I’ll be cutting a lot of unnecessary episodes. But fans who enjoy more of the ‘fringe’ episodes will be pleased to know I also intend to release these as “bonus episodes”, to an improved standard as part of my ‘Complete Cut’ (see below.)
  • Fans of goofy humour, villains losing their menace, childish moments, and the bland CG of the early seasons will regretfully find themselves poorly served by this edit, since there will be some limited removal of episodes and scenes which are both not important and hard to enjoy.
  • IMPATIENT fans who want an improved and accessible Clone Wars as soon as possible but don’t mind a little lack of polish and a few weaker episodes later on should know that you can kind of watch the whole thing NOW. Click here for more details (skip to the ‘WHERE WE’RE GOING’ section).


Most importantly, I maintain an active dialogue with the community in this thread throughout the project, to gain insight, feedback and ideas, and to challenge and validate my own assumptions and decisions. Your comments are always welcome, and there’ve already been a lot of examples where the community have made the outputs materially better than anything I could have done in isolation.

I first completed a holistic review of all episodes in chronological order, identifying episodes’ importance and quality, and where episodes could be grouped into thematic arcs or where existing arcs could be split. (The early pages of this thread contain those reviews, and I urge you to check them if you’re interested.) I’ve conducted additional full reviews as I’ve been working on the project, and continue to do so. After the first review I produced a reordering for the whole. The first priority in the reordering was to emphasise the show’s core plotlines (Maul, Mandalore, and Ahsoka’s development) and to give the full series more of an ongoing serialised feel than the current anthology feel, and allowing the show to build slow-burn anticipation towards the excellent conclusion. The second priority around that central spine was to pace and vary the rest of the quality content, ensuring no continuity is broken.

I then sorted and presented the reordered whole in an easy-to-understand way for four audiences: Those wanting context for the Mandalorian (and wider Filoniverse), those wanting the most high-quality Clone Wars TV show they can get, those wanting the most content that ties to existing continuity, and finally those simply wanting as much bearable Star Wars as possible. You can see this below.

I then established a set of standards for presenting episodes themselves, with new titles, introductory text, and end credits evocative of polish and high quality, to package each episode in the most attractive way. Forum member McFibb has produced stunning new musical arrangements, and I’m using concept art over the credits (like the Mandalorian does), in order to help set the new show’s tone. See an example here. (Be aware this is the slightly out of date 1.0 version, and that the credits timing is refined in 2.0.)

I’m now producing the edits in priority order, based on my ‘Quality Cut’ (see below). This means the very best and most important episodes (about ~50) for a complete end-to-end viewing of The Clone Wars: Refocused, after which I’ll move on to the bonus episodes from the less important Cuts (about ~16).

For each individual episode of TCW:R, I conduct a further review of its component TCW episodes, identifying the core emotional backbone of the arc, content to highlight, downplay, or restructure, and in the case of more complex episodes I look for opportunities to recontextualise scenes or themes in order to produce more value. I share these thoughts with the community here and then set to work executing the cut. I generally produce either a RELEASE CUT (complete or very nearly complete) or a REVIEW CUT / WORKPRINT (requires a little polish or extra thought) of each episode, after which I incorporate community feedback to refine each episode further. All of this is easily tracked in the TRACKER SPREADSHEET, which you can PM me directly for.


I’m producing four ‘cuts’, really four curated lists, to direct viewers to episodes which give them the experience they’re looking for. The tracker spreadsheet uses this colour coding to help you identify the episodes you might want to watch.

Different Cuts

Initially I’ll produce the Quality cut episodes (which include the Mandalorian cut), but I’ll follow that up with the remaining ones for those who want the extra material.


1080p Blu-ray rips of the majority of the Clone Wars CG series, the ‘Crystal Crisis’ unfinished episode, the Tartakovsky Clone Wars 2D microseries (NumeralJoker’s 4k upscale), Forces of Destiny shorts, and the Son of Dathomir Audio Comic from Audio Comics / The Lore Master on Youtube (which is necessary to a core plotline, but presented well).


