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Star Wars Rebels Recut - A Fanedit TV Series — Page 17


Hey really liked the concept of the edit! Can you send me the link? Thanks!!


SrRossi said:

Hey really liked the concept of the edit! Can you send me the link? Thanks!!

PM sent 😃


I’ve been playing around with the second temple vision and I wanted to see what everyone thought about this change. Personally, I’ve always hated that Kanan pulls a red lightsaber. I get that it’s intention is to signify darkness and his need to overcome fear (or something like that) but I don’t think it works. A red blade is a symbol of not just the darkness but of the Sith.

I don’t see Kanan falling to darkness, not like a Sith does anyway. So why not make the saber Orange. Given Disney cannon we only really see Baylon and Shin with Orange lightsabers. IF Kanan fell to the dark I would see it as a dark Jedi over Sith, so I think this change works.

Looking at it from outside of Disney canon, the vision is meant to be in the Jedi Temple (I assume) and why would they have red lightsabers just laying around? Anyway let me know what you all think!


After (VFX on blue saber incomplete)


That’s a fantastic idea on making the red saber- orange like Baylon’s. It makes for nice set-up to see that kind of saber in Ahsoka.


Yes, that’s a great idea. If you can figure out a way to do it without taking red away from the rest of the scene (making Kanan’s jacket tan instead of green) it would be flawless. Probably not a big deal if the scene is isolated, but if it cuts from green to tan back to green, it could be distracting

Current Project = The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord (Ahsoka Movie Edit) [RELEASED] : https://originaltrilogy.com/topic/Star-Wars-Ahsoka-Kestrels-Theatrical-Edit-WIP-/id/111777


Very nice! Yeah, from his first till last moment, Kanan’s arc had nothing to do with falling to the dark side.


Hello there! Could I get a link! Thanks!


I’m still working away at this episode! Sorry about the delay, I had a power outage which lost me about a week’s worth of masking lightsabers frame by frame 😭 but I’ve redone all that work and more. I’m hoping it won’t be long now until I get s2e10 back out!


g00b said:

A look at the orange lightsaber in action: https://youtu.be/UXmOPrF6hyA

Fuuuuck man, you gotta warn people about that Yoda before they click xD

Orange saber looks fantastic though, great work!

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RELEASED S02E10 - Shroud of Darkness V4


  • 1080p version: available
  • 1080p recolor: available
  • 4K recolor: available
  • Subtitles: available

Changes from V3

  • For all downloads 5.1 Surround sound added
  • Slight improvement to visual quality
  • Smaller file size
  • Updated intro helmet sequence
  • Updated look to introduction text
    • Centred Text
    • Decreased size of Text
  • Rewrote introduction text
  • Replaced old intro with new one
  • Added episode title card
  • Smoothed musical transition between intro sequence and episode beginning
  • Further polish added to all cut transitions
  • cut the weird response from Kanan “I don’t go for crazy, anymore.” to the seventh sister.
  • cut a shot of Kanan watching a droid fall down the pit… what were you doing there buddy? There’s a fight going on…
  • cut shot of Inquisitors just standing and watching Kanan and Ezra struggle… come on guys you’ve got a job to do! Go get them!
  • cut establishing shot of the cliff after as with no ad break it’s not needed
  • cut establishing shot of Kanan holding Ezra as with no ad break it’s not needed
  • cut shot of creatures leaving the cliff edge for fight urgency
  • cut shot of Ezra using the force as it’s repeated from 2 shots ago.
  • cut shot of Ezra smacking his head, he doesn’t need to look this foolish after I setup his abilities in the intro text.
  • cut “up on three, one two three” for fight urgency.
  • reinstated Kanan and Ezra’s full arrival on the ship and cut Zeb’s comments here, they were the real reason I wanted this scene gone as he downplays the Inquisitors.
  • cut the crew existing the Phantom and Ahsoka stating Ezra lives on Lothal, this is unneeded, there is enough visually to determine we are on Lothal again.
  • cut the second shot of the crew entering the temple as we don’t need two of these back to back.
  • cut “well, he kind of contacted us.” - the line feels silly, like why would you not have discussed this before you came?
  • desaturated and recolored the scenes between Kanan and the Inquisitor. Given how bright the light Kanan walks into is, it felt odd the original scene was saturated like every other scene… it’d surely be washed out from the light? That’s my justification anyway.
  • redid the lightsabers. This combined with the recolor makes it much easier to track them through the scenes now, they got lost in the light of the original.
  • cut “a temple guard” as it’s just exposition for the audience that feels clunky. (If you watch with subtitles or have seen the Clone Wars, you’ll know what he is anyway)
  • cut Jedi temple guard posing for the camera ready to strike, he had already made his intentions to attack clear enough.
  • cut there initial fight a touch for pacing as there is no need for it to start up too much then cut to another scene.
  • cut the opening of the second fight. The dialogue between the temple guard and Kanan undermines what happens later on.
  • reinstated shot of inquisitors opening temple. Not sure why I ever cut this.
  • recolored the inquisitors entering the temple to make it more dramatic (darkened shadows and make the lighting more red)
  • masked around the lightsabers to give them a light glow and to restore their original color (adding more visual depth to the scene)
  • redid the temple guards lightsabers here too
  • cut shot of chopper talking for reasons listed below
  • cut “he says Imperial forces are on their way”, yes Ezra we know that, they’re in the Temple currently.
  • Deaged Vader but increasing his voice pitch by a semitone.
  • Updated the look of the end credit ‘concept art’
    • Added a cracked paint effect to all concept art
    • Added a canvas texture to all concept art
  • Updated subtitles
    • Change >> to character names
    • Resynced subtitles
    • Minor fixes to dialogue
    • New subtitles added to cover added scenes

For recolors only:

  • Fixed colors for introduction sequence
  • Fixed colors of end credit sequence

Viewing Notes

Episode is essential viewing as it progresses character arks from the Clone Wars and sets up the finale episode of the season.


I’ve released episode 10 of S2. This is probably my most extensive edit so far (in terms of visual changes). I hope you all like it, I’m excited to move onto other episodes again haha


I’ve been working on a pretty big overhaul for S02E11 - A New Base, I’m now only using 4:02 of footage from S02E19: The Forgotten Droid. I think this vastly improves the episode as a whole (as forgotten droid is just terrible) and still covers the important story beats. The tradeoff is that I’ve had to rely on my intro text to setup some context. I’d be very interested in feedback for this, so I’ve included the first 7ish minutes of the episode in a link below.



IMHO it’s good enough, that first episode is… not good, to say the least, so the less the better!


I’ve gotten that section flowing much better AND it’s even shorter! Now the only (some what) problem is where Kanan and Ezra train. If I leave it at the start of the episode it breaks the flow as we had all this buildup to get to the planet, take a training break and then land. I’m currently working out a better place to put it 😃


I’ve just finished and release RedHeadJedi Style Custom posters for Plex users, below is a sneak peak.

They should be accessible by all previous links as well 😃


I believe I’ve fixed the left leaning audio that Kestrel pointed out a while back. I managed to work it out after I finally fixed my headphones only putting sound through my left ear. I’ll be implementing the fix in S02E11, and into S01E01 when update it with the fixed transition. I’d love to get feedback (especially from Kestrel) on if this has fixed this issue or not but as it stands, I believe I have. S02E11 will be release in the next few days so keep an eye out!