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Super Mario Bros. movie fan-edit project (* unfinished project *)


This will be my first post here, so I should be getting out a lot of my creative perspective on this project as well as my intentions in editing. I will be looking around elsewhere on this forum, since I’ve just recently discovered the fan-editing scene, and so need to learn the trade before making any serious attempts. Hopefully I can accomplish what I’m setting out to do, and if not perhaps someone would be interest enough in collaborating to combine our vision for this.

So, basically, as most of you all probably know, the Super Mario Bros. film released in '93 starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, and Dennis Hopper was not very well received. And it really shouldn’t have been. It had many faults which stood out far more than the good points did. However, there <span style=“font-style: italic;”>were</span> some good points, so I feel that this movie could be polished up into something a little better.

The movie jumps back and forth from being serious to a comedy, and that just doesn’t work. I personally prefer the dark, serious side of it that was best represented with the opening scene of Daisy’s mother sending Daisy away in our world to survive, only to be killed in the process. This scene really set the tone well, only to be brought down by much to come. Plus it really didn’t help that an entirely cheesy and useless animated prologue was inserted before, which brought this scene down even more.

So I want to make the movie darker and more serious. To do that I’ve begun compiling a list of shots, scenes, and most importantly dialogue to be cut due to being too comedic. The soundtrack is also a large issue, so needs to be replaced or silenced depending on scene.

I’ve made a little over 21 cuts of video and audio so far, but am on the look out for further way to improve this. The following are links to some of the clips I’ve edited, so feel free to give an opinion.

Original clip, uncut. Note how Iggy (black hair, black glasses) has a rather strange shot inserted right in the middle of Spike’s (red coat) scene. Considering where Iggy is at the end of the clip, I found the shot seemingly misplaced.


First cut. I tried removing Iggy’s shot from the scene, hopefully making it more understandable.


Second cut. I found that Spike and Iggy attempting to grab Daisy right out in the open was really stupid of them, and Spike hitting his head on the glass-panel a lame slapstick joke. So I tried removing the scene altogether, tying the two shots of Daisy walking into one scene. I feel this makes Spike and Iggy seem more intelligent and dangerous in that they’re “biding their time” for when the opportunity to take her is ready.


(The above clips have some of the removed frames slipped in, but I removed them in a clean-up)

Here’s another example of a shot I changed. It’s the one where Iggy and Spike are tied up and twist their heads back and forth really fast. I felt it was pretty goofy, so removed it to make them seem more intelligent. Here’s the original clip:


And here’s the edit. There’s a slight blur when Spike (left person) turns his head, but I feel it’s pretty minor and that the cut went well.


Now here’s something. I went to work trying to clip together video to make the de-evolution chamber scene seem more “science fiction” by replacing the shot of the console. I managed pretty well, but syncing the audio in just the right way has proven annoying, as well as the change in screen-format. Despite those two problems, this is something like what I imagined:

The original, unedited clip:


My edited clip. I ended up removing the initial shot of “Simon” (the de-vo machine operator) because it shows him wearing black gloves, which would create a problem for the un-gloved hand in the inserted shot. So I moved the second shot of Simon to where the original was and clipped over the audio of Koopa talking to make them connected. The new video is from the (canceled) Sci Fi pilot Anonymous Rex:


(These clips have also been further cleaned-up, with better sound-syncing and clipping)

Comments, criticism, and advice welcomed.


Quick question:
What source are you using for this project?

Moth3r said: No, there is no video embedding option in this forum software (thank god!)




Yea I kinda figured that but are you using the NTSC DVD or a PAL DVD? Because the PAL DVD is suppose to have superior PQ while the NTSC DVD has the superior sound

Moth3r said: No, there is no video embedding option in this forum software (thank god!)



Well, to be honest this is mostly an experiment. I'm working out how I want the whole thing to look then I'm going to do a clean burn from the DVD and work off of that in a more professional manner. So, yeah, the file I'm using now... Don't really know which DVD it was burned from.


How can you not know where it is from?

You need to give more clarification here, as at the moment it sounds as if you are using a download as your source. We do not support piracy on this forum - you will need to obtain the legitimate DVD if you want to continue discussing this project.

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I own the DVD, but am not using it as the source at the moment.


This sounds interesting. Most fanedits just take a flawed movie and try to correct those flaws, it's rare to see someone take a bad movie, and try to salvage any good in it.


Keeping an eye on this one.