  • An example of a COMPLEX EDIT TO A SCENE is here, showing how I removed the goofy conveyor belt scene from the first Mandalore episode.
  • An example of the NEW PRESENTATION of the episodes (intros and outros) is here. (Note that this is v1 but I’ve recently upgraded the presentation to v2, which is slicker and better times the credits to the music.)
  • An example of a NEAT TRIM is here, where I cut out much of the Nightbrother trials to allow them to focus solely on Savage and Feral.
  • An example of a FULL EPISODE BEING TIGHTENED is here, where I cut the middle episode of the Boba Fett trilogy down from 22 minutes to 8, focusing only on the key beats which move the plot forward or have some emotional resonance.
  • An example of an EPISODE WITH A CHANGED NARRATIVE is here, (26 mins), where content from the episodes Corruption and The Academy is combined into an all new narrative.


    • So naturally each episode itself is traditionally edited, but this is a full series edit so a lot of thought has gone into reordering and recontextualising some of the episodes themselves. As I started work, I found that the ongoing story naturally broke into five seasons of about ten episodes each. Within each season, I pay attention to the overall narrative, the balance of characters between episodes, the development of the characters and most importantly the development of Ahsoka.
    • The most significant reordering comes from the Maul and Mandalore plotlines, which are very strong and well paid-off in the finale, so I wanted to get them running far sooner, making them almost the ‘spine’ of the show. I therefore took any episode which featured Maul or Mandalore and strung those out throughout the show - generally splitting these arcs into individual episodes rather than presenting them aggregated (as fanedits have tended to do in the past). This way, Maul and Mandalore get to act as ever-present wildcard threats (kind of like Moff Gideon in the Mandalorian). This required minor trims in a few places so as to not break canon.
    • I also wanted to allow Rex and his relationship with obedience and loyalty to be a plotline that developed across the show, but without drawing focus from what I want to keep as our main characters and storylines. I achieved this by having a single ‘Rex explores loyalty’ episode each season, which balances nicely. In the second season, that episode is a special anthology episode combining the Rex/Clone parts of the episodes Hidden Enemy, Gregor (from Droids in the Void), and Deserter.
    • Since the original show (especially earlier on) was very much an anthology show, episodes often had little bearing on one another, main characters often didn’t appear for a few episodes at a time, and the show had quite arbitrarily allocated premieres or finales. I’ve tried to remedy this a little. I’ve cut the seasons into more thematic chunks, worked on narrative flow and character balance between episodes, and I’ve chosen premieres and finales which more punctuate the theme of the season, or particularly test our main characters. Therefore, our flow is now as follows:
  • SEASON ONE: “Conflicts erupt in the early days of the Clone Wars.” (5h49m, cutting ~6h) begins the relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka, shows the initial separatist strikes, establishes our key villains, starts to explore Clone culture and Republic overreach, and has the triggering events behind our rolling plotlines:
    • s01e00 - DARK FORCE RISING (51:05) is a prequel to this series which covers the Anakin and Dooku/Ventress/Grievous plots from the start of the Tartakovsky microseries up to the point where Anakin gets knighted, reordering it into a single narrative. It brings the characterisation far closer to TCW, so the episode can act as a bridge between Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars.
    • s01e01 - THE NEW PADAWAN (21:02) covers the Christophsis arc from the original movie plus the Ventress plot from Hidden Enemy. It’s now one tight episode that gets us through the key parts quickly, cleanly, and far less painfully, serving as an alternative (and more enjoyable) introduction to The Clone Wars.
