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Star Wars 7-9 Screenplay in the works here?


I was just curious if anyone is working on screenplays or treatments for 7-9 to send off to Disney?  I would assume they already have something in the works but you never know.


Also, anyone working on some "Old Republic" type treatments?  It would be great to have some true fans write the stories for the inevitable movies that will be made...


Already being written. Go to the Star Wars discussions!

I think the "Old Republic" offers the most promise for amateur writers. But still, you'd have to really knock the socks off of someone important to get past the sea of professional screenwriters.

The blue elephant in the room.


If you mean treatments for Episodes 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9, then yes, some of us are.

The Star Wars Prequels: Before the advent of Hyperdrive, the galaxy is ruled by an austere body known as the Old Republic. The Jedi are the eyes and ears of this government, and they are the guardians of peace and justice in this loose confederation of worlds. In one far flung star system, a tyrant is building an Empire. Using an army of conscripts, he has attacked a peaceful world in that solar system, and it is up to Anakin and his friends to save the day against the EMPIRE OF EVIL. Through many adventures, he and his friends, Owen and Beru, help to overthrow the tyrant, with the help of Commander Kenobi, a Jedi Knight. The tyrant's dark priest, one who foresees an Empire of infinitely greater power, is considered dead, destroyed in his own diabolical electric torture chamber. Anakin, his friends, and Obi-wan leave the star system for further adventures in the greater galaxy.

The Star Wars Original Trilogy: Forty years later, a series of clone wars has given rise to an Empire, as the priest has foreseen. It is a galactic Empire, run by a shadowy Emperor. In the end, it is revealed that this Emperor is actually the priest, not destroyed by the torture chamber as previously thought, but in control of this diabolical power. For you see, both the Emperor and Vader know that the power they wield is evil. This is why they call it the Dark Side. Their enemy is one of infinite power, and their only hope has been in fighting fire with fire, strengthening the weak Republic and doddering Jedi through technological advancement and the use of the Dark Side. It is their only hope against the intergalactic Empire that they have both foreseen. Luke, with his lack of vision, has failed to see this truth, but Vader eventually sides with his son, though it may mean the death of the galaxy.

The Star Wars Sequels: The galaxy, wracked by a galactic civil war, is war weary, and the New Republic is ill-equipped to defend itself against the Evil Empire, the universal power that the Emperor had foreseen. They use the Dark Side, though they call it the One True Force, and they bring to bear a terrifying array of Star Destroyers, ships that can singlehandedly destroy a star. The galactic Empire of forty years past, with its Death Stars, may have had a chance against this power. But not the New Republic. The power of the One True Force destroys more than just stars, as Vader had said. The new Jedi order is insignificant against this new use of the Force, and Luke, as the son of Vader and the heir to the Empire by right of conquest, unites the Imperial remnant and the New Republic into the Grand Alliance, where they launch a joint attack on the invaders. They are destroyed, however, and it is up to a new band of heroes to save the galaxy from ultimate destruction.

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