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Star Wars: Deleted Magic Revisited - Now @ MySpleen.cc (Released)


<span>Description:</span> <span>by OCPmovie
This is a very interesting documentary about the making of the first Star Wars film (and to a lesser extent Empire and Jedi) including a look at some of the deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, and notes on subtle things that you might have never seen or noticed before.

original film name: Star Wars
film studio name :Twentieth Century Fox/Lucasfilm Ltd.
Date Original Film Was Released : 1977
New Runtime : 1hrs 49m
Cuts removed/added/extended : Too many to mention

DVD Details:
1 – The VIDEO_TS folder – all set to burn.
2 – This NFO file – Please do not remove.
3 – A JACKET_P folder
4 – DVD-ROM extras – Original screenplays for Star Wars (4), Empire and Jedi.
5 – DVD-ROM extras – Four video files (Lost Cut Crawl, Anatomy of a Dewback Pt. 2, Rough ROTJSE
ending, and AOTC Droid Ship Cutscene) – for more information, check the disc.
6 – The DVD label artwork

Type………………: Movie
Platform………….: Video_TS folder
Burn Tested……….: Yes
Video Format………: DVD/VOB MPEG2 – 720×480 4Mbps (average value)
Audio Format………: Dolby Digital 2.0, 192 kbps AC3
Main Movie Runtime…: 1 hr 49 min 31 sec
Other Clips Runtime…: 0 hr 36 min 26 sec
Original Format……: 23.976 (NTSC)
Genre…………….: Documentary/Science Fiction
Size………………: 4.44 GB

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

Orange Cow productions: Star Wars – Deleted Magic
Lost Scenes And editing secrets of Star Wars

In March 2005, I created a DVD called Deleted Magic and released it for free, on a non-profit basis, on the internet. It was very popular. I’m told that Clive Young’s book Homemade Hollywood called it “The best documentary ever made on the making of Star Wars.”

In 2009, I decided to revisit the major deleted scenes of Star Wars. Most of these scenes had only been released in low quality, 12 frames per second, on CD-ROMs in the late 90s. I used the program Twixtor to generate new frames and restore these scenes to 24 frames per second – not a perfect solution during fast motion, but jaw-droppingly successful during dialogue scenes, and an improvement that is like night and day. I combined a multitude of new sources within the same frame to restore the Jabba the Hutt scene. I animated a shot of Luke and a Treadwell droid, and a shot of Ben attacking with his lightsaber during the Cantina sequence. I have restored these scenes to a quality never seen before, and placed them on this disc for you, edited into the original, unchanged Deleted Magic feature documentary from 2005. Enjoy.

-Garrett Gilchrist, June 23rd, 2009

With many thanks to:

Mark Johnson
Brad Cook
Peter Lopez
Jambe Davdar (Jabba the Hutt scene)

A note that the special features also appear in slightly better quality than on the original Deleted Magic … ripped directly from other fine fan DVDs. The 1977 crawl does not appear this time round due to disc space (I had intended to use the version from my own Star Wars Classic Edition 2.0).

Slightly different menu music this time round.

You might find subtle references to two of my other fan DVD projects.

The object of Deleted Magic Revisited was to recreate my original Deleted Magic DVD from 2005, but with new versions of five major deleted scenes. I had edited these scenes in 16×9 aspect ratio to preserve their quality. However, the original Deleted Magic was edited in a 4×3 aspect ratio, due to the many different sources used in the film, and the onscreen captions.

So, it was impossible to place the new material into the film seamlessly. Instead, there’s an ugly jump as to another track as your DVD player switches ratios.

I tried to place these switches in inconspicuous places, reediting some material from the original Deleted Magic in 16×9 to make the transitions easier.

I’ve recreated the functionality of the original Deleted Magic DVD, not an easy task, as it’s a very complex DVD full of subtitles, photo galleries, many chapters and tracks, “stories”, alternate audio, different versions of things … I retyped the extra subtitles, recreated the image galleries, etc.

Enjoy this new version!

persons involved: Garrett Gilchrist a.k.a OCPmovie

For more information of preservations and fanedits, visit the following sites:</span>



Well, good to see this out there still.  Still about my favorite fan project.


Yeah, pity he went troppo.

“I love Darth Editous and I’m not ashamed to admit it.” ~ADigitalMan


How can I tell if I have DM or DM Revisited?  I jumped to the scene of Luke and the treadwell... there is a little flash like animation before the footage begins... I take it I have Revisited?


"[George Lucas] rebooted the franchise in 1997 without telling anyone." -skyjedi2005

"Yeah, well, George says a lot of things..." a young 1997 xhonzi on RASSM

"They're my movies." -George Lucas. 19 people won oscars for their work on Star Wars (1977) and George Lucas wasn't one of them.

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boba feta said:

Yeah, pity he went troppo.


What happened?


I'm surprised I'm just now reading about this. I'm going to have to get a hold of this one.


xhonzi said:

How can I tell if I have DM or DM Revisited?  I jumped to the scene of Luke and the treadwell... there is a little flash like animation before the footage begins... I take it I have Revisited?

One of the menu screens has a choice to see notes about DM Revisited 2009.

Pink Floyd -- First in Space


I just got this disc and was very pleased with the results. I have the "Behind The Magic" CD-ROMs, but the enhancements made, especially culling the audio from the Radio Drama for the Treadwell scene but more obviously the generation of frames to get rid of the jerkiness from the BTM discs are very much welcome. I don't really remember the original Deleted Magic that well, and don't have the DVD with me right now to compare.

Ah...the spleen glory days. Wonder people here stopped releasing there. Not wide enough a release? Not enough seeders?

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Sumguy21 said:

boba feta said:

Yeah, pity he went troppo.


What happened?

OCP started to behave like a total ass :-( Also he was selling bootlegs