    • s01e02 - MALEVOLENCE (29:10) heavily interleaves the Plo Koon rescue from Rising Malevolence and the bomber strike from Shadow of Malevolence into one more compelling narrative focusing on Ahsoka’s character and Anakin’s training, and only a couple of scenes from Destroy Malevolence are maintained as a conclusion.
    • s01e03 - THE DUCHESS OF MANDALORE (36:42) covers The Mandalore Plot and Voyage of Temptation, removing Obi-Wan on the Bond-villain conveyor belt (clip here), adding a scene to explain Ahsoka’s occasional future absences, and cutting the below-decks mystery on the Coronet and the mini-spiders (whilst maintaining the horror element and an assassin spider droid).
    • s01e04 - ASSASSIN (21:59) is Cloak of Darkness with slightly tighter focus and character work.
    • s01e05 - THE 501st LEGION (46:06) gives us a little mid-season peak, concluding a few threads with the focus that I’ve now set up in my first five episodes. It aggregates the whole Domino Squad arc together, tightening Rookies, and cutting quite a lot from Clone Cadets to make this full story have a natural three-act structure, having the combat test end in failiure and their punishment being the Rishi outpost, allowing their victory there and on Kamino to be what makes them members of the 501st.
    • s01e06 - RESISTANCE ON RYLOTH (34:09) cuts Supply Lines and Storm Over Ryloth into a single narrative where Bail Organa and Ahsoka are the two driving forces trying to get aid to the people of Ryloth. No Katuunko/JarJar, minimal Toydarians. (I’ll eventually produce an Innocents/Liberty episode to optionally follow this, but it’s not necessary viewing for my main cut.)
    • s01e07 - CHILDREN OF NIGHT (54:16) cuts the whole Nightsisters arc into one, removing the invisible Dooku fight (which is good but returns us to the status quo), and reducing the recruitment trial to focus just on Savage and Feral.
    • s01e08 - THE DEATH WATCH (24:02) is the original Duchess of Mandalore episode pretty much untouched.
    • s01e09 - A STRIKE AT THE HEART (Part 1) (35:12) borrows Smudger9’s idea to turn Hostage Crisis into a distraction to enable the Holocron Heist.
    • s01e10 - THE FUTURE OF THE FORCE (Part 2) (37:10) covers Cargo of Doom and Children of the Force, removing Ropal and the concept of the ‘Kyber Crystal’, and adding a scene from Lightsaber Lost to bring Ahsoka’s season one arc to a solid conclusion and emphasise a major aspect of her character that’s developed in future media.
  • SEASON TWO: “The Clone Wars spread chaos and instability across the galaxy.” (5h3m, cutting ~4h) showcases Ahsoka’s growth and maturity, explores more of the galaxy’s scum and villainy and shows the cost of the war to the ‘little guy’, and continues our ongoing plotlines:
    • s02e01 - SEVEN WARRIORS (24:17) is Bounty Hunters pretty much untouched.
    • s02e02 - MASSACRE (22:50) makes Talzin the resurrector and little else.
    • s02e03 - CORRUPTION ON MANDALORE (26:22) intercuts Corruption and The Academy into an all new, far tighter single narrative, bringing Ahsoka and Padmé to Mandalore at the same time, cutting out the poisoned drinks subplot and minimising the kids.
    • s02e04 - TALES OF THE LOST CLONES (45:00) is an anthology episode focusing on clone individuality. It aggregates the traitor clone plot from Hidden Enemy, the Gregor plot (with a lot less cringe) from Missing in Action, and the Cut Lawquane plot from The Deserter.
    • s02e05 - LIKE FATHER, LIKE CLONE (49:08) tightens the Boba Fett trilogy of episodes heavily for pacing and focus.
    • s02e06 - MONSTERS (34:40) aggregates Brothers and Revenge, getting us to and through Lotho Minor quicker, with some trims to Ventress to allow this to be placed here in the chronology.
    • s02e07 - SHADOW OF GEONOSIS (Part 1) (23:45) is Senate Spy, reducing Clovis’ creepiness and a little of Anakin’s more overt behaviour.
    • s02e08 - RETURN TO GEONOSIS (Part 2) (37:24) aggregates Landing on Point Rain and Weapons Factory, trimming the battle for the sake of pacing and letting Ahsoka and Barriss’ fates linger a little longer.
    • s02e09 - TERROR OF GEONOSIS (Part 3) (39:54) interleaves Legacy of Terror and Brain Invaders into a single narrative emphasising the mystery and horror of both stories (borrowing some of Smudger9’s ideas), and makes some trims for focus.
  • SEASON THREE: “Shades of grey emerge as the Clone Wars grow more complex.” (in progress) focuses on a more competent Ahsoka now learning more of the complexities of war, shows all our main characters facing more complex situations and being forced into compromises, and has our running plotlines escalate and finally draw together:
    • s03e01 - THE POLITICS OF WAR (31:57) is an all-new narrative, aggregating and restructuring the peace discussions with Mina Bonteri and the clone loan from Heroes on Both Sides and Pursuit of Peace, using some scenes from Senate Murders (but not the plot about Onaconda’s murder).
    • s03e02 - THE DEATH OF OBI-WAN KENOBI (55:45) streamlines the Rako Hardeen arc, removing the first time (of two) where Obi-Wan is kicked off the ship, the final coda where Anakin defends Palpatine against Dooku, and The Box storyline, keeping the focus on Obi-Wan working with the criminals and Anakin’s emotional reaction to the events.
    • s03e03 - DISSENT ON UMBARA (52:07) streamlines the Umbara arc, making Krell more of a hardliner and less of a cackling villain (though preserving his core motivations), and trimming a lot from the first episode in the arc to keep the focus on the Clones’ reaction to Krell’s orders.
    • s03e04 - TEMPTATIONS (24:48) is A Friend in Need pretty much untouched
    • s03e05 - PIRATES OF THE OUTER RIM (24:06) is Revival pretty much untouched
    • s03e06 - HUNTED (45:22) is the Trandoshan arc pretty much untouched
    • s03e07 - SLAVES OF KADAVO (Not yet complete) will present the Kadavo arc, tightened and focused.
    • s03e08 - THE SHADOW COLLECTIVE (24:42) is Eminence pretty much untouched
    • s03e09 - REBELS OF ONDERON (Part 1) (32:50) transitions the training directly into their first insurgent actions in the city, removing a couple of unnecessary combat scenes, focusing on the emotional stories of the rebels.
    • s03e10 - KINGS OF ONDERON (Part 2) (36:28) has the rebels flee the city immediately after freeing Dendup, pursued aggressively by Rash, and skipping Hondo’s inclusion in the battle, keeping the focus on our rebels and keeping the jeopardy high and the action more tense.
  • SEASON FOUR: “Conspiracies abound as the Clone Wars spin out of control.” (TBD) focuses on unexpected events, like the Mauldalore plotline and the core mysteries of the war, and will be a journey into darkness for many of our main characters:
    • It will take us through Shades of Reason, Mortis (turned into much more of a vision than an explicit thing), The Lawless, Ahsoka’s Fall, Scipio (incorporating dialogue from the unfinished Utapau arc to reframe Anakin’s anger more as a response to the loss of Ahsoka), Order 66, Yoda’s investigation of Sifo-Dyas, the Liberation of Maul (via the Son of Dathomir audio comic on Youtube), and Yoda’s quest
  • SEASON FIVE: “Darkness falls on the galaxy as the Clone Wars draw to a close.” (TBD) will focus on the very final days of the war, and wrap up all of the remaining dangling threads:
    • Martez Sisters, the Bad Batch, Revenge of the Sith, and The Siege of Mandalore.
    • I’ll give the viewer two options for how they conclude the show: Either Revenge of the Sith movie then the Siege of Mandalore cut into two episodes, OR as six/seven episodes intercutting the movie (turned into episodes) with Siege of Mandalore, roughly chronologically.
  • BONUS EPISODES: (check the tracker spreadsheet to find which cut these belong in - none are vital):
    • s03e00 - Tales from the Clone Wars (33:18) aggregates the remaining content from the start of the Tartakovsky microseries, and some Forces of Destiny shorts, into one anthology episode.
    • s02e01b - Lightsaber Lost (24:28) has some minor polish and excludes a scene I’ve used elsewhere, but is otherwise intact and watchable.
    • s02e05b - Visions (21:10) is the episode originally called Assassin, excluding a scene I’ve used elsewhere, but otherwise intact and watchable.
    • More planned - most of which will be completed after I finish all my main episodes. You can check the tracker spreadsheet for more info on what I will or won’t include.


Please contribute however you like - up to and including editing! In this thread, I try to braindump as much as possible, in order to involve others in the process and for the interest of potential faneditors. If you’re interested in the history of this project I urge you to read through to see the thought processes involved - please feel free to dig any up to challenge any of them, even if a lot of time has passed! In the tracker spreadsheet you can find easy links back to each episode’s main discussion, if you’d like to continue the conversation.

I’m especially interested in help from anyone who can take a piece of concept art and animate it subtly like those in the end credits for the Mandalorian!

The original first post, including the idea which a few of the posters below are responding to, can be found here.


I’ve been looking for a streamlined, easy to digest way of watching the whole series. This seams like the one!

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I knew where you were going with this not long after I started reading this. It seems obvious that editors shouldn’t be beholden to the typical runtimes of television or movies, beyond convention.

It just seems natural to edit based off what works best for the story, whether it be 30 minutes or 2 hours+.

It should be pretty straightforward for one editor to go through and edit these episodes together based off story-arcs. It would be cool though to see different editors contribute to the project by tackling different arcs of the series. It could be a cool way for a lot of people to work together on something.

I would like to play around with editing Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars to minimize contradictions with the Filoni’s Clone Wars series. I think something liked his may already exist, but I think it would be interesting to break it up into a few separate episodes.
Part One could all fit into one longer episode, then the Battle of Coruscant could be its own shorter episode (like one regular episode of The Clone Wars), and the Nelvaan arc could fit somewhere in between Season 5 and 7 as another standalone episode (you would have to alter the ending to not make it take place right before Anakin and Obi-Wan find out about the Battle of Coruscant). Another shorter episode. So, I think this idea would fit pretty well with this project.


I agree. Not to disrespect any of the amazing and ambitious fan editing projects on the forum right now (props to all of them, I could never make that many edits)… but I’ve always felt trying to adapt the Clone Wars into individual movies simply doesn’t work. All too often it feels like putting two disconnected story arcs together: that’s part of the reason I moved away from my original plans following Maul, when I planned out an Ahsoka related Season 1 and 2 edit but couldn’t get it to flow properly. TCW is designed to be episodic.

A more open-minded fanediting project, where each episode can be as long or as short as possible, is honestly the best way to watch TCW. Even as someone who owns all the Seasons on DVD and frequently rewatches my favorites on Disney +, I’ll admit there’s lots of filler in the show that could be cut for a better viewing. Definitely the smartest and most flexible way to approach things.

Maul- A Star Wars Story


Well, it’s encouraging that nobody seems to think I’m mad for considering this yet. Thanks for the initial feedback on the idea, folks.

In that case, I’m going to get to work. I’ve long had a spreadsheet of notes on the Clone Wars chronology and various edits, so that gives me a good start, and I’ve got NumeralJoker’s edits, so I can switch out the old episodes with arcs, to give me the basis for each new episode.

First step now is to take each episode in turn and review it on its merits. Is it worth keeping? And if not, are there scenes or elements worth holding on to?

I started last night with the TCW movie. The Christophsis arc is decent enough, and necessary to introduce Ahsoka, but the Hutt baby arc is just horrible. It has too much “Snips”/“Sky Guy”/“Artooie”, the Hutt baby is in almost all scenes and isn’t funny or cute, it’s almost all action which is either bland or wooden, it’s Tattooine yet again (and terrible looking), it’s too early in the war for the Republic to be having to compromise and deal with gangsters, Ziro is a jarring character, Jabba loses his malice, and Padme seems incompetent.

I think, for all of these reasons, it absolutely has to go.

The Christophsis elements, like I say, are fairly decent, though I wouldn’t keep the content about a clone turning traitor. We’ve only just seen the creation of the clone army, I don’t think one of our first deep dives into the clones should be showing their failings. The Deserter did it better.

Any other thoughts there folks?

Finally, on sources: I’ll use NumeralJoker’s 4K AI Upscaled sources, but probably just the 1080p versions. With respect, 4K is probably overkill- and importantly one of the things NJ does after his upscaling is a full colour regrade, which you still get with the 1080p versions. I’ve been watching in 1080p and they seem absolutely stunning. Any objections?


Self removal- Was acting like an arse.

Completed Edits: Star Wars- The Clone Wars I-VI


I apologise if it at all came off as a criticism of your edits, Kanemedhurst. I’m not trying to belittle any of the fantastic effort and technical achievement anyone else has done. I’ve been watching and enjoying two-ish-arcs-as-a-movie edits for at least eight years.

What I’m trying to convey here is that the approach of attempting to adhere to a movie length presents its own particular challenges which - however well they’ve been handled by other editors like yourself - can be avoided if we don’t consider ourselves beholden to the movie length idea. And that to date, as far as I can tell, Clone Wars editing has focused on the movie length approach.

I mention other edits including your own for three reasons: Firstly, by way of comparison, because none of these edits exist in isolation, and all edits learn from and acknowledge one another even if they approach the shared goal via a different path. If my edits are good, they’ll be good because of all the work that came before them, not in spite of it. Secondly, because knowledge of these edits gives context to my theory. And thirdly (and leastly), because demonstrating an awareness of other approaches within this problem space establishes some credibility, which can be helpful when trying to foster input from other forum members. But on that last point, there’s a difference between establishing credibility (which is non competitive) and looking to boost appeal or to put down others (which is).

Of course, anything we produce is going to be subjective. I’d guess that far more people would prefer a series of movies highlighting the key arcs than would prefer a TV series of random lengths. But there’s no competition in this space - every time any fan edit gets released, the community as a whole benefits.

Either way, I hope that helps you feel like I’m not trying to compete or criticise. You’ve put a lot of thought into your edits so I’d absolutely welcome any input you wanted to give towards this project.


Kanemedhurst said:

Thanks for the mention! However, putting our (me, expanded universes and smudger) edits down to boost the appeal of your edit might be a bit tasteless.

What? How is he doing this in any way? He’s saying that the approaches other edits have taken didn’t work for him so he’s going to try a different approach. He’s not saying the edits are bad or that the editors taking these approaches have done a bad job.

If you’re going to be working on projects in a highly collaborative area like fan edits (or any other creative endeavor), you gotta have thicker skin than that, man.


This sounds like a great idea. I recently watched ATLA for the first time, which has very little filler and good pacing, and it made me wonder if there was a way to rewatch TCW with a focus on quality over quantity. In the past I’ve attempted to stick together a TCW movie with Anakin as the POV/focus and lots of timeskips, but because of the issues you’ve laid out re: movie edits, it had awful pacing and was an inferior experience to just watching the episodes I picked in order.

I feel like the biggest problem with TCW’s pacing is the last two seasons. This is somewhat unsurprising, given the show was cancelled for six years and then briefly uncancelled. There’s no real way to deal with a key part of Maul’s storyline being in a comic, though.

How do you intend to deal with the newsreels within arcs? IIRC, TCW often has later episodes of an arc take a different perspective, given context by the newsreel, or has something happen in between episodes of an arc. I’ve never seen Smudger or NumeralJoker’s edits so I apologise if this is basically a solved problem already.


That’s a good thought on pacing sade, so I’ve added to my plan “8. Make any changes necessary to better pace the series as a whole”. I think my approach needs to be to first make the best episodes I can, and then to look over the show holistically.

(I appreciate, at this time, that effectively I’m saying I plan to have a plan - but you’ve gotta start somewhere, and I’d like to do this top-down.)

Regarding newsreels, I’m not sure. Consistency will be important, but again, I think quality must come first. Off the top of my head just now, the approach which gives an editor the most flexibility would be opening crawls or Solo-like text, because it’s text you can use to give whatever context is necessary, rather than demanding an edit be made around available sources.


Just addressing some of the earlier comments too -

idir_hh: I don’t know exactly if I’d call this streamlined, since I’d like to keep as much good content as possible. But I’d hope it’s at least particularly digestible, by measure of each episode being as good as possible.

RogueLeader: Agreed on Tartakovsky’s. It’s great in a different way to TCW, but still very welcome. It’s especially necessary to introduce Ventress and Grievous, and to get Anakin knighted. But it’s also just a whole load of fun, and establishes that anthology feel of the clone wars nice and early. I’ll find its proper chronological placement and where to break or group the episodes, but probably not touch it much beyond that.

Solemn.Philosopher: Thanks for the arc grouping list! It reminds me of one issue I’ll need to consider, that of the Domino Squad episodes. Because they’re an arc, but they are split by other episodes chronologically. I forget exactly how much time is implied to have passed between episodes, but I appreciate it’s more than just back to back. It would make sense to present them together, and very early (since it establishes some clone culture early after their introduction) but if they depend on time passing then that needs solving. Again, I’m brought back to Smudger’s, who used it as an alternative to the baby Hutt arc, but also used the intersplicing of both this and the Christophsis arc to give the sense of time passing to both. I’ll still interrogate all of the episodes involved, but I’ll probably end up favouring opening with Smudger’s - though I may replace what video I can with NumeralJoker’s.

That raises another thought, though. If we’re no longer beholden to the movie format, are some arcs (like Domino Squad, and Maul’s return and ascent) better served as peppered throughout the show than in large arcs? Might making it more episodic make this feel like a more cohesive and developing war, than focusing on specific areas and narrative chunks for so long? Probably mostly not, though I think there may be cases when this is the case. I’ll have to make a judgment call (and ask you all for input) when faced with choices like that, with the top two priorities being episode quality and then show flow.


One other thing I might end up doing is just adding a couple of tags to the episodes, for people who want to maybe watch a more trimmed version of the show. I’d probably use two main tags: VITAL would represent something unskippable if you want context outside of TCW, and SKIPPABLE would represent those retained but just not necessary for any broader context, and not particularly good. Those without either of those tags would be optional depending on how much you wanted to commit to. A final tag - GREAT - might represent those episodes which aren’t vital to the wider SW story or universe, but which are still just danged good.


Ok I would like to apologize then for my comment. I see now that you were only trying to use others edit to compare and for no other reason.

The idea sounds great. Mandalorians way of story telling can significantly benefit the Clone Wars and having a mix of smaller, standalone episodes and more lengthy, show defining ones will be a great watch all round.

I think the tagging system will work well as almost a built in viewers guide. It’s gonna do the show a whole lot of good.

With my thin-skinned comment put aside, I wish you luck in this project.

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No worries bud - thanks for saying, and for taking it well in stride. No harm, no foul 😃


I remember there was a limited theatrical release of the first Savage Oppress arc that edited several episodes together into a feature . I never got to see it though as it was only available in very few venues .Here is one of the posters for it … I also seem to remember seeing another poster for it with a yellow background , but can’t seem to find an image of it . Did anyone see this release in 2010 ? If so , how did it differ from the episodes that were aired after it’s release ?


EddieDean said:

One other thing I might end up doing is just adding a couple of tags to the episodes, for people who want to maybe watch a more trimmed version of the show. I’d probably use two main tags: VITAL would represent something unskippable if you want context outside of TCW, and SKIPPABLE would represent those retained but just not necessary for any broader context, and not particularly good. Those without either of those tags would be optional depending on how much you wanted to commit to. A final tag - GREAT - might represent those episodes which aren’t vital to the wider SW story or universe, but which are still just danged good.

I’m super interested in this idea, that way it’s easy for people to watch who just want the essential stuff or if people want to experience the show in a format with little filler. This looks like a great idea, best of luck to you! I’m excited to see how this turns out!

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The YouTube channel “Star Wars Story” has made tweaks to the 2003 Microseries to cohere with TCW and ROTS, and is friendly to If you elect to include the Microseries, you might check it out and maybe enlist their work.

Also, I like the idea behind this. Help me finally get onboard with TCW.

Well done. I will disengage self-destruct initiative.


I’m totally on board with this. The Clone Wars is possibly my favorite source of Star Wars entertainment along with the OT and the Mandalorian, but sometimes it gets a bit daunting to rewatch because of the out-of-order timeline, and specially all the filler and questionable arcs (i.e. D-Squad).

Though I like Kane’s and smudger’s 2-hour approach (perfect for movie nights); the Mandalorian has really gotten me accustomed to episodes of variable length. If this project pays off it will definitely make me revisit TCW much more often. So I’m looking forward to it!


Thanks Knight of Kalee. It’s interesting how much simply presenting it all in an accessible way is perceived as valuable. I’ll see what I can do there to make purely accessing and understanding it as easy as possible.

Hal, I’ll check out that channel, thanks. Man, if I could have you enjoy the clone wars, that’d be a hell of a prize.

OK, I’m starting work on this right away. I’d like this to be as collaborative as possible, so I’m going to braindump as much as I can in this thread, to get as much input as possible and to challenge my own opinions. I have the basics of editing down but I might hit places where I need to pick up a new skill. But here’s the promise: I’m going to see this project through to the end. I’ve got plenty of time, and I’m extremely motivated.

It might end up being somewhat of a living project (maybe new edits come out with better ideas, or new episodes get 4K AI Upscaled), but I’m on it.

Current step is a full watch-through of the series, AI Upscaled where possible, comparing individual episodes against fanedited ones where available, and assessing the quality of each element in isolation. I’ll share as many thoughts as possible here, especially around the episodes I think should be cut altogether, for the community to challenge.

And while it might appear here like I’m taking broad ownership of this project, and more than happy to produce the 49 edits, I’m absolutely on board with RogueLeader’s idea that this can be a community effort. Let’s at least establish some standards in order to present it all cleanly and coherently as one contiguous whole, but let’s absolutely edit this together where people would like to.


One thought that I won’t need to make a call on for a while, but which is worth thinking about, is on the content which is a lot shorter but still good.

We all seem to agree that one of the principles should be ‘quality no matter the length’, and also that pacing the whole is important rather than just grouping for commonality’s sake, and that we’d like to preserve the feel of a wide-ranging frontier war. But at the same time, it might be nice to group some of the shorter content which adds texture but doesn’t have too much of a bearing on the overall plot, as one to four ‘Tales from the Clone Wars’ anthology groupings?

One of the advantages here would be that you could incorporate all of the very best single standalone scenes from otherwise excised or truncated episodes. All of the good five minute chunks, split by fades and intertitles, that would be pushing it if we were to say “here’s a five minute episode to follow the last hour-long episode”. I guess it’d almost echo the Tartakovsky series.


What I didn’t catch yet is: do you will combine scenes/entire episodes with different qualities (720p, 1080p, 4K)? If so, i would think to hold onto the quality of the majority of sources works best. Less work to do (if everything is 1080p) and someone would decide to upscale everything to 4K. This someone wouldn’t have the hercules task to junk it to pieces and bring any scene to the same quality.
Of course there would be the work to upscale from 720p to 1080p beforehand, but it wouldn’t take as long as to 4k. At least I think, but if I’m wrong I would be happy to get corrected.


I think I’ll cap out at 1080p, since it’s easier to work with (in terms of rendering time and storage space) and absolutely plenty good enough to watch, in my opinion. But I’ll aim to hit that where possible. Once cuts are made and worked out, it’s relatively straightforward to match up an improved video source to replace an older one, so if I later decide to backtrack on this decision, or upscaled sources of existing episodes are released, it’ll be low effort cost to make the change.

But there will be some episodes which stick out visually - The Tartakovsky episodes are a completely different style, the Son of Dathomir motion comic is completely unique, and I might include the Crystal Crisis arc even in its unfinished state, if it’s halfway decent. Story quality is master, I think.

But it’ll be important to establish some consistency to the episodes. Titles will probably be:

  1. Star Wars TV logo (that Mandalorian uses, with the blue and red droids and masks)
  2. The new Clone Wars logo used in season seven
  3. The individual episode title in blue on black (named after the arc, ideally as consistently as possible, though maybe swinging a little more towards naming the event in the war - The Battle of Cristophsis, The Second Battle of Geonosis, Crisis on Utapau, etc - where possible, to give a little more of a sense of the conflict?)
  4. A Solo-style blue-text single page narrative card to introduce the context for the episode

What would this exclude?

  • The now fairly famous up-front episode news style narration. This may be a bugbear for most. But being forced to use the existing narration would limit some of the options if I needed to get creative.
  • The ‘fortune cookie’ moral. I don’t know if anyone particularly loved these, but they didn’t add much value, I thought.

Credits would probably be a faneditor credit, a credit to the original faneditor and/or upscaler source (if relevant), wider fanediting thanks, then rolling into the episode credits proper.


I really like the idea to include the recent Star Wars TV intro from the Mandalorian - would be nice if it included TCW characters, but I guess R2 and Threepio count. Have you considered doing a sort of cold-open? I feel like the Mandalorian has used them very effectively - every time the music swells and the logo and episode name appear, it’s hype. Seems like a good way to give a little signal to the viewer to pay attention (and/or a trick to cut bits of the episode). Of course, you’d have to put the introductory text before the cold-open, but Solo gets away with doing that.